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  1. NBC Entertainment chairman on the fate of DAYS:
  2. OMG, YES!!!!
  3. She was 89. Joan was one of the people La Lucci thanked in her Emmy speech.
  4. Hi friend.
  5. Update on La Lucci's Quogue home: SOLD! Looks like she got near the asking price.
  6. Nice to hear him speak so fondly of his AMC days.
  7. WOW. That All My Children money was put to good use! You go Susan!!
  8. Fred Savage for the win! Please not Jerry O'Connell.
  9. Where's Megan McTavish?
  10. Susan Lucci posted a pic from the memorial service. Jesse and Jenny! Is that blonde lady Lorraine Broderick? Looks like she lost weight and went blond.
  11. Kelly acknowledged her passing on Live this morning.
  12. Re-reading this article from six years ago. Great read.
  13. I have always wondered what happened to Teresa Blake. Does anyone know? I've done Google searches, but have found no recent news on her.
  14. Loved the scene with Susan Lucci and Kim Delaney. La Lucci was spot on in that scene.