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  1. The Deplorable won. Damn you, Basilashvili.
  2. Did you also catch Stevie Johnson get bageled by Kukushin, of all people? Love seeing these entitled, overgrown frat boys go down. DY has put up with so much bullish!t from American tennis that I can't help but root for him. I recall Jim Courier trying to "son" Donald on air, and I realized how much condescension and disdain Donald must endure. With DY winning, Goffin beating Dimitrov in Rotterdam, and Tsonga eclipsing Cilic, it was a good day for the sport.
  3. I don't get VI. I mean, he looks great for almost 60. But I've never seen his appeal in any of the soap roles I've watched him play (Nick, David Hayward, David Chow, or this one). Well, I guess I could see the appeal of the young Lujack from old clips, but that was 30 years ago. He just seems so dry and humorless. Maybe I just hated Nick McHenry and that prejudiced me against him.
  4. Totally. I was expecting Donald Young to do his Donald Young thing and choke against Isner, especially with that DF on match point. But he proved me wrong. It's looking like he'll face Ryan Harrison (another Trumpster) in the semis, so I'll be pulling for DY hard.
  5. Donald Young takes out Isner in Memphis. First time he's ever beaten John.
  6. As we say down south, you ain't never lied!
  7. I liked the new intro better seeing it on my TV today for some reason.
  8. I'm not enjoying the show right now either, but I'm willing to hang in there to see where things go. It's not that the show is slow as much as the canvas is just so *weak* and uninspired right now. There are far too many nothing characters and charisma-free, listless actors hogging airtime. This is a show that has had vibrant characters like Dru, Olivia, Mamie, HT's Victoria, AD's Diane, Jill, Katherine, Nikki, and Nina. They were played by captivating actors. I was excited to watch these characters, even if they weren't in brilliant, front burner stories. They were bold and indelible. I just liked spending time with them, seeing what they'd do or say next even in small scenes. Just watching Diane and Nikki spar was a thing of wonder. I'm just not excited by Nick, Sharon, AH's energy-free Victoria and her kids, Billy (who is being damaged with every recast), Cane, Lily, and Jack. I want to like Devon and Hillary, but they are a one-note snooze. Ashley and Ravi just feel like filler. I need Michael and Lauren to find some of their '80s/'90s ruthlessness again. I need GT's Phyllis to be sexier and more cutthroat. The less said about Chelsea, Chloe, Kevin, and Abby the better, but Sally doesn't seem that interested in them. Mariah could be a fun sarcastic, ballsy heroine, but she's being written like some beleaguered '90s working girl sitcom character. I just don't care about the show or these characters right now. But this show has been so thoroughly gutted in the past decade that it would be near miraculous for Sally to salvage it. But who else could do it? She's our last shot.
  9. Stan folded like a rickety old tent, even when he had the edge and momentum. I just think Federer is getting No. 18 unless Nadal beats Dimitrov and plays absolutely lights out in the final. At least we get all-Williams final. I'd love for Serena to nab 23, but I'd be almost as happy with Venus getting her eighth and pushing ahead of Serena nemesis Justine Henin. I just realized the Bryan brothers made the men's doubles final. With Serena vs. Venus and a possible Fedal men's final, this AO is a total '00s throwback.
  10. MTM still the greatest sitcom and great acting ensemble (comedy or drama) in TV history. Holds up beautifully today.
  11. VENUS! Loved her reaction. The Williams sisters putting upstarts in their place.
  12. Serena SCHOOLS Jo Konta.
  13. The NYTimes is also pimping Roddick. I figured he would get in. Certainly, if Michael Chang can, Roddick deserves it. I agree there should be a higher threshold of excellence. Clijsters deserves it for competing so well in one of the most competitive eras in the WTA. It's funny: Roddick, like Andy Murray, seems like a genuinely good, progressive guy by all accounts. But he was such a jackass on court that I can't help but despise him.
  14. I'm doubtful about Stan. He's beaten Fed three times but only on clay. Serena had better up her game. She just barely eked out that first set against Strycova. She sometimes can look lazy starting out in matches. Let's see her try that against Konta if she makes it to the next round.
  15. I'm not a Fed fan by any means, but I just don't see who stops him from achieving No. 18 in this field. Perhaps an in-form Nadal, who has always troubled Fed, but Rafa will be gassed from his grueling matches. Hope I'm wrong, though. I hate the slavish cult of Federer.