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  1. I liked Reed/Mattie's interaction. I'm glad they're not going the "they hate each other at first" or "the cool guy making fun of the nerdy girl" route. But like with Ravi, they'll probably have Mattie lose her glasses to make her "good looking." I just don't like that mentality - and too possibly do it twice in a short period of time.....come on. I wish soaps had characters that wear glasses. I hope Mattie continues to wear them.
  2. Ratings for the week May 15-19, 2017
  3. The beginning of the season finale episode was pretty emotional - Blake Neely's score adds so much to the scenes. I was surprised that it was H.R. that died but looking back now, the clues were there all season. I really liked H.R. because of his humour. I also love the emergence of Killer Frost in this season. I just finished reading Suicide Squad vs. Justice League 6 part comic book series and I had no idea Killer Frost was part of the Suicide Squad team and that she's very powerful. The Killer Frost character is quickly becoming a favourite of mine now. I enjoyed this season and don't really have any big complaints, except that these comic book TV shows should have a shorten season. 23 episodes is way too long. Cut it down to around 16-18.
  4. Wow, that's horrible.
  5. Don't know. I don't pay attention to the View's ratings but I just checked the last 4 weeks and for Total Viewers they were down, compared to last year: 5%, 5%, 12%, 5%. It doesn't seem like they're doing well either.
  6. It's expected. I would bet that daytime cable news ratings are up. Trump and all his crazyness is having some affect on these ratings too. Soaps don't drop all at the same time.
  7. Ratings for the week May 8-12, 2017
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  15. I don't really care that much about ratings anymore - as long as the show is still good and its ratings are ahead of other NBC shows (which it should be even with this move). I think when the show ends (hopefully it'll last 6-7 seasons which is perfect for a heavily serialized show), it will go out of its own and not by cancellation.