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  1. So TrumpCo. bags one more Wall Street crony. Still okay with that, Trump Nation?
  2. Score one more for the white whale. Meanwhile: "Should you feel sorry for Sean Spicer? Nope. Absolutely not."
  3. When the [!@#$%^&*] is too disturbing for Sean Spicer to stick around...? You know we're living in interesting times. Meanwhile, I'm all of [!@#$%^&*] to give over Mooch's hiring and what that means for the Bannon/Priebus WWE tag-team.
  4. From the comments section: "OK, here's what needs to happen: NY has to file the money-laundering case they have against Trump. Trump cannot pardon state crimes -- only federal ones. Those charges would be the basis for impeachment. Get Trump as far away from pardon powers as possible, as fast as possible." Didn't you also suggest this course of action, @marceline? Regardless, I don't think that's an awful idea. Because, let's be honest: they're never gonna get him on anything connected to Russia. If they get Trump at all, it's gonna be over money. IOW, Trump drew a red line, and Mueller just said, "Boy, bye." At this point, they could literally steal candy out of babies' hands like Mr. Burns and they wouldn't look as bad as they do now.
  5. This is just so tragic for the ones being laid off as well as for their families. And Trump INSISTS we are winning. Pfft. Now that's class.
  6. Well, that might explain his erratic behavior during the Comey hearing. I hope he makes it through okay. I don't agree with much of McCain's politics, but I do believe him to be an all-around decent person.
  7. If only Betsybug had done the same when asked to speak at that HBCU.
  8. Knowing Ron, he'll probably make Bonnie and Adrienne twin sisters.
  9. It keeps rising from the ashes for two reasons: 1) the GOP wants to demolish every piece of Obama's legacy, as I've said before; and 2) they probably realize that if they DON'T follow through on their promise to eliminate Obamacare, voters might make their displeasure known the next time they show up at the voting booths.
  10. Wait, what's the definition of insanity again? Oh, yeah: doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result every time. Or something like that. Anyway, let's hope that proves true for Mitch "Ahab" McConnell and his white whale that is repealing and/or replacing Obamacare. I, for one, look forward to seeing the man driven ever-so-slightly mad at the prospect of never besting the ACA. I mean, I'm still not convinced that the GOP won't ever repeal it -- I think they will one of these days, even if they don't actually WANT to, because accidents can and do happen -- but I'm also willing to extend some faith.
  11. Trump probably forgot he spoke out against the deal. Seriously, marceline might be right: this guy might be suffering from some form of dementia. So...Megyn Kelly's tanking in the ratings, and Jimmy Fallon's been shut out of the Emmys. Not a TOTAL victory for this NBC-loathing fool (21 Emmy nods for SNL? Srsly??) but still...what goes around, comes around.
  12. Yep. Repeal now, replace later. Or so they say. Frankly, I think if they succeed in repealing Obamacare, they won't even BOTHER replacing it. All they want is President P-Funk's legacy dead and gone.
  13. It's "Goodfellas" meets "The Candidate."
  14. Every time the GOP is sent back to the drawing board, another angel gets its wings.
  15. IA. Most of the time, we complain about how our politicians spend more time posturing than working. But this might be the first instance (that I can think of) where many are praying that a president does as little as possible.