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  1. That woman was apart of That's Life? I use to love that show, now I feel so dirty. However, it did try to change (and for the worse) the last season, so I suppose I can blame that on her . However, I credit my affection for that show to the wonderful charm of Heather Paige Kent and Ellen Burstyn.
  2. Funny thing is, I don't think Lyndsay is coming back. She's been doing quite well for herself. She's been on House and CSI and I think said that she was not interested in coming back. Though, I could be totally wrong. She could be coming back. Regardless, Y&R is so disrespectful when it comes to their firings.
  3. Ditto that. My goodness..Y&R just won't learn.
  4. Seriously, I think the fans should ban together and send 50,000 pounds of miniture guillotines to the studio. Jericho saved their show with nuts, maybe we can at least scare the #@!&*$ out of somebody with guillotines. Sorry if I sound half crazy, but I am beyond pissed that Latham's regime has been rewarded.
  5. We hit the 17 year mark a few years ago in my state. They are not too pleasant to look at, but for me the worst thing is the smell and the sound....well their mere presence is horrible. Good luck, I stayed indoors a lot.
  6. The show sucks, IMHO. It is not interesting, riveting, or even enjoyable, for me at least. I am very dissatified. I tried to stick it out for certain characters that I've come to love, but many are unrecognizable and are only made to suit plot points; plots that aren't even that good. Y&R isn't Y&R anymore and it certainly isn't improved or refreshed, imo. So yes, she should go, but these people aren't smart enough to make her go, though she deserves it more than anyone.
  7. Who says he won't end up hooking up with Amber? It's a possibility. I guess my main problem with this and Y&R in general is that it's all plot driven, which to me makes it a mess. Characters and their history don't seem to matter. As for Daniel's porn addiction, I'm annoyed by it because it doesn't seem to fit his character. Yes, I know it is supposedly a common problem among men and yes he was a bit of a "bad boy" when he first came to the show, but that doesn't mean I have to accept it. Daniel made this big deal about marriage and faithfulness when he found out his mother and Nick and was still POed at them for a long time. He went through this whole growth and maturity period after the Cassie situation. And now I'm suppose to buy into him being sexually obsessed with Amber, lying, and being an all around dog. I'm not saying they cannot tell a porn addiction story with Daniel, but at least make it believable. SHOW ME how a pretty decent guy with these morals about marriage can slip and fall into a problem. I haven't really been shown anything. Suddenly Amber shows up and he's "Oh my gosh, I love her!" "Oh my gosh, I must text Amber" "Oh my gosh, we have so much fun". Don't get me wrong, I don't feel sorry for Lily in the least. She is Colleen's wife, not Daniel's, but I don't like what is being done to Daniel and how it's being done. And lastly, enough with the PSA's. Enough.
  8. Is that not the stupidest **** you've ever seen? I wonder who thought this up. Could it be the brillant Latham? I am repulsed by this. It is lame, uninteresting, and makes all parties involved look stupid as hell. I feel sorry for MG. I really do. I think the whole storyline is stupid and disgusting, but AF does make it all the more untolerable.
  9. Ditto. And I'm not just saying that. I actually watched because I wanted to laugh at the ridiculousness of it.
  10. Why is this show becoming so stupid? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Such a shame.
  11. If MS can get Lead, VR deserves Lead as well. They are equally talented in my opinion, and MS really hasn't done anything but unfortunately be turned into a Newman Stefford wife last year. The only thing she did worthy of an Emmy was giving birth in an elevator, IMO. And that's not an attack on MS, I think she's fabulous, but I say she AND VR were both worthy for Emmy consideration as Lead actress. And as for Jeanne Cooper, I think she is a fabulous diva, but she really should not have been sumitted for a PreNom because she didn't really do anything. If anyone deserved to be nominated instead of her, it's Rowell. And I see nothing wrong with VR discussing her book on HER website. This is her website, it's her book, she can do what she wants. I'm sure there is much more to this story, maybe she'll tell, maybe she won't. But like a previous poster said, I'm sure there may be a lot of unpleasant backstage politics going on at Y&R right now and from the looks of things, I don't think I would want to work their either.
  12. Victoria Rowell is AMAZING!!!!
  13. Totally expected and completely lame, IMO. The only good thing here for me is, now maybe Dru can be given a creative exit story, but I don't expect too much from these writers.
  14. Perfection. And ITA with your post Darn. I totally missed it at first. ITA with this especially. I understand some people appreciate what Y&R is right now and that's fine, opinions will vary, but for me it is going down the drain so quickly. And just because Y&R's crap smells a little better than some of the other crap, doesn't mean it still isn't crap. In fact, it's worse because Y&R should really know better.
  15. I tried to watch, as an effort to try to keep up with what is being said on the boards, and could not sit still and watch. I had irresistable urges to either leave the room or change the channel that could not be helped. Unfortunately, even some of my favorites cannot keep me even the slightest bit interested anyone. I will continue to try to savor the last VR/Dru moments occasionally and then it's over.