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  1. I agree that the Younger Leading Actor/Actress categories are not necessary at this point. The pool of talent for those categories are very shallow, and the winners are laughable (DAYS' Paige, remember?) Wow, just thinking of the DAYS submissions. Work that aired in March of last year would've actually been filmed in like September 2015.
  2. Oh yes that's a good one. I can't believe it slipped my mind. She did not hold back or try to sugarcoat her own actions. A definite good read.
  3. Hmm... on the fence now whether I should get it or not. I love autobiographies by soap stars, but the behind-the-scenes dish is always the most interesting. I just finished reading Michael Zaslow's "Not That Man Anymore." It was mostly about his battle with being diagnosed with ALS and his wife's perspective of much of the events. But there were definite snippets of GL and OLTL mentions. I'd probably enjoy a little bit more about GL (they were non-specific regarding executive names, but anyone can figure out it was Paul Rauch), but his story itself was fascinating. On the other hand, Bill & Susan Seaforth-Hayes' "Like Sands Through The Hourglass" was more of the cherry-picker reading. After their initial courtship and coming together, their personal story basically involves all the different random people they've encountered over the years through their travels. After awhile, I no longer cared about meeting some chick in Bumblefuk who had a great cherry pie recipe or some such stuff. The behind-the-scenes stuff was good though. There should always be a good balance between personal life and behind-the-scenes recollections, because that's mostly what people are here for. I enjoyed reading the autobiographies of Jeanne Cooper, Bill Bell, and Ken Corday (his was another cherry-picker book).
  4. I agree. I thought it was very unique and well done, until the cast shots started changing in video quality and you could tell which shots were originals and which were added in at a later date. I hope they keep this 30th anniversary opening for the next year. I'm not crazy on the music, especially the saxophone in the beginning. I didn't like it in the early 2000's and I don't like it now. Otherwise, I think it's beautiful, crisp, and a great modern twist on their classic opening.
  5. Agreed. It made no sense to age them 3 years within a year and send them off to college. IMO, the only actor worth keeping is Kyler Pettis as Theo. The rest are just terrible and I fast-forward them 90% of the time. I couldn't even tell you what's going on in Joey/Jade land because I haven't watched one minute of it. Meanwhile, the actress who plays Claire had potential, but her character's obnoxious behavior has brought out traits in her as an actress that is quite irksome. I wish they'd build on the Carver family more so. Recast Lani with someone more dynamic and let's see an actual father/daughter relationship with her and Abe. I'd also love to see Jonah Carver return (Thyme Lewis, who last played him in 1997, has held up well over the years). Add to that, there was his girlfriend Wendy, her son Benjamin, etc. etc. etc. All these people from the past with no blood relation to others on the canvas, which means romantic possibilities in Salem are endless. The thing with Carlivati (which I really like) is that he is the kind of writer who would totally bring these characters back, even if briefly, and played by the original actors if they can get them.
  6. Erika was completely irrational. I can understand an initial reaction to Eileen's not-so-sensitive comparison ("it's not like she killed your son") but after Eileen explained and sincerely apologized, that should've been it. Dorit has a target painted on her back by Rinna and Erika. Rinna was loving herself when the gang was going after her (or it was some great strategic editing by Bravo, but I think it was real-time). Meanwhile, in the Nielsen ratings world, Beverly Hills bumped up to 1.9 million this week, after a soft showing for the past few weeks, dipping as low as 1.4 mil. The only time they hit 2 million viewers was the infamous "Pantygate" episode 4. Dang, that aired right after Christmas and we're still talkin' about it...
  7. Wow. Crickets. Forgot they were being announced today. I'm so indifferent to people who are nominated. The few people I was hoping for were mostly looked over. It's funny how most Supporting Actress nods are for people who left their shows long ago. And that Younger Lead Actor category. Hmm K. Please don't let Heather Tom win. That'll just encourage Brad to write for her more.
