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  1. It's either Nicole LaLiberte or Elena Satine
  2. So cool! Who's that in the orange shirt next to James? Also love seeing Sherilyn doing the Audrey dance in that EW video and Laura whispering to Cooper.
  3. Anytime a rapist or murderer runs around free just cause TPTB want to keep the actor around.
  4. If anyone's interested, this old news group has daily AMC recaps from 1984-1986!forum/
  5. Any TP fan looking for a new show to watch until TP comes on in May, I enjoyed the pilot of FX's Legion. Dreamy yet Nightmarish look into the subconscious somewhat similar to Lynch. That's what it reminded me of when I watched it anyway.
  7. I wouldn't mind reruns on Hallmark if this does well, but realistically know that is unlikely.
  8. Is that Riley Lynch on the right? More pics from filming
  9. I also noticed Madeline Zima is following Josh Fadem. Wonder if that means they'll have scenes? Also a new interview with James Morrison
  10. IIRC, they brought back Bobby to flirt with Greenlee at one point, but it was dropped. There was also her other son, Mikey they could've brought back.