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  1. Y&R continues to bleed in the ratings and so does B&B. Y&R is now in the 2's in HH numbers. Both soaps have lost a combined million viewers. Not surprised at the numbers considering how bad both soaps are.
  2. El Rey Network is having a Memorial Weekend marathon. That's Saturday until Monday night....
  3. @DramatistDreamer What kind of chance do you give Mischa against Stan? I was surprised that Berdych beat Milos since just last week he lost to him in straight sets. He plays Tsonga tomorrow in the finals of the Lyon tourney.
  4. Anyone know of a good program to edit music ...for example cutting and fading out tunes?
  5. That's Sally for you! Totally clueless to what she's writing.
  6. I wish him well. He was my favorite of the next geners Aussie coming up. He has a good chance against Kei who lost today against Misha. He didn't look that good spraying balls everywhere and looking lost and frustrated as Chang watched.
  7. Another harassment suit? Geez.....boring SSM...can't think of anything new....lord....
  8. It is great she is coming back but she is being used for the wrong story. Why am I not surprised??