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  1. So it looks like the Posche fashion show is where the cast just lets loose and goes batsh-t crazy for some good camera moments. Looks good, but isn't that later on in the filming? Side note: Whoa, Dolores' son put on some muscle.
  2. Oh man, Danielle's not a main wife? Just looking at that cast photo, I can't help but immediately think the season's gonna tank.
  3. Agreed. The only people who'd give a damn about a Katie & Wyatt relationship are Katie and Wyatt.
  4. I don't even count any of Andre's past doings before 2015. It's so convoluted, at this point, the person before was DeAndre or Phony, and Tony will pop up alive soon and it'll be revealed they were quadruplets whose mother also birthed Susan, Mary-Moira, Thomas & Penelope. Side note: Catching up on the past few weeks... I wonder why Morgan Fairchild shifts herself around like she's 400 lbs? Whether she's walking or just dramatically turning, you'd think she was hauling around sacks of potatoes under her blouses.
  5. Rome Flynn (Zende) just announced live on his Instagram that he's leaving B&B and will last air in late September, I think he said.
  6. I, too, am with you all nearly all your points. Carole was okay this year, but The Real Housewives of New York has become The Big B of NYC. Too much of a viewpoint told through Bethenny's eyes, and it doesn't feel like an ensemble show, as these shows should be. This was probably Ramona's worst season, yet she has some nuggets of clarity and vulnerability (the naked pool confession w/ her and B was quite raw for Housewives), and knowing that vets Ramona and LuAnn now have to play second-fiddle to Miss Frankel makes them all the more endearing. I agree that Beverly Hills without LVP or Kyle would not be the same. Love 'em, hate 'em, or think they're old hat, but those two tentpoles make the show. I don't think Rinna is toxic, but she dug herself into such a huge hole and has zero credibility at this point, that she is best served in more of a supporting role this year and better not be the No. 1 instigator this season. I grew to really like Dorit and I still like Erika, so seeing them mix it up with veteran Camille full-time, with Adrienne as a "friend-of" will hopefully bring a lot of fun. It's funny, since Camille attended so many of the big functions last season, she has firsthand knowledge of all the buffoonery that went down. Now, we finally get to hear her viewpoint and get more camera time, at long last! WELCOME HOME!
  7. That's funny. The dress she wore last week really accentuated her giraffe-like neck.
  8. There. Way more fascinating than Marcy Walker or Judas Priest. Start with your favorite soap hunk and we'll work our way through Alice Horton and Nancy Hughes.
  9. Yeah, they probably don't want their men to be showing off bulges. Funny, since speedos were all the rage 25+ years ago.
  10. It's a sign of the times. It's on "borrowed time" every year, hence their yearly renewals. Yes, DAYS has had an identity crisis (a term that reminds me of a Saved by the Bell episode, but I digress) for nearly 20 years, but many of the now-defunct shows had inconsistent identities during their last 10-15 years. They left the airwaves in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. DAYS is still here. It must make some sort of profit for NBC or else they would've cut their losses at least half a decade ago.
  11. IF they go that story route (and I hope they do, they need to give Maya something new to do), Katie needs to stay T.F. out of it. It's to the point that she's like a soothsayer (i.e. DAYS' Celeste) or Cupid's arrow, pushing people together before there's even a mutual interest between the two parties. Just when you think they've found a new (albeit, bad) story for Katie with Wyatt, there she goes again all Gladys Kravitzing in other people's business.
  12. Wasn't there a remake Whitney Houston performed on As the World Turns around the Betsy/Steve heyday, when ATWT hit 20 million viewers for their wedding?
