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  1. Ramona was in full on [!@#$%^&*] mode tonight. It's very clear that thus far this season is about rehabbing Bethenny's image after last year. She's actually even made me laugh a few times. The constant digs about Luann though are annoying. I cannot wait for Dorinda to dig into Sonja's ass next week!
  2. RHOBH So part 2 just reaffirmed everything I already felt about Erika. She's just a miserable, humorless hag, who takes herself waaaaay too seriously. And Kyle showed as usual why I have never liked the bitch. She was laughing and giddy when Dorit was buying the panties but now that she perceives Erika as the favorite she tried to shut that [!@#$%^&*] down by overtalking and being aggressive with LVP. Kyle you will NEVER be the fan favorite. Give it up. Lisa Rinna with them fake ass soap tears was better than any acting she did on her last return to Days. And stupid ass Eileen winding her back up. Proving what everyone has said about her right.
  3. I feel bad for the LA girls, no one cared about the Miami cast anymore so Shaunie just used her power to combine shows and make people watch them. Lame.
  4. Can someone please explain to me the Newman family outrage? I seriously am trying to remember a time when any of them were close to Adam or even cared what happened in his life? This is just the stupidest thing ever.
  5. You'll definitely like the new housewife who's introduced in episode 2, she actually has money.
  6. Oh god please no Ana. I HATE singing on soaps.
  7. Is anyone else still watching? I know me and @Nothin'ButAttitude still watch and love Naomi. I wanna get this thread poppin again.
  8. Just watched the RHOBH reunion and honestly as others have said it's time for Andy to go. His obvious bias against Dorit and favoritism towards Erika made it almost impossible to watch. He refused to actually ask Erika anything tough and completely coddled the bitch. They truly have to get someone unbiased with no ties and interaction to the women to do these shows for now on. I think Dorit once again handled things as best as she could. Same with PK. I'm just over this whole build Erika up to be the next big thing obvious bullshit. And that preview of next week is everything. I don't even like Kim Richards like that but I'll take it. And Rinna go [!@#$%^&*] off with the fake tears. Eileen once again always needing to jump in when it comes to stupid ass Lipsa. I want to like Eileen because her first season was so strong, but she is so damn good at ruining any good will she builds up.
  9. Aww Cat you just reminded me of when I was super excited about Bethenny's return. That first season back she was great minus crying a lot...and then it just went to [!@#$%^&*].
  10. I guess I watched a different show Sunday because Kim dragged that stank bitch Kenya. I don't even like Kim like that but I was living for her taking down Kenya. Kenya literally has the lamest, most rehearsed, high school reads ever. "At least I don't look like a duck, like your lips." Good one Kenya, good one.
  11. When was the last time real Nicole actually existed?
  12. RHOBH I cannot stand Erika. She's completely phoney and as has been mentioned it's quite obvious she knew she had become a crowd favorite. It went straight to her damn head and she's come out of this season looking like a humorless bitch who thinks waaaaaay too highly of herself. Dorit said it best, Erika's paid employees have fed that damn ego and she thinks her [!@#$%^&*] don't stink. I don't understand the outrage at PK defending his wife. She's gotten ganged up on several times and while I think she clearly can handle the witches herself, it's nice to have back up. Eileen is spineless. Her head is so far up Erika's ass that it's literally embarrassing. And it's great that she's so loyal to Rinna but it makes her look like an [!@#$%^&*] too for backing up that [!@#$%^&*]. F uck Lisa Rinna.
  13. I just happen to watch this week, I totally thought Abira was the first ever tranny little person I've seen. Someone on FB had been posting about Nico being gay, so I wasn't shocked when he revealed it on the show. His baby mama is a bit of a liar when it comes to him it seems.
  14. As usual Kenya takes zero accountability. She is probably the least self-aware Housewife ever.