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  1. RavenWhitney added a post in a topic GH: August 2016 Discussion Thread   

    Every episode this week was terrible.  Cartoony again.  Get rid of Julian. Stop listening to the loudest (stupid) Julexis fans.  They are over.  His character is done.  NLG is annoying with her constant chewing the scenery approach.  Frank:  that new coffee set is on par with Days sets. BAD.  What was Ava wearing on Friday?...Looked two sizes too small and straight out of Adams Family.  Nina and newbie black hunk = bored to death.  Kristen Storms looks emaciated and gaunt, poor girl.  I can't with Griff and Nathan on in the same episode let alone the same scene.  AYE..but love Claudette but of course she will be another Nina/Ava/Carly when each of them was first introduced.  The scripts have not improved with new writers Iacubuzio, Rupel and Gibson.  Although Gibson's two script showed some promise.  Iahackubuzio needs to go.  
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  2. RavenWhitney added a post in a topic DAYS: July 2016 Episode Rankings & Stats   

    Josh Taylor and Vivian Giovanni in top ten says it all...yikes.  What an incompetent production and head writing staff....
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  3. RavenWhitney added a post in a topic LATEST RATINGS: New Lows For B&B   

    GH starting to slip.  Is Ron on his way back??  
    Brad Bell needs to return to the studio stat.  
    Days:  how can the producers even show their faces at the studio. What an embarrassment this show has become.
    YR: We're definitely in the Pratt cleanup transition phase over the next few months.  
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  4. RavenWhitney added a post in a topic GH: July 2016 Discussion Thread   

    LOL....love it.. You're right.  This week, it all seemed to fall apart.  No storyline quite worked and some of the bad acting made it worse. Can we say Dr. Griff is no Jason Thompson.  Lawdy
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  5. RavenWhitney added a post in a topic GH: July 2016 Discussion Thread   

    The Cassadine Island tale is just plain awful in every respect.  Wouldn't have worked with Tyler in the role either.  Maybe that's why he quit.  He couldn't play more cartoon crap.  Kristina's plot would be so much more compelling if they hadn't gone with the icky older professor angle. Stupid move.  And they've set up her relationship with Aaron as storybook so they're pitting this practically pedophile Ivanka Trump like teacher against the new Blacky, muscled stud with a heart.  Terrible.  The Scott/Lucy/Hayden's mom stuff was horrendously bad.  In fact this week was Jelly's worst since they started penning the stories.  I'm wondering if these episodes were crafted after a meeting with ABC where they said: you have 13 weeks to raise the ratings or you're out. LOL.  So many of this summer's episodes feel desperate for cheap thrills after some moments (yes boring) where they seemed to be going more for a Knots Landing feel than a Dynasty/Passions feel.  They're back to Carlivati's cartoon....With O'Conner back on writing staff. I'm wondering if Carlivati is a story consultant.
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  6. RavenWhitney added a post in a topic 2016: The Directors and Writers Thread   

    Is this why Iacubuzio is getting scripts now?  Does she get bumped from breakdown writing staff for O'Conner's return. Can Ron be far behind??
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  7. RavenWhitney added a post in a topic 2016: The Directors and Writers Thread   

    If Pratt were still with YR he wouldn't have removed his EP/HW title from his facebook profile.  bye bye....Now who is headwriting this show?  I hope all of FOJ staff is put out to pasture...Not one of them added a thing to the show.  Renfroe's directing was meh.  Thomson/Conforti; meh; Burton: awful/ill conceived.  cut him loose.  
    Looks like Milstein is out at YR after one year.  She joined July 2015.  She just removed writer/days from her work profile on FB.  Sony is handing out pink slips!
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  8. RavenWhitney added a post in a topic GH: July 2016 Discussion Thread   

