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  1. Granted, we've had cancellation scares consistently since 2003, but this sounds a bit more ominous. I don't suppose ABC would be interested in cancelling Port Charles, shortening One Life to Live to a half-hour, and taking DAYS over? Sorry, 1998 flashback.
  2. So will Miss Zarin make it on camera??
  3. That was a cute episode, and is it just me, or does Erika have that *star* power that so many of these new housewives aspire to achieve? Kenya was able to become a recognized face of the brand 5 seasons into Atlanta, and Erika seems to be getting there for Beverly Hills.
  4. Couple things... Rinna's daughters are pretty, and I do think the 18-year-old is ready for the modeling world. However, the 15-year-old still needs to grow into her face and get rid of her Eileen-Davidson-circa-1984 eyebrows before diving in. If this season's bickering starts off with Erika showing off her patted puss to PK, I say go for it. It's better than cancer, fake illnesses, or death. It's always a fine line with these aging Housewives shows... do you exploit the often-times uncomfortably real aspect of these ladies' lives (i.e. OC's Shannon's crumbling marriage) or just have them nitpick on petty B.S. that's blown out of proportion for the sake of having a storyline? I'm here for LVP, Erika Jayne, and hope to see some redemption/rebuilding for Rinna and Eileen. I still enjoy their home-life stories, so that's good at least. How sad to hear the long list of people Eileen has lost in her life recently. Kyle's daughter either doesn't like being on camera or doesn't like Rinna's daughters.
  5. Ha, ha, ha.... quite amazing, how they worked their way up the ranks so quickly. And Alison constantly having little personal crises, starting with Keith. Kate Roberts Lucy must've really had faith in her to put up with her crap. But with Alison's determination and desire to succeed, as established in the 1st season, it made ZERO sense for her to give up the corporate life completely at the end of season 4 and become a waitress at Shooters! I'm guessing she eventually had to move in with Jake out of financial necessity.
  6. Yes, the original release of season one was quite lavish for a DVD package.
  7. I hope they're recasting. I think the character is needed, but the actress is not.
  8. Thanks for posting! I must admit, I was hoping this First Noel you posted was going to be the version they used on the 1996 Christmas episode. As someone who used to love rewatching that episode (on VHS!), I always liked that rendition as they were decorating the tree.
  9. I haven't seen this preview, but I like hearing that they will slow things down this season. That is definitely something I have found annoying in recent years, even as long ago as when 90210 was rebooted on The CW. The pacing of serialized dramas is SO fast nowadays that too much happens too quickly and they burn out of story (plus it dilutes the shock & awe of big twists 'n turns). It's what burned out Revenge so quickly, but I'm happy Nashville is living on past a 4th season.
  10. The fact that B&B was deemed the Best Show shows how bad of shape all the shows are in. B&B has not been watchable since Aly died a year and a half ago.
  11. I actually found Phillip/Belle/Shawn to be one of the brighter spots this past year, or at least once Chloe returned and got wrapped up with Phillip. But everything has been a missed opportunity, so any potential is eventually squandered. Ditto to Nicole/Deimos. I wouldn't call them the worst on DAYS when there's so many worse couples to choose from. Soap Opera Weekly ceased in January 2012, I believe, right after One Life to Live left the airwaves. No final farewell issue, it just ended. They predicted SOD would fold in 2012 too, but here we are 4 years later! BTW, Carolyn Hinsey recently *returned* to the mag to do her Opinion column. She left a couple years ago. I used to love seeing the yearly Best & Worst issue back in the 90's when their opinion mattered. Best Story - The Baby Switch, Y&R Worst Story - Chase rapes Ciara, DAYS Worst Payoff - Paul is the