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  1. They still have no story. I don't know why they rushed Nicole forgiving him and then marriage in less than one episode. What was the purpose of it? It is ironic that the wedding was pre-empted and I never got to see it....LOL
  2. Sally is trying to copy Leanna Love with GC Buzz and it isn't working. It needs to drop like yesterday. Y&R hasn't been able to do a male to male relationship/a certain someone has been begging for a story like that and still nothing. So why would Sally do a woman to woman relationship? I will never happen. Y&R has lost any luster it once had...that special mystique that no other soap had so doing a same sex story wouldn't ruin that mystique since they lost that long time ago. I shouldn't talk since B&B its sister show hasn't done one either. Shame on both soaps.
  3. [!@#$%^&*]! I will take both of them please! So hot!
  4. Eugenie Beyotch vs Sugar Pimp Mama.....LOL Anyone hear what she had to say about Sugar Mama?.....I can't wait till they face off!
  5. SOD is reporting it!
  6. Tony Geary is returning to GH for a few episodes to usher Tracy off the show.
  7. The way she looked at Cane and Lily it was obvious she going nuts soon a la our Sheila 2.0. Juliet gave Cane all the clues to put 2 and 2 together. I was surprised he didn't go directly to Victoria and tell her that she needed to be replaced. Juliet was pretty much glowing that she got Victoria wasted. Too bad its a boring story since I don't care for any of the people involved. Lane has been boring since day 1 for me.
  8. The Forresters are dumb as hell and RJ is the dumbiest.if he thinks CoCo Puffs is going to turn in her own sister.
  9. Today was one boring mess of a show. Gawd, there is no hope for this soap.
  10. I wonder if Erin and Baio didn't get along. Ron Howard said she didn't want to do Joannie Loves Chachi and wanted to stay on Happy Days. There was also talk of her having fun with the guys in the cast(playing practical jokes) but Ron Howard never mentions Baio as being one of them.
  11. Caroline Franz and John Saffron wrote for Barbara when they were HWs of ATWT in 1983. It was during the whole James/Barbara/Gunnar time. I know CZ didn't think Gunnar was all that though. Bridget and Jerome Dobson might have started the story in the fall of 1982. Replacing Culliton with Pissy was ATWT nail in the coffin. Once Culliton left ATWT went downhill and pretty fast. I think Pissy was Co-HW in name only. Sheffer didn't have Culltion to reign him in. And it didn't help that Goutman had his own agenda and didn't care about the vision of ATWT.
  12. FYI...Thorsten is horrible too.
  13. It was funny as hell but that was jump the shark moment. I thought ATWT has completely lost what it once was(Hogan had completely ruined this show unless it was Pissy who was writing at time...cant recall). I did like Barbara calling everyone else hypocrites.
  14. Oh so there was no....leave Colin and Katie needs to mind her own business??....LOL
  15. I forgot about that live chat...Heather Tom was also going to be part of it.