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  1. Yeah, with DAYS, a strike would work for their benefit if it lasted a good 4 months or so.
  2. Ooh. There ya go. The original Taylor McBride of Melrose Place, fired for being preggars... and the bigger-lipped replacement who played the role. On the same show to hash it out 20+ years later...
  3. I wonder when was the last time they went beyond 6pm. I remember them posting they were working til the wee hours when they did the 2.0 "reboot" with the introduction of Horton Town Square. Perhaps they had to work extra long hours for the "DAYSaster" episodes (the finale before the 2012 Olympics break) God forbid more than 3 people attend someone's wedding nowadays...
  4. Wow, that'd be great! I'd love to see her in this setting, but I don't think she'd be open to that kind of personal scrutiny, nor bringing up her family's past... I love me some KKL, but I think she's the kind of actress who's really sensitive about aging, her looks, getting older, etc. just from previous interviews I've seen, and in this day 'n age of Twitter, they'd drag her for her botox, her son's past, etc.
  5. I haven't seen Beverly Hills from last night, but I'm in agreement that this season really fizzled, even though it seemed to be in the right direction at the onset. I thought they'd wrap up "pantygate" when Erika & Dorit seemed to bury the hatchet half-way through the season, yet here we are, talking about Erika's puss right up to the season finale and through the majority of the reunion. Now, we've seen tiny issues blown out of proportion on these shows in the past for the sake of story, but this one reached a new low of desperation. On all sides. Clearly, they had nothing to work with and so they beat this issue to a bloody pulp. This was even worse than Kyle and Witchy-Poo Carlton's non-feud feud or the endless Munchhausen talk. Rinna threw so much spaghetti at the proverbial wall, hoping something would stick, and ended up with sauce all over her face (did ya like that pun? I feel like Carrie Bradshaw!). The cocaine comment was just so random and unnecessary, it really showed she'll say anything to spark up controversy for the cameras. Overall, the "pantygate" issue is a squabble that on another show like NYC would've been discussed for about 2-3 episodes max, then the arc would've completed and they'd move on to a new issue. Pretty indicative that a casting shakeup is overdue.
  6. For real. It's crazy looking at the primetime numbers nowadays. For instance, ABC's American Crime doesn't even pull in 2 million viewers live on a Sunday night. Compare that to just 6 years ago when Brothers & Sisters was cancelled for a season that averaged 8 million and had a series low of 5.7 million (though those B&S numbers might include DVR+3 or +7 day tallying). Still, it's insane to see such small numbers on network TV. ABC is the pits, FOX only has Empire (which has lost half its viewership), and CW is... the CW.
  7. Justin Torkildsen always felt like what Stephanie Cameron was as DAYS' Jennifer Horton: a bland lookalike substitute for the original actor. I certainly don't miss him in the role, nor DTB as Thomas. Thomas overall was never clearly defined and is always basically a blank slate whenever a new actor takes over.
  8. Ah. Well. Strangely, no one batted an eye. I guess viewers didn't have much of a soft spot for ol' Grandpa Shawn.
  9. I agree. I think a lot of the actors love coming into work, even if their health isn't the greatest. It gives them purpose, fulfillment, etc. I say use them while they're still with us and able to. I don't mind if the character eventually fades out and only referred to as being off-camera. Now, in the cases where you have someone like Frank Parker (Grandpa Shawn) or John Clarke (Mickey) who happily decide to retire from acting, then I say it's okay to write in an onscreen death/farewell with the actor. JMO.
  10. Touché, my friend, touché... Guess it's not such a bad requirement after all.
  11. No abs. Same reason Emmy winners Justin Torkildsen and Drew Tyler Bell are no longer playing Rick and Thomas.
  12. Oh yes, I remember that was the actor playing Roman during their 2003-2004 romance. Again, wouldn't wish it upon her. Not in 2017...
  13. I watched Kate wax poetic over Eduardo leaving, and my problem with the Kate character is that there hasn't been long-term investment in any of her romantic pairings for years. I can't even remember who all she's been linked to recently. Eduardo, Deimos (I remember that silly fight and push off a cliff, but don't remember why they split... Nicole?), Rafe (how/when/why did they split?), and some time before that I think she was linked to Ian Buchanan's character... I wouldn't wish her on Josh Taylor's version of Roman, but at least they had a sweet moment a couple weeks back when she visited the pub and he was behind the bar (P.S. is Peggy McCay in good health...?)
