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  1. Gray Bunny added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    What a fun NYC finale! So much packed into that episode, it spilled into the next hour. I bet they could've cranked out 2 full episodes out of their footage if they wanted to flesh out the final wrap-up the personal lives of all the other ladies (Ramona, Dorinda, Sonja, Jules), but nonetheless it was crazy good. LuAnn made such an ass of herself when she came over at the party and demanded the ladies stop talking about her... they weren't. Oy.  It was a classic case of "I don't want to talk about it... but let's talk about it." 
    Despite that goofy encounter, LuAnn owned this season. Well done, Countess. I look forward to seeing what she says at the finale. And I'm very curious to see what juicy dirt they spill on Bethenny. Kudos to Ramona for not passing judgement on LuAnn, knowing from personal experience that you never know what's going on behind closed doors in a marriage/relationship. 
    That is SO funny and shady that Bravo kept in the discussion where Dorinda revealed to the other ladies that LuAnn/Tom wanted to stage a scene where Dorinda would back up their cover-up about the waiter. Again, I look forward to seeing what LuAnn says and what the ladies say in retaliation. 
    Memories of NYC seasons past as they used their old "final wrapup music" for Bethenny at the tail end. I would say this season ranks just under Seasons 2 and 3 (the originals just had *it*). NYC got their groove back and I hope they're able to secure the same cast next season! If Bethenny bolts, suck it up and bring Jill back. 
    RE: New Jersey. If Danielle Staub is finally open to returning, they need to get on that. I could see it now: An unhealthy alliance with Teresa, wacko Jac going off the rails on her, and someone finally calling Melissa to task for conspiring with Danielle in the past to get on the show. Danielle is always such a loose cannon, even when Andy interviews her. She won't hold back and I love her delusional ass. 
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  2. Gray Bunny added a post in a topic The Plan to Save DAYS: 2016 Edition   

    After reading the article, I can't help but notice his interview is pretty brief in comparison to other "Save DAYS" interviews, and his explanation/preview of what's coming up to entice viewers back is quite vague and non-specific. Okay, we have a few villains coming back, two of which were recent and relatively unknown in the grand overall landscape of DAYS. Plus, we have Kassie DePaiva and they seem to have Matt Ashford back on a moment's notice whenever Jenn is hallucinating. 
    He seems worn out. Part of me feels he's the problem, part of me feels like he's got his hands tied as he's watching a loved one get beaten. I don't get it or the situation. Why has it been such a roller coaster ride when it comes to staying on top of the quality of the program content these past 6-7 years? 
    Edit: Actually, it seems it's been an up and down battle since 2003, when NBC gave him the mandate to bring Reilly back or else. However, it was after the budget was slashed and the storylines faltered by 2010 that it seems so terribly inconsistent. 
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  3. Gray Bunny added a post in a topic Fun Thread! Favorite Soap Couples Ever?   

    My top two all-time favorite supercouples will always be DAYS' Bo & Hope and GL's Josh & Reva.
    (But kudos to DAYS for still keeping John & Marlena around)

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  4. Gray Bunny added a post in a topic Soap Actress reveals medical malady   

    That's so sad to hear. Glad to hear she's doing well and her spirits are up. 
    I'm thinking her return as Eve must've been originally planned as long-term? If she was diagnosed in July and the commercial previews is presumably for events throughout this next month, perhaps she returned on set back in February/March? I'm guessing she's one of those characters Ken and the new writing gang thought, "Why did we let her go? Bring her back!" 
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  5. Gray Bunny added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    I was about to report the same  
    Haven't watched OC yet (hubby still prefers NJ first; why, I have no idea) but NJ's problem is that it can't evolve. Ever since its Season 3 premise (which successfully transitioned from being centered around Danielle as the resident evil one), they just can't transition from Teresa & Melissa "working on their relationship" and Teresa and Jaq's fractured friendship. It's old, it's tired, it's been done. Teresa hasn't given two effs about Jacqueline for the past 4 years. Siggy and Dolores are cute, but are basically time fillers and don't really serve a purpose. At least there's the friendship connection with Jacqueline (unlike The Twins and Amber... I can't even remember how they were introduced... did someone visit a Dunkin' Donuts?), and perhaps it'll all gel together when they have their group trip next week. Overall though, New Jersey just seems stuck in a story rut. 
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  6. Gray Bunny added a post in a topic DAYS behind the scenes, articles/photos   

    Look at that soap goddess in her 90's possession heyday. It's so classically 1995. Watch the 1:48 mark where Melody Thomas Scott rolls her eyes and mouths the words "Deidre Hall."  Ha! 
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  7. Gray Bunny added a post in a topic The Plan to Save DAYS: 2016 Edition   

    After all, plans to save Guiding Light, As the World Turns, All My Children and One Life to Live did not work. 
    But then there's the proverbial Terri Schiavo debate.... What quality of life is it really....? 
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  8. Gray Bunny added a topic in DTS: Spoiler Island   

    The Plan to Save DAYS: 2016 Edition
    It's here! We all knew the annual "Plan to Save DAYS" was just around the corner. I wonder what fanciful tales Corday will sell us this time. 

