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  1. Not at all. Your assessment is spot on. I think Siggy is a good addition; the hubby finds her annoying, but I generally like the more annoying ones, haha. If they kept her and Dolores on for another season, I'd be fine with that. They're certainly an improvement over The Twins/Amber. This show has failed to evolve and will never evolve. The castmembers who have friction clearly hate each other and their forced interactions look beyond contrived, more so than the other Housewives shows. I'd be willing to watch a last-ditch effort next season if they brought Danielle back. She'd battle Jacqueline (whom I just cannot stand but Danielle's calm, icy demeanor by comparison will make Wacko Jacko look even more imbalanced) and probably Melissa, as they dredge up the past of what happened between seasons two & three. Danielle & Teresa would have an unholy alliance, and whomever else is on the show will pick sides or begrudgingly stick on Wacko Jacko's side. Another round of Kim D and Kim G for kicks 'n giggles, too. I'm glad next week is the season finale. I wonder if they'll squeeze a three-part reunion out of this. I can't recall any gossip about the reunion?
  2. Who gets the burden of claiming Cosgrove? AMC since he started out there? I think he put in the most years at GL.
  3. Yayyy!!! Any word on Bethenny?
  4. I think it's funny how drastic the sizes of the women change from the very front (Kandi) to the basic back, to give the perception of depth of field in the shot. Sheree and Phaedra are tiny! They ought to do genuine cast photos like they used to. Is that too old-school?
  5. Thirsty ol' lady Kim G.... can you imagine if they dusted her off and brought her back for an episode or two if Danielle returned? Oh I hope this (Danielle) happens. Queen of delusion and reality TV gold.
  6. I guess Andy reacted to the Danielle/Teresa photo. I hope this is where Season 8 is headed... It's do or die, Jersey! If NYC can do it, you've got a shot with the original bad girl! Wow, caught up on OC. How dirty and toxic this show has become. Kelly is no saint and sloppy as hell when drunk, but I hope she drags those three Salem witches at the reunion.
  7. One last remark Not about the GL/ATWT reunion, but the talk show in general... Although I think "The Talk" has been better than "The View" for a number of years now, they could do more actual talking if they stopped having the audience clap so damn much. I swear, in that one hour, 25 minutes are commercials, 15 is actual conversation, and the remaining 20 is waiting for the trained seals known as audience members to finish with their clapping and cheering. With constant breaks for clapping, plus the quick (and edited? Is The Talk actually live?) frenetic pace of the interviews, I sometimes wonder if an old-school Oprah Winfrey style (where the audience remains quiet and the tone is mostly serious, or at least a frank discussion about whatever, versus keeping EVERYTHING light 'n bubbly) could work with today's viewership habits (or what the networks believe to be our habits). If the show doesn't shove something bright 'n shiny at us every 8 seconds, they're afraid viewers will grab their smart phones and start checking out Facebook and Instagram instead.
  8. Kim Zimmer and Colleen Zenk were visibly overwhelmed with emotion. It was cute. The interviews were short but sweet. If Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live were associated with CBS, I could see him having one or two GL/ATWT alums as side guests every now 'n then. Dare to dream.
  9. Amen.
  10. Sheryl is a huge CBS Daytime fan. When Frank Grillo was on a few months ago, she got all excited and said he'll always be Hart Jessup and thought it was funny that he's married Dinah, the woman who shot him dead. Look forward to watching this evening. And yes, this would be the perfect time for CBS to introduce streaming of both shows, even if in small doses.
  11. 60-something million viewers is still quite a feat, even looking at numbers for debates in the past 20 years. But I can understand the fatigue, even with the huge scandal coming out Friday. Can't believe we're finally just 4 weeks away.
  12. Side note: I'm so happy to see "Days of Our Lives" in the mainstream press again. Ari, this is your chance! Get an interview on The Today Show! Billy Bush can interview... That would be terrifically awkward.
  13. You guys are surprised? I thought this was the deal all along. Y&R, B&B, ATWT, and GL castmembers all in one hour. It's better than Wayne Brady and Drew Carey in place of Josh & Reva. Sorry to be a Negative Nancy in this thread, but CBS doesn't have to do any of this. These shows ended 6 and 7 years ago. Let's just enjoy it for what it is. I would expect the same thing if The View were to celebrate their former soap lineup: Present GHer's and some AMC & OLTL alums, including Debbi Morgan, where they'll casually mention that she also appeared on Loving, The City, and Port Charles.
  14. Great choices! Glad to see Josh & Reva and Phillip & Beth again Aren't Grant Aleksander, Michael O'Leary, Cynthia Watros, & Tina Sloan appearing in a play or some project together currently?
  15. As for the debate, I haven't seen it yet but I really wish people would stop complaining that something that actually addresses issues is "boring." Politics is not a reality show and thinking of it as such is part of the reason we're in this insane position. Agreed. The last time a VP debate was Must-See-TV, we had this hot mess: I'm fine with a ho-hum debate.