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  1. I saw a post on Jess Walton's Facebook page from a woman who will no longer watch Y&R because of the "homosexual kiss." GMAFB!
  2. I'm no fan of pairing him with Ava Jerome. Surely, there has to be someone else for him.
  3. They need to clean up Eric. He looks like he needs a bath, hair wash and decent shave.
  4. As several have posted, it's ridiculous that Jill would give Cane a place to live and not offer him a job. Maybe Billy needs to tell her ALL that he did and get his ass kicked out of the mansion.
  5. I'll never know why they would pay good money to bring Franco back. Who missed him?
  6. I thought the exchange between Billy and Dina was excellent. They are both very good actors....IMO!
  7. After all my decades on this planet, I still can't believe this mother*cker is our president. Shame on his supporters!
  8. You have to know that the final thing Victor will do to spoil Nick & Chelsea's relationship is to broadcast that Adam is really Christian's father and that Chelsea has been withholding this info.
  9. I like them as simply friends, but can't see them doing the deed.
  10. It's like they live on an island have nobody to f*ck except ex-relatives. Too bad they don't realize LA has millions of people available.
  11. This show is just too incestuous and stupid too watch any longer.
  12. I can't wait to see how Sheila destroys Quinn......NOT!
  13. I live in an area that is full of conservative cattle ranchers and seed farmers. They all voted for Trump and they are now being royally screwed. Couldn't happen to a "nicer" bunch!
  14. I have loved Gina as Phyllis since day one. I think she's a huge improvement over Michelle.
  15. My major catty bitch for the week.....wardrobe should NOT put Nikki in skin tight white pants again as they are not flattering to her.