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  1. aMLCproduction added a topic in mySON TV™   

    Karynn and Esther do Chicago! #178
    Karynn and Esther arrive in Chicago and things do not go well at all. Find out in this episode about their adventure or disaster. In this week's episode, newly released from prison Victor Newman arrives on Nikki's doorstep seemingly right on time as the Newman's are besides themselves over Sharon's death.  Also, Phillip Chancellor has a hungry and guilty heart as he continues his hi jinks at the gay bar.

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  2. aMLCproduction added a blog entry in The Young and the Restless   

    Karynn and Esther do Chicago! #178
    Midtown GC, Hungry Hearts

    Scotty walks in the bathroom and sees Phillip Chancellor in a stall  leaned back onto a toilet and  holding his nose. Scotty then looks at Rufus and Corsica.

    Scotty: What is going on here?

    Scotty looks down at the last line of Coke on the sink and then back at Phillip.

    Rufus: Get outta here kid! We got this one go find your own man.

    Scotty is stunned and looks at Phillip again. Scotty decides to leave the restroom and grab a drink at the bar.

    Phillip stands up.

    Phillip: That was not good.

    Rufus: Are you kidding me? Do you know how many men I had to get on my knees for to get the money to pay for this high quality cocaine?

    Phillip: No no no. Not that. The hit was great. I feel better. I feel super. But the guy who walked in. He knows me. I know him. I can’t have him blabbing his mouth that he saw Phillip Chancellor snorting lines of coke with two trannies.

    Rufus and Corsica both look at each other.

    Rufus: As in the late Katherine Chancellor? Those Chancellors?

    Phillip: Yes

    Rufus: Jack pot.

    Corsica: No you didn’t call us Tranny’s! I don’t like that word. It’s so rude.

    Phillip: I’m sorry I don’t know what else to call you.

    Rufus: Don’t worry about that boy who was just in here. Probably some thirsty young bottom. He didn’t see anything.

    Phillip: I’m not so sure. I need to go talk to him.

    Rufus: As long as you don’t give my goods away Mr. Chancellor.

    Rufus says as she walks up on him and grabs his crotch.

    Phillip: You’re aggressive.

    Rufus: I like what I see and I want a piece of it. Tell you what, I got a show to perform. You take care of little miss muffin out there and after my show we can go back to my room and continue this party?

    Rufus plants a seductive kiss on Phillips lips.

    Philip: Uhm yes that sounds good.

    Phillip walks out of the bathroom.

    Corsica: He called us tranny’s Rue.

    Rufus: Get over it. He’s a gold mine. He’s a Chancellor Cor, think about it. He’s rich, handsome, masculine, tall and beefy.

    Corsica: Why do you get all the good ones?


    Phillip spots Scotty at the bar. He watches him for a bit drinking his beer. He thinks about what he is going to say to him as he walks over to him at the bar. He grabs a seat and orders a beer.

    Scotty looks to his right to see who has taken a seat next to him.

    Phillip: Hi.

    Scotty: Uhm hi.

    Phillip: I’ve seen you around town. Aren’t you Lauren’s son?

    Scotty: I am and you are Phillip Chancellor the 3rd.

    Phillip: I am .

    Scotty is smitten.

    Scotty: It’s a pleasure to meet you officially. I’ve seen you around town to. In fact in this very bar. I’ve heard rumors and read stuff in the magazines but it’s true. You really like men?

    Phillip: Am I a homo sexual you mean? Yes.

    Unbeknownst to them Rafe walks into the bar. He looks over at the bar and spots Scotty and Phillip having a deep conversation over drinks.

    Rafe: You are just full of surprises now aren’t you Scotty?
    Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell

    Episode 178: Karynn and Esther do Chicago!

    Written by: ML Cooks

    Creative Consults: Cary Richardson, Martin Saenz with Alex Washington

    GCAC, Nikki’s Suite

    Nikki, Noah, Victoria and Nick all look at the dark knight Victor Newman.

    Victor: Hello Nikki.

    Nikki (Stuttering)...Vic Vic what…What are you doing here?

    Victor: I’m free. And I’m here to take back what is mine. Now what did I walk in on? Noah why are you upset?

