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  1. Of COURSE Obama's first inauguration would attract record-breaking crowds. That's why I'm kind of on the side of those who want to move on from "Crowdgate." Also, MSM, drop Cakegate. Carl's right, there are more serious stories you need to cover.
  2. You know, that's a good point? And either way, this gives white supremacists another opportunity to say, "See, WE aren't the ones being violent, it's THEM!". Today I saw two different memes that implied Black people were the ones responsible for the carnage that FOB alleges is happening everyday in this country; and I thought, "Yep, I knew this would happen once he was in. I knew they would forget all about the Muslims and the Mexicans and the other 'illegals' they swear are destroying this country and blame it all on usual." Racists in this country are nothing if not predictable.
  3. I guess I had that one coming. Generally speaking, I do NOT enjoy seeing people get sucker punched. But I WOULD be lying if I said my heart didn't leap when I saw it happen to him, for obvious reasons. It was petty of me to have that reaction, and I make no excuses for it, but that's the truth. As for the "war is hell" comment: that, I'm afraid, was another of my pitiful attempts at humor. If you or anyone else was offended by the remark, I offer my apologies. I'm not surprised FOB's inauguration yielded high ratings. I'm upset that it did, but I'm not surprised. Like I said on FB, I love seeing the photos of all the marches...but what do you intend to do next weekend? Better yet, what are you gonna do tomorrow? Because you're in this for the long haul, people. We all are.
  4. What is it with Republicans and grammar and spelling, anyway?
  5. Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl.
  6. You much anger has come from both sides lately...I'm starting to worry that something terrifying IS about to happen.
  7. I'd delete mine if I could remember the damn password. If Twitter continues to force its users to follow Trump's and others account, then I would advocate boycotting the service together. He is free to tweet whatever he likes...just as we are free to pay him no attention. I still do not understand why TrumpCo. dumped this man. As did I. I know people have objected to the assault...but I say, "War is hell."
  8. If only someone could ban Donald from using Twitter "until further notice." Okay, Interior Department and Nat'l Park Service folk. Now is the time to say "No". Duly noted. Nevertheless, I find it wrong. Particularly when I remember some of things that were said when Michelle chose to wear something off the rack. (Also, remember her obsession with all things Target? To hear some talk, you would have thought the woman was caught outside a crack house!) It's almost like Juan and Eva Peron, really. "Sure, we wear these fabulous, designer clothes that you could not possibly afford. But we do it for YOU. The common people."
  9. You know...if you are trying to sell the concept that you are part of a team that has pledged to take government away from the Washington establishment and "liberal coastal elites" and give it back to the working class might be wise not to spend that much money on one outfit. Especially when the outfit is as ugly as Fascist Mouthpiece Barbie's. By the way, this is also why I ultimately dismissed First Supermodel's ensemble at the inauguration. It might have been gorgeous, but Melania had no business wearing anything that probably costs MORE THAN a month's mortgage for one family. (But...Michelle Obama wears J. Crew to her husband's first inauguration, and people accuse her of being ghetto. I tell you, the hypocrisy is so thick, it could choke a snake.) I'm sure the other side will have their explanations. (They always do.)
  10. Phase One of Mike Pence's Final Solution for Homosexuals: COMPLETE.
  11. Trump Nation doesn't believe in public transportation. They think it's a con created by the left-wing elite.
  12. That would be the wretch. (Boy, was that one fugly outfit. If you could sum up the GOP and its supporters in one outift, that would be it.) LMAO!!
  13. There's no "Oops" about it. It was deliberate as hell. The hostile takeover of Barack Obama's history as President has begun. It amazes me how much the rest of the world is willing to screw itself over, just because they're skeered of Muslims. They don't realize that all these populist movements and collapsing institutions do is convince radical Islamic terrorists that they have US on the run rather than the other way around.