    Nick Stabile cannot act.  And that mousy voice. On the other hand the replacement for Maxie is so much better than Storms and I hated her on Days.  Molly's presence actually helped Ryan's dubious acting.  And Bree is stupendous.  But they shouldn't turn her into crazy Nina.  The show is total camp but done much better than when Carlivati was going off the rails.  The Cassadine stuff is stupid but fun.  The Spencer/Laura stuff is really stupid and should've been left on the cutting room floor.  Bad bad bad.  
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  9. RavenWhitney added a post in a topic 2016: The Directors and Writers Thread   

    Well, since Pratt removed CBS/EP/HW from his Facebook, there's speculation he's already out.  
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  10. RavenWhitney added a post in a topic GENERAL HOSPITAL: June 2016 Episode Count   

    Get rid of Billy Miller, put Jason to rest and spread that money around to others on the canvas/up their episodes.  Get rid of Julian..I'm sorry.  The character has been ruined and they are ruining Alexis with this relationship.  I like DeVry but the character has completed his run.  Give Jon Lindstrom a contract.  I think they have a winning three way with the Kiki/Dylan/Morgan...increase their appearances.  
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  11. RavenWhitney added a post in a topic 2016: The Directors and Writers Thread   

    Is Chuck Pratt out at YR?  He's removed YR/ep title from his Facebook work profile!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Toups:  In May: tyler topits wrote one of two episodes you have listed for Richard Culltion. And in April one of Ford's scripts was incorrectly listed as written by Salmon..Jason47 confirmed both on facebook in recent months...
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  12. RavenWhitney added a post in a topic Y&R Casting Director Exits   

    Great news.  She's been an utter failure on Y&R as has Marni Saitta on Days.  Now get rid of Owen Renfroe, JFP pet director and give Sally MacDonald those 8 episodes a month.  Dump Luca and Summer. Burn down Chancellor and have Jill restore/rebuild.  End Phil/Billy and dump Steve Burton.  Oh, I'm on  roll.  Get a writer who can pen an umbrella story for Adam.  Put Chelsea in a love triangle with Billy/Adam.  Send the Newman family on a one way cruise for a year and bring back Heather Tom as Vickie and Melody as Nikki.  Nick/victor...bye bye. Done//tired/overused.  No more story.  Blow up the coffee house.  Dump Caine and Lily.  Put Jill back at the mansion.  Recast Mac and Philip's son and have them move in with Jill.  Replace overrated Mandy Beall on scripts.  Bring in Curlee/Demorest as head writers.  Keep Conforit/Dunn/Slater/Gold as breakdown writers.  Bring in Lyndsey Harrison who freelance wrote several spot on scripts and Marin Gazzaniga from reboot OLTL who wrote some stellar scripts there as well.  Let's face it: this show is [!@#$%^&*] right now and needs major revisions.
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  13. RavenWhitney added a post in a topic Another Blind Item   

    ya, it's Cosgrove.  They already got rid of Chase and that actor tweeted he hasn't filmed in months and doesn't expect to.  Dan Cosgrove would make a great Steven Webber on GH
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  14. RavenWhitney added a post in a topic 2016: The Directors and Writers Thread   

    Love Chris Dunn's work.  Hopefully, he'll remain once Pratt/Thomson are gone.
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  15. RavenWhitney added a post in a topic LATEST RATINGS: Y&R Up For The Week   

    GH is uneven but they are trying and I give them credit. Putting Laura and Kevin together is fun and has potential.  The hospital drama is dumb so far but they put Monica in charge and I like Dr. Mays.  They need to get rid of Perry Shen, the actress playing Liesel. She's still too over the top and not in a good way.  I actually liked Dillon and Kiki for the first time ever.  They actually do have chemistry and she's improved.  I think they need to make her a bit darker, goth.  I liked the dark circles under eyes. She's Ava's daughter; she needs to be layered. Dillon is the goffy do goody...  Still can't stand Emmy Rylan as Lulu although I like the actress.  I say bring back Jeff Webber and Sarah Webber  (Michael Knight and Ally Sweeney) and get a big hospital story going.  
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