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  1. From the sounds of things from Tamra Sue, OC sounds a bit divided this season, with certain women only hanging out with each other instead of group gatherings. With 7 main castmembers, I guess it was bound to happen. Hope it doesn't get too toxic. P.S. Jeff Timmons' name better be mentioned heavily at some point...
  2. You know damn well you'd be complaining if his six pack turned into a keg. Wyatt/Katie. Yeah. They're throwing spaghetti at the wall for sure. By December, Katie will be flirting with Julius. Or Pam. Pretty much a crapshoot at this point.
  3. I was just thinking about this. Damn. What a great payoff at the time. The summer of 1997 was a time of payoff for Reilly's big stories before he left in the fall and set the show down a slippery new path.
  4. Okay, so I'm finally caught up on my darling NYC ladies... (P.S. the Cabernet was a'flowin' tonight....glug, glug) Firstly, I'm kinda tired of Sonja. Her whole sad Grey Gardens situation, her bitchy attitude towards Tinsley, her sad complicated romantic life. I'm exhausted with her messiness. I just don't get the warm fuzzies with her anymore. It's just like watching a sad, sorry soap opera (i.e. Days of Our Lives) that used to be enjoyable but is now a chore to watch. How old is her daughter? She must be mortified... Bethenny... here we are, getting set up for a quasi spinoff with Tag Eriksson Fredrik Eklund. Meh. Meanwhile, I have to admit, I much much prefer Bethenny as frenemies with Ramona. They clicked perfectly in her return season (Season 7), plus I loved how they came to a great understanding/semi-friendship in Season 3, and Ramona even attended her doomed wedding to Jason. They're the Queen Bees of this series, but they don't have the same type of chemistry as such foes as, say, Kim vs. NeNe, or even Bethenny vs. Jill. Despite Ramona's political stance or her obviously induced behavior during this season, she's gotta heart when it all comes down to it, and Bethenny is better off having this crazy off-kilter 60-year-old in her corner. At least if she wishes to continue next year on the show. Whatever suits her business needs after all... Tinsley. I like her mom. I wanna see more of her football-helmet-hair mother. She'd be a great frenemy for Romana. Meanwhile, with Tinsley, she comes off as an entitled late-twentysomething, and then I realize she's 41, and it's just like, damn, she needs to get her life together. Lucky for her she comes from money, so she can screw up all she wants and still bounce back with a 9K/month apartment in NYC. Bitch. LuAnn. God bless her. Whatever situation she's got with Tom, I hope it works out. He didn't say very fantastic things "off-camera" (but fully mic'ed, goofball!) but I'm sure LuAnn & Tom have an understanding they know about that we don't know about. Who are we to judge, especially when she's already been through the drama of marriage, children, and divorce. She's a strong woman with balls who can kick ass when she needs to. Don't diminish her capabilities. And she can plaster a smile on her face in public when you know she's gonna give hell to the hubby when they get home... Dorinda. I live for the moments when she gets drunk. The best addition to ever join the NYC cast after the initial golden years. I love her take on life and love, but I love it even more when the booze hits her and all structure and etiquette goes out the window. That flashback last week's episode where she was giving that sloshed toast to LuAnn/Tom had me ROLLING. I re-watched it over & over and laughed so hard. I can't wait for next week's episode when she goes off on Sonja again. EDIEEEE!!! So deliciously nutty. Carole. Your couch is nasty but those cats are impressive curtain climbers. I appreciate the footage of her and Dorinda at the Jan. 21st women's march. Makes me mad, for political reasons... Ramona. That was a hair-DON'T. Love the apartment though. The set-up with Tom's former date at the Regency Hotel smelled too much like a Bravo set-up (reminiscent of New Jersey's Season 4 finale with Melissa's former stripper boss fully mic'ed up and ready to randomly pop up at the Posche fashion show) so I won't even bother commenting. Meanwhile, she looked FANTASTIC on WWHL. The hair, the makeup, OMG yes yes yes. I don't know if Bravo uses a soft lens when they film WWHL (Lord knows Mariah Carey probably demands one when she appears, tardy, on the show) or if it's just some amazing makeup work, but she looks AMAZING at 60 years old. The hair extensions suit her perfectly. She also composed herself wonderfully. I want to be a champion for her, and the Trump thing is a MAJOR setback, but this whole season smells of producer-coaxing from day one with the Bethenny/Brynn/soft-porn B.S. She's gonna get annihilated at the reunion, but I'm sure she'll bounce back as usual. As mentioned previously, she and LuAnn know the game and will stick around till Bravo shuts down production.