    Noah: Mom is dead and dad did nothing to save her. The only thing he could do was poke all the women of GC. He’s dead to me!

    Noah brushes past Victor and leaves GCAC.

    Victoria: I think somebody should go after him.

    Victor looks at Nick.
    Victor: He’s your son my boy. Go after him.

    Nick: I still can’t believe you’re a free man dad. Welcome home.

    He walks over and gives Victor a hug.

    Victor: It seems I’m right on time.

    He says looking at Nikki’s mouth water as she stands by the bottle of vodka and stares at it.

    Nick leaves.

    Victoria: So dad when did you get released from prison?

    Victor: Just a few short hours ago thanks to my loyal attorney John Silva. Acting DA.

    Victoria: Well you know a lot of things have changed since you’ve been in prison.

    Victor: I’m seeing that darling. And you’re looking more beautiful than ever.

    Victoria: Thanks dad. Well I’m going to meet with JT. Going to give him one last chance to keep this up coming custody battle from happening. I want my son.

    Victor: Don’t worry darling. I’m here now and we are going to fix everything including brining Reed back home to you where he belongs. Mmmmk?

    Victoria hugs her dad.

    Victoria: Mom I’m going to leave, you know give you and dad time to catch up.

    Nikki looks away from the bottle visibly shaken.

    Nikki: Oh Oh o-ok.

    Victoria gives her mom a hug and then leaves.

    Victor gets up off the couch and stares down Nikki who looks at him but looks away unable to weather his menacing stare down.

    Victor: So here we are Nikki. Alone….



      Karynn and Esther get off Interstate 90 and arrive in the city of Chicago. Karynn still drinking beer crushes the last can of beer she has and throws it in the back seat.

     Esther: You must be drunk by now. You drank a whole six pack in the four hours it took to get here. One hour alone for all the times you pissed on the side of the road. Disgusting. I’m, just glad I brought hand sanitizer along.

     Karynn: I admit I feel pretty damn nice. And I can’t help that beer runs through me like water Essie. I’m a 75 year old woman. My body can’t do what it used to do.

    Esther: Ok so I’ve been hearing a lot about violence in Chicago Miss Sheppard. I don’t want to get shot while I am in Chicago. Do you know where we are going?

    Karynn: Well first things first. I’m down to my last cigarette so we need to find a local store.

    Esther: And please don’t say any more beer.

    Karynn: Nah I’m ok.

    They make a left on Dearborn and Karynn sees a convenient store.
    Esther: I've never heard of a bologna biscuit before.
    Karynn: My ex husband used to live off those.
    Eshter: I want to try one. It seems like a good buy. 

    Karynn: I’ll just pull in there grab my Virginia Slims and ask for directions for All My Angels nursing home.

    Esther: Ok Miss Sheppard just be careful and hurry back. I’m scared. 

    Karynn: Essie please. Because you see all these black people? Trust me Essie I have a way with the blacks.

    Esther: You do? How? And no its not because they are black. They all look menacing.

    Karynn: Never mind that. Just wait right here.

    Karynn opens her door and as she does a plume of smoke escapes the Cadillac cts.  Karynn steps out of the car, though a bit off her balance from drinking, she makes her way inside the store as Esther locks the door as patrons loitering look, point and laugh at the them. Esther is feeling very nervous.

    Esther: Oh Mrs. C. I hope you’re watching over us. Please keep us safe.



    Back in Nikki’s Suite.

    Victor: Well after all this time don’t you have anything to say to me?

    Nikki: What should I say Victor? You betrayed this family by signing everything away to Katherine. Your children should have been the ones who got control of Newman when you went to jail.

    Victor: It was an agreement Katherine and I signed years ago. When our kids were just teens. In case anything happen to me I trusted Katherine to run my empire. She is the one who gave me my start in Genoa City by entrusting me to run her company.

    Nikki: I know all of that. You did a great job running Chancellor. But at some point once the children got older and more mature and both of whom proved themselves capable of running Newman that you should have signed everything over to them?

    Victor: I should have but I never thought of it.

    Nikki: Too damn busy trying to control everything and everyone no matter the cost.

