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  1. Tripp is smoking hot and not a bad actor so far. How can the same producers and casting directors saddle the writers with the likes of James L and Vivian G for months then come up with good casting? At least they are gone or about to be. I see Ron giving lots of air time to Tripp and Eli. But please with JJ as a detective, does not work. He should be smoking joints, wearing ripped jeans and screwing older women.
  2. Where's this list you are referring to? Never mind, found it! Yes, interesting.
  3. My predictions BB writing/directing YR drama series Actor: Vincen I Actress: Jess Walton Supporting Actress: Sage Supporting Actor: James Reynolds Younger Actress: the chick from BB Younger Actor: Bryan Craig
  4. Thank you Ron Carlivati! The producers are idiots forcing the few million fans loyal enough to tune and watch their incompetence play out....with the actors playing Theo, Ciara, Joey and Claire. They are all many degrees of horrendously bad and all should have been replaced within first 13 week cycle. The fact that they wrote Ciara into story this month is just beyond the pale. So don't blame Higley and Quan entirely. Albert Alaar, Meng and Corday...how many producers does it take to hire one good actor. Oh and let's not forget the casting director. She should be run out of town on a rail. She's washed up. She is incapable of consistently finding good talent. Yes, the actors who play Chad and Abby are very good but she's made so many bad choices she should lose her job. I hope Ron had it written into his contract that he would only head write if they fired those teens!
  5. Sheri Anderson wrote today's Days script. Very interesting that she was brought in back in the fall or last summer and yet the head/writer change was announced in January. Clearly, the producers were gearing up for a possible renewal and Higley was on her way out back in the summer of 2016 or they wouldn't have been involving Anderson. Sheri Anderson‏ @sheriawriter 1h1 hour ago More The screen cap posted was from today's episode. I did a short stint as a script writer before being hired as creative consultant.
  6. Bloody awful. OMG. Should we give Dena and Ryan props for being able to imagine this crap?
  7. Right now, here is the current writer's list Written by Sally Sussman (rehire/originally hired by Bill Bell) Story Consultant Kay Alden (rehire/originally hired by Bill Bell) Breakdowns by Michael Conforti (Phelps/Griffith hire) Natalie Slater (Bell hire) Jeff Beldner (Maria Bell hired) Chris Dunn (Pratt hired) Lisa Seidman (rehire/originally hired by Griffith) (Lloyd Gold) hasn't written a show in last three weeks, may be gone? (Passanante hire) Script Editor Sara A. Bibel (Brent Boyd is out in next few weeks) (rehire/originally hired by Alden/Smith) Scripts by Janice Esser (rehired by Maria Bell/originally hired by Bill Bell Susan Dansby (Maria Bell/Hogan Sheffer hire; had worked with Sheffer on ATWT) Mandy Beall (Maria Bell hired from AMC after writer's strike) Christian McLaughlin (worked under Latham but may have written a few shows before her?) Michael Montgomery (rehire/was writer's assistant during Alden/Smith I believe, was occasional writer under Latham and Maria Bell) Who's been fired: Pratt (Phelps hire) Thomson (Phelps hire) Boyd (Phelps/Griffith hire) Taylor (Phelps/Pratt hire) Hall (Phelps/Pratt hire) Gold? (Phelps/Passanante hire)
  8. Thomson out is no surprise. They kept her on for three months probably in name only to fulfill her contract. There was no indication that Sally was collaborating with the any part of the old regime. Sally's version from day 1 was completely different from Pratt/Thomson.
  9. I see Valentini replacing Mal Young and Gary Tomlin replacing Valentini. Then maybe Chuck would return to GH when Nathan Varni is done rewriting Shakespeare. I mean Jelly.
  10. Hasn't Sally been fired yet. LOL. The show is not getting any better and we are now into her fourth month! What were they thinking when they approved this Ravi character and the actor. I'm all for diversity but this isn't the way to do it with one of their most under used leads. Those opera scenes were awful. And the more I think about the Jack/Gloria story, the more I want to pan it. I'm not a Gloria hater at all and was glad they brought her back, although JC was rusty (but has improved). But Sally cavalierly has Jack fall off the wagon as an excuse to get him to sleep with Gloria but he's not concerned about it at all, has no ill effects etc. After all the layered storytelling they've done with his struggles, this is beneath the character and the actor. Terrible.
  11. Well, if there's a plan it might involve some stunt casting which never works. Jason47 recently announced that a big name who was on both daytime and nighttime will be joining the show in August? Now Carlivati has tweeted a photo of him with Martha Stewart.
  12. Brent Boyd was script editor not a breakdown writer. He did the re writes at the studio and edited. Bibel must be taking his place. I wonder if Lloyd Gold is out as breakdown writer? He hasn't written in two weeks. And they brought in lame Lisa Seidman as break down writer. They rarely keep six on staff. Don't be surprised if other FOJ go i.e. Conforti and Thompson. I don't believe Sally will keep those writers around long term.
  13. Why didn't they just play out the Eli/David reveal after the funeral. Those episodes were actually watchable and it would have been more compelling to follow through after all these months dropping Valerie in once every other week; then they cast Eli and have him on for basically one episode until he reveals the secret to Julie at Brady pub - weeks later amidst the horrid Hal/Kayla/Jade hospital scenes. Ken: this is what you wrought with Dena! Send her back to Florida to pray with other crazy red state Republicans. Lawd. Her crap will make Carlivati's stories look like Shakespeare. And then there are no words for the belly dancing scenes, no words. Brava to Susan Seaforth Hayes for her outstanding scenes though! What a treasure. James Lastovic. Why? Why? Why? Who's his sugar daddy behind the scenes keeping him employed??
  14. Well, we know she's written through May. She'll last at least a year.
  15. I'm a baby boomer and love seeing vets. Despite how bad Days can get, I have given props to Higley this last year for using the vets in multiple ways. Sometimes, the vets are the only draw for me on a show. I personally dislike GH mostly but when Laura is on I sometimes tune in. And If Jelly would give Anna a great story I'd tune in more. But my criticism of Sally is that she's so far been unable to come up with compelling character portrayal or story turns. I feel she's even botched the Jill heart thing. The actors and script writers are trying to heighten the drama with the crumbs their given, or they overact the hysterical, insta-drama Sally gives them. It's just disappointing that the show is going down this road. Plus, they clearly have lost some studio real estate as the sets are smaller and it was painful to see those Kay flashbacks when Jill was reading the letter. They ruined the Chancellor mansion.