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  1. Well, hopefully Sally can build a creative team that augments her inspirations but so far the show is dull as dishwater and directionless.
  2. these ratings are abysmal especially Days, not a good sign when the NBC execs have the show on the chopping block. Viewers are not tuning in at all. Sally looks like she couldn't replicate YR typical January surge. After Monday it was mostly downhill for YR viewers.
  3. If you want to save Days, you have to write into these execs. http://deadline.com/2017/01/days-of-our-lives-renewal-season-52-nbc-1201889363/
  4. Tuesday's episode was the first one where I got through the entire show since the Xmas episode. Sara's script was crisp. Wednesday's show was a labor with all these extras, but Christian's script was tre gay. Loved the highly campy Dynasty approach. It was fun. And they are finally making Dylan interesting in the last week of his run. Wow. Burton should be pissed that they saddled him with a horrid character all these years. What a colossal waste. Come on Sally, things need to pick up and get more serious and interesting.
  5. Christian was one of Latham's hires! He co-wrote scripts and breakdowns with Valerie Ahern in 2007 and after writer's strike. Not that many scripts though
  6. Sara definitely comes cheaper than Kate Hall though! But glad YR is bringing back the younger writers who had invested in the show. Sara had been a writers assistant, I think and graduated to scripts and breakdowns before Latham fired her. I wonder if Sally is going to have five writers or four contract script writers and rotate guest script writers for a while. I wouldn't be surprised if Rebecca Taylor goes next. I know she was AMCs premiere dialogue writer for years but I've never thought her scripts clicked on YR. I'd love to see Melissa Salmons on staff. Maria Bell fired her after 13 weeks. And Paula Cwikly was a wonderful break down writer for the show and went fi - core and wrote the show during the strike.
  7. DOOL Roman Brady (sorry but only Ken Corday would keep Papi under contract; he's so botox-ed that you can't understand and his eyes don't move; TV is a visual medium; the characters need to be someone appealing to look at. Josh has had his hunky days) Ciara Brady WTF Theo Carver WTF Chloe (she's beyond drab and annoying, face doesn't move, can't act) GH Jason Morgan - Billy has turned into one of the most one note, cloying actors on daytime. Enough with Jasam. UGH Nathan West - Frankie's underwear models casting choices have worn so thin; if I want to see non-actors in various stages of undress, I'll go to my favorite tumblr site. Griffin - same as above Kiki - She's dreadful, never improved, no chemistry with anyone Dylan - there's something incredibly annoying about this walking Ken Doll; again no chemistry with anyone but the mirror Scotty - sorry; Kin is annoying and not enjoyable to watch; bloated, mannered, weird/odd acting choices Leisel - fake accent never worked. Was abominable that she was made chief. Jean does get a gold star for ending one of Ron's biggest conceits YR Mariah - She was cute as a tween ghost, hasn't been interesting to watch since return from the dead. Her acting style, well I'm trying to figure that out. Bull in a china shop? Cane/Lily - Dear God, Brock; how have these two survived so many regimes??? B&B Thorsten/Ridge Thorsten/Ridge Thorsten Ridge LOL he's the worst recast in daytime history Steffi: I cannot watch this actress; her face is so badly redone and she's the star of this show. I couldn't watch when reconstructed Hunter came back either. What is it with Brad Bell and these wax figures?
  8. The soaps don't train new writers. They can barely break in. Some recent high quality writers include Lyndsey Harrison who wrote for YR several spec scripts and was even lauded by Michael Logan but she was never hired. Marin Gazzaniga was the best new find on the reboot OLTL and she's never been hired by another soap. I see Sally and Kay bringing back Anne Schoettle or one of the long time fired writers. Many of Sally's previous writing partners are either retired (Racina) or with other shows (Val Jean). I'd love Kay to persuade Mulcahey to leave B&B but he's got a sweet deal as script editor/writer/consultant and probably doesn't want to do an hour show.
  9. Not sure Not sure I agree but we'll never know. She was the newest member. Her contract was up in October just when Sally and Kay came in. Writers typically have longer contracts and I doubt she signed on for a year. And why would she leave the top rated show for a show in danger of cancellation? I think she was gently let go to make room for Sally's hires. You can be sure Sally will install a few folks on the staff. She inherited Pratt/Phelps writers. I respect that they are going to let contracts expire and not clean house willy nilly as Latham did. But there's rarely ever been a head writer who didn't add several of his/her own picks within first six months.
  10. The show back then had an intimate feel. the soft lighting, candelabras, music, soft spoken scenes. Mal Young's starker lighting, mix of sets and location, so far, mixed with Phelps more Santa Barbara feel just doesn't work. The sets and feel are lost. The show needs to get back to the Midwest, cold snowy, woody, Frank Lloyd Wright feel with woodsy cabins, dark paneled rooms. It's really taken a tacky turn.
  11. So Hillary makes Mariah fall on her pumps; Mariah exacts revenge by rigging a teleprompter at an auction and Devon is so furious he steps on the pedal of his fancy race car on the back grounds of Genoa City? Devon wakes up with amnesia and the family has to fake pretend he should still love Hillary? How did this look on paper as a story line? All the fans who protested for Sussman...do they realize that she actually never head wrote YR? She was a breakdown writer, story consultant and fed the head writers story ideas; but she had never steered the ship. Regardless, I want her and Kay to succeed but I'm afraid this situation will play out as it did on OLTL when Malone returned or Harding Lemay on AW or Pam Long on GL. These head writer returns rarely work. I hope this one does but I'm skeptical even though it's early. Some of the issues are with casting. First, Ordway as Abby never worked. Bryton James is capable but not all that compelling. The actress playing Hillary is phenomenal but the material is too light weight. Come on YR. Rev up the stakes and stop playing the same 12 characters every day. How about humanize Sharon by bringing her mother on and have her terminal and Sharon has to grow up fast. Nick sees her in a new light. Dramatic, teary, totally Bill Bell. Recast JT. Actually, Michael Rourke would have made a great JT, just de-aged. Lauren's plot is also completely lackluster. And putting Dinah, I mean Phil in the mix is boring too.
  12. Yes, Sally is off to a fizzling boring start. But Pratt remained aboard until all of his stories were completely tied up so there was nothing left to play out while she ramps up new stories. But I'm disappointed in her first month. It lacks imagination. And Mal: please turn down the lighting. It's so bad right now.
  13. I hope Sally and Kay rehire Anne Schoettle as the fifth script writer. She was let go and replaced by Kate Hall; she was a great script writer on the show for more than six years and her husband has long history with the Bells.
  14. Thank you for the clarification Phoebe Wallingford.