    Victor: Is that why you are mad? Because you didn’t get a piece of the pie?

    Nikki: Not at all and how dare you!? This is for our children and grandchildren. Katherine should not have inherited Newman.

    Victor: I don’t think it really matters any more.

    Nikki: What do you mean?

    Victor: According to that pip squeak Michael Baldwin, Jack Ass Abbott is now in control of all my assets.

    Nikki: How in the hell could that have  happened? Everyone seems to get a piece of Newman, but the Newman’s. Funny how that works.



    Midtown Genoa City, Hungry Hearts

    Rafe grabs a seat at a booth out of Phillip and Scotty’s eyesight. He continues to watch them.

    Over at the bar.

    Scotty: I don’t know what to say. I feel like I’m amongst royalty. Phillip Chancellor. And he’s gay. It’s just crazy. I used to see you in the magazines as a teen. I had this huge crush on you.

    Phillip: Sheesh you make me feel old.

    Scotty: No no not like that. I just really admired that body. You were so cut.

    Phillip: Still am.

    Scotty looks at Phillip.

    Scotty: Is that right?

    Phillip: I could show you.

    Scotty: But...

    Phillip: I want to know something first.

    Scotty: What is that?

    Phillip: What did you see when you walked into the restroom?

    Scotty knows what he saw but doesn’t know what to say. Its obvious Phillip wants to keep what he did under wraps. So Scotty obliges.

    Scotty: Nothing.

    Phillip smiles.

    Phillip: You’re right it was nothing.

    They take their beer bottles and clank them together to toast.

    Rafe orders a drink as he continues to spy on Scotty and Phillip.

    Rafe: You sure are something Scotty.




    In Chicago.

    Esther still sitting in the car, decides to occupy her time by browsing the net on her phone to avoid from making eye contact with everyone in the parking lot. She comes across a web page called “I Hate Victor Newman”

    This really catches her interest and she goes on to read further to see what the page is about.

    She reads: “For the people of GC who has ever been hurt or done wrong by Satanist Victor Newman that vows revenge”

    Esther: This is my kind of page. I need to be a part of this. Damn those Newman’s. Especially Victoria. I will never forgive her for killing my grandchild. My Chloe was so hurt by Victoria pushing her down those stairs and causing her to miscarry. And she got away with it. Why? Because she is a Newman.


    The patrons really get a kick looking at a nervous Esther talking to herself. Esther notices this and looks back in the phone to keep her attention off her surroundings. Esther goes on to read more about the web page.

    “I created this group as an outlet for the people Victor Newman, the Satanist has ever double crossed, blackmailed, hustled, bullied or bought off etc. This is a place to tell your story and hopefully with strength in numbers, we can put a stop to Victor Newman’s treachery and evilness. Victor Newman is a cancer and a menace to our local community and I hope to form an action counsel to end Victor Newman’s reign of terror. Victor the Satanist must be stopped.”

    Esther decides to post a message in the forum.

                “Hi, I’ve lived in Genoa City for years and I know first-hand how Victor Newman can be. He is rotten a pig along with his spawn. They are  killers of innocent babies and I agree Victor Newman must be stopped! I want to be apart of this action council to put an end to Victor Newman. I thank you for giving people like me a place to channel this hatred of Victor Newman. I know a lot of people that will join us. Until next time, this is uhm, I’ll go by old maid. This is old maid signing out.”

    Esther: Ahh I feel so much better. There are people out there who understand how evil the Newman’s are.

    Esther looks over by the store entrance and sees Karynn finally walking out. Esther is relieved.

    Karynn is smoking a cigarette as she walks out. As she stumbles to the car she then hears…

                “Kary… Kary Sheppard that can’t be you. “

    Karynn stops dead in her tracks.

    Esther sees a shorter black man wearing a pink suite with white snake leather shoes approach Karynn.

    Esther: Oh my God he’s going to hurt her.

    Karynn turns around to look at the man.

    Karynn: It really can’t be. Please let me be so drunk I’m hearing and seeing things.

    Man: I’d know that drunken walk anywhere. And the smell of those Virginia Slims. Yes honey I remember.

