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  1. The Hattie/Bonnie plot is the worst Ron has ever done on any show. Maybe Quan crafted this story with Higley or Anderson and the producers were committed to it but I doubt it. The level of stupidity is beyond the pale. Other stuff he's doing I like but this story (if he's responsible) doesn't bode well for his tenure.
  2. Eileen Davidson. we feel your pain. It's funny that the media has covered the negative reaction to Tessa and Mariah which has turned out to be a bright spot in Sally's reign of error and boredom. Ash and Ravi scenes and the kiss, OMG, just awful. He may be a fine actor in a different role but the EWWW factor was off the charts with them. And on the same day they had that ridiculous flashback with young fey John Abbot and teen Ash sitting on his hairy lap. Double EWWW. This is where I hold Mal accountable for not putting his foot down. Those flashbacks are dumb anyway, poorly directed. They plop LA models in the current sets and give them wooden dialog and we are supposed to believe it's a memory. Hey production team: go to youtube and watch snippets of Edge of Night when April went back to her family home to confront the memories.
  3. Finally! wooden, uninteresting, one dimensional performance and yet employed for two years. Hey Brad Bell: he'd be perfect for your show!
  4. Can they cast with someone who can act please, oh I forgot this is B&B
  5. Sally who? Let's move on. They will never tell the truth; she's out and it was faster than most of us who wanted her gone could have hoped for. Buy Bye Girl. Now let's hope Mal makes some smart choices. Signs are mixed given his past production decisions (good moves: giving Sally more episodes to direct after JFP cut them for pet boy Renfroe; bringing back Dean LaMont, generally bringing some smart directing). Other choices i.e set design, music and costumes have gotten worse. Writing staff needs major overhaul. Get rid of script writers Montgomery and McLaughlin, breakdown writer Seidman. Bring back Milstein/Schoettle and Paula Cwickly. To start. Burn down Victor's house; redo the Chancellor manse.
  6. OMG so lame
  7. So who is Jimmy DePaiva playing? Not Jeff Webber I guess.
  8. Oh, I don't watch the tv episodes, only online and today was the first time.
  9. Interesting that on Thursday's online Days episodes, Carlivati's name was listed alone then the rest of the writers. I was wondering how long it would take for his agent to call Meng and insist on a sole title card in the credits. Good for him.
  10. Ron learned nothing from the Denise Demuchio GH story; this level of camp with Hattie and Bonnie is too low even for Days; painful to watch. Some of the other stuff is good. Brady and Maggie scenes, his drinking etc. But cannot watch the Hattie plot. Awful. And the Tripp plot is a perfect example of what's wrong with soaps today. The climax of the story should have been the interplay of relationships in the immediate aftermath of Tripp's freak out. Instead we cut to the next day. Doug Marland or Nancy Curlee would have played the night out for at least one or two more episodes and showed Steve taking Tripp home and staying with him till he fell asleep. And Joe and his Mom grappling with the aftermath. That would have been more satisfying after months of this predictable build up. But the producers and writers think the audience wants to see a retread of Kayla being held at knife point (i.e. didn't Jade's father just do this with a needle to Kayla in January?).
  11. Sally indicated that she wrote Kevin back in. Not Mal. She projected stories out three months. Whether they use her stuff in October remains to be seen but sounds like Kevin may be returning sooner than October.
  12. Shonda Rimes is the Megan McTavish of nighttime. Puleeze Jelly should take over Scandal! LOL
  13. Oh so Sally whines that she didn't have time to write a long story, but she had time to fire Kate Hall and Rebecca Tayler as script writers, fire Tracy Thomson, hire Lisa Seidman and Sara Bibel. While she was busy disassembling the writing team, she could have left everyone in place and spent time writing story documents. And her worst offense? Not hiring Jamey Giddens as story consultant. LOL
  14. Her answers are so full of holes. Jamey Giddens is a hack, promoting alternate realities. Please. CBS and Sony force MAB to have Hamner and Sheffer to craft the beats of the stories. SSM had available Esser, Slater, Alden and long time writers who've worked with the best, Conforti (with Curlee and Long and Guza), Beldner who grew up at Agnes Nixon's knees. She didn't retire. She was forced out because she continued to make crap up willy nilly. All I can figure is that Pratt had a quick out clause and took advantage of it and the network and Sony were stuck bringing her in fast. Also, her statement that she hadn't watched the show in several years is absurd. Giddens himself reported that Sally was a finalist before Pratt was hired a few years ago. But if it's true, why accept the job, why stay when grieving and in despair? Take a leave of absence. Why would any of the brass agreed to consider her then or in September if she hadn't watched the show and had no pitch. Hooey. Bye, bye. She was so busy promoting her film she thought she could phone it in at Y&R and, instead, she now holds the crown for shortest head writer stint of this venerable show. But McDaniel, who doesn't seem qualified to produce a college musical, needs to go if she was behind this.
  15. Patrick Mulcahey and Michelle Val Jean are two of daytime's best script writers, but their talents are wasted on B&B. Mal could use them on Y&R, much better fit.