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  1. They said B&B will film for their 20th Anniversary in Sydney, Australia from Feb 24 until March 2. I wonder who will be coming?! Ronn, surely.
  2. Krista Allen is the only Billie for me. Krista is one of only 3 actresses on the show who I became/am obsessed with in a weird way... the other two being Eileen Davidson and Arianne Zuker. Those 3 are just so special in some way. I loved how Krista made Billie her own, she wasn't being anyone else. I loved the [!@#$%^&*]iness coming out, I loved everything with the Bayou/Georgia etc,and I especially loved her final year where Billie didn't even really see Bo, and never pined for him. Krista's Billie was on the the backburner in the final year, but she still started a very interested and strong connection friendship with Eric. Krista and Jensen had so much chemistry and would have been the HOTTEST soap couple that never was. Plus she was with Roman, and even though he was so old it was kind of cute... their relationship, plus the way that she helped Sami to get info about Franco and Roberto I loved. Krista made Billie enjoyable to watch. Lisa Rinna just pouted everything, and Julie Pinson is boring. I really wish Krista would have came back in 2004 instead.
  3. This is WEIRD. JUST WEIRD. Kyle or Justin.. meh, I really could care less. But the thing is Justin has been appearing as Rick recently, so it is really WEIRD. I hope this means the two most girls who were underappreciated and long serving on their own soaps - Arianne and Adrienne are on the way to B&B.
  4. WHOAH. CAN. NOT. BREATHE! This is insane, I don't want to get my hope up, but my brain is about to explode... Kristen, Stefano, now VIVIAN all possibly/PROBABLY returning?! Days news hasn't been this great since... EVER! When Australia skipped ahead from 1999 episodes we lost a couple of years of Stefano and Vivian, BAM they were gone... and to have them BACK! OMG... I want them ALL. But Eileen is top priority. I agree, if nothing is done and all 3 slip through Days fingers it will be the biggest F U C K U P in the history of the WORLD. But if they come back, then I'm flying to America to watch it!!!
  5. Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! How cool is it that Eileen and Drake still see each other, and outside of work they are talking about DAYS storylines! BWAAHAHAHAHAH! Love it! She is so coming back. I can't wait. It's unbelievable that this is (probably) happening... It's like a dream come true!
  6. I am insane right now! Don't laugh at me for being obsessed, but this video is so freakin good. Why couldn't Play With Fire be like this! She looks incredible, and the song is great too - I can't wait for an album full of dance stuff like this. Watch it here on YouTube: HQ Download:
  7. OH MY GOD...... !!!!! This is the single most best news I have heard ALL YEAR! I have been waiting for Adrienne to return to B&B ever since she left... WOW... i can't even imagine what they do with her on Y&R - I just hope she makes it back to B&B one day without her character being ruined on Y&R somehow. Sure... I'll have to wait a few decades to see it here, but Wowwwww! So excited.
  8. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *DEEP BREATH* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I can't believe it :( I haven't been this upset about someone leaving since Kristen. You guys are so right, I can just see it now, 8 YEARS WILL GO DOWN THE DRAIN. I hope it was HER choice, and not her husbands - because if it was, he is an effing bastard. In every interview I've read she said she would stay as long as they wanted her. I'm in shock. :( I kind of always pictured this happening over the last year, but it's still shocking.
  9. Charity Rahmer would be a better Roman than Josh Taylor
  10. Has there been many Tomato Soup Cake jokes in Graces absence?
  11. I want Amber back - It's so dull without her.