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  1. Yeah, I'm not watching this mess. I'm wondering what Kei can do to improve. He's had some strong results under Michael Chang, but can Chang get him to that next level? His serve is a liability.
  2. ? That's hilarious.
  3. Thiem would have had a good shot at beating Federer. He's beaten him the last two times they've played. Stan has to be in unbeatable form to defeat Roger (like when Stan won Roland Garros), and I'm not seeing that in this tournament.
  4. It's pretty much Fed's tournament to lose now. Only more cause for Fed's obsessive fans to be more insufferable. Great player, some of the worst fans in tennis. Rooting for Kei, who has proven he can beat any member of the Big 4, but not holding my breath. Stan will predictably bend over to his compatriot in the final. On to a clean slate in Miami...
  5. So lame.
  6. Definitely a good match. Vesnina has certainly stepped up her game. Her match against Mladenovic should be fun. Just rooting for anyone other than Pliskobot.
  7. I so wanted that win for Nishioka, but man does that kid have game. What a story for someone who came into the tournament as a lucky loser. And he's only 5-foot-7, and he's ballin' with the big boys. Japan has two really strong ATP players to look out for.
  8. Fed was just too good.
  9. As soon as Novak lost that first game, I knew it was over. Nick is just serving too well. Novak had some chances in Nick's last service game, and he didn't take them. Oy. I think we're getting a Fed-Kyrgios QF.
  10. Nole played the best I've seen him play in months in that final set against Delpo. Wow. Hopefully he doesn't let Kyrgios rattle him tomorrow. Kerber has just been garbage. With Serena playing very little and Halep and Radwanska in miserable slumps, the top of the WTA game is really Ka. Pliskova's for the taking.
  11. I don't like Cane, but I actually didn't mind DG that much today. I think he's a credible actor. Really not liking the Scotty/Lauren/Phyllis stuff and agree that Scotty and Phyllis failed today's chem test. I'm really over Phyllis at this point.
  12. Monfils in unbelievable form.
  13. So impressed with Nishioka. Glad to see Japan represented so well. I didn't see the Venus match. Wow. That's a surprising scoreline given how bandaged up she was in the Jankovic match. She is really producing some vintage Venus tennis. This Keys/Osaka match is absolutely dire, though. The crowd is dead. I was hoping we'd get the drama of their U.S. Open match last summer.
  14. What's going on with Simona Halep? Talk about a complete collapse.
  15. Hey, we all have people we like and dislike, so it's no biggie. I think Delpo would be a challenge and I could see it going three sets. But if Novak can tighten up his game a bit, I like his chances.