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  1. Good premiere episode! I love the vibe LVP gives off of "I give two sh-ts about half these bitches but I'm the queen of this show so you need to figure it out." She's got Kyle back on her side, Erika is open and receptive, and Dorit is her BFF. She's got her ladies aligned and the haters can stew. I think Rinna will be groveling to patch things up with LVP but there will always be tension. LVP will meet her half-way for the sake of the show, but we know she forgives but never forgets. Just ask Brandi, if you can locate her out of whatever shoebox she's living in nowadays. Meanwhile, I hope the tension from Eileen is wrapped up in the next couple episodes because I'm already tired of it. Find a new story, Kristen Blake-Black DiMera. That said, yes, she looks amazing. Absolutely stunning. Eileen is ageless. I swear, people like her and Don Diamont from B&B are preserving themselves when the cameras aren't rolling. So far, I like Dorit. Her boasting about her nannies was reminiscent of season one Camille, and her face reminds me of a younger, healthier, prettier Taylor Armstrong mixed in with Brianna Brown from Devious Maids/GH. I'm glad Erika can rise above the toxicity of last season because I really like her. I must admit, I like her song, "Pretty Mess." Check it out on YouTube if you like catchy dance music. I loved the mention of Erica Kane and the split screen shot of her and La Lucci circa 1980's.
  2. Yes, it feels very scripted in its setups and coincidences. And the vocal music used for Cynthia's scenes is like some sort of made-for-TV movie vibe.
  3. C'mon admit it, y'all love to hate her. Honestly, it wouldn't be RHOBH without her or Lisa. Lisa is The Have... Kyle is the Have Not. I find Atlanta to be pretty ho-hum this season....
  4. Does this mean they have the rights to stream and/or decide if reruns could be played on classic TV station? I say figure out the logistics (i.e. royalties, music rights, etc.) and rerun them somewhere. Please don't resurrect any soap opera at this point in time. Staunch fans (and, as a result, the people who produce/write the shows) will clamor for their longtime favorites to still portray bedhopping story-driving characters. It's time to come to terms that the actors we love are in their 80's, it's not the 80's.
  5. I feel like pandelerium is going to happen come January 21st. It's like he's trying to hold off on his secrets, scandals, voter tampering and his pending cases of fraud from coming out until after he gets inaugurated. I'm hoping 'n praying for a Christmas miracle on Dec. 19th when the Electoral College votes. I holding out hope that it's in the works behind closed doors, not wanting hints to leak out beforehand.
  6. Perhaps a new Jett Carver. They should've brought back Jonah at some point. Thyme Lewis has aged remarkably over thyme.
  7. In all honesty though, aside from the DAYS 50th (which also included her), DAYS has been completely irrelevant and completely lackluster since she left.
  8. RHOA: Kandi's baby daddy girlfriend was all sorts of weird. That was a terrible set-up, microphone and makeup done up for the camera. What's the backstory, was she supposed to be holding a peach? And then to have a whole segment devoted to her, the baby daddy, and two friends (billed as Kandi's friends?), it was like some weird backdoor pilot to a new TV show, like they used to do on sitcoms back in the day. The producers are not making this season look organic at all. At least try. Porsha is a hypocrite for looking for a sperm donor, having shamed Kenya years prior. That said, she picked a fine specimen to get a sample from! I can't blame her for asking him. Sheree's hair looked absolutely beautiful when she was working out with Kandi (love how they "work out" with 5 lbs of makeup on, but I digress) but that short 'do is a don't. Next week, looks like she's back to the buck shots. She's very hit or miss with the hair.
  9. I think I fast-forwarded every single she was ever in except one where Jordi's chest was out. Ha!
  10. Glad to see she's popping in. I'm surprised they gave away the February sweep spoiler of the wedding.
  11. They'll upchuck anything to give Heather Tom a story.
  12. I was thinking the same thing as I was watching. Forget about "Hillary-the-politician"... just as a person, as a woman, she is an endless fighter. She incredibly intelligent, poised, articulate, and as she said, when you get knocked known, you get right back up. I was getting teary eyed listening to her because I feel genuinely bad for her. She has worked so hard over the years and to have her fight for the White House end like this is horrendous.
  13. Wow, that was a great interview. Incredibly honest and open. She sounds very passionate. I haven't watched Y&R regularly in 6 years but I'm definitely tuning in come December 7th.
  14. I am also in Illinois, in Chicago, and my entire office team is devastated. Absolutely enraged this happened. We all voted, make no mistake. We all took it way too seriously to be passive.
  15. My heart aches for this country