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  1. Yeah, this is a very surprising addition. Never expected. Soap Opera Writer Courtney Simon to Be Honored by Writers Guild East
  2. Happy Sara is back. Hope more pre-Latham writers show up.
  3. I do. He's one of nicest people you'll meet online - a great guy to chat with about soaps or anything else. I can see why the guy has so many friends.
  4. Ratings for the week January 2-6, 2017
  5. Thanks for the catch, guys. The weekly averages are done by Nielsen so either they screwed up or ABC/CBS did by not notifying Nielsen to code Friday's episode as 'special'.
  6. Yeah, the numbers for that episode was pretty impressive - 3.3 million. I'm surprised no other soaps got a bump for this week. They usually get one - that's why the year-to-year comparisons are so huge.
  7. Ratings for the week December 26-30, 2016
  8. The other BDWs weren't listed. I think AAC is gone too.
  10. I think she because she wasn't listed with the other script writers in the year end credits.
  11. From little I've seen of Megyn (her battles with Trump and Newt), I like her. It also helps that she's good looking - maybe I'm biased. LOL She seems to be a sane one from Fox News who doesn't get into the crazy stories/made up stories like other Fox News people. And I always choose NBC News over CBS or ABC (for breaking news, or election coverage), so I definitely like this move.
  12. You're right, thank you. I had "mvp" written down but copied MVJ's name instead.
  13. Wow! I just binged all nine episodes in the last three days. I was surprised it was Wes as well. So when Nate told Annalise that Wes was dead before the explosion, was he lying to her? I couldn't tell because of that scene with Nate and the coroner. I really love the twisted connection between Bonnie/Frank/Annalise - that scene with Frank almost committing suicide was fantastic/intense.
  14. Now that we're on new episodes, please use another forum to discuss old-school-Y&R.