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  1. I don't have ANY issue with the interview. Neither the storylines projected. I'm looking forward to these stories to play out as there are new angles involved and great actors on the forefront. At least Steffy and her men (and we know this will be played out HEAVILY) seems to be more than just an endless back and forth without any basis this time around.
  2. Off-Topic, but I just found this on YouTube again... And till this day, I had not noticed that Lee Bell is deejay-ing. LOL!?
  3. It's not a free fall, but the demo loss for B&B is bad news for those who were happy that Steffy and her merry lovers were taking a back seat; I guess. Ugh!
  4. I guess we all love a peek into a clebetrity home. At least I do. LOL It's not my style, but it's at least very modern:
  5. RE: Monday's B&B: Brooke got stood up by Bill at the "altar"!? Loving it! Finally a twist, I didn't see coming. She neither, I guess... LOL

    1. DRW50


      Why would anyone want to marry that dull shoe polish king anyway? Bleh. Glad I don't bother with it. 

  6. Not a writer, director or producer... yet a memorable event: it seems like long-time set decorator Joe Bevacqua has retired. He was with Y&R for nearly 30 years (until JFP fired him!?) and then moved over to B&B for the last 4 years. Just recently, the show did a little shout-out as the hospital set was named "Joseph Bevacqua Memorial Wing". He has been replaced by Price is Right set decorator, RIchard Domabyl.
  7. THIS! Gloria CAN be fun. They just need to write the skin-cream-killing b*tch properly
  8. It's me - yet again... LOL Do you have any details on the recurring characters which appeared in 1990? I'm thinking of who played Caroline's doctor who diagnosed her with cancer: Dr. Oshiro (?) Eric's attorney Charles (???) in the divorce proceedings from Stephanie And Stephanie's attorney: Barry Hawkins There also was a weird dayplayer role who acted as a never-before-seen close friend of the Forresters who Stephanie accused of being involved with Eric. She could have been a rather big soap name as she had quite a lot of dialogue... As always; any help is greatly appreciated!
  9. Maybe the co-ep title is just a means to spike up her salary and have some say in the budget spending process?
  10. Steffy or Ridge refered to Quinn as the new Sheila... And several family memebers commented on Eric's HORRENDOUS track record with women, naming all of them. It was actually very good and happened after Eric&Quinn became public knowledge.
  11. Bye b*tch!!! I think he saw the inevitable coming and decided to walk out instead f being handed a pink slip. Good for us eh him.
  12. Don't get your hopes up, guys. Seems the week of October 10, The Talk is going to celebrate 30 year of CBSDaytime at #1... The ATWT/GL reunion would therefore fit in.
  13. Maybe they are bring some of ATWT and GL to CBS All Access and want to promote it?
  14. So he was basically playing himself. He was so awful and full of himself on American Idol. I couldn't stand him. THIS!!! And the clip was indeed lovely and had the old chemistry. Me likey!
  15. THIS! WHAT!?