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  1. Um...would Santa Barbara have been more of a critics' darling, and lasted longer on television, if its sole sponsor had been a manufacturer of toilet paper? And after Eden was BRUTALLY RAPED, would fans have felt better if Mr. Whipple had let her squeeze the Charmin?
  2. Charlie Hunnam cleans up quite nicely. But...I still prefer him in jeans and a T-shirt.
  3. One Man's Family was amazing!
  4. Jacqueline Courtney's shockingly-mishandled and ultimately-failed return as Alice Frame on Another World, 1984. Writer Gary Tomlin later admitted that he knew little of the character, never bothered to study her history, and obviously had no idea what to do with her. To add insult to injury, the show kept her in hideous, mannish clothes a lot of the time, and had Alice's hair cut ultra-short and butch. What a waste!
  5. Yes, I would seriously agree. The fact that almost nothing has worked well in the last 30 YEARS (!!!) is damning evidence of the genre's long-decimated state.
  6. I would say that 1966 to 1976, as written by the legendary William J. Bell and Pat Falken Smith, were the show's very best years. The series was lush, romantic, captivating, sophisticated and adult in its themes, content, and presentation. Viewers who have only witnessed DAYS in the last few decades would be shocked to see how different it was during its heyday.
  7. I just fell in love with you. Marry me.
  8. The show NEVER needed Reva back! AAAAAAAAAACK!
  9. Has the tribute already aired? What did we see? Just one flashback of Lee yelling at Scotty?
  10. Right. Imagine if TGL had brought back Ellen Parker as Maureen Bauer, only to reveal later on that she was in reality an evil impersonator with plastic surgery, who wanted to wreak vengeance on the Bauers for a past transgression. The audience would have been livid. Blood would have flown, LOL.
  11. Yes, there was fan speculation, but nothing ever came out from TPTB or the cast, so the situation is cloaked in mystery. It's not like the Virginia Dwyer situation.
  12. I am ((ahem)) up for ANY games he wants to play in bed.
  13. Yes. She passed away on her 30th wedding anniversary, after surviving a breast-cancer storyline. Viewers were not amused. I have never understood why Bell killed her off. Matriarchs were usually sacred on his shows. He claimed he did it to open up storyline potential for Stuart, which really does not wash. Why not kill off Stuart to open up story for Jennifer? Hmm. Weird.
  14. Well, he left the show and went over to Y&R, leaving PFS to handle the ongoing stories, so he really did not have to deal with much off the fall-out. And in the end, many if not most of the audience did want D&J to be together anyway, just not at Addie's expense. The situation reminded me of when Irna Phillips killed off Liz Stewart on ATWT. Phillips had wanted to get rid of the character for years, but the audience LOVED her. When Phillips finally had Liz die (and so stupidly, too), the audience was ready for war. They bombarded the studio with hate mail for a long time. Irna shopuld have known better, after dealing with viewers' fury when she killed off Kathy Roberts on TGL