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  1. What a great group of writers. So sad that Phelps and P&G had to tinker with the writing. Although I think Curlee needed to retire to raise her kids. She was the emotional backbone of the team.
  2. She wouldn't be secondary if they made her Liz and Hayden's mother and paired her with Jimmy Depaiva as Jeff Webber
  3. Why not? Retconning is part of soaps; happens all the time.
  4. She is no longer writing individual scripts. She hasn't for a few months; she hasn't updated her profile
  5. Sheri Anderson's name no longer listed in Days credits as script writer.
  6. I say make Diane the mother; the actress is beyond talented. Love CH. In the 1980s soap world CH would have been a contract actor/major diva/head of family.
  7. Sally's Genoa City days are numbered. I think Mal will go first though. Wendy Riche or Sally MacDonald, where are you?? Days has actually been a hoot to watch these last several weeks with JJ in that tank top and loose shorts, hawt. Nicole crying her eyes out, love AZ. Jungle madness is no worse than all the 80s island plots from all the soaps. GH is just bad. Pieced together stories centering on unforgivable characters (Sonny, Ava, Julian, Nina, Franco) with poor actors playing the upstanding characters (Nathan, Lulu, Michael). And that Amy plot with Man Landers. Carlivati must be spitting his martini out in laughter from his Salem perch.
  8. Tyler Topits, Days staff writer, confirmed on Twitter that Carlivati's work starts airing mid July. Corday confirmed that Carlivati's original material will fully air starting September. What this means is that Carlivati tweaked scripts and changed things for material shooting starting in mid January and airing starting mid-July.
  9. There's been no formal announcement about Bibel's actual title and why they hired Matt Clifford. Seems to me that Clifford. It could be that Bibel is the principal editor for the breakdowns and Clifford is script editor? Not sure. But the show sucks nevertheless.
  10. And are you going to ask the 750,000 viewers who have tuned out since last year??
  11. I have watched the last 8 or 9 episodes in their entirety. Yes, I needed a visit to the local pot shop first. But, with the exception of the classy Marla Adams and some of the fine acting around that lightweight story (other than Graham who's awful actor), the show is mostly unwatchable. Sally is so lost. Every plot centers around a newbie who has no connection to anyone in town, who are lightweight or downright terrible actors (Reed, Juliet, Tessa, Scott, Chloe's doc, Tessa' bf, the aged twins, Ravi). And whose idea was it to age the twins. God awful decision. Even the Dina story is saddled with lightweight beats as in when Ash realized that Dina was going to leave and had that overboard reaction (which only lasted a scene and a half) before Dina suddenly changed her mind all within the same act. Bizarre pacing. Certain beats should be played out, maybe not to the extent Bill Bell did with a revelation or plot turn taking two weeks to unravel.LOL. But this current version of the show will guarantee an audience size that rivals Days' 231 viewers. LOL SAD P.S. Reed and Matilda (Radilda? Reedilda? Remaddy? Regurgitate?), the new young Sharon and Nick! ummm NO... PSS. Scott and Abby? Scabby? Pick it off please.
  12. If a "new" writer is coming in. I wouldn't be surprised if they brought back Tracy Thomson.
  13. Could Mal Young be out at YR? He's not tweeted about the show since June 2. Didn't he join the show two years ago?
  14. I'm trying to get through Friday's episode because I want to see Dina/Jack/Ash but the rest is so sad. Poor MTS; she couldn't pull off those horribly written scenes with Tessa. The fake piano playing, Nikki's abject self-pity over her mistakes, oh dear those scenes were horrible. Oh, and that sexy man "playing" Graham...can't act his way out of a shopping bag from gaymart. No, no, no, he must go. That monologue they gave him today must have taken him weeks to memorize and he still stumbled. And Sally used the same stunt in two episodes: Kevin nearly reveals he's not going to be alone on his trip to Victor. Graham reveals that Dina's NEVAH coming back (da, da, da, dumb).. And who gives a rats arss about Tessa, another "performer" of questionable acting talent.