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  1. My prediction is Tyler Christopher will be the new villain by end of summer.
  2. The worst storyline is the one with Ash and Phil and Ravi. My Goddess: how could AM and MY have approved this story for their two power house actress. Gina being forced to dance in a scene to cheer up Ravi. AWFUL. SSM is wading into Latham and MAB jump the shark stuff.
  3. Dena and Ryan actually helped to get the show renewed. They should be acknowledged. Yes, Dena should never work in soaps again (and we have five more months of her work to sit through or not), but she cleaned up a lot of Griffith's devastation, used the vets more (Victor, Julie), brought on Val (and delved into some history). Reduced Vivian Giovanni to monthly visits with not a lot of dialogue (and they fired her, AAA++ rating for that). The biggest issue with the show is the budget. Ron may want to write (and be capable of writing) fierce stories but without a budget the show will never rise again. As an example, even though the Chloe baby plot is dumb, they could have milked it with a trial and lots of extras etc if they had funds. What they did in two days was an embarrassment. Same with Chad/Abby getting kidnapped and getting naked. LOL. I think they used the same set that Ashley Abbot has her scenes with Ravi on YR...gray closets are so cheap to build. Carlivati (if he can) should stick to domestic, emotional drama with performers who can act!
  4. I can't even believe how bad Friday and Monday episodes were. In a logical world, I would say: the decision to fire Higley/Quan came after the network execs and Sony read these scripts. You don't think they're building up a whodunit with Deimos do you?
  5. The only thing worse than Y&R Monday episode was Friday's Days. OMG> Sony needs to get out of the soap business. They don't care to produce anything that viewers can invest in.
  6. I don't blame Tracy or Jess. The dramatic scenes are poorly written in the first place. And the actors can't make it work (despite their skills) because there was no logical build up and they have the characters go from zero to 60. Jill's hospital scenes were really bad: she awakens and her son, Esther and her doc let her have 20 minutes of heart racing hysterics before they tell her she's had a heart attack. Then the doc lists this litany of bad medical stuff that Jill has suffered, and Jill's still in denial? No, Jill wanted the mansion; she wanted someone elses life; now she has it and yes, she might neglect her health in this way, but she wouldn't have acted out like a nutty baby about the next chapter. And now I just got done watching Monday and I see Tues previews: Colin skulking around in sunglasses in the window less hospital corridors, and Jason Thompson threatening that he changed the locks on the entire Chancellor mansion. Even the stable???? LOL. Hey: Billy Abbot, go get the set decorator while you're at it to have them remove all those ridiculous library shelves and ladder. Kay would never have her living room that way. The mansion has a library on every floor.
  7. Monday was a new low for Sally. Here we have her first major character intro (Scott) and she introduces him with this lame fake out story with Tracey B. chewing up the scenery with hysterics in a very rare bad performance. That tells me the writing is shaping up to be some of the worst we've seen dating back to Latham. At least Latham had a budget and was able to hire new contract actors. I'm sad the show is headed in this direction. I don't think Mal is the right EP and Sally is beyond rusty.
  8. Gross
  9. Sally's version is dull as dishwater and her Feb sweeps stories are anemic and feel thrown together. These are not the kind of ratings the network wants to see in primo Feb week. Here's Pratt's last full week; his shows it 4.8 and 5 million viewers Monday: 3.35/4,618,000Tuesday: 3.45/4,843,000Wednesday: 3.63/5,033,000Thursday: 3.38/4,569,000Friday: 3.17/4,322,000 Here's Sally's latest ratings last week: Monday: 3.42/4,723,000Tuesday: 3.33/4,714,000Wednesday: 3.18/4,411,000Thursday: 3.21/4,465,000Friday: 3.0/4,240,000 (57 mins runtime) Read more: Ratings: All Soaps Down in Total Viewers | Soap Opera Network http://www.soapoperanetwork.com/2017/02/ratings-soaps-total-viewers-4#ixzz4Z0qJM8Ib
  10. YR not quite dreadful but it's boring at best, ad hoc most of the time, and they're starting to register cringe worthy moments. GH is also struggling. Jelly throws a lot of balls in the air and several of them feel half inflated. The "Liv" story is ridonkulous
  11. He's not going to GH. His AMC character was destroyed by a succession of writers who made him a super villain. It's time David stayed dead and buried along with AMC. It's over guys.
  12. Eat a pot cookie then we might come into alignment. Better yet: I'll eat the cookie and watch Y&R and write another opinion. Who knows. A Sally episode might look downright psychedelic!
  13. I forced myself to sit through all of 2/14 episode. WTF. It took 2 head writers and a story consultant who was with the show for decades to come up with this Fenmore/Jabot war? What the hell are Jill, Jack, Ash etc. fighting over? The story is so paper thin that the actors are chewing the scenery and not in a good way. Then there's poor Gina and Eileen being saddled with the most uninteresting character, Ravi, (and actor) to come along in years. Poor Eileen relegated to scenes in that tiny, drab closet office room with Walmart decorations. Sally needs to smoke some good weed and go back to the drawing board. It ain't working. I'll eat my hat if she turns it around soon.
  14. Because she's certifiable regardless of race and she didn't do anything to advance the cause of Black actors anywhere. No other show would touch her. Soaps are notorious for hiring and maintaining difficult actors. If a show thought they could handle her particular brand of narcissistic crazy, they would have signed her on. She also worked in night time.. Why weren't the contracts coming from those producers.
  15. She's still hasn't been put in a padded cell?