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  1. Pull a Dallas and have everything from the last twenty years be a nightmare.
  2. Well, four of the six were in the supporting category---where sometimes "shouty" does get more recognition. Not to mention he was on Santa Barbara, which was a critical darling at the time. There's no denying Deas' talent, but all that bluster wears you out after a while.
  3. I would rather Black Siren be next season's villain. I don't want to see Ollie struggle with trying to save her because she looks like Laurel.
  4. I think Marland would have loved writing for Maura. Loved with a capital L. Marland would have hated Sheffer's lack of motivation and inattention to detail. Hated with a capital H.
  5. Wild dog and Black Canary upped to regular costars in season 6.
  6. You can argue about his ranking in the GOAT, but there's no denying his talent. Oh, what I would have given for him to write for ATWT as long as he wanted.
  7. Because I think long-time viewers LOVE to get these nods to history, the same way movie or comic book fans love the easter eggs. Soaps sometimes have an infuriating amnesia syndrome that drives fans crazy. How many times has one mother of a missing/kidnapped/sick child heard "I can't imagine how you feel" from someone who we know underwent the exact same situation? Maybe it didn't need to be a long "conversation" about something, but just some kind of an acknowledgement of history. Kim and John might have discussed Andy and Hope, or Barbara might have said she'd talked to Hal's sister for the first time in forever. Specifically re: Kim/Susan, I'll have to rewatch the Divas on a Bus eppy, but I don't remember them bringing up Dan. I don't remember them bring him up during the Bob/Susan fling. And long time viewers always felt it simmering just under the surface whenever they got bitchy with each other. You don't know how much I would have paid for Kim just once to have shaken her head at Emily's latest debacle and chime in with something along the lines of "this would break Dan's heart to see Emily....(fill in blank)" and then have Susan explode on her. I agree there wouldn't be a reason to bring up Tom's parade of ex-wives, or the Stewart quads, for example.
  8. I only semi-watch one soap, so here goes... GH Maurice Bernard Billy Miller Kelly Monaco Michael Easton Ryan Paevy Chad Duell
  9. Craig and Dusty hadn't been the "same" characters for the last ten years of the run. (And you can add Paul to that list. Once Howarth took over in '03, he became a schizophrenic crybaby.) It still pisses me off that they tried to sell a "return to his roots" crap when Block waded in like Godzilla and ate the damn show. I forget when it started, but bit by bit the sets shrank. Originally, the Carjack house had a nice entryway, stairs and a large living room with a nook towards the back for a set of table and chairs. One day, the landing on the stairs went away. Then the entryway lost a foot of space. Then the turn at the top of the stairs left. Then the stairs got shortened. Anyway, I swear to God, by the end, there were no stairs, just a door that supposedly led to the stairs. It was sad. Nope....hated it.
  10. Logo adding One Day at a Time really is a blast from the past. I suppose it was rerun after going off the air, but certainly never to a level of even a third rate show like Full House. And the guest stars---David Duke, Robby Benson, Mark Hamill (which I missed, darn it). It's like a treasure trove of the seventies. The stories haven't really aged well---but damn, it proves Valerie Bertinelli has barely changed in 40 years.
  11. Oh, the way Wheeler tried to sell those cheap assed sets as "reality". Oy vey...and the six weeks she spent shooting Peapack through weeds and sold that as "artistic vision". No, you're not imagining the lighting issues. I guess the budget no longer covered even the barest essentials, and I remember someone saying that as the makeup lights burnt out, they weren't replaced either. Some of those scenes---good grief, there were times Maura looked more like Baby Jane than herself. I think sometimes we forget how extraordinary it was to have so much of ATWT's vets intact and involved at the end. Less than ten years into Y&R's run, they'd ditched 99% of their original families/cast. GL clung to the Bauers, but I couldn't tell you another family they started out with either. Even Holly's Norris connection didn't enter until the late '60's/early 70's. While we're on the subject, I'd rather have seen Mart Hulswit return as Ed than sour ol' Peter Simon. HA!
  12. Yeah, the freeze picture kind of nails it for me.....you've got Bob, Kim, Margo and Susan (?) vs Olivia. *drops mike* truce. It was what it was.
  13. I hadn't cringed so much since the episode where Reva (trying to seduce Josh for the billionth time) made some "smooth" crack about him "laying pipe" as he pondered some plumbing problem at her house. It's not that I didn't like Rick or Frank (I could have done without the useless Matt, but that's me). The fact FD stuck around like a cockroach for nearly 20 years without a real story alone has to be admired on some level. What I minded was the fact that someone on the writing staff thought it was funny, and EP Wheeler didn't care that the venerable 70+ soap had disintegrated to the point that they were making hotdog and wiener jokes in the midst of their "groundbreaking" lesbian story. I forget---did James ever stand in that last appearance? I'm not sure were he was living, but he died in Argentina.
  14. Or a Blaxploitation film from the '70's. Sheffer's campy efforts drove me nuts. I thought he ruined the Carly/Em/Rose kidnapping story with the blue woo-woo drinks and aging crap. It was like he mentally took a vacation in the middle of stories, and instead of just focusing on something else for a while, he literally threw a dart on some weird dartboard filled with inane ideas, and wherever they landed, he just went with it. I do think Babs/Henry tip-toed along the ick-factor when they made Henry James' bio-son. There's one cameo I wish could have happened for the end----Anthony Herrera popping up somewhere to let us know James was still alive.
  15. Yeah, but...Babs had already been through the ringer with James. I loved that Marland gave her a backbone. Margo wasn't an innocent victim, and she'd earned Barbara's enmity. I sure as hell enjoyed Babs a lot more than HBS' self-righteous version of Margo. I understand why some saw Henry as latently gay---I just saw it as comedic. And I used to love Trent's delivery and use of language. I think they're 1 and 1A. Laiman could have become as bad as Stern and Black, given the opportunity. Thank God they torpedoed her in six months.