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  1. Could it be Marian Mercer? The video is pretty fuzzy, but it sounds and looks like her.
  2. Well, I would not mind if people started ignoring Dr. Phil too, so he could disappear from public life, LOL.
  3. Right. She needs to be ignored by the public and media completely.
  4. Ooooh, those workout pants should be a staple of every hunk's wardrobe.
  5. I would happily beat this child into oblivion, LOL.
  6. Well, at least his existence was confirmed before his death. Tommy Horton has been wiped from existence with no explanation whatsoever.
  7. I think it's because the actress is so glaringly awful, it FEELS like she's on-screen more than she actually is.
  8. If we don't see all the important beats leading up to the climax, as well as the climax itself, who cares? The Hortons are the show's foundation, and Julie is its longest-running character. Killing David off-screen without allowing us to see the supposed conflict between mother and son is like asking us to care about the Romeo and Juliet death scene without watching the first 95% of the play. There will be no emotional resonance, except perhaps for veteran viewers like me who watched David's and Julie's relationship decades ago. The people who make this sort of stupid decision do not understand daytime dramas or the audience.
  9. I doubt anyone else cares much either, but I'll bet there would be at least some interest among viewers if the show wove a few legacy characters back into the mix. Killing off David Banning is stupid. If there was tension between him and Julie, PLAY IT ON-SCREEN. Don't just mention it as a plot point, kill off the character, and dismiss that important branch of the Horton family tree. I knew David from the the day he was born, literally, and I'd be more tempted to tune into DAYS to see a story with him and Julie than I would be to see more, irrelevant bland hunks running around with their shirts off.
  10. So...we do not get legacy characters, like David Banning or Mike Horton or Marie Horton back, but TPTB expect us to care about...this?
  11. Gratuitous, vicious, and alienating to longtime fans. Dena Hackley strikes again. This sort of thing makes me NOT want to watch, rather than tempting me to give the current, butchered version of DAYS another try.
  12. While it's natural for viewers to hope for instantaneous, noticeable improvement, it's unlikely to happen on a show that has been gutted to its core for so long. Even the best writers rarely pull off miracles overnight (and SSM, while better than some others who have helmed the soaps over the years is not even the best of the best). I'm trying to think of when, in my decades of soap watching, a new writer came aboard and there was a vast, noticeable upswing in quality almost from the start. I can think of: Claire Labine taking over LOVE OF LIFE, Roy Winsor taking over SOMERSET, Rick Edelstein taking over HOW TO SURVIVE A MARRIAGE, Douglas Marland taking over GENERAL HOSPITAL, and Agnes Nixon taking over ANOTHER WORLD. Even master writers like Pat Falken Smith could not guarantee instant transformations. When she returned to DAYS in the early 1980s, the show was a total mess, and it took PFS months to rebuild the existing characters and reestablish interest in the show. I am used to giving writers a good 3-6 months before making a final decision on whether or not their material is successful. That being said, I still think Kay Alden should have been the new headwriter, with SSM as story consultant. of the two women, KA is superior writer, IMHO.
  13. To me, Hatch was the only "real" Phil. He was so endearing, so earnest, so wholesome. I adored him. None of the character's best features were evident in his replacement's portrayal, alas. Nick Benedict was a hunk and a half back then, and looked great in tight jeans (LOL), but he just wasn't Phil. Even Karen Gorney said as much!
  14. It's true that many fans tend to talk more about the "extreme" headwriters, rather than all the scribes whose material fell in the middle of the pack, quality-wise. We praise the extremely memorable geniuses, and we vilify the extremely untalented hacks, but most "middle of the road" writers, even those who were fairly good, go unmentioned.
  15. Of all the cancelled soaps I have watched and loved, TGL is the one that had the firmest grasp on my heart, and the one I wish would come back. Yes, it's probably for the best that it is dead, because watching it get hacked to pieces over its final few decades was painful to endure, but in the right hands and structured well, I do fantasize about Springfield living on! I'd kill to see the Bauers having coffee in their kitchen again.