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  1. Nah, it was still before his E.R. days. It wasn't until he was on "SISTERS" as Falconer that he landed the role and thus Falconer was killed off That'd be pretty damn awesome if he came back for a cameo and Booker and Jackie reunited.
  2. Didn't Laurie Metcalf win an Emmy for the abuse episodes? I thought they were well done on all counts, and not just an "all men are asses" stance. We still had the good guys represented in Dan. Love how when Dan learned that Jackie was beat by Fisher, we see him simply grab his coat and leave the house and we knew where he was going... Different topic: I always thought it funny the timing of Jackie's pregnancy vs. Roseanne's due to real life. Jackie was already showing in the episode where she gets knocked up, and is the size of a house by the next episode. Meanwhile, Roseanne announces her pregnancy at the start of season 7 (September), but doesn't give birth until season 8 on Halloween.
  3. I've seen people online dog Adrienne for being too "old" and haggard for Lucas. Although I don't see the chemistry in Adrienne/Lucas, I don't think her looks or age should play a factor. And I'm sure it's being said by old, haggard viewers who only *wish* they could snag a dude 7 years their junior. Besides, by that comparison, isn't Jenn too old for Eric? That said, in all honesty, Freddie Smith didn't look like he was eating healthy. Just like Casey Moss looked like he was boozing and partying too much a couple years back. He's off the sauce and Freddie's off the pasta sauce. Well done to both.
  4. I thought it was funny how they included that. They broke the 4th wall in a very casual manner (as opposed to someone getting into a physical altercation), but at least it adds something new to the story. They made her look so naive meanwhile, all smiles in the kitchen. Monique and her husband remind me of this funny meme...
  5. Meanwhile, this past Sunday, POTOMAC dropped to 1,069,000 million without Atlanta for a lead-in. For me, Tinsley is flapping around aimlessly. There's no roots to her, whereas Kristen and Jules were married (and Kristen had kids). Tinsley doesn't even have her own home. It feels like she's just bunking with Sonja for a few weeks to film the show and then she'll jet back to wherever.
  6. Ooh, that'd be delicious. I wonder if Bethenny will bolt beforehand though since she's joining two other shows (Shark Tank and I think a Bravo show with the realtor-ex-porn-star dude) Kristen, Jules, now Tinsley... Other than the delicious Dorinda, NYC's additions in recent years are always a generation younger than the vets, and it just seems too forced to insert them into the show. (Okay, so technically Tinsley is like 5 years younger than Bethenny, but she carries herself like a twentysomething).
  7. That's a really good assessment, and I forgot just how good Season 7 was when I saw the recent reruns and reunion (the reunion was a beautiful blend of snark and humor... "wake up, mama!" to a sleeping Ramona). Dare I even say that Kristen Taekman wasn't that bad. Pretty harmless and took no sh** from NY's Frick 'n Frack (Ramona & Sonja). Looking back, who was more intimidated by the other -- Heather or Bethenny? I originally thought Heather, but now I'm thinking the latter, and she just uses that hard-edged, fast-talking ice queen approach. Also, I don't get why she hated Kristen and her "pop of color." At least in season 7, Bethenny wasn't sporting that horrible, choppy wind-blown hair-don't.
  8. Yeah, I'm sure Mark will be mentioned as having died in some crazy freak accident, as only he could in his oafish ways. It was 20 years ago Roseanne ended, and next year 30 years since it began. Yikes, I'm getting old.
  9. Lecy looks great, quit hatin' Ron I noticed that too, it focused a lot on the first 6 seasons (it actually shows a lot of 5 and 6... "Dad is dead!"... smoking pot, the lesbian kiss, etc) and only had one from season seven (DJ kissing his black schoolmate). None from 8 or 9. I hope the reboot isn't heavy on the politics or heavy on the nasty (her humor got bitter seasons 7-9).
  10. Love that all the originals are back, including "the real" Becky. In true Roseanne form, Sarah Chalke will also appear as a different character (maybe a neighbor.. next door, living in the Bowman's and Tilden's old place; the snazzier replica of their own house... just throwing out fun ideas). I wonder if some of their peripheral characters, like Martin Mull's Leon and Sandra Bernhard's Nancy, will pop up.
  11. At this rate, Thomas will have already dumped Sally and knocked up another girl by 4th of July.
  12. Agreed, and thank goodness Cynthia has stuck it out on this show because I've come to find her way more refreshing to watch than half the other women on ATL nowadays. She was boring and kinda desperate to make waves her first couple years, but now she fits so naturally and is a sturdy anchor in the sea of housewives craziness. NYC: I'm finding this season okay so far, but nothing is really WOWing me. Indeed, Ramona's picking at Bethenny re: "soft porn" and daughter Brynn being accosted by Barbara Walters on the playground, seems too contrived and forced for the cameras. I like it better when the Big B & Big R are friends versus foes. Whatever work Ramona had done during filming does not look good, nor does whatever filter or lens Bravo is using on their talking heads. It makes Ramona, LuAnn, look too shiny and haggard. Ramona actually looked amazing a couple weeks back when she and Alex McCord (who still looks good, still kinda weird; some things never change) were on WWHL. Not sure if it was a combo of better makeup, softer camera lens, better cosmetic work, or what, but she looked really, really good at 60. Still, this season is making Ramona ugly, and the fact she supports Trump (and was quoted by another WWHL guest saying at a party, "He's gonna build that wall! He's gonna do this & that...") makes me not support her as a viewer. We'll always have "Turtle Time" though... Sonja's little jabs at Tinsley "stealing her friends" is too petty to even try to morph into a storyline. Just stop. I'm not sure what the real deal is with Tinsley's living situation. Does she really have no other place to stay in NYC? Is she really just a full-time Miami resident? She's nice, but seems like she's a generation younger than everyone else (and I just googled. She's 41, Bethenny is 46. If someone told me Tinsley was 31, I'd believe you). Thank God for Dorinda. 3rd season in and her personal story still seems fresh, and she's still a joy to watch. I liked the bonding scene with her daughter and parents at Richard's gravesite. The daughter still needs to work on her makeup and choose an entirely different lipstick color, but overall very nice and I loved the grounds of their Berkshire home. LuAnn's sister has the same smoky voice. "Love the lace. I love lace..." Ha!
  13. I didn't even realize until very recently that Judith Chapman and Jane Elliot played the same role on DAYS. So Elliot and Wally Kurth played lovers on DAYS and mother/son on GH.
  14. Oops, forgot about Marcus/Steffy and Marcus/Amber. Re: Justin/Donna, yup, and they had an off-screen breakup. Justin casually mentioned to Bill that they realized they were better off as friends, or some such nonsense. The show was really invested in them as a couple, weren't they...
  15. I sure loved that on-location shot of a back alley dumpster a couple weeks back. Such a glamorous location for their special guest star, Erika Jayne from RHOBH.