    He says smiling and winking at her.

    Karynn slaps the old man. Everyone pauses what they were doing and look at Karynn and the man.

    Esther pulls out her phone and dials 911.

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  3. aMLCproduction added a comment on a blog entry ANOTHER WORLD 218 Party At the Corys Part 2   

    Yet again another powerful show. I SO NEEDED THAT SCENE with Grant and CArl. I am so glad Carl is going to stick it to Grant one final time. I will never forgive Grant for killing off Ryan and it was so nice Carl got to see him to. Wow like history in the making. Now the next thing is who is Grant's son. THis is gonna be good.
    Nice use of history and thanks for taking us down memory lane.
    The scene with Lizzie and Carl was so damn nice. Its all slow motion sadness. Cary u r on fire bruh. These last few shows have been amazing and I always save the best for last. I love how ur eps are not super long and u get to the point of things. 
    Kirk still has not confessed. SMH. Well see!!
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  4. aMLCproduction added a comment on a blog entry ANOTHER WORLD 217 Party at the Corys Part 1 Christy uses Eric; Maggie is in danger   

    Wow a super intense episode. Briana proved she is nothing to toy with SHe took out Maggie in broad daylight and in front of Cass's house. I wonder why and what is going to happen to her or how will she appear at the party.
    Eric scene tih Kirk was IDK i could use so many adjectives. Suspenseful, shocking, sexxy. I knew Eric was crazy but what I didnt know was that he was crazy for Kirk. ANd I see Kirk slanging big thangs. No wonder Scotty cant let him go. THe scene was great. I was on the edge of my  seat not knowing where any of it was going. SO great and so youthful for AW. You know Im very big on that. Just so great. Im still shocked bro. But Kirk is in a lot of [!@#$%^&*] right now. I really wonder how is he going to handle all of it. I loved when CHristy brought her son out. WHen did  she go to Salem?
    Again the dialog was crisp and sharp. SImply wow Cary. Great job. 
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  5. aMLCproduction added a comment on a blog entry ANOTHER WORLD 216 Kirkland gets closer to uncovering Christy's plan   

    WOW yet another knock out episode. Its so heart wrenching watching this slow moton good bye for Carl. I hope Rachel will be ok.
    I was LOL as Grant was with Christy talking about his plan for Pualina but she was in bed with JAck being ate out. Nice play one the words.
    Ur dialog and and nararrtive have been very sharp the las few shows. Eye catching.
    I love Devi Lucas. Every time he's on the scene he owns and commands it. He is going to be a force to be reckoned with.
    Kirk is onto Grant. Wow and will Kirk confess to CHarlie. Whew Good luck.
    Great fukking show.
    Oh btw it seems every one has a document or a thumb drive to take some one else out. lol. its slowly building and I cant wait to see it play out.
    NO ONE does character rotation better than u bro. It makes ur show feel like its moving fast.  
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  6. aMLCproduction added a comment on a blog entry ANOTHER WORLD FANFIC CASTING NEWS   

    Ur now in the big cast category   
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  7. aMLCproduction added a comment on a blog entry ANOTHER WORLD 215 Ryan counsels Kirkland; Christy makes a stunning request   

    WOW!! WHat a powerful episode. Kirks HIV scare. Wait until CHarlie finds all of this out. Wow It could be a deal breaker.
    THe scene with Linds and CHarlie was very nice and effective. It really brought their story lines out.
    ANy time CHristy is on the scene it's always bad. I loved her out reach to her son. It really humanized her. But I don't think she was able to tell by Eric watching Grant that her son was gay but I do think a mother does know at the end of the day. THe scene was so grippng I was on the edge of my seat. Christy is going to push him to use that info but Eric doesn't want too.
    THe dialog was great in this episode. Very solid. Esp in Ryan's scene with 
    You really layered This Kirk story in this episode. THe stakes have been set and it's all really coming together. Kirk is in knee deep.
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  8. aMLCproduction added a comment on a blog entry ANOTHER WORLD 214 Are John and Sharlene in danger?   

