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  1. Yes he did. I thought he was going to let it slip like he did with Nadal. I love that he was very animated during the match. I am sure John completely lost it after the match. John is one awful returner. All his matches end up in tie breakers because all he has is that serve. They both looked exhausted after the match.
  2. Lindsey Davenport Never calls Keys matches.
  3. Yes! Sasha beats loser Isner....haha.... Gawd can the Bozo Gimelstob be more transparent? He should NOT be calling John Isner's(his lover) matches!
  4. Ah ...ok...thanks!
  5. Ok Sloane Stephens is a jinx....LOL.....she interviewed Bethany Sands and she lost today...LOL...everyone she interviews loses their next match...LMAO
  6. Bad Santa??
  7. So not watching the show...did they recast or is Plywood appearing alone or is he not appearing either? Did they leave to parts unknown? many questions..
  8. Borna beats Thiem only to lose to Mannarino today. I like Mannarino's game but Borna should have won this match.
  9. The show is crap, poop, [!@#$%^&*]!