  8. Wow, what else can be said about that hot mess of an episode? The only people coming out of this clean are LVP, Kyle, and Eileen (though she'll have her emotional bruises from Erika, if she choose to harp on it, much like she harped on LVP for the past 2 seasons). Watching LVP and Kyle's reactions on the boat and again at dinner were actually pretty comical. Their darting eyes, back and forth, were like people watching a tennis match. I don't know how Erika is going to spin this; she had me until last night. My hubby thinks there's trouble on the home front (with her husband) but I can't decipher if it's a cross between an emotional meltdown and a producer-pushed coaxing to rock the proverbial boat during this trip. Either way, she's got some climbing to do if she wants her pedestal back. Lisa Rinna, there's just no defending this broad. I loved her during her first year, though she got a little too big on herself at the reunion. Last year was okay. But this year she is a complete and utter wreck. She doesn't have a leg to stand on, and should really keep her mouth shut and sit there, like the skinny wig lady next to her (why is Eden there?). She can NOT harp on someone for not being able to remember something. She can NOT harp on someone to "own their words." And she can NOT bring up a housewives' husband and infer infidelity. Three strikes in one episode; you're out. Kudos to Kyle for chiming in right away and mentioning the hypocrisy in Rinna's allusions.
  9. Didn't she spill the tea on her and Ronn Moss and how he didn't want to be paired up with her shortly after her 2005 return-from-the-dead story because they had hooked up in real life? Anyhow, I wouldn't mind having her pop in, especially since her two children are the heavy hitters now. But who knows which face she'd return with... P.S. Thot thought on that promo: Don Diamont, whoa...
  10. And their son's "younger" sister Bridget is 41...
  11. You know, that's exactly what's sad with the state of soaps today. Like those Valerie/Eli reveal scenes, I *know* Vanessa Williams can bring it, but they've got to crank out so many scenes in a short time, there's no time to prepare. So each scene starts with dry tears and is given barely a chance to get emotionally deep. When you read actor interviews nowadays (especially those who were part of the genre decades ago), they all stress about how the pace has changed dramatically and there's no time to prepare, rehearse, or think about what you're doing. I know they're trying their hardest to stay afloat and make the show as financially sound as possible, but it's really affecting the overall product. It's strange to be a soap viewer and have to "allow" so much leeway.
  12. Yaasss! That performance was such a hot mess I had to create an audio track to listen to while working out, haha. I, too, am wondering if any of the ladies voted for someone other than Hillary and/or would ordinarily vote Republican... and whether they'll cop to it on camera.
  13. Yes, it was rumored to be called Real Housewives of the Gold Coast, a particular wealthy neighborhood which isolates the possibilities of bringing in suburbanites even moreso. Apparently, whichever group(s) they found weren't open to airing out their dirty laundry and actin' a fool, so it was scrapped. I agree that the surrounding burbs (think Naperville, Oakbrook, Northbrook, etc.) could open up a wealth of possibilities. After all, how many of the Atlanta women are really in the city of Atlanta? Re: BH, I agree that LVP is ready to go and I wouldn't be surprised if this is her final year on the housewives. I do see Andy pimping Erika on WWHL, but otherwise I don't feel she gets overexposure on the show itself. I really like her, and if the show must go on without LVP as lead, at least they've got someone with strong personality and a growing fan base waiting in the wings. I don't think this is one of Beverly Hills' best seasons, but the show is still enjoyable and it doesn't have the toxicity levels of Season 4 or the latter half of last season. It's just that only half the cast is truly interesting (anymore) and the other half is burnt out or still trying to run on last season's fumes (Hi, Eileen!). No matter what happens next year, Kim Richards is not allowed to be featured on this show for anything other than a background guest at a party who isn't mic'ed up for the camera. I love how Camille appears at every single party. She clearly loves this group of ladies genuinely but doesn't want to get caught up in the ratchetness directly. NYC, my ladies are back!!! I hadn't heard whispers about this show for the past couple months and I never heard confirmation regarding Bethenny, but all the ladies are back! After last season's success, I'm sure this particular group has another good round in them. I don't have qualms about any of them (not even Carole; her friendship with Bethenny gives her a purpose), and can't wait to see the inevitable sh!tshow surrounding LuAnn's wedding. I also find it interesting that discussion of the presidential election is going to be featured heavily.