    Ok great episode and now Briana is going to carry through her mothers plans. SHarlene will be taking some incoming.
    Steven is so nasty asking Joy what can he put in her mouth LOL. BUt she rolled with it saying a tongue only for now.
    I love the casting of Briana. You have a great cast all the way around.
    I agree with Carl, Marley has been pregnant for quite a while but it was good to see Tyrone and Marley. And Vicky with all her problems. LOL Oh well. No happiness for her. IDK Im not feeling Vicky these days.
    Matt is a softie. Always has been. Dehydration. For real bro? 
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  9. aMLCproduction added a comment on a blog entry ANOTHER WORLD 213 Carl gets some mysterious information from Lorna   

    Great episode. I like how Devin can kinda check Iris and keep her in line. I wonder what is this big secret. I thought it was about Iris but no its about Grant. I really wonder.
    I hope Matt is ok. Wasnt Iris flirting with one of these young boys out here in BC??
    THe dialog was great esp in the nurse scenes. 
    DId Brianna take her drug test? lol for this job?
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  10. aMLCproduction added a comment on a blog entry DAYS #84: Eric's HUGE surprise for Nicole   

    SO happy for Eric and what a very creative proposal. I am also happy for Nicole kuz I like her as well and she needs some happiness. 
    THis ep seems to feat couple. I enjoyed that. Billie and Daniel were cute as well. I really like them together. I just know Billie is going to do some digging. WHat will she find and it was also a nice scene with her and Thersea. Billi was great in this ep.
    I love the montage at the end. It was so fitting and so climatic to whats been going on.
    Jerome being arrested and the last name Grant trigerring some type of feeling in Hope. I love the way u did those scenes. Captruing racism and stereotypes. Rage was trying to bum rush into confessing. Im glad Jerome played things cool. Didnt feed into that sterotype or to what Rafe was expecting. I can't wait till they all find out Jerome is Vals  grandson and not only that he's innocent. Egg on ur face. 
    I also cant wait to see this Gabi story play out. I hope it works!!!
    Its better to read ur show in marathon style. THe last three esp has been great and I see a lot of movement and things developing. SO great AL!!! Your on fire.
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  11. aMLCproduction added a comment on a blog entry DAYS #83: "Jerome Grant, you are under arrest!"   

    Ok see you are entertaining your readers. Great and this was another great episode.
    Laim got the pad and good play on how Mar, will and Laura saved Liam from being caught. But I wonder will realize her drug pad is missing.
    I thought at first it really was Jerome who was doing the robbing but clearly this is a mistake. I wonder where this is going. THis was s shorter episode which I enjoyed.
    Victors words to Tyler were sharp and I loved it. Do u know Maggie Horton. What a great response from him.
    Valerie has a red flag in her mind where Roman's chart is concerned.
    Good episode!
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  12. aMLCproduction added a comment on a blog entry DAYS #82: Kate and Laura make big discoveries   

    WOW YES what a great episode. These stories are moving now. Where do I start.
    Daniel just let BIllie she is going to find out any way. ANd I rally do think she'd be a great help.
    Your narrative in the last wo eps are strong and inspiring.
    I was so happy when Kate came in on the scene and spiced up that scene. I love Kate and Nicks antics and Kate had no come backs but thats ok Kate got something else. Se knows about Gabi's plan. I wonder what she will do with this info. SOme one else who found it is my girl Laura .  SO Liam is EJ's drug pusher. THis is getting really good and drawing in so many people. I love it.
    Will is a fukking whore I still dont like him, Licking his lips but mad kuz SOnny lied to u. UH huh we'll see. Will trying to hook up. Alex know what he's doing. I like the tension though Im rooting for Sonny and that's it.
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  13. aMLCproduction added a comment on a blog entry DAYS #81: Eric and Marlena have an intense talk, and Nick has a surprise for Gabi   

    Very nice scene between Eric and Marlena. You captured his battle so well and shed light on the church It was awesome and sometimes all it takes is a mothers word. I know I go to mine when I need comfort or torn about something. I hope this give answers for Eric and the direction he should go in.
    Rafe sorry bro I thunk Jordan playing u!!
    I didnt like Jerome calling his granny gran. Reminds me to much of Hope and ALice. I dont think black folks refers to their folks as Gran. IDK to me it just seem like its not something I would expect Jerome to say IDK hes new to me so maybe he does speak this way.
    Billie over heard some of Laura's convo with Daniel and BIllie. Will the spill the beans? I think BIllie would be a great asset to this investigation.
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  14. aMLCproduction added a topic in mySON TV™   

