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  1. Yeah, I FLOVED Kirk and Iva. It did have that old-Hollywood-ish movie feel to their relationship. I don't know why Marland broke them up. It was a damn shame. I remember replaying their first kiss endlessly on my VCR. Yeah, I FLOVED Kirk and Iva. It did have that old-Hollywood-ish movie feel to their relationship. I don't know why Marland broke them up. It was a damn shame. I remember replaying their first kiss endlessly on my VCR.
  2. The Morgan/Kelly/Nola triangle was really the first triangle I really got into as a teen. (and I still have a crush on John Wesley Shipp!) I'd recommend starting with Nola getting caught in her lies with Kelly: (there's also a part 2 and 3) then some early Nola/Quint stuff https://youtu.be/cQG84bLvzvI There is plenty of Nola/Quint stuff on youtube. Amazing since it was '81 and VCRs were just coming on. But the quality sketchy.
  3. ETA: yes, Brown was very well received on GL. I believe Quint and Nola's wedding was the highest rated GL episode of history. Well, I think part of the reason Iva was so depressed was the fact she was stuck playing Lily's apologetic mother. The entire tragic backstory, continually having to place LilyLilyLily first in her life (and the same can be said of Lucinda---the oxygen Lily sucked out of storyline was ridiculous). And she had to the sane foil to Lucinda's overbearing machinations. Iva was Stella Dallas---only this time Stella got to know her daughter---and be completely steamrolled by her. I do think Marland went out of his way to create a character as far removed from Nola as he could get. What he didn't realize at the time though was that he was never going to end up giving Ava any joy at all. Marrying that turd lawyer wasn't on him---but I do occasionally damn him to hell for busting up Kirk and Iva. I FLOVED them. And the doofus they married her to wasn't the worst insult. It was her "winning" that stupid contest that sent her off to Italy where she met him. I still recall this horrid fake photo op they did, with Iva dressed in this fugly purple paisley monstrosity (that I think was actually something of Brown's....).
  4. A action-packed ending to a less-than season. I loved the "all-star" vibe to it. Manu Bennett...YUM. And of course, my new favorite moment ever is Quentin knocking E2Laurel the [!@#$%^&*] out. THANK YOU JESUS!
  5. ATWT failed creating teen/young adults for the last fifteen years. Nikki, Dani, Chris, Katie, Allison, Lucy, Bryant, Jen, et al....and those are legacy children. There were horrific ones like Celia the orange crate girl, that stupid nephew of Katie's that popped Jen's cherry, and others I've mercifully forgotten. Allison and Aaron, FCOL, sprung from the loins of two of ATWT's hot messes were drippy, dull and BORING. And even those that had some kind of edge (like Will or Gwen) quickly lost it and got stuck in endless, adult type stories. *shakes head*
  6. I get that. But couldn't Ollie have learned anything in the years since? I'm saying that a "lucky punch" would have worked better than Ollie believing Chase gave up because he got some "truth bomb". It took Chase a week to break Ollie down to the point he admitted part of him liked killing. It takes Ollie 90 seconds to stop a serial psychopath with words? C'mon.
  7. I can't believe TIIC served up the weak-tea "Chase breaks because Ollie tells him his daddy thought he was insane" crap. I know we've still got two eppys left, but WTF would Ollie believe Adrian (who's been like ten steps ahead of him the entire time) would break over that? This dude knifed his own wife. He's got daddy issues, but I doubt not being hugged enough was one of them. If Chase needed to be in ARGUS custody, couldn't they have just had Ollie knock him out during the fight?
  8. Underneath finally felt like an old school OTA episode, and the visual of Dig, Ollie and Felicity in a human chain was quite stunning. I wanted to like the premise a little more than I did---but really, I didn't think this "revealed" anything new about the breakup. I thought it was clear then that it wasn't over William, but the fact that Ollie never seems to have a problem keeping secrets from Felicity. And it kind of muddies the Felicity/Billy timeline, and makes that relationship seem even more pointless and shallow. Felicity's ready to abandon every sense of morality she's ever had because her BF of six months got dead? I miss Thea. But DAMN...salmon ladder!! woot!!
  9. Flash comics are about lame time travel plots? Well, then they've done a bang up job. I don't even know why I'm complaining, I barely care anyway. AFAIC, this season has been a complete stinkhole.
  10. This is why I hate time travel/alt. dimension [!@#$%^&*]. It cannabilizes itself and leads to bad, lazy storytelling. Savitar is some alt-Barry? GMAFB. That's the best they could do? RME. And then I read some BS interview where showrunner praises GG's abilities at differentiating the characters. Talk about drinking the Kool-Aid. GG is a likeable guy. No doubt. But he doesn't have the chops to pull this off. He's played the angst of Iris' imminent death with all the intensity of a stood up prom date. Part of the problem is there's really no one Barry's that close to to play another Barry-betrayed-by-mentor card. But this sucks.
  11. Because you'd probably invested 15 years (off and on) watching him turn his life around, and some jackass douche wiped it all away with a used Kleenex? Not to mention, TIIC handed him off to another jackass douche who's one major credit had come from the early years of KL? And then they had the gall to act as if he was some kind of Second Coming of Christ? I give SB a lot of credit---he took the same crapCraig writing and managed to make Craig sympathetic. Block couldn't manufacture humanity if he dressed as Mother Teresa and farted butterflies 24/7.
  12. I know some did, but I didn't as much object to the "reset" of most of the characters Sheffer brought back---it was the lack of foundation he gave for these changes. Craig turned dark again because he felt overlooked as Montega's "First Sir"? I don't think we ever got an explanation for Dusty, and Paul vaporized overnight with a recast and a broken heart over Rose. RME. (Frankly I loved McClain, and that reset wasn't even Sheffer's doing.) The fact Block couldn't find a human emotion if he bit into it, or Howarth was Toddian are separate issues for me. Sheffer couldn't write a complete story. Maybe functionally, it's Goutman's fault for not finding a strong, complimentary writer to address those flaws. Stories never really "springboarded" into a logical progression for the characters.
  13. Looks like, and judging her post-Sheffer work, I'd say she was HW in name only. I don't think Goutman "didn't care", but in implementing his "vision" (or trying to reinvent the wheel) he forgot the first commandment of writing---tell the story. AMS---it's not Pissy's fault Sheffer was a sh!tass writer. Given her track record, she's just as sh!tty as him---if not more so. Maybe it's more fair to say it's her fault she's a weak, sh!tty writer who when combined with Sheffer, made some kind of unholy trifecta of suck instead of even a cursory attempt at storytelling.
  14. I didn't think Barbara was backburnered before Marland arrived...maybe in a rut because she'd been through every Perils of Pauline story variation other than literally being tied to the railroad tracks. But I'm sure she was grateful to have Babs' segue into a bitch. I'm sure it's boring playing a perpetual doormat. Yes, Culliton was coHW for Sheffer's first year. Replacing her with Pissypants was arguably one of the worst behind-the-scenes moves ever. All the accolades went to Sheffer's head, character motivation slowly eroded away, and he ended up simply cannibalizing his own stories for the next four years.
  15. Pull a Dallas and have everything from the last twenty years be a nightmare.