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  1. Sally and Kay are fumigating Genoa City of Latham, MAB and Pratt! MR is cute and seemed dedicated to improving his acting, and he did. I liked him with Vickie but he's expendable. Make room for returns...maybe Thad (Vickie's husband) and/or Michael Graziadei!
  2. Whoever is responsible for green lighting this complete waste of money should be fired and banned from producing tv forever! 7. Vivian Jovanni (Ciara Brady) 87 19. James Lastovic (Joey Johnson) 64
  3. These are the dumbest, most generic blind items. Any of these could be true about any number of actors on all three of the hour long shows.
  4. It's typical Days to hire a capable actress to play a recurring role. She may have been annoying as Jade but she would have made a solid Ciara. How many executive producers does it take to screw in a casting lightbulb..Clearly more than Corday/Alaar/Meng. Lordy we still have Joey and Ciara and Theo on the screen. Joey is even worse than Ciara; he can't even act as he's exiting a room or getting a kiss from his daddy on Thanksgiving.
  5. Days is toast. It won't be renewed. Josh Griffith was the last nail in its coffin. Too late to turn it around now.
  6. Gary is retirement age. I doubt ABC would hire him to be EP. Tours: Neither Chris Van Etten nor Suzanne Flynn have written a script in three weeks, unless they wrote this week which I've not seen (I"m caught up to last Thurs). Are they out? And Kate Hall removed Y&R from her Facebook and twitter, wonder if she was let go after her one year contract ended?
  7. How is the Abby exit plot different from Theresa's exit? Not at all..They're copying stories as they happen. I like the new Abby. She's infinitely better than most new performers on that show and light years better that Mansi was at the beginning. JJ is such a loser. The costumes have improved. Loved Gabi's outfit. But why are they putting Marlena in those suits?
  8. LOL there's no hope!
  9. Glad to hear you're not watching the show then, LOL.
  10. Have you watched Days of Our Lives to see cheap production values and horrid costumes (check out Dario's members only grey jacket he's worn every day for six months)? Valentini is doing a great job in that regard. Donnell cannot act, period; neither can Matt Cohen as Griff. Agree that Franco/Liz is a sick pairing but all the shows have abhorrent male leads who've committed heinous crimes and are the heroes day after day. Roger is a gem. Emmy Rylan is awful; she always has been. Given her size/voice and appearance she can really only play a certain type. Her tough act with these GH serial killers is embarrassing.
  11. Catching up on GH Valentini's production values continue to be impressive. Loved Laura's outfit on 10/31 episode. Why isn't she the centerpiece of the show? Like Kevin but Laura needs someone more dynamic. What about Finn? Actor playing Valentine sucks. His mannerisms are weird. Any scene involving him is so over the top Emmy Rylan has to go. The Pam Anderson persona is so irritating after all these years; she's never been Lulu. One of the worst recasts on this show Liz/Franco work well. He's such a trooper, makes all the material work. Loved his 10/31 performance Kudos to Jelly for threading Monica in. Love the actress playing Nelle. Now hire the dude who played young Luke Love some of the beats they play i.e. Anna/Robin mother daughter scenes. Stop with the Griff character; they've thrown the kitchen sink at him: priest, doctor, father etc. None of it's working. He can't act. He's no Patrick/JT 11/2 episode. There should have been a pic of Lucille/Jesse alongside Steve. The hospital wouldn't have run without the nurses station. The tall African American dude playing Curtis turned out to be a bad actor. Get rid of him. No, no, no. Not crazy Nina again. Cut your losses, increase your budget and let Stafford go back to YR now that Alden/Morina are in charge. Love her, Nina a failed character. Dialog has improved. Andrea Archer Comptom scripts usually rock. They need to trim the stories to A,B,C and get rid of the extraneous characters.
  12. David Kreizman has joined the script writing Days staff.
  13. She's so awesome. Genuine and dedicated. Doesn't mean she'll be successful. but I'm going to watch the show starting 12/7!
  14. Oh please! They dusted off the scripts from Robin's explosion. Morgan will be alive; it was cheap, overblown theatrics for a character they ruined with dumb plot points. It's all about the mob and every criminal on the show gets away with capital murder but they are heroes and sex symbols i.e. Julian. The honest characters are played by non-actor/models who shouldn't open their mouths but do look pretty in tighty whities.
  15. At least they attempted to restore some of the character's dignity. Griffith ruined him for short term serial killer plot. As time goes by I have to say Griffith's tenure was probably the worst in the show's history since the 70s after Bell left and Corday hired a few night time writers who disassembled the show.