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  1. LOL at Justin Hartley on Pyramid. Can he be anymore adorable though??

  2. The Alice episode with Alice and Carrie singing the Rod Stewart song....Lord know the show had run out of ideas in the 9th season.

    1. Khan


      "Alice" probably overstayed its welcome by two years.

  3. Marcy

    1. GSGfan2017


      Soapsuds, is it true that you have been a Marcy Walker fan?  If not, have you had issues with her acting or whatever?

  4. Season 5 of Alice is finally coming out on DVD!

  5. The Complete Series of Green Acres is coming out on DVD!

    1. OLTL #1 fan

      OLTL #1 fan

      I'll go out and slap a meter maid just to celebrate

    2. Mitch


      That is Zsa Zsa...THIS is Eva....though for a minute I thought there might be an episode featuring a meter maid slapping as this show is that goofy...and I mean that with love.

  6. It's great to finally own the 7' version of Purple Rain.

  7. The New Gong Show is horrible!  I can't believe the couple with the banana act got a perfect score....ridiculous!

  8. CMT interested in bringing back "Last Man Standing" with Tim Allen.

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    2. KMan101


      I liked the show but CMT was probably cheap, Fox probably wanted too much, Allen probably costs too much ... it had six seasons, it was a nice run

    3. Khan


      I agree, @KMan101.  Six years IS a nice run.  Not every sitcom gets to run that long.

    4. KMan101


      Nope, very true.


      I still think Dungey did the show dirty, it did quite well for a Friday night show. I imagine ABC synergy moving the long sinking OuAT there, for it's final season, was the reason (it was) but they could have given it, and Allen, a 13 episode farewell season to air mid-season or summer ... but it seems a lot of shows are renewed simply based on the financials behind it all. Ratings don't play a huge role like they used to

  9. Watching Alice and I had forgotten that Douglas Sheehan(Ben, Knots Landing) appeared as Jolene's bf and burglar....

    1. KMan101


      Heh I was watching that too. I always liked him

    2. Soapsuds


      I always preferred Gary over Ben....LOL. But he looked rather cute/adorable on the Alice episode.

    3. KMan101


      I preferred Gary when he wasn't being an ass ... lol

  10. Dallas star Jared Martin(Dusty Farlow) has passed away.:(

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    2. Khan


      I always remember how Linda Gray (as Sue Ellen) would say Dusty's name in that breathy, sexy voice of hers.

    3. slick jones

      slick jones

      Sue Ellen's second true love...:-(


    4. Soapsuds
  11. GH is being pre-empted.:D

    1. dragonflies
    2. KMan101


      For one of Trump's loons ... and GH aired the last half hour ...

  12. Searching for Toups!  Knocks on his door.:lol:  Any ratings yet?:D

    1. YRBB



  13. The Final Season of Rhoda is finally coming out on DVD!:D

  14. They took all that damn time to pick Ryan Seacrest?? I thought we were finally rid of him.

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    2. ChitHappens


      If you can take Kelly, The Kunt, EVERYTHING else is a piece of cake!

    3. Soapsuds


      Ryan loves the attention. He told his pals he had big news...and he goes on to say that they said he was going to be a dad or get married or he was coming out as gay. For someone who says he is straight he sure uses the gay care a lot.

    4. KMan101


      He's as straight as most of the men in Hollywood are "straight" ;)

  15. Lawd...its barely April and its already 100 degrees!!

    1. ChitHappens


      Don't be bragging!  

    2. Soapsuds


      Hahaha....I am not actually....and it's over 100 today with a heat index of 112....yikes....we are suppose to get a cold front tomorrow. So things will cool down to the mid 80s....LOL

  16. Scott Baio is a loser! The words he said against Erin were just awful.

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    2. DramatistDreamer


      Why he has so much anger, I'll never know but he clearly had longstanding issues with Erin. In any case, it makes him sound like an insensitive jackass to take that tone.

    3. MissLlanviewPA


      His wife was having a Twitter meltdown earlier today trying to defend him, it was so hilariously bad. 

    4. dragonflies


      I remember once reading something Erin said about him and it wasn't good. Now I truly believe every word she said

  17. I didn't know season 4 of Falcon Crest was available on Itunes and Amazon Prime.  Hmmmm

  18. Three 1987 Cliffhanger previews....lord that was a week!



  19. It's great to have new episodes of Lip Sync Battle!

    1. DRW50


      Have you ever watched the UK version? 

    2. Soapsuds


      No I haven't.

  20. Happy 39th Anniversary to Dallas which premiered on this date in 1978.

  21. Happy 61st Anniversary to As The World Turns!:wub:

    1. slick jones

      slick jones

      ...And Edge of Night!!!!!

    2. DramatistDreamer


      Wow, just last year I remembered this and today, nope. As The World Turns has always been my favorite soap and I'm sad that P&G can't even be bothered to allow fans to purchase a few more downloads and/or DVDs.

  22. Watching One Day At A Time on Logo!

  23. What in the world has happened to Krystle Carrington?