  5. I *loved* Roanoke and I like that it was a total secret. I mean, they didn't even confirm the title of the series until the second episode. Very well done, especially in this day 'n age of social media leaks and whatnot.
  6. Ha! I didn't even bother watching her storyline, because it was DOA and they'd eventually write her off (In fact, everything Joey, Jade, Patch, Kayla, Patch's newest son is total fast-forward always), but this chick wasn't even half-way interesting or engaging. She's right on par with Ciara. I think Theo is the only salvageable teen. Claire lost me when she became a shrill, obnoxious YouTube-star wannabe. I couldn't tell you about Patch's son (whatever his name is).
  7. Count me in as another Deborah fan. Lauren Koslow is Kate, but Deborah (and the way the role was written) was so much more grounded, real, and multi-faceted. They started making Kate too much of a one-note villainess around 2001, and it's been messy writing ever since. Deborah Adair quit acting. I wonder what she looks like nowadays? She's the perfect person for Carlivati to pluck from obscurity. Don't suppose the cast & crew would welcome a return of Robert Kelker-Kelly....? (not as Bo, though!)
  8. Yeah, it's pretty campy and makes Devious Maids look tame. It's fun junk food television, but so over-the-top you can't expect to learn any juicy behind-the-scenes dirt that pays direct tribute to The View. My hubby loves it; I enjoy it, but it's not must-see-TV. I love Vanessa Williams though, so I'm glad she's a heavy hitter on the show.
  9. I'd have to go with Apollo (ATL) before the fraudulent stuff was revealed and Eddie Judge (OC) as well.... but don't forget Lisa Wu-Hartwell's man season 1-2 of ATL, Ed Hartwell. He was all types of yumminess...
  10. Thank you DaytimeFan for summarizing where we're at before next week's season finale. What progress they've all made, ha! I gotta admit, they're finding their groove in terms of making the show interesting. Sadly, I still find the majority of the cast unlikable and I enjoy making fun of them mostly. Oops, I take that back. This is a better write-up of where Potomac currently stands! Ugh. Charriiisssseeee. I feel about her the way my hubby feels about LuAnn (the nerve!) and OC's Tamra. At least in her VT's, she looks... awake? Alert? Sober? I mean, it's sad how her stylist spends hours on her and all it takes is her droopy doped up eyes to bring it all crashing down.
  11. I hope Andy's warming back up to her, because I'd honestly love it. I would hope this time around, she'd be more humbled and grounded and not think of herself as Queen Bee who can get away with anything and still remain on the show. She was on WWHL with LuAnn a couple days ago, and it was classic Jill. Always giving her two cents, but it wasn't too snarky to not enjoy. If Danielle Staub can return, anything is possible. P.S. If I ever decide to get a facelift decades from now, I want the number of Jill's doctor. Well done!
  12. Exactly. DAYS has been a bore and has had a sleepy, quiet, monotonous tone to it for the strong majority of the past 7 years. If Ron's work on OLTL and GH are any indication, he will finally put some lively vibes into the story, production, etc.
  13. OC: After some of the messiness and darkness in the past couple seasons, I think it'll be nice to have a broader cast to bounce around. It looks like a great blend of the crazies and the semi-sane. I forgot Gretchen pops in, plus a lil Lizzie for us to whet our appetite. Potomac: Yeah, having Gizelle seated next to Andy seems like they're trying too hard. You'd think she'd be the breakout star, and I fully hoped for that to happen during the beginning of the first season, but her "feud" with Monique (who should be in the middle, not the end) was so petty, and in general, she always comes off as a hater and a have-not who pretends to have. P.S. Overall, I think Monique was a fabulous add to the cast, and she definitely needs to return next year. I have no doubt her mother-in-law would love a lil "Mama Joyce" camera time now that she's had a taste of it.
