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  1. No Days or B&B here either.....
  2. When did Thomas become this big prize that Sally and Caroline are fighting over him? Lawd...another horrible story by Bradley. Can Dollar Bill stop being Dear Abby and stay out of other people's lives? Brooke has been so watered down. She could leave LA and no one would miss her. More Quinn/Ridge kiss mess story. Ugh this soap continues to stink! Sally to Caroline: Thomas and I are the real deal! Own it! Who wrote this garbage??
  3. Same...
  4. Me too ...although her puppy Ravi is still around. Not on as much but wasn't Dina pimping him today?
  5. They are both bad. At least DG once upon a time had a great body.
  6. Not even close!
  7. Yeah, Angelica said Adrienne must have winked at a guy to get the loan to keep Spectator running. Then she said that it wasn't important anymore that the prize was Justin. I have no idea what Higley had planned for Angelica but her wanting Justin and not going after him since he is available but instead coming up with this ridiculous scheme is just dumb.
  8. Please no!
  9. The word dopplegangers was even mentioned in today's show. I thought today's show was ok. It kept my interest although.... Angelica's reasons for using Hattie don't make sense. Hattie asked how her being Marlena(and separating from John) was going to help Angelica get Justin. I find it dumb considering what Hattie said that they were already broke up and Angelica said yes but Justin still wants her. And?...LOL At least MF face seemed to move. I'm assuming Angelica will replace Adrienne with Bonnie.
  10. I hope Bonnie is Adrienne because I loathe the Justin/Adrienne/Lucas triangle that RC brought back up on today's show. And a Will mention. When's the last time he was mentioned?
  11. Nah...not until you know who debuts...then I will be able to tell....LOLOLOLOL
  12. What will happen on his first day? Will Sonny and Paul sit down and watch a Golden Girls marathon? Will they brake out singing..."Don't worry by happy"?....Will shirtless men appear all over our screens? Will Days now have a Nurses Ball with Milo as lead dancer?
  13. The actress playing Caroline is only on recurring...we know what that means....blah...
  14. Marcy

    1. GSGfan2017


      Soapsuds, is it true that you have been a Marcy Walker fan?  If not, have you had issues with her acting or whatever?

  15. So Dina has alzheimer?...yawn....zzzzzzzzzz
  16. She seems like a very nice person but she is a very bland actress.
  17. Did you see her scenes with Marlena the other day? She was downright horrible.
  18. I ff through most of the show..... Cane going on and on with Billy was zzzzzzz...he has some nerve saying he owns up to his mistakes....ha...what a joke..... Nikki and Jack were ff material...more Nikki trashing Victor after defending him to Nick Speaking of....lord Joshua Morrow can't act.....
  19. That last scene with him and Lani was so hot but not because of her.....LOL It sure felt like Ron writing.....shirtless guy....LOL And can they make up their minds with their men..are they staying smooth....LOL....they were smooth for the longest time and then went hairy for the longest time and now back to smooth....must be a RC preference....LMAO
  20. What was the purpose of those scenes? There was no need to repeat dialogue again. It was just to give GR another damn appearance.
  21. Andrew Kavovit ex-Paul ATWT was on The Home Shopping Network this morning. He looked great!