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  1. Lawd...its barely April and its already 100 degrees!!

    1. ChitHappens


      Don't be bragging!  

  2. Scott Baio is a loser! The words he said against Erin were just awful.

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    2. DramatistDreamer


      Why he has so much anger, I'll never know but he clearly had longstanding issues with Erin. In any case, it makes him sound like an insensitive jackass to take that tone.

    3. MissLlanviewPA


      His wife was having a Twitter meltdown earlier today trying to defend him, it was so hilariously bad. 

    4. dragonflies


      I remember once reading something Erin said about him and it wasn't good. Now I truly believe every word she said

  3. I didn't know season 4 of Falcon Crest was available on Itunes and Amazon Prime.  Hmmmm

  4. Three 1987 Cliffhanger previews....lord that was a week!



  5. It's great to have new episodes of Lip Sync Battle!

    1. DRW50


      Have you ever watched the UK version? 

    2. Soapsuds


      No I haven't.

  6. Happy 39th Anniversary to Dallas which premiered on this date in 1978.

  7. Happy 61st Anniversary to As The World Turns!:wub:

    1. slick jones

      slick jones

      ...And Edge of Night!!!!!

    2. DramatistDreamer


      Wow, just last year I remembered this and today, nope. As The World Turns has always been my favorite soap and I'm sad that P&G can't even be bothered to allow fans to purchase a few more downloads and/or DVDs.

  8. Watching One Day At A Time on Logo!

  9. What in the world has happened to Krystle Carrington?

  10. One Day At A Time coming to LOGO!  Yes!

    1. ChitHappens


      That's great news!  I loved that show!  

    2. Mitch


      DAMMIT Julie!!!


    3. Soapsuds


      March 25 is the first airdate with a marathon for most of the day. I believe that is next Saturday.

  11. Watching Dick Van Dyke Show in color and in Blu Ray. The PQ is outstanding.

  12.  These Y&R stories are horrific. CBS can't be pleased at all.  A direct quote. I hope SS is out soon as HW.

  13. Y&R fire Sally Sussman.

  14. The Gloria Show ..written by Sally Sussman

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    2. cassadine1991


      You know they'll get someone who will guarantee the show get cancelled or is that what you really want

    3. Khan


      At this point, I'm prepared for Y&R to get the axe.  No one just doesn't get the show like Bill Bell or even Kay Alden did.

    4. MichaelGL


      Last time people thought Y&R was boring, it was under Griffith, and you know I kinda liked his Y&R much more than the one that followed. 

  15. Luke Bryan sucked singing the National Anthem!

  16. Y&R needs to fire AH who is one awful actress.

  17. Lady Gaga rocked halftime!

    1. DramatistDreamer


      That and the 3 women from Hamilton are the only parts I actually watched. The NFL posted the entire half-time show on Twitter. Technology can be a thing of beauty when it actually works well.B)

  18. LMAO at Atlanta losing the Super Bowl!!

    1. DramatistDreamer


      I heard they had a 20 point lead!! That's crazy to have that big of a lead and lose...I don't care how good Brady is supposed to be.

      So glad I don't care about either of these teams.

    2. Soapsuds


      They had a 25 point lead....LMAO....if I were the Falcons I'd go into hiding...LOLOLOL

  19. Sally Sussman needs to stop with her Gloria fascination and fire the actress! Gloria is a bore!

  20. Protesters in DC!  Trying to move protesters away from the parade route. 95 arrested and some officers hurt.

  21. Happy Birthday Gray Bunny..aka Tim!;)

    1. YRBB


      Happy Birthday!!

    2. DRW50


      Happy birthday.

  22. Sally Sussman and Kay Alden's non writing has been so disappointing!

    1. YRBB


      Kay Alden is not writing!

    2. DRW50


      SSM has never been much of a writer. I did like some of her DAYS run...

  23. My soap viewing may finally be coming to a end!

  24. Can Lee Phillips Bell fire her own son at B&B as HW? LOL

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    2. Soapsuds


      Bradley Bell needs a hobby. He shouldn't be anywhere his mom and dad's soap. He is a horrible EP too. He would still dictate story.

    3. DramatistDreamer


      At the very least, Bradley needs a sabbatical and let someone else write for awhile. He seems utterly burnt out!

    4. Nothin'ButAttitude


      @Soapsuds, I am EP in the sense that his job is to only focus on the budget. @DramatistDreamer, I agree that he needs a LONG sabbatical. Brad's been burnt out since 2005.