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  1. I'm not worried about B&B - everyone's demos are going lower and lower. It will at least air for another 5 years on CBS. But once CBS cancels the show, Brad Bell will move it somewhere else.
  2. Brad Bell was still EP though. He may have not written the outlines or be in the writers room or conference calls, but he was still steering the ship. It's not like Kay did things without Brad's approval.
  3. I don't believe they ever owned, or had majority ownership, since they got locked out.
  4. SB was never at the top half of the ratings and was never a family-run soap. It's not comparable to B&B at all.
  5. It's technology and changing times. TV ratings are always going down. The next generation is watching stuff online/steaming. I'm not worried at all these lows in the young demos anymore. There's probably different data that the network execs are looking at, whether that's the L+3 or L+7 or something else. The demos are such a small percentage of the audience.
  6. The fact is the young demos will keep dropping because there's no new generation of soap viewers. In terms of total viewers, B&B and Y&R still get more viewers than a lot of primetime shows. B&B hasn't hit a new low in viewers in a very long time, the early 2010's.
  7. Check the first page.
  8. Ratings for the week April 3-7, 2017
  9. Y&R: - Matthew Clifford first listed as Editor on April 13 He was in between Boyd and Bibel. GH: - Lucky Gold first listed as Breakdown Writer on April 10 It looks Katherine Schock moved over to scripts.
  10. Ratings for the week March 27-31, 2017
  11. I thought MCE and EH were really good today. Those scenes could've been a lot better with Y&R's classic background music. I just don't understand why Mal is keeping JFP's music. Also the decision not to show the fight was a mistake. I hate it when soaps don't show the action sequence. They just show the beginning and then they go to commercial. Also, if the ring was going to be how Chelsea found out, then the ring should've played a bigger part in the story.
  12. Ratings for the week March 20-24, 2017
  13. Y&R: - James Freeman last listed as Associate Producer in March - Matthew J. Olsen last listed as Coordinating Producer on March 30 - Matthew J. Olsen first listed as Producer on March 31 - James Freeman first listed as Producer on March 31
  14. If there's one thing Zack Snyder does well, it's action sequences. Aquaman riding the Batmobile and then jumping off to fight the parademon was pretty cool. Since we'll be see more of WW in her own movie, I'm looking forward to seeing more of Aquaman and The Flash in this movie.