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  1. Heavenly wasn't ready for Mariah that's why she turned into a fuckin child in elementary school resorting to "yo mama".
  2. Say what you will about JT as Billy, but he and Jess Walton have excellent mother/son chemistry.
  3. Shane and Steve faked Stefano being alive.
  4. Loved all of those Ashley and John flashbacks. Very well done.
  5. I don't find Rinna's kids interesting or charming.
  6. Lisa Rinna is a lying, fake ass bitch.
  7. After this last episode I don't actually feel any sympathy for Eugene. He allows Toya to spend all that money and doesn't truly check her at all. I have no words for Heavenly. I can't stand her.
  8. No Gloria for starters.
  9. Lydia did absolutely nothing for me. I'd much rather Lizzie or Jeana return over her.
  10. I hate Gloria. I was so happy when she left the show, and this new story is doing her no favors with me.
  11. I watched today for the first time in over a month. I literally have no idea what is going on.
  12. I wish he had mentioned Y&R and Lauren needing her mother.
  13. I didn't even like Dylan that much but Friday definitely got to me. Very good show.
  14. This does not excite me.