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  1. Yes, Mary Fallin is a Republican. She's also a shill for the energy industry.
  2. Let's put it this way: if they're talking about it, Mary Frackin ain't listening. Speaking of Governor Fallin: for the third time in four years, Oklahoma has been hit with some kind of economic shortfall. Her answer is to tax the hell out of everything. They've even begun applying OK state tax to purchases made online through Mama Khan: "Well, then, what's the point of ordering anything from Amazon? We might as well go back to buying whatever we need in the stores!" Khan (to Gov. Fallin): "Well played, girlfriend. " And I would agree. I think the GOP had their chance to come up with a suitable alternative. They proved they couldn't. So now, the objective should be to take what they have and improve it. I must tell you, though, that the more I think about this defeat, the more gleeful I am. It's a nice way to stick it to my older brother, a diehard Trumpster, without having to lift one damn finger.
  3. But seriously: because I live in one of the states that refused the expanded Medicaid funds ("Obama money," as I call it), this news doesn't really impact me. I'm still without health insurance; and unless and until our governor changes her mind (or -- God willing -- I am finally employed again AND I'm able to purchase insurance either independently or through my job), that will remain unchanged. Nevertheless, it serves the GOP right to lose this after squawking for the past seven years about repealing and replacing President P-Funk's legacy.
  4. Ah. Okay. In that case, Senator Ryan, this one's for you:
  5. So...what happens now? Will the GOP try again? Does Obamacare remain as it is? Have they made changes to the ACA, repealed and/or replaced ANY part of it?
  6. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: making Kay and Jill mother and daughter was just about the dumbest, most pointless move in the history of daytime drama. It made no sense, served no purpose, and torpedoed one of this genre's greatest rivalries.
  7. Tom Pelphrey looks like [!@#$%^&*], but that's nothing new. Not crazy about Mick Hazen's nose either.
  8. Anyone (male OR female) who dates someone like Kevin Fisher is "dating down." Also...? I think the idea of Kay and Jill needing closure where Philip's death is concerned is so not what Y&R is about. Because you know that if Bill Bell were still alive and writing, he'd have Kay insisting all the way to her grave that she didn't kill Phillip on purpose and that he would have stayed WITH her had Jill not seduced him. But, then again, I don't think Bell would have ever had those two women become as close as they were when Kay/JC died either.
  9. Okay, okay. Just trying to give this show the benefit of the doubt for once, lol.
  10. But they MIGHT be setting up, in a non-subtle way, the big reveal that Jordan is in the closet. If not, then maybe they could ignore JW's preferences and recast Colin with someone younger and more charismatic.
  11. Seriously, you need a translator to understand that man. He makes George W. Bush sound like William F. Buckley.
  12. Does anyone else find it weird how Chuck Bare-REE and Chuck Bare-IS died only four days apart?

    1. slick jones

      slick jones

      I said the same thing to my mother when I told her Berris died.

    2. MissLlanviewPA


      Not at all. I've seen the confusion mentioned a few times online. 

      ^^^^Oh, you asked if it was weird, not if you're the only one who's noticed it. Yes, it';s really eerie.

    3. DramatistDreamer


      I was thinking that it was a helluva sad coincidence. 

  13. Two questions I never thought I'd have to ask: what did the President know, and when did he know it?
  14. I think it's a testament to CK, VW and their chemistry that that relationship was at all successful. Because, no matter how hard AW's writers tried at the time (and they tried HARD), it was just as hard for many longtime viewers to get past all the years of bad blood between those two.
  15. Well, I hear Billy Campbell isn't doing much these days.