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  1. Has Jane even been on in this entire month? If so, I missed it. Stupid show. At this point, by the time she leaves, people will be like, "Tracy who?" Ms.Q, I PM'd you.
  2. Aw Ms.Q that Burgi quote makes me miss Tracy/Paul SO much. Thanks for posting the AMC clip, DRW50. So, who is enjoying Tracy and Hayden? I kinda like them and Finn together, but hate that they won't write for Tracy. Stupid show. Still, JE has had awesome stuff the last month or two. It could be(and has been) worse. Ms.Q, I left you a PM.
  3. Jane has had some great stuff the past few months. Sorry I have not posted here much, so much going on IRL and with the holidays and all. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well, had a good Thanksgiving, and here's to a great Christmas and Happy New Year. I am anxious for 2017. It's going to be a year of change in many ways. Here's hoping they are good ones. And yes Ms.Q, happy late birthday !
  4. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, so the rumor of Jane retiring doesn't mean much to me unless there are concrete details about when. Sure, she's probably *thinking* about retiring, and God willing, will retire one day. Besides, we knew about TG retiring MONTHS ahead of time. So it will be with Jane, unless she herself says to keep it secret until the end, and why would she? I really don't think Frank Valentini is that dumb, to not give the mags and the fans a heads up in advance to prepare to say goodbye. She's the current oldest contract cast member, and the longest contract character in terms of years of show history. He'd be foolish to just drop a line in SOD the week before she's out. Then again, a lot of the stuff he has done has been very foolish. I still doubt it's going to be anytime in the next few months. Her contract is up for renewal-or it is close to that time-and talks start months ahead of time. Jane would have told them then, I think. We'd already know by now. Mags typically don't comment any more about an actor signing a new contract, only when they are coming and going. Either way, I do think the viewers would know a few months ahead of time, especially considering they tape about six weeks ahead, and stories are written months in advance. So for now, we're safe. Personally, as long as they keep giving her good material like she's gotten the past month, I want her to stay until GH ends, if SHE wants to.
  5. Jane has just been awesome recently. No posts in two weeks here? :(( I hate what they did to Paul. Even if Richard wanted to leave, it didn't have to be like that. Last week, yesterday, he and Jane and even FH-who I normally don't think much of-have been great. Robert has been good, too. I love how forceful and protective Dillon can be over his mama. That, my friends, is a real man. Kiki deserves to lose any hope of a chance with Dilly.
  6. Congrats truenorth, that is wonderful news. I have been so busy with work and traveling, no time to post online really. But will have to watch this week's episodes and let you know what I thought. For those who have already watched, wasn't Tracy on all five days?
  7. *waves back* I guess I just have a fondness for RC's respect for JE. Yeah, some of his stuff was dumb, but I do think he really liked writing for Tracy. I am not so sure these writers do. I think they recognize Tracy is popular, and respect Jane as an actress, but I don't get the feeling they just are chomping at the bit to write her a story. I do still think maybe something is coming for her-exit story or not. Guess we'll see !
  8. *waves to truenorth and Ms.Q* Yeah, I don't know what is up with the whole "your body is still recovering" jazz. If they were just going to shove Tracy out of the story as the rescuer, why involve her at all? As you said Ms Q Sonny has to have his paws in everything. This show is a mess. *sigh* I'm strangely all right if Jane does retire. If they are not going to make use of her, it's probably for the best. However-I always kind of pictured her as staying for a few more years-if the show is still around. I would like her to get a good exit story, but these writers couldn't do it justice I don't think. I wonder if they could make a deal that RC was a temp writer just for the purpose of writing her out. I always felt he loved writing for Tracy. He gave Tracy Joe Jr, after all.
  9. I feel weird posting in here, basically replying to myself. But oh well. I enjoyed Tracy the last few appearances-I always do. Part of me is a little scared they'll never again give JE a love interest. Trying to be positive though-but other than throwing Paul at her, who is there? I doubt they'd let Tracy win against Hayden for Finn-even if Tracy wanted him-but who knows at this point, if she even would? They aren't giving her much to do, or much of a perspective, compared to others. I can't tell-but I do think Tracy is lonely, which is one reason she clings to Finn in the first place. But-you know how I had that "feeling" they were planning something, then they gave her the illness story(as pitiful as it was?). I have that feeling again-they are planning something for her-something pretty awesome and dramatic and something that will let JE sink her teeth in to it. It's just feeling for now...but I was right last time, so. We'll see.
  10. Long gone are the days when any soap board is hopping-but yeah it's sad to see hardly anyone posting here anymore. I did mean to come in and bump the thread because she was on last Friday, but her scenes were so short and I just honestly couldn't think of anything to say other than groaning about how they aren't using her, LOL. I do think she will be on the 30th and/or the 1st of next week as well as the dates you posted, Ms.Q. There is a spoiler out there somewhere for one of those days. Sometimes I think we'd be better off if Jane went to recurring, but I doubt it, because there are already dozens of people who we only see sporadically. I still do think there's more there, and I try to keep hoping for the best, that they are going to give her more to do and maybe even a story of her own, about her. Note to TPTB that airtime propping Finn and Hayden ain't it. Though I don't mind THEM supporting TRACY'S story, that would be a nice change.
  11. See I kinda got the feeling that while Jane is looking forward to retiring, she didn't speak of it as something happening really soon. Who knows? I prefer to think she'll be around another year or more. What are they doing with the baby stuff? Not sure they even know, LOL. Long lost kid, or just filler material that leads nowhere, with these writers, could be either/or or neither. I am grateful we get to see her, just wish she had better material. This isn't really about "her". And I do want her to have something about her, even the worm infestation was more about Finn and Jason getting to play hero.
  12. truenorth, we hardly ever see ELQ. It is basically just ordinary corporate office looking, multi story, etc. We used to see so much more of the Q mansion than we do now. Now, it's basically the Q sitting room. The boathouse now and then, and the foyer. Tracy, back in the day when they showed her bedroom, was huge LOL. I would imagine her closet alone is probably the size of most people's rooms. I hope we get good Tracy stuff this week, anxious about what is in that letter Dillon finds. Good to see you posting, Ms.Q ! Ever since Luke left, it's been pretty slow around here. It's kinda sad.
  13. I have been so enjoying the show this week. true north I can come back in a few days to answer your questions re: the mansion/the Qs. May be Saturday, though. Loved Tracy/baby, Tracy/Finn, and of course Tracy and her boys this week. I still think Tracy's scenes are way too short, though ! So I guess they are really hinting hard that Tracy gave up a baby in her past. That's what one of the last scenes with the baby hinted at to me.