    Nikki gets a Surprise Visitor! #177
    BY clicking the link, you'll find out who visits Nikki! Phillip Chancellor is about town feeling helpless and guilty as he feels responsible for Cane's coke habit which lead to Cane selling his twins for coke. Karynn and Esther have a drink and discuss their upcoming trip to Chicago to visits Karynn's brother Karl and things don't go as planned..
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  15. aMLCproduction added a blog entry in The Young and the Restless   

    Nikki gets a Surprise Visitor! #177
    Karynn and Esther descend the stairs from the hotel suites and down into the bar and restaurant. They grab a seat at the bar.
    Esther: Karynn I don’t think I should drink so early in the day.
    Karynn: Non  sense Essie. A little drink will never hurt no body.
    The bar tender walks over to the duo.
    Karynn: We will both have a sex on the beach and make it extra strong, I got work to do.
    The bar tender gives Karynn a look and then goes to make the drink
    Esther:  I’ve never had sex on a beach before.
    Karynn: It’s a drink Essie darling.
    Esther: I haven’t had sex in years. Not since that slime Roger Wilkes came into my life and tried to seduce me for Mrs. C’s fortune.
    Karynn: I haven’t felt the touch of a man in decades. Not since my cheating ex-husband cheated on me for a much younger woman.
    The drinks arrive and Karynn downs hers in one big gulp. The bar tender’s mouth drops.
    Karynn: Another one Pete.
    Esther takes a sip of hers.
    Esther: This is really good.
    She takes another one.
    Karynn: Alright listen up Essie. We are going to see my brother in Chicago. That’s where adult protective services placed him.
    Esther: Well with the restraining order they have against you, how do you think we are going to get to see him.
    Karynn: I used to work at a nursing home until I got caught drinking beer on the job. I saved all my uniforms. We will put them on and walk right into the facility.
    Esther: Just like that?
    Karynn: You bet.
    Esther: I hope Karl is doing ok. He was rushed out the hospital so dang on fast after the Chancellor Mansion explosion.
    Karynn: I hope so to Essie. Karl has been through a lot. I just want to make things right for him. That’s why I am adamant I get some of this Chancellor money so I can give him a good life in his final days.
    Esther: That is so sweet of you Karynn. Everyone thinks you don’t care for your bother.
    Karynn: He’s my blood. Of course I care for him. He’s the only thing I have left in this world. My daughter and I don’t speak. My ex-husband can burn in hell. The two of them together can rot in hell!
    Karynn signals the bartender.
    Bartender: Not another drink?
    Karynn: Ok smart ass and its none of your business if I want another drink. Now put this on the Chancellor account. I am a Chancellor after all, well in some respects.
    Karynn grabs her purse and begins to leave GCAC.
    Esther: Karynn wait! Do you think you should drive? You did have a few drinks.
    Karynn: Your right I didn’t even think about it. You drive and on the way to the motel let’s stop at the drive thru so I can get a pack of Virginia Slims and a six pack for this long drive.
    Esther: I don’t think we should drink and drive.
    Karynn: Esther, live a little. Now let’s get going I must see my brother.
    Karynn and Esther exit GCAC.

    Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell
    Episode 177: Nikki gets a Surprise Visit!
    Written by ML Cooks
    Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson with Alex Washington
      Phillip walks into Police Chief Paul Williams’s office.
    Phillip takes a seat in front of Paul’s desk as Paul hangs up the phone. Phillip is a little jittery.
      : Phillip, it’s good to see you. How are you holding up?
    Phillip: I’m confused Paul. I feel nervous all the time. I’m anxious. Like I need to be doing something but I don’t know what that is. I am devastated about Cane selling Lily’s twins for drugs. It’s the most God awful thing one can do.
    Paul: Wait a minute so you know about Cane selling his kids for drugs? How?
    Phillip: Yes. I went over to Cane’s apartment to check up on him. I knew he was using again. He came to me because he was in trouble with the dealer. He owed them money. I bailed him out.
    Paul: He was using… again?
    Phillip: When Cane used to work for his dad Colin in the Australian mafia, Cane began to snort Cocaine. It’s a habit I thought he had overcome.
    Paul: So you went to his place to check on him and then what?
    Phillip: I saw that everything was gone. He said he sold everything to pay for his coke. I didn’t hear or see the twins and that’s when I asked him about his children. He stated in a roundabout way that they were safe. He didn’t come right out and say he sold them but he certainly implied he did. We got into a struggle and he shot me in my right hand. He then tied me to a chair and injected me with Cocaine.
    Paul: Phillip when you were with Cane in Australia did you do coke too?
    Phillip: I did a few times in fact.
    Paul: Phillip thank you for the info. I’d advise you to go to a narcotics anonymous meeting. It looks like you are going through withdrawl.
    Phillip: No Paul I have to find those twins! I owe Lily that! I should have done more when Cane came to me and he was in trouble. I feel like I could have prevented all of this. So I must make this right!
    Paul: Leave the police work to us.
    Phillip: I got to do something Paul. I can’t just sit around.
    Phillip gets up and leaves Paul’s office. Paul just watches him walk out as he begin to think about how to go about finding the missing twins.
    Back at the GCAC, Nikki’s Suite
    Nikki steps away from her white grand piano and walks over to the couch where Victoria has just taken a seat after placing tea on the coffee table. Nikki pours herself some and then sits next to her daughter.
    Victoria: Have you heard from Nick or Noah?
    Nikki: No I haven’t which worries me. I’ve called and texted both and nothing. Noah and Nick must be devastated learning about Sharon.
    Victoria: I’m having a hard time believing it myself. All this time Sharon has been missing and Sheila Carter had her along with Drucilla.
    Nikki: Tell me about it.
    They hear a thud at the door. Nikki and Victoria look at each other. Nikki sets her tea cup on the table and gets up to open the door. She is stunned to see a teary eyed red faced Noah leaning against the door way. Nikki embraces him and pulls him inside the suite.
    Nikki: Noah I am so sorry.
    Victoria gets up and rushes over to Noah to console her nephew.
    Noah: She’s gone. Mom is gone.
    Noah just sobs.
    Noah: MY MOTHER IS DEAD!!!
    Noah kneels down to the floor unable to control himself. Victoria kneels down with him and holds him. She begins to rock him in her arms.
    Victoria: Shh, it’s going to be ok. We are here for you Noah. We will get through this.
    Nikki walks over to the bar and looks at a bottle of Vodka. She looks at her family and realizes they aren’t paying her any attention. She looks back at the bottle and is tempted.
    Noah stands up shrugging out of his Aunt’s embrace.
    Noah: Oh you two are gonna be here for me now? Grandma Nikki never even liked my mother. Used to give her a hard time whenever she could.
    Nikki: Noah it was not like that. I was trying to protect your father.
    Noah: Because you thought my mother was a gold digger.
    Victoria: Noah just calm down for a bit. We understand you are angry.
    Nick then walks in.
    Nick: Noah, I’ve been looking for you son.
    Nikki walks over to give Nick a hug.
    Nikki: Son I’m so sorry for your loss.
    Noah: It’s all his fault! He never even lifted a finger to look for mom. All this time she’s been missing and what did you dad!?
    Noah says with fire in his eyes. He approaches his dad.
    Noah: The only thing you could think about was cheating on mom with Phyllis and then you slept with her sister. What kind of man are you? You broke our home. Do you know how devastated I was? You are the reason mom is dead. Faith will never know her mother because the only thing you want to do is poke every woman in GC.
