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  1. ^ Eat what you want diet.
  2. It was more of a "Oooooo wow, another one." I remember watching this live. Goodness this was a long time ago.
  3. Nearly 900 items! She's got a lot of stuff!
  4. Sometimes rumors do gain traction and catch the attention of the intended target. If there's enough interest and the demand is there, a Netflix or Amazon might consider picking up the show. Fans just need to keep asking for it. Edited to add: Debbie didn't mean any harm. She's a fan just trying to help fans out.
  5. The Netflix rumor was actually started by Debbie Matenopoulos. After the taping of the Home and Family show, Mark Steines and Debbie addressed the media and audience in attendance and Debbie encouraged people to spread the rumor in hopes that it would gain traction. Here's the Facebook live segment where the rumor was planted:
  6. Home & Family did a really great job. I'm impressed. I love that they recreated the 90s opening intro.
  7. Does anyone know why Eva LaRue wasn't a part of season 2? They explained away her character saying she was spending the holidays with her own family. Wonder if she'll be back at all for season 3.
  8. Here's the segment where Walt Willey surprises Susan Lucci.
  9. It's been really good so far. It's great to hear Susan talk about her home and family life. Very funny to see her use a hot glue gun for the first time. LOL.
  10. Looks like DAYS has been spared?
  11. Monday & Tuesday episodes: Monday, January 30th, 2017 All New! Susan Lucci guest hosts; Susan cooks her grandmother’s apple cake; reality star Erika Jayne ("The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"); child magicians Kadan and Brooklyn Rockett ("America's Got Talent") perform; the owner of The Painted Nail shows us textured nails; the jetsetter's guide to beauty; fashionable printed pocket squares; a DIY jumbo shoebox; Matt Rogers makes a taco quesadilla pizza appetizer for the Super Bowl. Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 All New! Susan Lucci guest hosts; Susan and her husband make spaghetti and meatballs; comedian and game show host Tony Rock ("The Dating Game") discusses how dating has changed; celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves; cat behaviorist Mieshelle Nagelschneider has the basics of litter training; Dr. JJ Levenstein makes a delicious coconut cake; DIY anti-aging sheet masks.
  12. Susan Lucci would've been an obvious choice to write the forward, but she is already inherently tied to Agnes Nixon's life story no matter what. Carol just brings additional visibility to the book.
  13. Pre-order it today! Facebook post: We are thrilled to announce the release of Agnes' autobiography "My Life to Live"! As you know Agnes poured her heart and soul into her writing and her memoirs were no exception. Her last great parting gift to the friends, families, and viewers she so deeply adored, Agnes worked passionately to perfect it right up to her very last days. We hope you will share in our excitement and help to make it a bestseller sure to get the attention of the networks and spark the return of her shows!
  14. New post on Agnes's Facebook page. Maybe the announcement of her memoir? "We are overwhelmed and deeply moved by the abundance of love and devotion shown for our beloved Agnes. It is a very bittersweet blessing to read your condolences. We are happy to announce the arrival of something no doubt many of you have been anticipating. Stay tuned for this special announcement tomorrow!"
  15. Damn, she sounds salty.