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  1. In a word: NO And the only rumors of their firing are made up rumors posted here. They were nominated for an emmy; they won the writer's guild award. They aren't going anywhere. If Varni and Drummer are concerned they'll just have others consult and write some long stories that Jelly will add to the mix. Tomlin is older than God and Whitesell is best as a break down writer who might contribute story ideas. Tomlin is a very good director and it's nice that ABC rehired him but of course they wanted him on staff in case of a writer's strike which didn't happen. Tomlin went "FICORE" during last strike so he would have been the interim head writer during a 2017 strike.
  2. Sally Sussman, sadly sole head writer Kay Alden, ineffectual story consultant Sara Bibel, script editor Nervous Breakdown Writers Natalie Slater Michael Conforti Jeff Beldner Chris Dunn Lisa Seidman Script Hacks Janice Esser (despite her talent, can't make this drivel work) Amanda Beall (she's no Patrick Mulcahey) Susan Dansby (hang in there girl!) Michael Montgomery (replaced veteran Rebecca Taylor/paid minimum scale most likely to meet budget demands) Christian McLaughlin (replaced veteran Kate Hall/every episode is gayer than the last, this isn't Dynasty darling; he gets the campy episodes I guess)
  3. Did anyone notice that Sara Bibel was listed twice in the opening of today's episode; and Kay Alden's name didn't appear
  4. She'd be great as Diane's mother. Carolyn Hennessy rocks. She should be a contract matriarch on Days. She could have been Angelica!
  5. Have I said this before: Fire Sally. I tuned in for the first five minutes today to see Hillary and Cassie/Mariah go at it. Horrid. Tacky, dumb, creative wasteland in the writers' room.
  6. Oh now we have Nikki aka Shirley Partridge. I had actually gotten through my first episode in five months (Dina's first episode this week) because of Dina and the flashbacks. But then came Hillary/Mariah talk show scenes, day player Tessa and Nikki fake playing the organ....LOL. OMG. It's not offensive, it's just so, so, lame ass. Who are all these day players they keep introducing. Tessa, Reid's gf, Juliet, etc. awful. Sorry Sally, five months in and the show is b-a-d.
  7. No one picked up on Carlivati's tweet and pic several weeks ago with Martha Stewart. Now it would make sense for her to appear in Salem; perfect audience cross over. Wouldn't be surprised if she's making an appearance as well.
  8. It's Morgan, It's Morgan! Not Donna. LOL Jason posted on FB the final two: Morgan or Donna. I hope Morgan can move her face to say her lines.
  9. Brent Boyd announced on twitter that he was out at YR as of 3/10 and today his name no longer in credits. So do the math as to how far ahead the scripts are edited.
  10. Peter Bergman was robbed. This was not Scott Clifton's year. Pratt deserved the writing award. No matter, he was the only one who crafted power house stories with beginnings, middle and ends for the vets. Say what you will about Jack's double/story, or Philly affair, both brought down the house with performances by all involved and the day to day writing was gripping. Compared to Sally's drivel and it was shakespeare! Gina was the ONE! Lexi was the best in that group Supporting actor was a tough one. I'd have gone for Bryan Craig but Burton finally proved after nearly four years of phoning it in, that he can act. GH directing is generally awesome, well deserved Best show: none of them can achieve with the crazy budget/shooting restrictions. But GH looks the least tacky of any show. The sets are still big and new ones are introduced. They take risks with the directing and costumes, casting. The show still feels fresh. Not to the standard of B&B's classy production values, but the best of the three hour long shows. And Frank knows how to milk a climax. No wonder days was shut out. That the producers and directors thought those climax scenes with John's father could garner directing and show (that episode was one of the two submitted by Albert Alaar for directing and show, yikes) Emmys indicates how out of touch those men are who run that show. That sub plot was one of Griffith's low points.
  11. Now we just need Josh Griffith or Pratt to win. we know that YR submitted one Pratt and one Sally episode. Days never released the list of episodes they submitted for writing. They submitted two Griffith episodes for best show though
  12. None of the winners so fr are on the shows with the exception of Lexi who's in no story and not under contract. LOL
  13. Is Scott Clifton on his way out? He's the show's best asset and he's barely been on this year.
  14. Jason47, who keeps all the Days statistics, should chart how many times in the last three years crazed men have attacked, kidnapped, raped and murdered women on this show. It's gotta be more than all the other shows combined. Jenn was kidnapped by that former ATWT actor Abby by Ben at least twice right? Gabby by Deimos henchman Maggie terrorized by Demois add to the this! Plus, it's amazing how little imagination Higley and Quan had when crafting Nicole's story. They could have had Chloe and Nicole co-parent the baby and had Brady in the middle, navigating the conflicts. Two crazy, former enemies plotting against each other to win the baby's affections and Brady's plus dealing with Deimos. All in Salem, on that bench in the park or town square or brady pub..LOL...They wouldn't have had to hire those two actors for the dumb porn plot or bring back Zander. They could have had them all move back into the mansion with Grandmom Maggie. Recast Theresa. Could have been complex, fun, dramatic family drama. This where the production leadership is so lacking with their five executive producers. With a limited budget, you play complex emotions, family drama. Not these stupid plot contrivances when you know the evil character's going to get carted off to jail for the tenth time and the heroine will live only to quit the show after playing this horse sh_t.
  15. That's too bad they are saddling Tracy with Luke again. YUCK. I won't be watching Tony Geary.