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  1. I still remember the scenes where she found Silas dead. Lawd those were awful scenes.
  2. And now he loses to pathetic can't return only have a serve Isner. I am not surprised at all. Tiafoe's win was more about Sasha being completely drained then Tiafoe's game. I was surprised even Justin Gimblestob said his win wasn't that big. My mouth dropped when he said that...LOL....cause you know how he loves to pimp the Americans. The rest of TC is already glowing with glee on how great the Americans will do in the US Open. Of course they will with all the top 10 out for injuries....LOL. It's pathetic that almost all of the top 20 ranked players have to stop playing for John Isner to win matches....LOL.
  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  4. He was an ok actor with great looks. Maybe RC will give him a call and recast him as the new Joey....LOL. He is gone yet they keep Ryan Paevey....
  5. I am not going to miss him at all.
  6. I wonder if Milos will be next to end his season or Andy Murray??
  7. I thought Bradley had forgotten about Shirley. Dollar Bill is still after that building? Yawn....
  8. Lawd he looks inviting even in a hospital room.....LOL
  9. Where did you hear that?
  10. Just saw that and LL Christian Harrison got his spot. Lawd the draw sure is dismal......LOL
  11. Second that....who cares??
  12. Lawd that looks bad. I hate how they have declawed Quinn. No way would she have let Sheila get all over her on the couch. Even with Katie during her little dream sequence she plowed her with that large vase. An Ipad? LMAO....this show gets worse day by day.
  13. He just did the voice over for the PGA Championship over the weekend.
  14. Where is Jill? Seriously, her not being featured in the Cane story is ridiculous!
  15. Yes, Monfils is out too. I am surprised Milos hasn't pulled out too. He was complaining of a wrist injury last week in Canada.