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  1. Nope............
  2. Yes! Delpo wins! I think you might like Faulkner.... Although it does nothing for me....LOL
  3. true Cheap!
  4. Thought Milos was going to lose....grrrrrrr.....wanted Kyle Edmund to win. He should have beat him.
  5. Ha...that's who i thought it was but wasn't sure.
  6. I'd love to see someone like Susan Bedsow Horgan HW Y&R. I loved her time on ATWT and her recent run on OLTL. Btw...who is that guy in your avatar?
  7. There is a lot of hatred for it on other boards.
  8. With the latest ratings ....I don't think she will be HW much longer.
  10. Where are B&B Thursday ratings? The idiots at CBS showed it on the west coast but pre-empted on the Central and Eastern time zones. The numbers look dreadful for Y&R. That's not good news for Sally Sussman.
  11. Here is a thread about him from 2012.
  12. Kushner looks more like Steven's gay lover, Luke Fuller.
  14. He's done some movies lately and done directing and some writing...he is a recent pic of him.