    Nick: Watch your mouth Noah! Don’t forget I’m your dad.
    Noah: Not a very good one! What kind of dad doesn’t look for the mother of his children? You didn’t do a damn thing but be a womanizer. I hate you Nick. You’re dead to me too.
    Nikki gasps and covers her mouth and looks at Nick. Nick has fire in his eyes looking at Noah.
    Karynn walks out of a seven eleven and over to a Cadillac cts. She puts her case of Busch in the back seat. She pulls out a pack of Virginia Slims and lights one up. She gets in the car and looks at Esther.
    Karynn: It sure is nice being a Chancellor. The rental company was so accommodating.
    Esther: Uh, Karynn they have a no smoking policy in the car.
    Karynn: I don’t give a damn about that Essie. I’m too old to be following someone else’s rules. Now can you crack open a beer for me and then we can get this show on the road.
    Esther: You’re going to drink and drive?
    Karynn: Essie you’re being too politically correct and I don’t want to hear that nonsense. I’m just a 75 year old woman and I will do as I please. I’ve been doing this for years. Now crack open a beer and let’s hit the road. I have to get to my brother.
    Esther reluctantly grabs a can of Busch and opens it then hands it to Karynn.
    Karynn takes a gulp and puts the car in drive. She speeds out the parking lot and hits the highway heading east towards Chicago. Esther puts her seat belt on.
    Phillip is walking the streets of Genoa City.  He looks at the people going about him on this unusually warm January day. He slows down and looks closer at people’s faces. He wonders would anyone at all know anything about drug dealers who buys babies. It’s like a needle in a hay stack which frustrates Phillip. He sees a bar as he approaches Midtown and decides to go in for a drink to take off the edge. He walks into Hungry Hearts. He grabs a seat at the bar and orders a beer. He sits there and ponders the events that has went down the last few days. Cane assaulting him and shooting him in the hand, then being tied up to chair, then learning his good friend Cane sold his twins for drugs and that Cane is dead from the cabin fire.
    Phillips gets to twitching  and sweating just a bit. He finishes his beer and decides to use the restroom.
    As he walks in, he sees two drag queens snorting coke off the bathroom sink. They look at each other, each “lady” wiping their nose.
    One of them breaks the silence.
    “You look like you need a hit too?”
    Phillip looks at the cross dresser and then down at the lines of coke.
    “It will take the edge off. I see the shakes you have. I’m Rufus. Go ahead my treat. “
    Phillip steps into the bathroom further so the door can close behind him.
    Rufus: It’s really good stuff. This is my friend Corsica.
    Rufus says gesturing over to the other “lady”. Corsica hands Phillip a twenty dollar bill.
    Phillip takes it and fumbles with it. Corsica seductively grabs his hand and then grabs the twenty stamp and rolls it up for him and then hands it back to Phillip.
    Rufus: Enjoy handsome.
    Phillip takes one end of the rolled up twenty and puts inside his nostril He leans down towards the coke and aims the free end of the rolled twenty dollar bill at the start of the next line and snorts it. He steps back and holds his nose and begins to cough. He shakes his head.
    Phillip: Wow.
    Rufus: There you go. Now you’ll feel so much better in no time.
    Phillip feels a rush going through his body.
     Then Scotty walks in and looks upon this scene of druggery. He looks at Phillip Chancellor who is even more stunned.
    GCAC, Nikki’s Penthouse
    Nikki: Noah you don’t hate your father don’t say that.
    Victoria: It’s just the anger Noah. Let’s take a step back and calm down.
    Noah: No no no! I know what I’m saying. I hate you Nick Newman! You’re a disgrace of a father.
    Nick walks over to Noah and sucker punches him in the jaw.  Nikki screams out.
    Nikki: Nicholas!
    Victoria: Nick come on are you serious?
    Nick: Noah is my son and no son of mine is going to talk to me like that. Now Noah I understand that you’re upset and angry but you will not speak to me like that. I think you just need some rest son.
    Noah: I’ll see you in hell first Nick Newman!
    Noah storms over to the door in order to leave.
    Nikki: Noah please don’t go out there this angry.
    Noah swings the door open and stops dead in his tracks when he sees an over imposing figure smiling down at him.
    Nikki: My god it can’t be.
    Victoria: DAD!
    Victoria runs over to Victor to give him a hug.
    Nick: Dad what’s going on?
     Victor: I’m a free man. And ready to take what is mine son.
    He looks at Nikki
    Victor: Hello Nikki….
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