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  1. And I wish this show would realize that Joshua Morrow is the common denominator in all these flops and can his ass. If they keep having to throw Sharon into the mix, it ain't because JM and Sharon Case work so well together or that Nick and Sharon are soulmates. It's because that frat boy is a black hole of acting and chemistry. Wait, so...Jill is broke? WTF?? Is she going back to work at a nail salon? Outside of Victor, I think, Ashley has always had difficulties in the romance department. I guess Ravi shouldn't be any different.
  2. I honestly don't know what they were thinking with that back-from-the-dead story.
  3. To be honest, I thought the Shapiros' original vision for DYNASTY (of the rich Carringtons versus the blue-collar Blaisdels) was fine. IMO, what let the show down during that first season was subpar writing mixed with some questionable casting choices. (Evans, Forsythe, PSM, Al Corley, Pamela Bellwood were all fine. Bo Hopkins, Katy Kurtzman and Dale Robertson? Not so much.) If I (reluctantly) were the one rebooting/reviving/reimagining DYNASTY, I would bear those two things in mind. Otherwise, I would adhere to the series' original, pre-Alexis themes, and maybe play up a certain rivalry between Fallon and Lindsay Blaisdel (who would, of course, be aged up to become Fallon's contemporary) in order to bring in the desired demographic.
  4. I'm with Roxane. S&S never should have made a book deal with Borat in the first place. After all, there's a reason why "The Turner Diaries," for instance, has never been published by any major publishing firms.
  5. I'm curious as to how they would handle Dru's return. What happened after she was supposedly washed away? Was she rescued by some fine black lumberjack or something?
  6. Is that Martha Byrne as the younger daughter? Yes, Virginia, there really was a restaurant chain named Sambo's.
  7. I can see it now... "And the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie Special goes to...Melissa McCarthy (as Sean Spicer) in 'The Deplorables'!"
  8. I understand what you're saying, AMS. Nevertheless, if it isn't a direct remake, and if it isn't influenced by the original series, then what the hell is it? And why bother calling it DYNASTY if you don't want it to evoke memories of the original (which you don't have, if you were too young before and have never seen any reruns)? Why not just give the characters new names that are unconnected to the original series, rename the series itself SAGA, and hope for the best?
  9. Remember: the Shapiros and Aaron Spelling brought Alexis and JC aboard, because the show was in trouble. (At least, that's the version I've heard. For all I know, they probably had it in their minds to introduce Alexis all along.) If DYNASTY had been more successful during its first season, with the premise of the rich-and-powerful Carringtons contrasted with the working-class Blaisdels and Krystle caught in the middle, there's a good chance Alexis might have remained offscreen. So, unless a similar fate awaits the new series, I think we might be spared the war crime that will be Khloe Kardashian as the new Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter etc.
  10. But how sad is it, AMS, that we're now in an era when rebooting/reviving/rewhatevering hit shows from decades past is considered the norm? Whatever happened to creating and developing GOOD and ORIGINAL ideas for series and not just piggybacking onto series that have already had their day? Moreover, it's one thing for a network like The CW to reboot or revive a teen- and young-adult-skewing series like 90210 or MELROSE PLACE...but DYNASTY? Who does The CW think the will appeal to? Not the youngins who comprise their target demographic; they probably have never heard of the original series. For that matter, their parents are probably too young to remember much about the original show either. Honestly, aside from gay men and Reagan-era nostalgia freaks, who even CARES about DYNASTY anymore, let alone wishes for some network to bring it back in some form?
  11. I love and miss HBS...but not enough to watch GH again.
  12. Forget dramedy. In some ways, this is the most fascinating soap I've seen since KNOTS LANDING. All it needs, of course, are Donna Mills and her eye shadows.
  13. Frankly, I wonder why they're reviving/rebooting the show at all. DYNASTY was a hit for one reason and one reason only: Joan Collins. The writing for the series was dreadful before they cast her; it wasn't much better once she WAS cast; and without her, the show probably wouldn't have lasted past season two. Ergo, there is no good reason (aside from simple laziness and the fact that we have a relic from that era now running the country) for anyone to bring back this POS. But I guess we should expect this from the Shapiros, who once had the audacity to compare this show to "I, Claudius."
  14. You know, I'm still trying to piece together WHY Flynn would resign when this administration made clear a long time ago they don't give a flip what anyone has to say about their Russian connections. Why didn't they just do what they always do -- ignore, deflect, tell us that Hillary lost and to get over it, scream "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" -- and keep Flynn where he was?
  15. This is why I don't buy that Trump encourages people to disagree with him or push back on his ideas. He might foster differences of opinion between others because, in his eyes, it's gamesmanship. But disagree with or openly criticize him, and he will make you disappear.