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  1. Yes, the problem definitely is "the people"...the people like Sydney Evans whose delusional rant proves she simply does not have the intellectual, moral, or social resources necessary to understand reality.
  2. James O'Sullivan (Jeff Martin in this promo) was a hunk and a half. I wonder whatever happen ed to him?
  3. I'm afraid so. While (rarely) an episode or individual scenes from the early 1970s pop up, almost all of those vintage years are gone.
  4. Here is Christopher Cantwell, who has just posted a video on youtube. This admitted white supremacist, neo-Nazi homophobe, who participated in the Charlottesville drama last week, has found out there may be a warrant out for his arrest...and crumbled into a blubbering mess. He's afraid the police may be mean to him. You know, like neo-nazis are to the Jews, white supremacists are to racial minorities, and homophobes are to they gays. Poor baby. My heart is bleeding out as I type this.
  5. I loathed that weird opening of RH, with shots of generic, unknown models running around instead of featuring the regular cast members.
  6. The long-running shows that have all (or most) of episodes saved: The Doctors, Dark Shadows, Days of Our Lives, The Young and the Restless, Ryan's Hope, and The Bold and the Beautiful. I imagine that more recent offerings like Passions, Santa Barbara, and Sunset Beach would as well. Most long-running series like As the World Turns, The Guiding Light, Another World, etc., only starting preserving their episodes in the late 1970s. Sadly for veteran soap viewers, this means that the best decades of many soaps (1950s-70s) are lost forever.
  7. Hold back my hair, I'm gonna hurl.
  8. And therein lies the problem.
  9. This thread is hilarious.
  10. It's a major problem for the genre that so many of its best scribes have aged out or passed away. I have not always been completely happy with Taggart's writing, but her work on TGL was surprisingly good, and she did indeed provide fans with the last stretch of quality material before cancellation. After watching the show for many decades, however, I would have killed for Nancy Curlee to be there at the end, turning out The Light for the very last time.
  11. I agree. With Edward Scott producing, Kay Alden (minus SSM) as headwriter, and folks like Mulcahey as dialogue writers, Y&R would have a chance.
  12. It's true, if an indelicate comment to retweet.
  13. Me too. Ahhh, the good old days.