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  1. Thank you!
  2. Some of friends swear by their Macs, but how complicated are they to use? Learning an entirely new operating system at my advanced age is a daunting task. On my ancient Windows XP, I could do practically everything in my sleep. Could your grandparents use a Mac, LOL? Is Windows 10 anything like Windows XP or 7? I've heard that Windows 8 was a disaster, but I have tried and liked W7, which seemed quite intuitive. Also, can use use W10 in desktop mode?
  3. So my trusty and overworked computer has finally died completely, and will not even start up. I am lucky to have a tablet, but writing lots of text on it is inconvenient and difficult. Those of you who may be computer savvy, feel free to advise me on what to look for in a new computer. A laptop? A desktop? A Chromebook? I just need a unit which allows me to write and store text, check my email, surf the net, watch videos; all the usual stuff. I don't play games, but I do want a system that is strong enough to handle high-quality videos. Cost is also a concern. Like everyone, I suppose, I want a combination of durability, good quality, and low price. I'd kill to use the wonderful Windows 7, but I suppose I'll be stuck enduring Windows 10. UGH! Also, my old computer is from 2001, and an XP, so I am as close to computer-illiterate as anyone can be, LOL.
  4. I have also added this series to my list of series to watch on Netlfix. I just hope it does not disappear before I get to it!
  5. Ahh, that promo is from season three, Po5's best and most harrowing season.
  6. So...your are contending that Kevin only remained on the canvas because Lilly was black? And that if he had transgressed with other females of color, he would also have stuck around and been redeemed, but if he had targeted a white woman, he would have been written off the show and never considered for redemption?
  7. Very lickable, those abs. (Good grief, did I say that aloud?!?) Oh well, we're among friends here.
  8. I think it was in a 1974 interview entitled "A Pleasant Little Kingdom," in Daily TV Serials, that Jacquie Courtney talked about having kinescopes made of important episodes featuring Alice. She did not specifically mention what ones she had kept, but that famous Rachel/Alice confrontation at the engagement party would seem to be a no-brainer. It was a captivating moment in the show's history (I remember being glued to my set while watching it air), and really revved the Alice/Steven/Rachel triangle into high gear. It's an episode *I* would keep.
  9. Thank you. Even if fans never get to see copies of Courtney's vintage kinescopes, it would be nice to know that those rare episodes still exist safely with her her family members. Jennifer could probably make a lot of money by auctioning copies off on eBay, if she did not think the idea was too gauche. I'll bet Courtney would have gotten a kick out the the continued interest and affection fans have for her.
  10. Jacquie Courtney was only 19 when that commercial aired, but already she had great poise and charisma. I'll bet her daughter will love seeing it, if she has not done so already. You know, many years ago, Courtney said in a magazine interview that she had had personal kinescopes made of many of her favorite scenes or episodes of AW. I'd be curious if they still exist somewhere. I'd hope the family would keep them. If you get a chance and do not think it is a pushy question, perhaps you could ask Jennifer about the existence of these kinescopes. No one else in the world would have them!
  11. Wow, that Tammy commercial really is a great find!
  12. Yes, that is Michael Storm.
  13. Oh yes, Aniston was really...not good on LOL. Yes, it was a big scandal at the time, considering their new romance allegedly broke up their previous marriages.
  14. We will never have another breakfast in the Bauer kitchen, or another Christmas in Bert's living room, alas.