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  1. The problem with this show is rushing the Spectras and Sally/Thomas pairing. No one cares for the coupling only Bradley Bell. Also, the Quinn/Ridge mess makes for bad TV.
  2. Lawd no wonder Y&R is the pits! Amelia again at #1??
  3. I wasn't going to comment but it is apparent that Joshua is already aware that fans of the show don't care for the pairing of him and Chelsea. So now he is crying about it and trying to pimp it. And he hasn't left Y&R because he knows what a sucky actor he really is. No one will hire him. It has nothing to do with the nonsense he mentioned.
  4. Wow...I thought Berdych was going to beat Roger. At 6-4 in the tie breaker Tomas didn't take any time which I think he should have instead he quickly served...commentators said it was his biggest serve of the day even though it was a fault. Roger is running out of gas and that last set showed it. I see him losing in the semis to the winner of tonight's match.
  5. Sounds like the usual boring special from Sally Sussman. I don't know why I expected more from Sally considering how bad her Generations was.
  6. That sounds painful bad.
  7. BTW...this guy is really yummy as well.
  8. IMO Nadal is being over hyped. His game hasn't gotten better. I think his motivation is the reason why he looks better. He saw Roger doing so well in Australia so that motivated him on. Look at his horrible loss to Sam Querrey in Acapulco. But yes Jack sucks....LOL Gawd...I can't believe he is now #15 in the world and closing in on the top 10. I wonder if he will fade like he usually does though in majors. The media has been trying to make Jack happen for over 10 years now. He still needs to lose that belly fat if he is going to be a true contender. Again, he hasn't beaten anyone this year except for Grigor so the media needs to stop pimping him. He won one title and the other one he got from a default. And I don't count Kei because he was injured during his match in IW even though the played it.
  9. On the cbs website? I don't get POP anymore. I found it on I miss the closing credits graphics and theme of soaps...
  10. Ha...I am glad she bashed Alfonso....I can't stand his sorry arise....
  11. Impressed with Venus's win tonight! Jack Suck......LOLOLOLOLOLOL I see the two bafoons that are Jim Courier and Jay Berger were sitting together...Jay needs to quit tennis altogether and go watch his worthless son play golf. Btw...had Jack hit the ball boy with that ball he swatted at ....he would have been disqualified.
  12. First set goes to Nadal.....LMAO at Jim Courier making the drive to the match....probably thought Jack had a chance....yeah right whatever....LOL Jack is climbing the rankings but he hasn't beaten anyone except Dimitrov lately....I don't count Kei cause he's been injured since IW where he beat him. Jack Sock has been beating nobodys so far this year.
  13. Don't tell @BetterForgotten
  14. With the loss Kei drops to #7 in the rankings. I am so sick of Kei's game. All he does is drop shot. I have a feeling more will leap frog him in the ratings soon. Fog and Nadal should be interesting since Fog has beaten him before.
  15.'ve got good taste!
  16. Fabio wins and is in the semis
  17. I'd love to have seen Angie Dickinson as Krystle no matter how good Linda Evans was in the part.
  18. Jennifer Landon is joining Days and will be involved with Nicole story.
  19. Thank gawd! For what though?
  20. Konta wins.....LOLOLOL