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  1. The Gong Show (ABC) – P 0.9/4 3.77
  2. Y&R hasn't had that in a long time. The casting choices have been downright awful.
  3. Edmund isn't British either. I am not sure if he was born there but he is South African like Kevin Anderson. Wouldn't they make a great South African team? I know Kevin wanted to play for the US a while back but don't think anything materialized about that. TC will be talking about Evans and his suspension after the Lopez/Berdych match.
  4. Is it hot in here or is it just me?
  5. Eh...LOL....I always like Kyle Edmund's game better than his. I wonder how long he's been doing cocaine? He hasn't done much of anything this year.
  6. Actually there were so many possibilities before 2017.... Keemo vs Nick Kyle vs Nick Adam vs Nick All squandered ...such wasted opportunities!
  7. I was more excited about the Dallas reboot than this. I will probably forgot about it unless someone on here mentions it the day of the premiere.
  8. The buzz to Maya being transgender lasted one day. I am sure not what Bradley Bell wanted. The story was a mess beginning with the thought process of doing it....
  9. Yummm...who is this guy? Nice big pecs...teehee.
  10. Didn't they go to Dina's company website and find his name there? I thought that's what I recall but haven't watched the show since.
  11. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder if Judy Murray has seen it?....LOL
  12. Only Papa Avant had a problem with it. No one else blinked and the story was pretty much done when it was revealed. Coming from an adoptive family Zende should have told Nicole it didn't matter if she could have her own or not because they could adopt. It was upsetting hearing Zende saying he didn't want Lizzie because it wasn't his bio child but Rick's. And?? Has he forgotten he is adopted? IMO he is more against Nicole getting Lizzie because it's not his instead of because she would separate a family by doing so.
  13. The New Gong Show is horrible!  I can't believe the couple with the banana act got a perfect score....ridiculous!