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  1. Harold, Jack & Jenn's friend/assistant in 2001-2003 wore thongs. Discuss.
  2. There. Way more fascinating than Marcy Walker or Judas Priest. Start with your favorite soap hunk and we'll work our way through Alice Horton and Nancy Hughes.
  3. She's wondering why the heck this was asked in the first place. Have we really run out of new topics to discuss on this board?
  4. Yeah, that looks like Ashford to me. Maybe he's just a Christmas angel, briefly visiting. Here's hoping... Separately though, Eugene would be a perfect "Carlivati" character. If he's looking for wacky, zany side characters, DAYS has a rich history, from Eugene, Calliope, Vivian, Ivan, Bonnie, Celeste, etc. Hell, wasn't Ruth Buzzi briefly on the show in the early 80's?
  5. I agree. I prefer Jason Cook, but in terms of Shawn-and-Belle, I actually like Brandon Beemer opposite Martha Madison versus Cook. There was a lack of chemistry between Cook and Madison, IMO.
  6. Yes, they definitely need to go the OC route and not do as many group outings. I haven't seen NYC yet, but in general, what bothers me about Tinsley the most is her voice. It constantly sounds like she needs to clear her throat.
  7. Oy, it's 1995 all over again. Marlena does not take too kindly to pre-emptions...
  8. I'm all for a bloated cast full of vets. The returnees will mostly be recurring. We know Ali Sweeney is already gone. Who knows about Eileen Davidson. And I'm glad about Shawn & Belle, and would rather they stay and their daughter is shipped off to college out of state.
  9. We won't need to. If he's a bust, NBC won't renew DAYS next Spring.
  10. They shouldn't be. It was never mentioned or insinuated that one looked like the other. Surely Jennifer, Jack, Kayla, Steve, Hope, etc. would've mentioned it at some point. Next, we'll have Renee Jones returning as Nikki Wade, who's suddenly noted as being a dead ringer for Lexie. The only doppelganger / Tale-of-Two story I'd like to see is Wayne Northrop returning as the *real* Roman, and they can do whatever with Josh Taylor, who sadly just celebrated his 20th anniversary of taking over the role...
  11. I think Tamra mentioned they were all eventually kicked out of the restaurant, and Tamra went back the next day and spoke with the manager who said Shannon wasn't welcome back!
  12. I'm gonna say that Will's return will be like the original Gina/Hope story where it wasn't confirmed for a good year or so whether Hope was really Hope. Granted, in this day and age, it won't be carried out for a year, but just a few months, just in time for a Christmas miracle. I'm projecting of course, but they could even do a fabulously 90's soap promo... (with a NEW, BETTER NBC announcer who isn't half-asleep as he reads the promo) Instead of, "You thought she was dead, but there's always Hope..." Do, "Where there's a Will, there's a way..."
  13. Hold Your Tongue! Please no. If Carlivati wants to bring back an old-school zany Reilly character, bring back Mama Celeste!
  14. Ugh, one of the worst characters in the past 15 years. Please don't make me become annoyed of Judi Evans again...