  14. Carlivati brought vampires back to Port Charles; surely the devil will do another dance in Salem before the sands stop falling through the hourglass. Even if it's just a bad dream of Marlena's during November sweeps.
  15. I'm sure Lynn Herring can push Wayne off the ranch every now and then for a pop in on DAYS as "the real" Roman Brady. As for Taylor, I hope he saved up enough money if he wishes to maintain his usual Botox, fillers, and dye regimen.
  16. I'm surprised I didn't find more... I may have a few missing. I put the one from 1993 in just for fun, even though I don't consider it a part of the whole "Plan to Save DAYS" annual tradition that's developed. Note: The entire second row is from the summer of 2011, in anticipation of the "DAYS 2.0 Reboot" that went *so* well...
  17. I totally agree. Who would have ever thought that she would've evolved into one of the show's leading ladies when she debuted as a bland waitress at Salem Place back in '98? From the moment they had Nicole drinking away her sorrows in her loveless marriage to Lucas, a star was born. I don't know the backstage politics of her and SC, GV, etc., but I know I always enjoyed Arianne as an actress and what she brought to the show. If I had to choose, I'd definitely choose Nicole/Daniel over Nicole/Eric (GV), so I'm on her side there. Greg Vaughn... he's okay, I guess, but he is just DEAD WOOD on screen. First as a soft-spoken moody priest, and now as a soft-spoken moody lumberjack/skinhead-leather-daddy/whatever-the-hell he is nowadays.
  18. I'll get to work on that for ya and post the beautiful collage here.
  19. Pretty crazy that only half a million of the 4.4 million viewers of Y&R are W 18-49. That's like 12%. Would be interested in knowing their full statistics.
  20. Sally's growing on me. Her first few days were a little rough (came on way too strong) but she's finding her groove. The insta-pairing with Thomas is silly though, rushed as always. And why would Sally tell the son of her business rival that her company's future depends on the review of one fashion critic? Darlita, eh, not necessary. Question: When the Spectras are added to the opening theme (which of them are on contract?), who will be removed...?
  21. Congrats to DAYS, the cast and crew, if nothing else than for staying employed for another year. Corday has fought for his team's survival since its first real threat of cancellation in 2003. I'm looking forward to Ron Carlivati's DAYS. Yes, he has a shelf life with coming up with creative ideas, but DAYS has a limited shelf life too, so perhaps they'll coincide. It's better than picking from their usual pile of former headwriters. Clearly, they knew everything wasn't a done deal and the higher ups needed hope of a better product. We'll see what we have come July (well, according to Corday, it won't *fully* be Carlivati's work until September. Oy, this taping schedule...)
  22. Did I miss earlier discussion where it's been announced that Danielle Staub is returning to New Jersey? No confirmation yet if she'll be a Friend or full-time, but she is returning.
  23. Shelly Hennig seems to have hit the same Hollywood diet as other former soapers like Abigail Spencer and Sophia Bush who's neck and jaw area are so small now that it actually makes their teeth looks huge. Jordana Brewster is another one.
  24. This was the Avant family's swan song. We know how Brad rolls. He's completed his transgender story arc; he's completed his black family story arc. His new fixation is the Bootleg Spectra clan. Sadass NuSally is on location in Australia with the rest of the vets, but like Ivy, she won't make it to the next on location shoot. P.S. It's ridiculous to see someone like Steffy bouncing between limp Liam and weenie Wyatt when you've got anaconda Carter In the same room, single and ready.