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  1. I noticed that as well on Thursday's episode.
  2. Nope!
  3. Hmmm...I missed that....was watching but Verdasco losing to Ferrer was too much for me. What a terrible loss for Verdasco but what's new.
  4. Trashy is good too! Stupid vs Boring(Dena's Days)...hmmm.......LOL
  5. That's a pretty good description!
  6. Lord that spoiler.....LOLOL....RC inherited the right soap.....and glad that the other spoiler story will end soon too. I thought it was dumb.
  7. Well ...apparently Rafa was offered a ton of money to compete in next week's German Open on clay. Rafa said sorry but no thanks....LOL
  8. What a train wreck!!! He and Gulbis should write a song about how they are only playing tennis for just the hell of it.
  9. He's too busy being a fool to call her. He is trying to figure out which devil he will screw next....Sheila or Quinn again...
  10. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz......I hate Vicky and Billy together. Fixed!
  11. The ratings for the Wimbledon final were bad. Worse than expected from the press....LOL. The final with Roger vs Cilic barely mustered a million viewers while the women's final got even less. Tennis is in bad shape. You'd think it was great the way TC pimps the big 4. The final between Roger and Federer in the Miami tourney got higher ratings than that's sad that a non major gets higher ratings than a major. I always like JCF game. He is adorable too. I doubt he will make the Hall of Fame even though he won a major and was #1. But let's get Andy [!@#$%^&*] Roddick in there with one major.
  12. What a boring preview. The whole new Nick is a joke! Joshua Morrow still can't act. Poor Hilary.
  13. I tuned in for a second and saw Grandpa Eric uncombed and him complaining about how messed up his life was and the channel was changed. I am tired of Bradley Bell writing crap and laughing about it in interviews.
  14. Yeah, makes zero sense since she didn't raise him and had nothing to do with him.
  15. Sasha Zeverev has hired the mosquito. ..Juan Carlos Ferrero as his new coach.