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  1. Bellucci is PATHETIC. Worst performance I've ever seen from a player in a winning position against a clearly compromised opponent. Just embarrassing.
  2. Pearl Mackie is fabulous. What a nice jolt of energy into the show.
  3. I'm so lost. Granted, I didn't watch a lot during the Pratt years, but I don't understand the level of righteous indignation from the Newmans toward Victor over this.
  4. The umpire let her get away with it, though. Spineless.
  5. Siegemund is garbage. Did you see her yelling at the ballkid to "give her the [!@#$%^&*] towel"? Will never root for her.
  6. Lol, how many people predicted the department store dressing room scene set to generic rock music with Phyllis transforming Ravi from geek to suave Lothario?
  7. If I've learned anything this year, it's not to underestimate RF. I still think he goes in as the favorite to RG. The only thing that kept him from multiple French titles was Rafa's dominance, and Rafa's nowhere near the player he was then.
  8. Nadal just has no answers for Fed anymore. It's telling that Berdych (!) played Roger more competitively.
  9. Ha. BB looking for that next gig.
  10. Novak always had to deal with heavily biased crowds when playing against Rafa and Roger. But he learned to stay focused and clutch even when the peanut gallery heckled him (see the 2015 U.S. Open final against Roger, an absolutely heroic performance against an appallingly unsportsmanlike crowd). Boris must have been thinking that a Djokovic with his sh!t together wouldn't have fallen apart so close to victory like Kyrgios and Berdych. Maybe seeing these matches will light a fire under Novak's ass to get back to dominating.
  11. The day off will help Fed. After the Indian Wells debacle, I'm not sure Rafa has what it takes to beat Roger at the moment, especially now that Roger's backhand is no longer a liability. Then again, after the ass-whupping Berdych took at the AO, I didn't think he'd have a shot at almost beating Roger here in Miami. I bet Roger skips most of the clay season to ready himself for Wimbledon.
  12. Again, Federer fans are the worst in all of sports. Disgraceful behavior from that crowd. Seems like Federer's class hasn't rubbed off on his followers.
  13. Yeah, I'm not watching this mess. I'm wondering what Kei can do to improve. He's had some strong results under Michael Chang, but can Chang get him to that next level? His serve is a liability.
  14. ? That's hilarious.
  15. Thiem would have had a good shot at beating Federer. He's beaten him the last two times they've played. Stan has to be in unbeatable form to defeat Roger (like when Stan won Roland Garros), and I'm not seeing that in this tournament.