  13. Amen. The past couple episodes really showed how the point of view of this show is always Bethenny. Not only the most camera time, but the most talking head points and witty/snarky observations. Here comes Dorinda, flatly pointing out the obvious -- and not even being harsh about it, really, considering how drunk she was -- and Bethenny couldn't handle it. The big B loves to psychoanalyze others as if she knows it all, but when someone turns the mirror on her, she cries foul and says they're a nasty person (oh snap, I just realized that comparison fits our current Celebrity Appresident...but I digress) This season has been a bunch of ups and downs for me in terms of who I think is right or wrong. I've been a fan of Bethenny overall for years, even when rumors were abundant of her being a tyrant behind the scenes at her talk show. But this season, her "dirty little fingerprints" (her words, re: Jill) are all over it. Meanwhile, just when I thought Ramona had gone too far, I see now where she's coming from, in terms of the hierarchy of this show, and I can't help but feel bad for her. I did enjoy Bethenny and Ramona's moment in the pool, and I agree that it seemed genuine on both sides. Hell, B was buck naked and shedding tears for another person's depression. I guess we'll call that a raw moment for her. I appreciated Dorinda's apology to Bethenny and thought it was sincere. I don't think she has a bad bone in her body, other than her alter ego, Drunk Dorinda, pointing out blunt truths when inebriated. Again, not harsh, but truth. If the Big B stays another season, I see her going after Dorinda because she sees what an asset Dorinda has become to this franchise. Carole has been fine by me on this trip. Her non-reaction to Ramona flashing her titties was hilarious. Sonja drunk. Well, that's been pent up for 10 months and she went wild. No harm, just mortifying. I think I feel more embarrassed for her daughter than I would ever feel for Avery. Tinsley. One and done. I can't with you anymore. Our darling Countess Mrs. D'Agostino. Can't say I'm surprised, and I'm sure she had this in her back pocket a long time ago, before she ever said, "I Do." I have a feeling she resigned herself to the notion of just going through with the wedding and ride it out and see how long the marriage lasts (1-2 years, tops) and then cut her losses. She'll be fine, and we'll have our girl back next year...
  14. I thought originally she wasn't coming back at all. Either way, yeah, these isolated babycentric scenes are peppered in until she's featured with other cast members. I wish Kelly Dodd would buy a flat iron.
  15. Oh God, it's spreading...
  16. There's screen shots of it out there in internet land. Do a google search and let us know what you find P.S. @Soapsuds I know you're searching right now...
  17. How about this: In keeping with Reilly's infamous Marlena-centric plots and Carlivati's love of bringing back random characters of the past... have the killer be one of Marlena's clones that Stefano sent out into the world in early 1995.
  18. That's exactly what I thought, and that probably stresses her out (i.e. makes her stress eat) even more so. Haven't seen RHONY yet. Did we get Drunk Dorinda yet, or is that next week? Luann last week in a perpetual state of tipsy giggles was perfection. I love that sisterhood understanding she has with Ramona. They may not be the captain (Bethenny snagged that title), but they've been steering the boat for 9 years together. Meanwhile, just when you think Ramona/Sonja can't get any worse with their "room" debacle, each year it sinks more and more. As much as I've enjoyed Bethenny's return the past 2 seasons, and it has helped re-energize a floundering franchise, if her behind-the-scenes control and dictation are responsible for this season's frenetic fighting, I'd be happy to see the show have another go without her next year. Bring Jill Zarin back instead, and watch Ramona twitch like a malfunctioning Robot.
  19. Wow, that OC episode was a hot mess of fun. I'll give Shannon credit for providing trainwreck television. She mentions her fatness a little too much, but I guess that's her through-line for the season: "I'm fat. How did I let this happen?" The trainer bugged the crap out of the hubby and me. THREE times he said, "Wow..." After the 3rd "wow," you would NOT be my trainer anymore. Ass. Meanwhile, that was some clever Bravo editing, showing a glistening David doing shirtless exercises while the wifey waddles in, moving slower by the day. Kelly is a sloppy mess who always looks disheveled, and her outbursts and motivations are frenetic and hold no weight, but again, makes for fun trainwreck television. Shannon is the reality bear that everyone loves to poke. If Lydia returned to this show for financial reasons, she's doing a great job of getting into the thick of it and being relevant as the wannabe peacemaker. She's aligned with the right people to bridge one group of friends with the other. Peggy is likable so far, and I'm sure she'll eventually start mixing it up and cat-fighting with the rest of the cast. For now there, she can only observe as the fighting is based upon arguments of the past. I see what others have said that she resembles many different celebrities from different glances. In the past two episodes, I've seen shades of Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, Nelly Furtado and Idina Menzel. Vicki is fun all on her own with her family and business peeps. Give her a rest from the group altercations and she'll be just fine. Meghan, Jim, and baby are okay on their own island too. For now. I'm sure they're peppering in family time moments early in because she wasn't originally part of this season. She'll be back in the lion's den soon enough. With crazies like Shannon and Kelly, along with will-she-or-won't-she-act-unChristian Tamra, it's good to have more levelheaded ladies like Lydia, Meghan, and Peggy to even things out.
  20. I love Sarah Chalke in everything she's done post-Roseanne, but Lecy is Becky. Glad she gets to be a part of the revival!
  21. It'll probably be Dario.
  22. Harold, Jack & Jenn's friend/assistant in 2001-2003 wore thongs. Discuss.
  23. She's wondering why the heck this was asked in the first place. Have we really run out of new topics to discuss on this board?