  14. Yes to a permanent Carrie return. Kristen was back for a week or so to reveal her baby (Brady and Theresa's) and fall out a window, with the castle on the edge of a cliff and presumably fell into the sea. Knowing DAYS, I'm just glad her "death" wasn't merely the result of tripping and banging her head on that damn park bench.
  15. I mean, does any soap actually get a *BUMP* in the ratings nowadays? It's not 1997 and Susan's teeth aren't flying to a 6.9 HH Nielsen viewing audience anymore.
  16. Finally caught up on the last three weeks of Potomac. It surprisingly was very good. Lots of funny moments as well as awkwardly real moments (Ashley and the Aussie hubby). Karen is so broke and the ladies are tired of fronting for the cameras. This shall be interesting to see the not-so-grande dame crumble, because I thought it was a joke since day one. Charriissee... Is she medicating herself while filming? I swear, she looks like it's 4am after a long, hard night of partying All. The. Time. The above photo (from last season, I think) doesn't even capture the glazed, drunken tired look she is always sporting this season.
  17. Bring it on. They've got nothing to lose except the show itself.
  18. Yup. And when a Democrat is back in the white house, they can literally say & do anything, and Repubs will have NO room to complain about ANYTHING because they excused EVERYTHING Trump has said, done, said, tweeted, said, implied, said...
  19. After watching a couple episodes of "Fire Island" (produced by Andy's BFF Mark Consuelos, of all people) I sure as hell hope not. Bitchy divas fighting over stupid crap is one thing. Bitchy queens fighting over stupid crap is pure torture. I'd die of glee if Kim Zimmer joined the Real Housewives of New Jersey. No cracks about her weight, though. We've already had Caroline Manzo and Tootie, so plump 'wives are welcome Welcome back! Dive in!
  20. It's definitely got a Devious Maids kinda vibe. I like it a lot and I'll definitely check out the rest of the season. It seems, though, based on the pilot and the previews, that it'd be best to have this only last a season. Anyhoo, love Vanessa Williams and Tichina Arnold in this, and the other unknowns are strong. Also, GL alum alert! Tammy Blanchard plays the youngest co-host's mom! Dang, she's playing mother to a twentysomething already?
  21. I can't with this. LOL Katie is such a moron. I'm tuning out til they pair up Lawrence St. Victor with a lady or without a shirt. Either one will do I hope they don't go there with Jenna Jameson. If you thought Brandi brought the class factor down, just wait til they add porn queens to the mix. No. Ooooooooh! OC is looking good! Feisty Lydia, fat Shannon, f'cking hot-mess Kelly. All the ladies are coming to play. So that's a new excuse for obesity... "I'm fat because I'm stressed. I'm stressed because of Vicki Gunvalson." You haven't filmed with her in six months. You just eat a lot and don't exercise.
  22. I would say the characters stopped progressing by the end of '96/start of 1997. There was still evolution with characters throughout the Aremid story threads and into Paris and beyond. Once Sami got amnesia, the Susan/baby story was in place, Bo/Hope at a standstill while he was undercover for JL King, Jack went to prison, etc. it felt like all these stories were stuck in the same spot until the summer.
  23. I love that terrible woman (Jill). I'd love to have her back full-time, and she knows she'd love to be back too. Wow, 7 ladies for OC. I'm glad they have a large cast because they need some relatively sane women (Lydia, Meghan) to balance out the crazy (everyone else). I agree @Nothin'ButAttitude that Meghan finally grew on me at the end of last season. We'll see how she fares this year, but she's starting off in the right place. Crazy Kelly, the OC edition, will be interesting to see how/if she redeems herself in the viewer's mind. It's too bad Heather from Whoville leaves without anyone ever taking her down a notch (she holds herself way too high on a pedestal), but whatevs. She got her wish; she's out. Hubby got his wish; he's famous and can use it to continue his cosmetic surgery empire. As for Tamra, I hope the temperature heats up on her to at least 98 degrees...