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  1. Danielle Muscato read Donald Trump on Twitter and it was better than anything I have seen on a soap opera in the last ten years.  I'm not kidding.

  2. Why am I not surprised?
  3. Just...putting it out there:
  4. Speaking of... Let's say the electoral college goes along with the popular vote and chooses HRC. Would the fact that she officially conceded the election to Trump mean she would be disqualified (for lack of a better word) from accepting the victory that the electoral college potentially could hand her? (In other words, would Trump remain as President-Elect regardless of the electoral college's decision?) Moreover, if she were allowed to assume the presidency after all, would she be beholden to keeping Trump's cabinet picks in place? Or would those picks be scrapped and she would be allowed to put together her own cabinet?
  5. Take it from someone who lives in Oklahoma: Mary Fallin is everything you have heard and read about, and worse. Seriously, the woman should not be left in charge of a lemonade stand, let alone our nation's parks and wildlife. But, on the other hand, at least she wouldn't be just our state's problem anymore. So there's that.
  6. I'd have to agree, marceline. January looks so very far away.
  7. When I was in school, and bullies were handing me my ass everyday, Mama Khan would say, "Kids pick on you, because they know they will get a response from you. If you would ignore them, they'd go away eventually." I wonder whether a similiar approach would work on Donald Trump. I'm not saying we should allow him, as President, to commit acts that would step on our civil rights or put our national security at risk. In those instances, yes, resist at all costs. However, if we weren't to react to each new and ridiculous statement Trump makes, either on Twitter or elsewhere, then maybe he would get tired of shouting into the void; and then he, like most bullies, would go away. Or at least stop tweeting every stupid thought that wanders into his brain. It's worth a try, no?
  8. I thought so. Chris' death seems so random to me. Like, why would Carl kill Chris after all this time (other than to let viewers know he'd reverted to his former, evil ways)? Thanks, Carl!
  9. That wouldn't surprise me. I've thought about this and I can come up with only one answer: the Clintons must know something the rest of America doesn't. That's why they're getting involved, and why they're getting involved at this point. But, good Lord, with so many shoe-drops we've had throughout this year and this election, it's amazing anyone still has their shoes ON. I would not put it past them either. Between all the deaths and the Election That Would Not Die, I feel like 2016 is out to destroy us all.
  10. For the love of God. Why did Team Hillary need to get in on this ridiculous act?
  11. Am I wrong, or didn't AW have Carl kill Dr. Chris Chapin offscreen?
  12. Dammit, 2016! Will you just go away already? RIP Florence Henderson. You will be missed.
  13. It figures that TrumpCo. would balk. Mitt is an awful politician, but compared to them, he's JFK.
  14. IDC if she IS the "Queen of Soul." No one needs four-and-a-half minutes to sing our national anthem.  Sing the damn song, and then get the hell out of the way.