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  1. If there's one thing Zack Snyder does well, it's action sequences. Aquaman riding the Batmobile and then jumping off to fight the parademon was pretty cool. Since we'll be see more of WW in her own movie, I'm looking forward to seeing more of Aquaman and The Flash in this movie.
  2. Nielsen had issues last week. Maybe that's why these numbers are weird.
  3. Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team The Bold and the Beautiful CBS Head Writer Bradley P. Bell Co-Head Writer Michael Minnis Writers Rex M. Best, Shannon Bradley, Adam Dusevoir, Tracey Ann Kelly, Patrick Mulcahey, Mark Pinciotti, John F. Smith, Michele Val Jean Days of Our Lives NBC Co-Head Writers Josh Griffith, Dena Higley, Ryan Quan Associate Head Writers Rick Draughon, Beth Milstein Script Editor Fran Myers Breakdown Writers Lorraine Broderick, Christopher Dunn, Jeanne Marie Ford, Dave Ryan, Lisa Seidman, Elizabeth Snyder, Tyler Topits Script Writers David Cherrill, Lisa Connor, Richard Culliton, Carolyn Culliton, Mark Higley, Edwin Klein, Melissa Salmons General Hospital ABC Head Writers Shelly Altman, Jean Passanante Breakdown Writers Anna Theresa Cascio, Daniel James O'Connor, Chris Van Etten Script Writers Andrea Archer Compton, Suzanne Flynn, Janet Iacobuzio, Dave Rupel, Katherine Schock, Scott Sickles Writer Elizabeth Korte Associate Writer Christopher Whitesell The Young and the Restless CBS Head Writer Charles Pratt Jr. Co-Head Writer Tracey Thomson Script Editor Brent Boyd Writers Amanda L. Beall, Jeff Beldner, Michael Conforti, Susan Dansby, Christopher Dunn, Janice Ferri Esser, Lucky Gold, Kate Hall, Rebecca Taylor McCarty, Natalie Minardi Slater
  4. I guess I should've listed her as Co-HW because that's what the Daytime Emmys have her listed as. I'll change it. Interesting that GH has Chris Whitesell as "Associate Writer" on the Daytime Emmy nominated list.
  5. I too was expecting to see Jack die in the finale, but I'm so glad he didn't. I didn't want to see Jack die in such a negative way (drunk driving) or when he's in a negative place (with Rebecca). That fight between Jack and Rebecca was really good and I loved how it was all in one shot. I like how they met - Rebecca ditching her blind date, and Jack forgetting about this blind date. And it was their meeting that made Jack stop his plan to steal the money and steered him away don't a bad path. It was his "big break." I want to see more of their beginning, and I also want to see Randall and Beth's beginning. I just can't believe a show like this is doing excellent in the ratings. Usually these type of shows don't do well, ratings wise.
  6. SSM Boyd Bibel Conforti Dansby
  7. Y&R: - Tracey Thomson last listed as Associate Head Writer on March 15
  8. Ratings for the week March 6-10, 2017
  9. GH: - Kate Hall first listed as Script Writer on March 13
  10. I just binged episodes 3-17 in the last two days so I could catch up to the season finale this week. My God, what an emotional show! I normally don't cry or get tears when watching TV shows or movies, but I got tears on two occasions. The first one was when Kevin left his play to comfort Randall because he knew from that phone call that Randall was having a breakdown. I have a brother, so that scene hit me hard. The second one was when Randall comforted Kate during William's funeral. "I'm so sorry you had to go through this twice, Randall." And then Randall tells Kate about his dream. I've been waiting for a really good Randall/Kate scene all season.
  11. Brent Boyd was an editor, not a breakdown writer. Tracey Thomson is probably next, when her contract expires.
  12. Same here - when the show wasn't good, I'd just watch for the directing and background music. I'm so disappointed that Mal Young didn't change the bg music. It still sounds like JFP's Y&R.
  13. Ratings for the week February 27 - March 3, 2017
  14. I've never cared for Hillary and Devon as a couple but their scenes today were really good. It just shows that good writing really helps out. You didn't get these type of these under Pratt.