  14. Robyn is one of those housewives who's excellent as a supporting role, but would bomb as the leading lady. I like her, but there's no *wow* factor. That said, her non-marital status is the strangest I've ever encountered. It's cool that they've made it work for them, but it all feels like a temporary fix that's gone on too long. Are they waiting for their kids to turn 18 and move out? Plus, on WWHL, she said she doesn't date and doesn't think Juan dates either. And she said that if Juan were to start dating, she doesn't think it would work out... for the other woman. The other woman would have a problem with the whole living situation. Which makes sense. If they're staying together for the sake of the kids and/or for financial reasons, that's understandable. But the fact that neither one dates and would be jealous if they did...
  15. Aw that's too bad. Both would've been great to see back. That said, in hindsight, Laura Wright made the right decision to jump ship to GH in 2005. 8 years after GL's cancellation and she still has her soap job.
  16. That is hilarious. CK must be thrilled. This is even worse than DAYS' Claire all grown up with youngsters Shawn & Belle as parents.
  17. I haven't seen the reunion yet, but I understand PK getting involved in the ladies' season finale fight, because this is his first time at the rodeo. He & Dorit are Housewives newbies, and he saw 3+ women on the attack against his wife. I didn't find it any worse than the always adorable Ken coming to LVP's defense against Yolemony. ATL's finale was SO good! What a great build-up to next season's Big 10 year. It was like a homecoming of ATL housewives (minus NeNe!). Even the overlooked-but-always-fab Lisa Wu was there (did DeShawn's invite get lost in the mail?). Loved the use of flashbacks throughout the episode, and Sheree's house looks divine. I can forgive the basement not being finished because that's generally the room that is saved for last.
  18. I love how Hillary just freely divulged to Nicole that her husband looks at porn all day. I mean, really? Awk-ward.
  19. I'm all for one more year of Phelony Phae Phae if it means Nene drags her butterball from here to eternity. No Porsha though. Frick needs to be shaking in the wind without Frack to help tie her down. 1.9 million for BH season finale. 1,267,000 for NYC premiere. Hmm. Soft opening, but I fully expect that number to grow. They have the disadvantage of being on Wednesday, but were able to come out on top by the end of last season.
  20. Lord Jesus! They're making that look like the most epic reunion ever. Even better than the Kenya vs. Porsha megaphone fight. It looks like good ass juicy drama, and I love that Kandi is 100% real. She doesn't play up for the sake of the cameras; she is enraged, outraged, and offended. Porsha is so damn messy and Shady Phae Phae better not slither her buttered booty out of this. I wouldn't want either heifer back other than to see them obliterated by a triumvirate Kandi, Nene & Kim. FOUR parts? LAWD.... I wonder if they'll air on consecutive Sundays or if one or two installments randomly airs on another night.
  21. Question (for all): What if Brady were written out for awhile and then returned... in the form of Kyle Lowder? It bugs me that they have someone who's 46 playing Brady, and his looks are creeping up to his age. Brady should be younger than Eric, but they give off a vibe that Eric is the younger, misguided one. When Deimos reported that Nicole was seen with a man in his "late 30's," I had to laugh. The Brady/Chloe dynamic may reignite with Lowder back in the role.
  22. After seeing Monday's episode (following the Australia ending with Brooke/Bill), I expect a random bombshell that Brooke & Bill got hitched before they left Aussie land.
  23. Very happy with the NYC premiere. They're planting the seeds for this season's feuds, but at the same time included fun, light moments. The past couple weeks, Bravo re-aired seasons 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8. It reminded me of how Bethenny really helped rejuvenate this series. Season 7 was kind of a mix of the old "new" girls still there (Heather, Kristen), along with the return of the Big B, and then season 8 was a perfect mix of the newer new New York. The vets Ramona, Bethenny, Luann, Sonja, semi-vet Carole, and Dorinda make for a great show. A seventh person always adds a lil drama and new excitement into the mix, but isn't necessary. I had no problem with Jules, and hopefully this new chick will gel nicely with the rest. It's funny. Watching the premiere episode, it's great how nine season later, and Ramona and LuAnn can still make their bickering seem fresh. They were the catalysts of season 5's reboot, and here they are another 5 years later still arguing and making up all over again. BTW, not to diss Ramona who looks amazing at 60, but her looks are starting to catch up to her age. Up until a couple years ago, if someone told me she was in her mid 40's, I would've believed you.
  24. Yeah. I mean, I understand the part of her not fitting in with the rest of the cast (Teresa, Melissa) but then again, weren't Siggy & Dolores *her* friends first? I would want Jac one more season just for a delicious confrontation between her and Danielle, because Jac has gone after Danielle for years on social media, long after Danielle left the series.
  25. I wanna say she was already out the door at AMC by the time GL was filming their finale, but I could be wrong.