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  1. She's freelancing since last year. Like Heather Tom.
  2. Thanks for sharing this. She is still the epitome of class. :-) And this... LOL! Well, just so you know, they keep your character’s spirit alive and ornery. Her portrait will suddenly fall off the wall whenever Eric is doing something stupid with his love life. It’s like Stephanie is still getting revenge. And you know what? [Laughs] She should!
  3. Hah . I thought the same thing ever since they introduced "Darlita". Apart from her, I'm very much stunned that I must admit that I'm totally digging the new Spectras. The young gal, Courtney Hope (?), playing the new Sally is doing a fantastic job and everything so far has ben super silly but in a good fun way. We shall see how long this breathe of fresh air will last as Thomas/Sally is moving along at rocket speed already and B&B burning through great material does happen way too often (just ask the Avants...) before we go back to Steffy and her many lovers.
  4. She wasn't a Winters but invpolved in a lot of Winters storylines... She was Nate's nanny in the mid/late 90s! And she had day stint on B&B as Taylor's assistant in 1990
  5. It looks "home made" by amateurs. Not too sold on this new opening, but it really does not matter. Thankfully they kept he music.
  6. I'd love to hear your two cents on the airdates... But be warned: the Polish episode numbers given are NOT the actual episode numbers. They are off by roughly 210+ episodes... For instance: I'm just watching episode #887, yet it is listed as "odcinka 672". I mention this particular episode because this is one of a few shows that have Sherylin Wolter subbing in for Hunter Tylo as Dr. Taylor Hayes.
  7. I've been watching these for 15 months: they begin with May 1989 and I'm currently in October 1990. There are some gaps but overall this is a treat!
  8. To be fair: this assessment leaves out the fact that Brad Bell has not been living in LA for the last 15 months or so. Production is handled solely by the other producers; Brad is in Budapest living with Colleen until she is released of her services which should be any day now with the Trump administration.
  9. I think this is EXACTLY what happened. He was busy mapping out the Australia remote and setting up the new family. And probablysome other stuff for the big 3-0 jubilee. That's why the show was on auto-pilot in January with the "big" story around Steffy was wrapping up as well - as one of two stories, the other being Quinn and Ridge.
  10. WOW - I'm not convinced at all as this sounds kinda fan-fiction-ish and rinse-and-repeat to me, but maybe Brad Bell will prove me wrong.
  11. While 2017 has been pretty "dry" so far, I just saw John McCook in facebook live chat with Tracey Bregman announce that B&B is finally doing an Australia remote which was rumored ever since last year. Filiming starts next week... Hopefully this will be lightyears ahead of the previous Sydney remote in 2007!
  12. McLaughlin knows SSM from Spyder Games. He was on B&B (!) before Y&R, and did not join Y&R after Tony Morina became a producer on Y&R and LLM headwriter of Y&R. I think your stats are correct, Toups.
  13. I thought "Maria" hired some decent script writers which lasted not too long, but she wasn't one of them, IMO. All ABC rejects should be fired ASAP.
  14. I totally agree. The first half of 1996 was terrific, though: loved the Keesha AIDS storyline, the Audrey North stuff (which went nowhere though), Victor's shooting... I think they even hinted at Patty Williams with two or three episodes with a mystery woman in a telephone booth. It was dropped of course - like the second half of 1996 felt realllllly droppable or half-assed.
  15. It really would have been awesome for Lauren to meet Quinn...