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  9. Gray Bunny added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    OMG, that Chic C'est La Vie had us cracking up!! 
    Well, whatever the cause or backstory is, Bethenny can sell the tears (Heather Dubrow, take note) and make it look like genuine turmoil inside. P.S. She must've had some sort of work done, but I can't tell what. But it makes her mouth look different. It's the same way she looked when she appeared on WWHL during that timeframe, with her hair lookin' all good and her mouth looking like a barbie doll's that opens all cute when she smiles. I can't put my finger on it; maybe DaytimeFan can enlighten?     (cute Christmas tree analogy, BTW. It works) 
    LuAnn's reaction was reality TV gold. Breaking down before Bethenny even said the secret, fumbling to get into her hotel room, and breaking the fourth wall by telling them to stop it with the cameras. The season finale episode looks amazing, and one of those juicy situations where you can't believe all that is going to be wrapped up in just one hour. Can't wait for next week, plus the reunion! Luann's gonna be coming out, balls dragging and ready to take names. Plus there's the "revelation" about Bethenny brought up by the other girls. 
    Oh, and let's not forget the hilarity of our jokesters. At some point every night, Dorinda will hit that mark where all her words are slurring. Kudos to Bravo for closed captioning her gibberish with unintelligible words! Ha!  LOL to Ramona and Sonja being Ramona and Sonja and wanting to do something more fun on their own instead of attending the pre-planned event of Dorinda's. While they missed out on the gorgeous boat views of Miami, they definitely upgraded on the entrees. 
    I would give Jules another season, if she were open to it. Post-divorce, she'd probably open up more so and give us the details. Way better than Kristen ever was, and Heather is old news. This cast is perfect for another round. *IF* they were able to put up with Jill Zarin, I'd be totally down for it, but their Nielsen ratings were too good this season to justify a need to bring her back.
    (Now a Danielle return to New Jersey is another story. That'd be pretty much a last-ditch effort, IMO. They did it with Bethenny and it worked. Perhaps the queen of delusion needs to return to The Garden State). 
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  10. Gray Bunny added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    .... and a 1,775,000 for NYC last night, narrowly overtaking OC for the gold, but we'll settle for a solid silver. 
    All joking aside, good for them! I think people had written this one off after the unsuccessful reboot between Season 4 to 5 when Jill, Alex, etc. got the boot, but they're kicking Jersey's ass easily, even without a cozy Sunday night spot. 
    There's rumors Bethenny won't return. Thoughts? As abrasive as she's been since her return, she definitely helped make this season the success it is. 
    On the sites reporting about NeNe's money woes, they mention she's a former RHOA star and isn't returning next season. I thought she was? 
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  11. Gray Bunny added a post in a topic Rio Olympics   

    Mentally, he's a child. 
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  12. Gray Bunny added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Ratings report! 
    Orange County:  1.8 million
    New Jersey:  800,000. Ouch. We'll blame this on a post-Olympics slump? 
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  13. Gray Bunny added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Yup, yup, yup. 
    I really liked Shannon in her first season, and clearly she ate up all the praise and adoration and has been mugging for the camera ever since. Problem is, she now comes off as a Nelly Nag in every direction. Her husband, the other housewives, life in general. Dr. Woo (or whomever, wasn't that Vivian's doctor on DAYS?) couldn't pull a needle out of her butt with a tractor (that's a line from Roseanne about her uptight neighbor, BTW, and very appropriate here). She is a drain to watch. She hasn't been funny since her first season when she wasn't trying to be funny, and her marriage issues are uncomfortable to view. 
    NJ... Oh my God, Jacqueline is still as sloppy as ever. She has learned nothing and reacts like a petulant child. Calling Teresa's own brother to confirm something he said to her two years ago, and then goes and says Teresa is the one bringing up the past. I guess rehashing something from 2 years prior is better than 5. Whatevs. Sloppiest of the sloppy and I look forward to seeing Melissa turn on her. I may finally like Melissa at that point. 
    Thank God LuAnn and the NY pros returns tonight. It feels like longer than two weeks since their last eppy. 
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  14. Gray Bunny added a post in a topic DOOL: August 2016 Discussion Thread   

    In all honesty, it doesn't feel like it's been off because I tend to let 'em build up and then crank 'em out (usually fast-forward at least half of it).  I've still got 12 episodes to catch up on. 
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  15. Gray Bunny added a post in a topic B&B Return   

    The suspence of her impending return has been murdah! 
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