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  1. OMG.....Hahahahahahahahaha....I guess Johnny's alter ego emerges when he puts on those glasses.....LMAO
  2. Congrats Grigor! And was asked after his semi win ....who is the most handsome guy on tour? His answer? Feliciano Lopez.....wish he had his legs/theighs...and when he sees him in the showers....he asks him let me see those legs....yeah...I am sure its more he wants to see....ha!
  3. NBC is the worst network. Why not a complete national preemption? Like ABC and CBS did with GH and Y& half of the show and preempt it for coverage when ABC and CBS had them beat for more than an hour of coverage. So dumb...
  4. Ouch!....LOL After all the dust settled we have Grigor vs Cheerios....LOL....not a bad final....hope Grigor wins.
  5. I don't think Will shows up until the wedding or after it. I know Sonny proposes to Paul. I am not sure if that happen yesterday or next week.
  6. The writing is the same and so are the misspelled words!
  7. The show under Higley was boring...under RC so far it's just plain stupid.
  8. Pierson is the worst actor they have period!
  9. I still remember the scenes where she found Silas dead. Lawd those were awful scenes.
  10. And now he loses to pathetic can't return only have a serve Isner. I am not surprised at all. Tiafoe's win was more about Sasha being completely drained then Tiafoe's game. I was surprised even Justin Gimblestob said his win wasn't that big. My mouth dropped when he said that...LOL....cause you know how he loves to pimp the Americans. The rest of TC is already glowing with glee on how great the Americans will do in the US Open. Of course they will with all the top 10 out for injuries....LOL. It's pathetic that almost all of the top 20 ranked players have to stop playing for John Isner to win matches....LOL.
  11. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  12. He was an ok actor with great looks. Maybe RC will give him a call and recast him as the new Joey....LOL. He is gone yet they keep Ryan Paevey....
  13. I am not going to miss him at all.