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  1. I second that. It is nice to see you posting again.
  2. Also liked the toast with Paul and Lauren...a nod to history. When is the last time Lauren and Paul had a scene together?
  3. That's what I was thinking and the talk about the good old times and John Abbott. Later Mamie goes to vist her own family and says she is staying in GC. She runs into Jill and they go from there.
  4. And sadly Colleen would take the offer. She gushed over the Henry pairing on Twitter...ugh....which Pissy wrote.
  5. Wish they would have brought back Mamie. She could have been visting the Abbots for the holidays. Heck, they needed to bring back Miguel too to the Newman Ranch. Those little things really matter!
  6. Wow, and I thought I was the only one that hated that set....LOL Nah..she is a DIVA.....VR is the one that's branded that...LOL
  7. Yeah him....LOL. He is so nonexistent again that I forget his name. DH is a hack writer and continues to get employed.
  8. There is nothing on the show that interests me. Sonny is being wasted again and I am so tired of the sad puppy eyes he gives Paul. There is no movement in the story and why did they bring back whats his name.....LOL..his name slips me...LOL
  9. If you mean the show is dull, boring, depressing with no good story to watch? Sounds like her trademark. Where is Quan? Does he not have any say in stories?
  10. I only say that because the original actor and KKL had lots of history and material that could be shown. The whole Ridge/Brooke/Dollar Bill triangle is rather useless and dull IMO. Thorsten could shave and still be unattractive.
  11. The only crossover that would be interesting to see is Erica Kane. To have Erica vs Tracy Q in some form would be enticing to see.