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  1. Agree with all of this. The Dina story, in spite of the great acting (minus the guy who plays Graham), is at a standstill, and I'm bored. There are no new layers to this story that are unfolding. I'm actually digging DG for once. He plays pathetic and in-over-his-head pretty well. If he's not happy with the writing for Cane, I at least admire his commitment and professionalism on screen. It was CK's tearless crying that was grating on me today.
  2. Saw my first episode in a while, and the guy playing Graham...sheesh. Maybe they are playing up his blankness/blandness to create mystery around him, but at the moment I'm not seeing the potential. The show has a lot of issues, but at least it's moving and somewhat engaging, which it hasn't been in years. And Josh Morrow has been nowhere to be found in the episodes I've watched so I consider that a win.
  3. I think it's brilliant. I honestly can't think of a better fit in terms of game, success level, and temperament. Agassi had a way more severe career slump than Novak ever did, so he knows how to bounce back from adversity to achieve great heights. Unlike Andy, Novak seems to be slowly but surely finding his way. He's back in the mix on the Race to London. And I like his chances in Best of Five matches at Roland Garros. I think I can agree with SS that this will be a really exciting RG. Too bad I'll be traveling in SE Asia for the duration of it, but hopefully I can catch some matches.
  4. Disappointed for Novak, but happy for Sasha. Anytime new names break through in the ATP is good for the game. Makes things more interesting. Novak played Sasha like he played Kyrgios. Frustrated, out of sorts. It's all mental.
  5. Veteran players like Serena and Vika both do the loud shouting of "Come on!" to fire themselves up too. It bothers a lot of fans. I don't mind it. Players have their things.
  6. I did watch. I just didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Certainly, his celebrations weren't hindering Thiem's game at all, which would have been problematic. I do think Novak can take too much time between points, but he's nowhere near as egregious as Rafa.
  7. Ah, the Novak hate. ? Zverev is way worse than Novak with his yelling after each point/game. DT just doesn't have the weapons to trouble Novak, which we've seen now in five lopsided victories. We'll see what Sasha can bring tomorrow.
  8. Bellucci is PATHETIC. Worst performance I've ever seen from a player in a winning position against a clearly compromised opponent. Just embarrassing.
  9. Pearl Mackie is fabulous. What a nice jolt of energy into the show.
  10. I'm so lost. Granted, I didn't watch a lot during the Pratt years, but I don't understand the level of righteous indignation from the Newmans toward Victor over this.
  11. The umpire let her get away with it, though. Spineless.
  12. Siegemund is garbage. Did you see her yelling at the ballkid to "give her the [!@#$%^&*] towel"? Will never root for her.
  13. Lol, how many people predicted the department store dressing room scene set to generic rock music with Phyllis transforming Ravi from geek to suave Lothario?
  14. If I've learned anything this year, it's not to underestimate RF. I still think he goes in as the favorite to RG. The only thing that kept him from multiple French titles was Rafa's dominance, and Rafa's nowhere near the player he was then.
  15. Nadal just has no answers for Fed anymore. It's telling that Berdych (!) played Roger more competitively.