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  1. I still like it, but that must be because I'm over 50. I didn't watch it for about 5 years when Amber came on (I hated her) and I also missed when Adam arrived. I came back when they cancelled the ABC soaps.
  2. I hate Wyatt's new hairdo....it is obviously to hide his recessing hairline.
  3. Every time she call Bill her stallion and he neighs, it literally makes me sick. It seems like something akin to beastiality.
  4. I agree about TK, he's a great actor, but they're giving him [!@#$%^&*]!
  5. I don't like the sudden family rejection of Victor, without at least a family meeting. He's a horrible person, but they knew that, so get off your high horse.
  6. I guess that request must link him to "golden showers"...LOL.
  7. Wasn't Daniel born soon after Scott? That would make Phyllis old enough to be his mother.
  8. Where would the Spectras have gotten the money to both produce the fashions and then the champagne flowing showing? Stupid writing.
  9. She's got Gloria Swanson down to a science.
  10. I've watched this show for years, but trying to re-invent the Spectras really sucks!
  11. Certainly Victor could get his jet back with Chloe in it. Victor didn't kill Adam, he framed him for murder and then helped him to escape. Chloe is the murderer. I guess he doesn't want Chloe spilling her guts, but after finding our she murdered Adam, you'd think he'd want her punished.
  12. I wouldn't kick him out of my bed! I love his dimples.
  13. I literally want to vomit when there is a Franco/Elizabeth make out scene. Rebecca deserves better after all these years.
  14. Why do they keep dressing Sally like she's on LSD? How could she sell even Forrester Creation gowns dressed like that?