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  1. Of course they don't have little miss Bethenny do any of these.
  2. F uck Erika Jayne. Completely Team Dorit and I think she did an excellent job handling herself considering she was being completely ganged up on. F uck Lisa Rinna.
  3. Erika does nothing for me.
  4. I actually liked Nick and Avery initially when the character hated Phyllis.
  5. Lol Gizelle's lame ass tag line made me crack up.
  6. When did they bring back the old Dimera set?
  7. Nicole has been ruined for years. She used to be one of my favorites. If she's left over Shawn Christian leaving then good riddance.
  8. MM has the best shot hands down.
  9. I absolutely loved that Andy wasn't putting up with Quad's bullshit tonight. She thought she was being so cute and shady and he wasn't feeling her at all. Jackie stating Mariah had a lack of intelligence was just downright nasty and it only proved Mariah's point about Jackie. Toya slightly redeemed herself with her apology to Lisa which actually did feel genuine. No words for the bullfrog.
  10. Heavenly wasn't ready for Mariah that's why she turned into a fuckin child in elementary school resorting to "yo mama".
  11. Say what you will about JT as Billy, but he and Jess Walton have excellent mother/son chemistry.
  12. Shane and Steve faked Stefano being alive.
  13. Loved all of those Ashley and John flashbacks. Very well done.
  14. I don't find Rinna's kids interesting or charming.
  15. Lisa Rinna is a lying, fake ass bitch.