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  1. It certainly helped MY enjoyment.
  2. Same. Frankly, all these ladies, including Donna Mills and Morgan Fairchild, deserve better than today's soaps. But, hey, a check's a check.
  3. Sorry, I didn't mean "fantasy" in THAT way, lol.
  4. Two women vying for the likes of Joe Carlino/Joseph Barbara? Now that's ridiculous!
  5. I wonder what Pat Kearney had on Deas to get him to agree to an interview.
  6. Yeah, even Bradley Bell has said B&B's international reputation means little when it comes to keeping his show on the air.
  7. I've heard that rumor as well.
  8. Oh, please, let it be Donna. She won't be the new Laura Horton, but she will be on DAYS.
  9. Do NOT let the dingy disposition fool you.  Vera Louise Gorman will cut a b***h.  #melsdiner #aliceonlogo

    1. DRW50


      Really shows Beth Howland's strength as an actress.

  10. Was that the entire cast? If so, it seems incredible to me how a half-hour show from that period would have so many actors/characters.
  11. I keep saying that someone needs to create and produce a series that takes place behind the scenes of a popular morning news show. Between GMA and "Today," they are bound to come up with years of material.
  12. Why does it seem as if Loretta Devine is in everything these days?

  13. I'd laugh if that weren't so damn true.
  14. If you do, could you please record it on your cellphone and upload it here for us to see? It would so make my month.