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  1. Ah yes Bethenny, I knew my goodwill towards you wouldn't last long. She was salivating at the chance to do more talking [!@#$%^&*] about Tom after just giving him that phony apology on last week's episode. The women truly don't understand that the Tom/Luann relationship is none of their damn business. It's clear the two of them have an arrangement that works for them. Why do they care so much?
  2. I've only been watching since the early 2000's, so I know very little about Dina, but bringing someone from the past back just to retcon history and kill them off is my absolute least favorite soap trope.
  3. I watched a clip the other day from the 90's where freakin John Abbott was trying to win her back.
  4. But did the fans think there was still a ton of bad blood? Longtime fans have stated they had already made their peace. Is this just a story for new fans of the show?
  5. I liked his GH at first mainly because he backburnered Sonny. It didn't last long but I loved it. By the end though I was more than ready for him to go. Especially after killing AJ for no damn reason.
  6. Did they really bring Dina back just to trash her and then kill her off?
  7. I decided to watch an episode. Such a shame what they did to Ericole to prop up Nicole/Daniel. Listening to Nicole scream about Daniel was soooo annoying. What dead character ever gets talked about this much this long after they were killed off?
  8. So baby daddy #1 is gay too?! I knew. Nico was, my partner suspected the other baby daddy was too.
  9. Why does it matter to you if I'm happy about Neil finally having his own company.
  10. I am sooooo annoyed that they have successfully redeemed Bethenny and that I like her again...I'm nervous though because from the clip showing the whole season it looks like she does get back involved in all the Luann and Tom [!@#$%^&*], which is never a good look for her. Ramona Singer is absolutely off her f.ucking rocker. Like I've seen every season of the show and always thought she was a little off, but this season she has reached new heights of delusion and narcissism. That conversation with Bethenny at the bar was one of the strangest things I've ever witnessed on this show.
  11. How awesome after all these years, Neil finalllly doesn't work for the Newmans or Abbotts. He may not be the only the CEO of the company, but it's literally a company with his name on it.
  12. When the hell did Scott become a complete a.sshole?
  13. I still don't care about Kandi. She was still a messy, stank face, a.sshole this season BEFORE the drugging allegation was even uttered. Honestly I get why people were happy about Phaedra's downfall, but I didn't mind her. Who I still can't stand is dumbass Toyota, who threw her alllllllllll the way under the bus to save her job. The fake hysterics, all of it was complete bullshit. What happened was Porsha realized her job was in jeopardy staying on the sinking ship with Phaedra so she said deuces. I didn't buy any of that s.hit she was trying to sell. And Kenya sitting there like a pig in s.hit. Girl you're still a messy, lying, dumbass bitch, who hits low and then tries to play the victim when someone retaliates.
  14. I know I'm supposed to feel some type of way because Kandi is screamin and crying like usual..but I don't.
  15. I actually like Shady Phae Phae so I'm anxious to see what all is about to come out on her. Still don't care about Kandi huffing and puffing and crying. Btw @Nothin'ButAttitude @DaytimeFan @Cheap21 @Cat I don't know if you guys read but Pettifleur quit RH of Melbourne.