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  1. It sounds like she has a co-HW or Associate Writer role that Tracey Thomson had.
  2. Ratings for the week June 5-9, 2017
  3. Wow, I didn't think Whedon would have this much control over the post-production. I wonder if the movie will be Whedon's edit of Snyder's edit. I like Elfman and I hope he keeps some of Hans Zimmer and JL's themes, especially the Wonder Woman theme.
  4. Yes! I get to see more of Fassbender/McAvoy's Magneto/ProfX - the best relationship from any comicbook movie/franchise. ? And hopefully this will make up for The Last Stand.
  5. I've always said he was the closest thing to Reilly. It should be interesting how he does without Valentini.
  6. But the show will need these ratings stunts. November to February will be crucial for a renewal. I say bring it on and bring crazy DAYS again. Can't wait to see all these returns.
  7. - David Cherrill last listed as Script Writer on June 2 - Andrea Archer Compton first listed as Script Writer on June 5 So it looks like AAC was hired by Higley/Quan and not Carlivati. Cherrill probably retired.
  8. Ratings for the week May 29 - June 2, 2017
  9. Y&R: - Bruce Neckles first listed as Script Writer on June 8 I remember him writing really bad scripts when he was at DAYS. Thanks for posting! I'm gonna have to listen to this when I get the chance.
  10. @[email protected] It's the same thing when people posts in the Spoiler forum, or when people talk about shows after it's aired. Unfortunately, I can't do anything about those side posts. I wish we still had the option to remove that part of the board like we did before but the new versions don't allow it. You just have to train your eyes to not look over the far right - it becomes instinctual after a while.
  11. The movie has been released in North America, and like TV shows, we don't have to tag spoilers once it's "been aired." People should know not to go into threads if they haven't watched it yet. Spoilers tags should be used if shows/movies haven't aired yet/been released. And yes, there is discussion about scenes below, just a warning. That is my favourite scene in the movie. She finally can't take it anymore, can't take how she's being told that she can't help right now, they have to keep going. She stops and tells them that she's going to go do something about this, she's going to help those people. Then the slow-mo as she unties her hair and her coat comes off, and the music kicks in as she climbs up the ladder, and starts to take on the Germans, and everyone is like, "WTF is she doing?"........"Let's go help her!" So damn good! I liked the comradery between the four guys and WW. That was another positive aspect of the movie.
  12. Strong, courageous, caring, charming, funny, beautiful (that smile!)…..I can now add Wonder Woman to my list of favourite superheroes and ‘Wonder Woman’ in my list of favourite comic book movies. Seeing WW in a battle scene is so epic, from her entrance in BvS, to the No Man's Land battle scene where we fully see WW in costume, to the final battle with Ares. Gal Gadot is perfect as WW, Patty Jenkins delivers on the action and tone as director (Warner Bros. better sign her up for WW2 and I'd also give her Justice League 2), and kudos to Rupert Gregson-Williams on the amazing score. I loved this movie a lot! I might go see it again.
  13. Expect them to go down next week - there were more Trump pre-emptions.
  14. Ratings for the week May 22-26, 2017