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  1. I'll get to work on that for ya and post the beautiful collage here.
  2. Pretty crazy that only half a million of the 4.4 million viewers of Y&R are W 18-49. That's like 12%. Would be interested in knowing their full statistics.
  3. Sally's growing on me. Her first few days were a little rough (came on way too strong) but she's finding her groove. The insta-pairing with Thomas is silly though, rushed as always. And why would Sally tell the son of her business rival that her company's future depends on the review of one fashion critic? Darlita, eh, not necessary. Question: When the Spectras are added to the opening theme (which of them are on contract?), who will be removed...?
  4. Congrats to DAYS, the cast and crew, if nothing else than for staying employed for another year. Corday has fought for his team's survival since its first real threat of cancellation in 2003. I'm looking forward to Ron Carlivati's DAYS. Yes, he has a shelf life with coming up with creative ideas, but DAYS has a limited shelf life too, so perhaps they'll coincide. It's better than picking from their usual pile of former headwriters. Clearly, they knew everything wasn't a done deal and the higher ups needed hope of a better product. We'll see what we have come July (well, according to Corday, it won't *fully* be Carlivati's work until September. Oy, this taping schedule...)
  5. Did I miss earlier discussion where it's been announced that Danielle Staub is returning to New Jersey? No confirmation yet if she'll be a Friend or full-time, but she is returning.
  6. Shelly Hennig seems to have hit the same Hollywood diet as other former soapers like Abigail Spencer and Sophia Bush who's neck and jaw area are so small now that it actually makes their teeth looks huge. Jordana Brewster is another one.
  7. This was the Avant family's swan song. We know how Brad rolls. He's completed his transgender story arc; he's completed his black family story arc. His new fixation is the Bootleg Spectra clan. Sadass NuSally is on location in Australia with the rest of the vets, but like Ivy, she won't make it to the next on location shoot. P.S. It's ridiculous to see someone like Steffy bouncing between limp Liam and weenie Wyatt when you've got anaconda Carter In the same room, single and ready.
  8. Messy. At least keep them on in a recurring capacity. I'm sure the actors would be open to it, and they're connected to so many characters.
  9. There's only one Bootleg Sally
  10. I'll gladly take Golden Girls references as they fight over who gets to be on top that night versus the eunuchs they currently portray.
  11. Loved the Queen of the Night flashbacks and Paris flashback! My one gripe is that they mixed in current background music and muted the original (DAYS has great music in the mid-90's) yet you could still faintly here it. That masquerade ball looks suspiciously like St. Luke's... God bless this show and their shoestring budget. Nicole is giving us some 1998 bumpit hair today; very reminiscent of her first year on the show.
  12. Geez, I guess we can't hope for even a tenth of a budget like they had for the Paris masquerade ball in the summer of '96... Instead, they have eye masks from the dollar store.
  13. This is from June of 2002, when Variety Magazine had an impressive multi-page article celebrating GL's 50th anniversary on TV. It shows their decline in viewership since 1987, including HH number, share, and millions of viewers.
  14. Glad to hear Lydia is returning to balance out the toxicity. She isn't a huge big-time name, but there's already history there. Some may find her kind of annoying, but if you can put up with ATL's Porsha (and I hate to say it, but after 5 seasons I finally tolerate her and almost kind of like her), you can handle anyone. Funny how there's some of us who still hold a torch for Lizzie. Missed opportunity there and it's sad they filmed a lot for her second season and then dropped it altogether. Someone needs to rattle Tamra's feathers. If there's one "soap payoff" OC still needs, it's an icing of Tamra just once. LVP has had to do it twice now on BH and persevered. BH's Eden has become the most annoying Friend Of ever. Miss $25,000 sunglasses was just dumb (and her drunk and jaded appearance a season later was hilarious). Eden is flat out obnoxious.