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  1. It only takes me 10 minutes to watch the show since I FF thru all the Thomas/Sally scenes.
  2. With Rick being the biological father of the baby and supposedly all papers were signed before insemination, this story smells of stupid writing.
  3. I have voted in every election since I was 21 (the legal age then) and have to say that Democrats are so fu*king lousy at getting out to vote, especially in off term elections. Apathy is killing the liberals!!!!!!
  4. I stopped watching Y&R for about 5 years because Amber went to Genoa City. Some actors/actresses just turn off the entire program for me.
  5. I was thinking he let Summer "use" it when he thought she was his daughter. My brain is old, so I'm probably wrong.
  6. Sheesh! That's enough to make me stop watching B&B all together. I can't stand KB.
  7. I think the writers are doing a disservice to Airwick! Leave him with a little intelligence!
  8. A question for all of you who seem to remember all the small details that I soon forget.....Aren't Phyllis & Billy living in Summer's condo and didn't Jack give it to her? If that's how it happened, shouldn't he take delight in evicting them?
  9. This is a mess, however, I do like Thorsten as Ridge. Why did they need Sheila if they were going this route? To make Deacon this villain after this much time is ridiculous. He should have been blackmailing Quinn when she first married Eric.
  10. I like her too. She's the new kid on the block and is showing she has what it takes to be with the boys.
  11. I can't get very excited about Sessions testifying tomorrow. It's not like he hasn't lied under oath before. He's doing this to rescue his idiot orange Liar in Chief.
  12. I totally agree with your description of JM. I'm old enough to be his mother but find him extremely attractive.
  13. Kimberlin can go back to kissing the Orange Idiot's ass as far as I'm concerned.
  14. His office has now put out a statement of what he "meant" but it was awful watching him. It was not the "normal" John McCain. I hope he hasn't had a stroke.
  15. What is the matter with John McCain??? My head was spinning at his inability to understand what Comey was saying.