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  1. Yeah, still not the same dude, lol.
  2. Uh....that's not him.
  3. Yeah, it's him. Whatever happened to him? He's disappeared completely.
  4. Which makes Tiffany Krystina, Ivanka Fallon and Kushner Jeff? Yikes.
  5. Why do people always assume marijuana use leads to "harder drugs" anyway? Where do they get their info? Yeah, Boehner was the one who said the ACA wasn't going anywhere. Of course, that shouldn't surprise anyone with a brain. JaneAusten and others here have been saying THAT all along.
  6. Since we're all about raiding the Aaron Spelling library these days for "new" series ideas, let's go REALLY wild and do a reboot of "T.J. Hooker."

    1. Soapsuds


      Nah..I'd rather have a Hotel reboot...teehee

    2. DRW50


      I'm surprised no one has rebooted Family. Then again it would probably end up being Rosie, so no thanks...

    3. Nothin'ButAttitude


      Hell no! I fell in love with TJ Hooker a few years ago. Leave that classic alone!

  7. You're probably right. IMO, it'd make little sense to include her in the new series (at least at the start), but I can't see the producers resisting the idea. Especially if the new series doesn't do well in the ratings. So, it isn't so much a question of IF Alexis would be included, but WHEN, and with which washed-up TV veteran playing her. (My money, believe it or not, is on Shannen Doherty. Provided, of course, she beats the cancer.)
  8. That figures. Frankly, I'd have been more shocked to learn he was a KNOTS LANDING fan. So...Trump::Blake::Ivana::Alexis::Marla::Krystle? And IDK where the hell Melania would fit in that equation. She ain't no Krystle. That's for sure.
  9. My favorite part of that triple cliffhanger is the moment when Alexis shows Blake the papers that proved she now owned his house, if only because of the one YT subscriber who said, "Did she just whip that out of her vagina?".
  10. According to whom? If that's true, then the new series won't be too different from the original. Which is a shame. DYNASTY's original theme -- a working class girl struggling to fit in with her new husband's wealthy, dysfunctional family -- is a strong one that could yield tons of juicy story. IDK why they keep [!@#$%^&*] it up. And then, it was only out of necessity. Chances are, if Alexis isn't a part of this, neither will Dominique be. Dominique was created primarily to go head-to-head with Alexis (although I've also heard that it was Diahann Carroll who pitched to Aaron Spelling the idea of coming aboard as the First Black Bitch). Besides, I always saw Dominique as more novelty for that particular era than actual character, so I don't believe she would be as captivating in our post-Cookie universe. Now, if Dominique were changed in the new series to the First ASIAN Bitch....
  11. Stephen Miller is a sad man, because he really believes in this "alt-right" garbage that he and others keep spewing. But Steve Bannon...? Well, Steve Bannon IS a repulsive s.o.b. No doubt about that. But the more I think about him, the more I think he doesn't believe even half of what he has said either on-record or off. In fact, I don't think Stephen K. Bannon believes in anything other than Stephen K. Bannon. To him, the only -ism that matters is opportunism; and right now, for whatever reason, he sees an opportunity in exploiting Trump Nation and its arrogant, ignorant leader.
  12. I'd welcome it. I wouldn't have before, but now I do. And that's because Trump presents a clear and present danger to the safety of this country. A Pence administration would be hell for tremendous amounts of folks, but I think voting him out first chance we have and maybe correcting some of his b.s., while not guaranteed, is certainly doable.
  13. Well, at least, Steven, in the reboot, isn't conflicted anymore about his sexuality. #smallcomfort
  14. And I wish this show would realize that Joshua Morrow is the common denominator in all these flops and can his ass. If they keep having to throw Sharon into the mix, it ain't because JM and Sharon Case work so well together or that Nick and Sharon are soulmates. It's because that frat boy is a black hole of acting and chemistry. Wait, so...Jill is broke? WTF?? Is she going back to work at a nail salon? Outside of Victor, I think, Ashley has always had difficulties in the romance department. I guess Ravi shouldn't be any different.
  15. I honestly don't know what they were thinking with that back-from-the-dead story.