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  1. Hey Christian,

    Happy Birthday!!

    Hope it is a good one!

  2. I'm just glad they let "Lost" stick around another year, despite losing so much of its audience. There has to be a better way of airing the show in 2007-2008 instead of splitting it up the way they did. Why show only 6 episodes and then have such a long hiatus? If it must be split again, there should at least be 9 or 10 episodes the first half of the season, am I wrong?
  3. I didn't think this episode was too bad...miles better than the crap we saw on 2/14. Some of it did seem a bit "filler", but then again it is good to see the characters develop. I'm still excited to see what is coming next.
  4. Hey Christian,

    Just wanted to say Hi

  5. Farah was great today. More amazing Days of Our Lives....such a better show than it was just a short while ago. I hope the ratings prove that soon!
  6. So, now we have seen #4 of a set of 16 episodes...what did you guys think? I was very pleased with tonight's show, but feel that ABC overly-promoted it as "You HAVE to SEE it because EVERYONE will be TALKING about it TOMORROW" crap by them. They are just trying as best they can to fix a self-induced ratings landslide which started by splitting the season and then moving it to a later timeslot to (somewhat understandably) get the show out of the way of "American Idol". That said... I enjoyed Hurley's backstory, and think that overall it was a well written episode. I love this show until its death, which I hope does not come soon...but I am worried. Aside from my ramblings, please discuss what all of you liked, or had questions about, my FAVORITE that we can wait again in anticipation for next week all over...
  7. Haha...Charity Rhamer. The most forgetable actress in the history of Daytime television...yet so many of us remember her. Charity was 1000 billion times worse!
  8. I watched "Fifth Grader" tonight. Actually not bad...wouldn't know about tolerating it for an hour, but it wasn't almost all of the shows that have ever followed American Idol. In fact, its retention of the "AI" audience is almost astonishing...those numbers are extremely high, in fact probably higher than anything you will see again from another show for another 10 years. Good for FOX, I *guess*...because I am "over" most reality/game shows...but again, it wasn't BAD.
  9. "Lost" was certainly much better than last week, but I would have been happier to see it rise to an 8.0 in HH's. Hopefully it will build on the momentum from this week and improve next week. I know I will be watching, so they have at least one viewer!
  10. In agreement with's fine that most of these characters were written out, except for Lexie. She is a solid part of Days of Our Lives, and will hopefully be brought back on as recurring in the future.
  11. Studio 60 needs to go permanently. It never lived up to its hype EVER this entire season!
  12. I'm worried for "Lost" tonight 2/21. I hope that they can rebound from their terrible episode and ratings last week. I think that it will go up considering that Valentine's Day is not a factor, but just how many viewers return is the big question. They have made the show too complicated to attract new viewers, and have annoyed so many of their current viewers by dishing out one of their most complicated episodes to date last week. Cross your fingers that this can be turned around soon!!
  13. Haha to "The Apprentice"...can we please be done with this show after this? It is so boring and useless...NBC needs to cut its losses on so many of their shows. Perhaps it's time for the sun to set on "Studio 60" as well; the show has been lagging the entire season, despite such a strong lead in. NBC needs to figure out how to pair their shows together better...I think "Medium" would perform so much better in its old time slot at 10pm Mondays right after "Heros"...can I please run NBC for a season? I could help them figure a thing or two out!
  14. No surprise on those Lost numbers. I have watched every single episode from the beginning, and have to say that last nights episode was terrible. It was almost 100% Desman's back story, which was annoying and very confusing. The group of people I was watching it with were annoyed (avid fans), and most said that they will not be watching the show anymore. Not good. Obviously Valentine's day takes a part of the audience away, but there's no excuse for the numbers being that low. Bad, bad, bad.
  15. This show continues to be RIDICULOUSLY BETTER than just a short time ago, when JER was the moronic head writer. It's unbelieveable how much of a difference the show is when it's written well. I'm so excited for Days and its future, even if NBC decides to get out of the Soap business...I have renewed confidence that the Sands will continue through the hourglass for many years to come.