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  1. The FC and Knots preview gave everything away for the cliffhanger...LOL....I liked Dallas the best because not everything was revealed.
  2. It's already happening. My cousin has no insurance. She can not afford it.
  3. I can't take either character seriously. I have stopped caring about both. Neither work as parents. They are too immature to be in relationships or have children. Ugh...I am so sick of Faith. And Nick's talk about Victor entering her in chess championships...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  4. And that's the sad part about it. AH has become the new and improved Joshua Morrow....her pairings never work. I haven't seen one pairing she has had that worked. She is an awful actress with zero chemistry with her male co-stars.
  5. Reed is the only good addition to the show but Victoria doesn't come off as a mother. AH can't handle the role and it shows in this story.
  6. Sussman would have no story for Chance or Nina. Jill vs Nina should have continued or picked up when JC passed away. Soap writers have forgotten how to write a compelling soap opera!
  7. That's why I always thought Nick should have been recast. Nick acts like a child and not a parent. His relationships have been so boring to watch. He has only worked with Sharon and that's it! And now Victoria is being written and acting the same way. She is childish and comes off very immature for her age.
  8. Generations was a piece of garbage and yes I do recall her writing on that show.
  9. Sally Sussman and Kay Alden's non writing has been so disappointing!

    1. YRBB


      Kay Alden is not writing!

    2. DRW50


      SSM has never been much of a writer. I did like some of her DAYS run...

  10. Ha agreed......Joshua Morrow's take on Nick is so childish. He acts like a kid. Noah looks and acts more grownup than his dad.
  11. My soap viewing may finally be coming to a end!

  12. I was going to say that but wasn't sure ....I thought my eyes were deceiving me....LOL