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  1. Can Kenya even fight though?
  2. If we're getting fun Nene back I don't care if Kenya gets iced out. I hope for it.
  3. MO has never really bothered me as Abby the way she did for other people. I still remember that awful girl from GH Hayley Erin playing her and smiling her way through Brad's death.
  4. To me it always seems like she needs to blow her nose.
  5. I really needed her to cheat with Tyler. I have no idea if CK is against black guys but she and Redaric had fire chemistry. They honestly should've brought him back instead of creating the new guy.
  6. Jack would be right up Ron's alley to come back and get killed off again.
  7. I'm okay with never seeing Ravi again. He had a lot of potential and they just [!@#$%^&*] all over it. The character is literally just a random space filler. Use that money for Traci visits.
  8. How freaking awful. I don't even remember people mentioning a sex tape in the show threads.
  9. Ramona is slowly but surely edging into completely unwatchable territory for me. Drunk Tinsley's overreaction to the stupidest gossip article ever was highly annoying.
  10. She and Nicole are keeping the tissue business alive in Salem.
  11. Oh lord, not Bonnie.
  12. The only time I ever liked Galen was during the affair with Carrie and when he was playing FakeRafe.
  13. Is this a joke? I'm so glad I literally only watch this [!@#$%^&*] once a month.
  14. How did Sonny and Carly makeup this time? Wasn't he just banging her lawyer?
  15. I think Charlie is the better actor of the twins when they don't give him cringeworthy dialogue. I loved Abby lashing out at Victoria this week. Victor's quip about Ravi's bedtime was hilarious. This is the first time I didn't FF Tessa's singing in a while and it was a decent song, still hate singing on Soaps though.