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  1. Yes, WAY fucked up but its so entertaining. Oh how I wish I could have a ONS with Josh Marrow! Oh those shower scenes were almost TOO hot!
  2. Heck yes! This is the best Y&R has been the longest time. They are back on their A-game and I look forward everyday to watching Y&R because you never know what could happen and its exciting.
  3. I'm coming out of the woodwork to say: Let's get real. Neither one of these characters are what you would call intelligent nor role models. Its a show; they aren't real; take it for what its supposed to be, entertainment and not how you should be as a person.
  4. Are you for real? Brooke has MARRIED Ridge, Thorne AND Eric. Has a baby with both Eric and Ridge. She slept with her DAUGHTER'S HUSBAND and had a baby by him. That is just f*cking disgusting. I get you don't like Taylor but get a grip and a clue. Or better yet, when you are a grown up, come back and post. That would be lovely.
  5. What thread is that in on PGP?
  6. I know that SON is used to having big hits on the board, but man that is a lot. But Ive also noticed over at PGP they have had a ton of people over there (mostly guests) and I think they hit their peak at 700 and some people last night. I frankly found it to be very weird to say the least. I mean it is somewhat popular but 700 and some guests? That is just creepy!
  7. Les Mis Anna Karenina
  8. Crap! This is total crap!
  9. And these are some of the last people on earth to talk about marriage and morals because they are screwed up just like the rest of us, if not worse!
  10. I liked her a lot. I felt for her because she knew that her lie expectancy was going to be shorten and she tried to live everyday to its fullest because she knew that tomorrow was not guaranteed for her. That illness robs so many people of time. May she R.I.P.
  11. That he does. He and his wife have been married for 14 years. Their kids are too cute! And she looks fantastic for someone who popped out so many children.
  12. Ain't nobody fighting here, I'm just telling it like it is, lol.
  13. So bascially you're sitting up here making assumptions about me. And by assuming, you're making a you-know what out of yourself! Whats hilarious is the lengths that you are going for this girl. Stick a fork in it, its done. She is in jail and there is nothing that is going to change it. She tried and it failed, her ass got sent back to prison. Give it a rest already. Coming in here and barrading your opinion isn't helping matters. I don't go around casting any judgement, but if I feel that someone should pay for their crimes, they need to pay for their crimes. I don't care who it is. If I were to go off and do something like that, I would face up to the things that I did. I f*cked up, got caught and now have to deal with it. I'm not going to go crying to mommy and daddy because there is nothing that they can do at that point. Drunk driving is serious, very serious. And I honestly think it would take someone dying because of her to make you wake up. No one ever said that they were better than her. We are all human and again, in the end, it will not matter. All the money in the world will not save anyone.
  14. Don't need the proof sweetie, you can tell all in her attitude. And just because you said you didn't write a letter, doesn't mean that you aren't lying now. Since you are so gung ho about everyone hating her because of her name, why not spin it and call you the liar? I mean it is one thing to try to call me out and call me obsessed but uh, darlin take a look around at your posts around here and then get back to me on being obsessed. I believe that the good book said something about taking the plank out of your own eye before trying to remove a splinter from mine. And her behavior is not normal. If she were just some everyday common chick who did nothing but party, didn't even bother to graduate from high school, she would be labeled as common trailor trash. She does nothing, she has no real talent! You don't know her either so why do you waste so much time defending her? There has to be far better things to do. Why do I want her to go to jail? Because she deserves it, like anyone else who ever violated their parole. There have been cases that have hit home with me dealing with crap such as this. While I may care for these people, they broke the law, plain and simple and they have to pay for what they do; she needs to pay for what she did. She is no better than anyone else and the sooner you get that through your head the better. It seems to me that you think cause she is a Hilton and she has money, she should get off, everyone should back off and she should go home. Well its not working this time. She should have to pay a price for what she did. How hard is that to understand? It is hilarious the lengths that people go to in order to defend her. So sad!
  15. Lord, here we go AGAIN. It is past time that celebrites stop getting the easy road. For years now, everyone has been kissing their ass and now they're getting it kicked. What will it take for you to open your eyes and see the situation for what it is? I mean she could have hurt or even killed someone. But I guess since it would have just been an ordinary person their lives wouldn't have counted for anything, right? Everyone wants to see justice done here. She was all ready to party the day she got out and the judge pumped her brakes. She didn't take going to jail seriously cause she *thought* that she would some way or another get out of her sentence but nope, she didn't. Maybe this will get her to open up her eyes and see things for what they really are. She is really no one important. She may have a few dollars to her name but once this life is over, there is no amount of money she could pay to get out of hell. How did the good book put it? "Its easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man (or in this case a woman) to enter the gates of heaven" Think about that and your precious Paris. I hate to be blunt, but I'm going to be. Your way of thinking is totally screwed up. I've heard of fanatics but this one takes the cake. Kissing someone's butt that doesn't give two cents about you; basically just using you to further herself. Do you honestly thinks she cares about what you think and feel? No. More than likely she is saying "thanks sucka for boosting my ego!" I don't know whats more pathetic in this case.