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  1. OMG CHEAP lol. You're amazing.
  2. Ugh Chelsea annoyed the [!@#$%^&*] out of me today. She had absolutely no reason to snitch to Nick at all.
  3. Where did you hear this? Please be true.
  4. The Negan character talks waaaaaay too much. He literally just yammers and yammers on constantly. It's not entertaining.
  5. I still hate Quad. And why the [!@#$%^&*] is Dr. Simone so damn loud and extra?
  6. RHONJ I was totally on Teresa's side until that delusional bitch said Jacqueline and Caroline called the Feds on her. She totally lost me then. So dumb, just so dumb. Otherwise it was a pretty lame reunion RHOA Im not sure how I felt about the premiere. It came off way more staged and fake than it usually does. The ladies just don't come off as natural at all at this point, which makes it hard to enjoy. RHOC Shannon has gained so much weight. And it was really weird and creepy how invested she was in the time that Kelly was separated from her hubby. Kelly was absolutely the MVP. She's not the brightest but when she's sober she can keep up with the bitchy trio. Absolutely looooved when she said, why should I fight fair? I really hope she comes back next season and they give her and Vicki some allies.
  7. Houston is clearly an after thought. I wonder if they found the season disappointing?
  8. I actually agree, I'd rather they keep it a secret .
  9. RHOM What a reunion! And the best part is they didn't drag it out for three parts. They literally were able to cover it all in one episode.
  10. Y&R is currently the only soap I'm actually watching on a daily basis. I actually find the episodes enjoyable each day. Can't say the same about the other three.
  11. Holy [!@#$%^&*], just put on today's episode and Kirsten Storms looks like death. She is quite clearly not well at all right now.
  12. I just had to tell you that your signature never fails to make me laugh...
  13. Is this damn affair FINALLY coming out or are we getting yet another red herring?
  14. This is too funny
  15. lol I just noticed that. 10 days in.