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  1. Sharon Case does wonders for actors who are limited(Joshua Morrow too) doesn't she? I thought she and Burton worked well. As for Sally....his exist story was just awful. I thought she did an horrible job in writing him off the show.
  2. Ain't that the truth!!! He is burnt out! He has no clue what he is doing. So many characters are being wasted....Katie, Brooke, Carter, Rick, Wyatt....the list goes on. I loved the Maya/Rick/Caroline triangle when both were going at it for Rick's love before this Myron nonsense Bradley Bell came up with. He totally ruined it!
  3. They are trying to make him a Sonny clone from GH with that hair. It makes it worse than helping in his scenes.
  4. I didn't take his comment seriously. Gray Bunny and I go way back before he got married and he knows me too well. But in this case he was wrong. I've never cared for this actor in the role. It's unfortunate they have never gotten it right where Thomas is concerned.
  5. Yup..that's why I changed it...LOL. Giving Freddie Smith this type of material is just bad. He is not that type of actor that can pull it off. The I am macho/thug/I can run a company business is just ridiculous!
  6. I tuned in for about a minute and saw how bad the episode was and changed it....LOL. Gabby's awful acting of being tipsy.....and Sonny going at it again with his macho act....ugh.
  7. I know what you mean. It was just another PS for Myron. I am so sick of her! I wish Rick would never have met her.
  8. I love it! Eww...that is old...haha...I haven't used it since 1958.
  9. What happened to T? I can't recall his last scene. He and Will's friendship reminded me of Luke and Kevin from ATWT. I would have loved a Will/T pairing if Sonny didn't pan out. T could also be bi.
  10. Who is Lamon Archey? And who did he play on Y&R? I didn't know he was on Y&R. Who is he?
  11. Pink slips should be Nina, Franco, Maxi, Nathan, Kiki and Julian for starters.
  12. Days could have easily hired Judith Chapman if they really wanted her but they didn't. She is not on contract with Y&R.
  13. What a boring pair. Steffy is fine alone but Liam is boring no matter what.
  14. I'll have to DVR it! Lawd the guy is hot....LOL As for the rest of today's show..... Liam, Steffy, Wyatt and Katie ...zzzzzzzzzz boring!