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  1. ^^^^^IKR? It's ridiculous how happy that pic makes me. I adore the fact that they're really friends. I don't think they sacrificed Kim and Betsy's relationship for Kim and Frannie's. It's not like Kim forgot Betsy existed. I'm sure it was played less, as Kim had Frannie, Andy and baby Chris to mother hen (not to mention Barbara, who periodically needed a "kiddo" speech). Betsy got a lot of Kim's attention for a lot of years.
  2. Betsy/Rod was ridiculous, and another way of "normalizing" a rapist, and forcing Iva to accept him as he strolled around town.
  3. Yeah....not heartbroken. Sonny's rivals don't last that long anyway. And there are a boatload of out of work soap actors in that age range who'd probably gladly take whatever scraps ABC's offering. What's left for Julian to do? Hold Sam's purse or Alexis' scotch bottle? Pfft. MS probably isn't going anywhere---she's already taken peanuts compared to her Y&R guarantee. I'd be surprised if ME stays---without RBud (who is no loss either) what's there for him to do? His character hasn't even doctored in almost a year anyway, FCOL.
  4. There was a regime change in late '96, and tons of turnover. It probably didn't help that Maura left, but Shawn Christian also left in early '97. I mean, right off the top of my head, SC left, they dumped his sister Sarah, Paul Ryan, & her friend Zoe. They fired ART, killed off Diego Santana (and his sister shortly disappeared played by Roslyn Sanchez) and were preparing to fire Tom Wiggin and pin Diego's murder on Kirk. Rosanna and Scott Eldredge left. I'm not exactly sure, but this might have also been when Jason Biggs was fired, and Caleb and Julie left town too. It was a bloodbath.
  5. She never should have lasted past the initial Jason Doe arc.
  6. I'm willing to concede that maybe Hastings, Hays and Fulton (who are all 83) may not have wanted to schlepp across country for a photo shoot. But it would have been nice. It's an odd assortment of P&G stars, to put it politely. Is it just me---or does everyone have the same fake smile? It may be unreasonable, but I don't GAFF if CBS honors their trainwreck daytime line up now. The complete pic has Braeden, KKL and their bastardized hosts of crap front and center.
  7. No, period, end of sentence. HB's Craig swindled Bryant's trust fund away from him.
  8. slick, it was Iris Dumbrowski. Lily MeMeMe Walsh Snyder. OMG---Holden raised those children practically from the moment she spit them out. Little wonder she couldn't be bothered, since she never grew out of the dramatic needy baby stage. Alan Spaulding. Lucille Wexler---that bitch gave me nightmares. Dina Mergeron.
  9. ATWT---Hal, Bob, Holden, Jack. Actually ATWT had a lot of good dads, aside from HB's Craig and James. GL---Henry Chamberlain and HB Lewis.
  10. My memory's a little fuzzy, but I think there was also Oakdale High. IIRC, Oakdale Latin was created in the mid-90's, with the Dani/Pete/Nikki years. Latin was for the rich kids, but by the end, all the kids went there.
  11. ATWT Penny Jeff Bob Lisa Kim John Barbara James Lily Lucinda Carly HMs---Holden, Jack, Hal, Craig, Luke, Grant, Joyce Colman, Betsy, Steve, Dan GL Roger Holly Ed Bert Reva Nola Vanessa Ross Phillip Alexandra HMs---Alan, Mike, Hope, Harley, Rick, Beth, Josh, Billy B&B Stephanie Brooke Sheila Taylor HMs---none Y&R Katherine Jill Victor Nikki Jack Cricket HMs---Paul, Lauren, Traci, Ashley, John, Lori, Chris, Snapper, Leslie SFT Jo Stu Capitol Trey Sloane Clarissa Myrna
  12. Milltown is a suburb of Oakdale. When Ben and the Kasnoffs first appeared, it was described as "the other side of the tracks" from Oakdale. By the time the show ended, it had gone upscale. Luther's Corners is a small farming community outside of Oakdale. I heard the "hate mail got Brown fired" excuse. (or that the Carjackers did....) She wasn't interested in a long term contract. She got a job in NY while her baby daddy was doing something on Broadway.
  13. Yes, that's Sara Ramirez. What I loved about Jack's amnesia was how Carly was completely and totally a heroine in it. In any other story, Carly's the one who plots or screws up and has to work her way back to Jack. And yet in some ways, she still gets the shaft---no one's supporting her after Jack rises from the dead. People suggest "there's a reason" Jack doesn't remember Carly---and even Emma and Holden don't seem to care if Jack regains his memory. Which is really, really odd considering Holden's own amnesia story. Don't get me wrong, Michael Park is his usual excellent self, but as a Carly fan it was such a relief to be able to not be waiting for that "other shoe to drop" for her. What I hated---SarahF'inBrown. But to each his own.
  14. Can't speak to Y*R or AMC....and I kind of cringe calling anything I've seen her do as a "highlight" because anything that was good was probably 95 percent the acting/decent scriptwriting and not her lazy assed plotting. That said, I'd probably say the Jen/Gwen babyswitch on ATWT was a highpoint. As unlikely as Jen's three month pregnancy was, she made lemonade out HB's abrupt firing. (of course, my perception was probably clouded by the euphoria, since I hated HB with a contempt as cold as Siberia.) Low points ATWT---Em the hooker, and any "farce" crappola she wrote. The summer slasher, Rick Decker serial killer, the Keys to the friggin' Kingdom where Em and Chris dry humped in a mattress store (yes, subtly was not in JP's wheelhouse). And lest we forget the horror that was all things Juicy Janet Ciccone related. GH--I'd say it's pretty much all been crap. The acting sure doesn't help her in most cases. *cough MB and BC cough* I can't think of one story that makes any kind of logical or emotional sense for any of the characters. I DGAFF how much "interference" there is from suits. No matter what asinine thing the character's doing, it's her job to at least give the characters motivation. Instead, there's a whole bunch of recapping what they did---sometimes just minutes after they did it.
  15. That Carly/Barb/Craig scene is from 2001, sometime between the BabsCraig marriage in May, and when she was caught in the bomb blast in June. My guess puts it closer to June and right before the explosion. Broderick's work was up and down. She introduced Julia Lindsey, which is enough to put her name at the top of list to burn in hell. But she also wrote some of the most romantic Carjack stuff, which probably makes her schizophrenic.