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  1. So, I'm bumping this thread to ask what the hell is wrong with Ke$ha. Did somebody mess up and give her drugs? Because, judging from her behavior and speech on the promo for tonight's episode, that appears to be the case.
  2. Someone in the "Alice" writers' room had to have been a Y&R fan.  Vera's synopsis of the Lance/Lorie/Lucas/Leslie quadrangle was way too detailed and accurate.

    1. Soapsuds


      I'm watching the episode where Mel and his mother fight over the chili recipe.

    2. Khan


      "Mine mine mine!"


      A fairly obvious excuse to give Linda Lavin and Martha Rate a show-stopping musical number.

    3. Soapsuds


      Ha..yeah it was awful.  i just saw the soap one...damn I was Vera back in the 80's too...LOL  I missed a family funeral to see ATWT. I had to see Lily finding out about her true paternity ....LOL  I also kept 3 tvs on like Vera to watch ABC, NBC and CBS....LOL.  I love that episode mentioned GL and ATWT too and the ABC soaps and Mrs. Lucci....LOL

      Ratings at the time of that episode.....





      1. General Hospital 11.2

      2. All My Children 9.4

      3. One Life To Live 9.3

      4. Guiding Light 8.0

      5. The Young And The Restless 7.4

      5. As The World Turns 7.4

      7. Ryan's Hope 6.9

      8. Search for Tomorrow (CBS) 6.8

      9. Capitol 5.8

      10. Days Of Our Lives 5.5

      11. The Edge Of Night 5.0

      12. Another World 4.7

      13. Texas 3.6

      14. Search for Tomorrow (NBC) 3.4

      15. The Doctors 3.3



      And two men wrote the Alice soap opera episode.

  3. Clooney came back once for a Halloween episode when he was on "E.R.," I think. Who knows? He might be persuaded to make a cameo in the revival.
  4. IA. I think that's why they had Roseanne work at that beauty salon (a job which Crystal had obtained for her friend, IIRC, and which Roseanne hated all the way through) for awhile in order to keep Crystal relevant on the show. But the truth is, once they had walked out of Wellman and Crystal had moved onto selling cosmetics or whatever, there was no reason to keep her around.
  5. TBH, I'm not a fan of "Seinfeld" either. I only mentioned the show before, because it (and "Frasier" and "Friends") seems to be most everyone's gold standard for '90's sitcoms. Just watched "Crime and Punishment" and "War and Peace" yesterday on Logo. If you believe the Harris' retconned history, with Daddy Harris as this philandering asshat who terrorized the hell out of Roseanne and Jackie, then it makes sense for Jackie to be in an abusive relationship. Frankly, I see the two-parter as one more opportunity for Roseanne (the actor/comedian AND the character) to dump on men, cloaked in the guise of social relevance. IMO, there were OTHER ways to write out Fisher w/out turning him into a heel in almost record time.
  6. Frankly, I'm surprised he didn't give that man a sharp elbow to his rib cage.
  7. I guess it's no secret Trump is a germaphobe and suffers from OCD (among other things). He even talked about how much he hated shaking people's hands in the AMC anniversary coffee table book.
  8. Hannity's former colleague, Bill O'Reilly, was forced off the air, not because of the vile things he said and did, but because advertisers weren't having it any longer. I feel like a similar reprimand would be in order for ol' Seannie.
  9. Roger Moore was my "first Bond," if you will. I still remember watching his movies as a child on HBO. He will be missed.
  10. "Silver Spoons"? What's next? "Double Trouble"?
  11. Anyone surprised by this? Didn't think so.
  12. Just blink twice, Melania. We'll take care of the rest.
  13. Yeah, I think he was busy filming "The Big Lebowski," which explains his absence, but probably not Dan's affair OR the decision to make his heart attack at the end of S8 fatal. Not even "Frasier" or "Seinfeld"?
  14. Oh, she was DEFINITELY using drugs at some point. I think several BTS people have attested to that much. Roseanne was such a mess during the "Tom Arnold years," so I can't say I blame her for being such a man-hater afterward. By all accounts, TA exploited her MANY psychological issues in order to advance his own career. That's probably enough for ANY woman to develop a bad attitude toward the opposite sex. IIRC, too, when Rosie DID kick Tom to the curb, a lot of people working on the show rejoiced; and from that point on, they say, she was relatively easier to work with.
  15. What appalled me most about S9 was not the OTT stuff -- although, of course, it was all so tone-deaf and tasteless -- but when it DID become more believable, which was right around the time David and Darlene's baby was born prematurely and the family worried over whether Harris would live. There was a time when you could trust Roseanne and "Roseanne" to handle such matters sensitively, with the right balance of pathos and humor. But those episodes, as well as everything else leading up to and including the finale, just felt SOOOOOOOO manipulated in order to yank tears out of the viewers who were still watching. ETA: But, you know, the first time I watched those shows, I knew something was "off," and that part or all of the narrative would be dismissed as fantasy, because Harris' doctor was the very same doctor for Darlene's S1 appendectomy. Allegedly, John Goodman and Roseanne had a falling-out (over what, IDK, and clearly, they've since patched up their differences) which led to Dan's affair as well as his retconned death in the final episode (which, according to TVLine, will be re-retconned to say, well, it never happened). Yeah, that was during the time when Rosie was seeing a therapist IRL and discovered 1) she had been sexually molested as a child and 2) she had, like, 24 different personalities. (That was also when she and her sister, Geraldine, had their big falling-out, because Geraldine thought Rosie was either nuts or lying. This, of course, affected how Jackie was written from that point forward.) Up to that point, we had no sense of Jackie and Roseanne's dad being abusive OR a philanderer (just like OLTL's Victor Lord).