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  1. She probably still misses SC. Are they still dating? I thought her character was way overplayed through the many years and she is just a blah actress. She isn't needed in the cast IMO.
  2. Eww...they are boring couple and I see Faith is on tomorrow calling Nick and lying to him so that he will stay away from Chelsea....this soap is a hot mess. This is the same person who didn't want anything to do with her parents so she went to live with her grandparents.
  3. And Victoria was on once again...unbelievable!
  4. Yes, he should have but lets be realistic about his Oz win. He did beat a lot of good players and even Nadal who he hadn't beaten in a long time but Rafa isn't the same player he once was. Add to that loses from Nole and Murray who he hasn't been able to beat either no matter how awful players I think both are. So everything fell into place for him in Australia. Now everyone is gushing on how he will win Wimbledon and he has said publicly he will play 3 more years...Lawd those are Connor years...LOL...too old IMO. I was impressed by Tiafoe last night although I still don't care for his service motion. Delpo hasn't looked right the last two weeks. He has been overpowered by Milos and now Tiafoe this week. This is not the same guy who beat Roger at the US Open. Also I think Roger and Rafa fed off each other at this year's Oz Open. TC is already pimping him as the favorite in Paris. I don't think he will win it but we'll see.
  5. Byeeeeeeeee.....never cared for her!
  6. It's raining men, hallelujah, it's raining men, amen I'm gonna go out to run and let myself get Absolutely soaking wet It's raining men, hallelujah It's raining men, every specimen Tall, blonde, dark and lean Rough and tough and strong and mean
  7. Roger has just been upset by Donskoy! I guess he has finally come down to earth.
  8. Today's show is dreadful! And there is Kevin right on time looking as gay as a picnic basket! That scarf....NOPE!
  9. Will the stories be as nonexistent as they were in February? Did Y&R actually have a February sweeps? Well Sally Sussman actually write a long drawn out great story for one of its vets that doesn't involve her pets? Find out this month on The Boring & The Restless.
  10. Delpo wins! Next up Novak...should be a good one!
  11. Well, he will be on tomorrow and it looks like he'll be involved in Lauren's/Scotty story. Why am i not surprised.
  12. Nishkioka was a qualifier who also beat Ryan Harrison in qualies....LOL Ryan has been pimped a lot this week too. Also Casper Ruud won again in the third tournament going on this week. So his ranking went up again.
  13. And Jack Sock just lost to Nishioka in the first round...LOLOL this after TC pimped him once again today before the coverage began. How he won Florida tournament...we know he would have lost to Milos and how he was at career high #18...whatever...Sasha accomplished that before him at a much younger age two weeks ago. Everytime TC or ESPN pimps the American males they lose....LMAO He won the first set but after that it looks like Nishioka took over. And Thiem's pecs and big a$$ make another appearance thanks to TC....LOL I flove the Acapulco tournament because the men's matches don't start till 4pm local time and last till past it!