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  1. RC has his work cut out for him with those DAYS ratings.
  2. I actually thought he had improved quite a bit over time. He could have sunk those scenes with the Avants and Nicole's decision about the baby, but I thought he held his own. Still no big loss.
  3. The show definitely needed the new blood (we were all complaining about the lack of viable thirtysomething men and young characters previously) but of course it's crazy to completely flood a show with new faces (legacy characters or not) without a purpose. And especially with such bland cardboard actors. I've quit watching entirely. I was fooled into coming back by MAB and now this. If for some crazy reason they bring back Heather Tom or Victoria Rowell, I might be tempted to start watching again, but barring that or some shocking circumstance I can't imagine, it's deuces until the finale. See you in 2020, Y&R!
  4. Yikes. Meanwhile those "hot studs" Howarth, Benard, Easton, Stuart, DeVry, and Burton continue to pad out their 401(k)s before the ax finally falls on soaps.
  5. Does this show have any male actors under 30 other than Chad Duell and the little boy who plays Spencer?
  6. Aviva was so shrill and insane she was unwatchable. Might as well bring back Kelly Bensimon if they bring her back. I also think the show has moved past Jill Zarin. That last season she was clearly acting her way through scenes, and she's not that good of an actress. I'd like to see someone like Heather on RHONY. Level-headed, straight-shooting, tough, speaks truth to crazy, but can bring the drama when necessary.
  7. So many soap "hunks" way past their expiration dates on this show (Benard, DeVry, Howarth, Burton, Miller, JPS, Easton, Zamprogna).
  8. I think GT could play the hell out of a more take-charge Phyllis, as could RC. I just think GT is being wasted right now and not being allowed to show what she can do. Many actors on the show could say the same, of course, outside of AH, who is given tons to play and is failing miserably.
  9. I just don't think anyone would thrive in the role of Phyllis in the passive way she's currently written. They could hire Robin Christopher or Jamie Luner or bring back Stafford and she'd still be a flop. JT, as many others have said, comes across as too put-together to play a wild child like Billy. I think JFP just figured he played a ladies' man on GH and though that would translate to Billy, but Patrick was a very different character.
  10. I don't think I've been as viscerally repulsed by a couple as I am with Wyatt and Katie. I literally almost vomited when he started to devour her face today.
  11. Yeah. Sadly that's likely the case, which is crazy because HWs still make bank. I remember when Guza left GH, and they promoted Michele Val Jean and Elizabeth Korte to interim head writer before taking on Megan McTavish (ugh) for the permanent role. I wonder if Y&R might have asked Natalie Minardi Slater and Janice Ferri Esser to hold the position while they recruited someone else to take over.
  12. Wow, what a disastrous interview for all involved with Y&R. I agree that it definitively proves that CBS holds the show in very low esteem. I wonder what happened after Pratt left to force them to make such a hasty decision to hire SS without a long term plan.
  13. Lamon Archey is majestically beautiful. Thankfully RC is taking notice. DAYS has the best and most diverse eye candy of the remaining soaps.
  14. Yeah, I hate that people are using the failure of SS as a repudiation of the Bill Bell style. The difference is that Bell was a compelling storyteller and SS is not.
  15. The Graham stuff is pointless. He's played by an attractive but totally blank and charisma-free actor. There's no "there" there, and the story hasn't really advanced since he's been here. Typical SS. Dina's return would have been as effective without him.