killer, GH Most Shocking Twist - Quinn kidnaps Liam, B&B Most Preposterous Plot - John is a Robicheaux, DAYS Best Secret - Hope killed Stefano, DAYS Worst Secret - Douglas's paternity, B&B Best Couple - Nikki & Victor, Y&R Worst Couple - Nicole & Deimos, DAYS Best Wedding - Sam & Jason, GH Worst Wedding - Brad & Lucas, GH Best Triangle - Brooke, Bill, Katie, B&B Worst Triangle - Shawn, Belle, Phillip, DAYS Best Breakup - Nina & Franco, GH Worst Breakup - Alexis & Julian, GH Hottest Affair - Phyllis & Billy, Y&R Worst Marital Conflict - Abby & Stitch, Y&R Best New Pairing - Kiki & Dillon, GH Most Rejuvenated Family - The Kiriakises, DAYS Best New Character - Griffin, GH Worst New Character - Summer, DAYS Most Rejuvenated Character - Eric, B&B Most Ruined Character - Michael, GH Best Return - Jill, Y&R Worst Return - Aiden, DAYS Best Goodbye - Abby, DAYS Worst Goodbye - Nikolas, GH Best Family Drama - The Corinthoses, GH Best Umbrella Story - Daniel dies, DAYS Biggest Waste of Talent, Male - Kristoff St. John, Y&R Biggest Waste of Talent, Female - Eileen Davidson, Y&R Most Improved Show - GH Best Show - B&B Honorable Mentions: Best Frenemies - Monica & Tracy, GH Most Wasted Characters - Rick, Maya, Ivy, B&B Best Scene Stealer - Thaao Penghlis, DAYS Most Convoluted Story - The Paragon Project, Y&R Most Unnecessary Twist - Deimos cripples Maggie, DAYS Most Tortured Couple - Nicole & Zende, B&B Best Addiction Story - Jennifer pops pills, DAYS Worst Addiction Story - Katie, B&B Best Deja Vu - Adam presumed dead again, Y&R Silliest Summer Plot - Joey & Jade in the cult, DAYS Best Short-Term Comebacks - Jax and Robin, GH Most Wasted Romantic Potential - Kristina & Parker, GH Most Topical Story - GC Buzz, Y&R Best Use of History - Valentin, GH We Hardly Knew Ye - Joe, GH Best Special Episode - One-Offs, DAYS
  12. So sad to hear. He was one of the greats. I had the pleasure of meeting him in 2004 when he was at B&B; so full of life and a nice, funny guy who recalled his Stefano days fondly. His performance helped usher in the re-energized DAYS craze of the mid-90's with Maison Blanche, his Queen of the Night obsession with Marlena, his amnesia in Aremid, the Lady in a Cage underground Paris story, etc. He was so good when they allowed Stefano to be bad with a smirk and wink, so as not to be just a mustache-twirling villain. RIP, The Phoenix.
  13. Good premiere episode! I love the vibe LVP gives off of "I give two sh-ts about half these bitches but I'm the queen of this show so you need to figure it out." She's got Kyle back on her side, Erika is open and receptive, and Dorit is her BFF. She's got her ladies aligned and the haters can stew. I think Rinna will be groveling to patch things up with LVP but there will always be tension. LVP will meet her half-way for the sake of the show, but we know she forgives but never forgets. Just ask Brandi, if you can locate her out of whatever shoebox she's living in nowadays. Meanwhile, I hope the tension from Eileen is wrapped up in the next couple episodes because I'm already tired of it. Find a new story, Kristen Blake-Black DiMera. That said, yes, she looks amazing. Absolutely stunning. Eileen is ageless. I swear, people like her and Don Diamont from B&B are preserving themselves when the cameras aren't rolling. So far, I like Dorit. Her boasting about her nannies was reminiscent of season one Camille, and her face reminds me of a younger, healthier, prettier Taylor Armstrong mixed in with Brianna Brown from Devious Maids/GH. I'm glad Erika can rise above the toxicity of last season because I really like her. I must admit, I like her song, "Pretty Mess." Check it out on YouTube if you like catchy dance music. I loved the mention of Erica Kane and the split screen shot of her and La Lucci circa 1980's.
  14. Yes, it feels very scripted in its setups and coincidences. And the vocal music used for Cynthia's scenes is like some sort of made-for-TV movie vibe.
  15. C'mon admit it, y'all love to hate her. Honestly, it wouldn't be RHOBH without her or Lisa. Lisa is The Have... Kyle is the Have Not. I find Atlanta to be pretty ho-hum this season....