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  1. SOD, SID, SOAPnet, TV guide none of them have it. I have been searching myspace pages and facebooks as well as places like CNN, MSNBC, and entertainment magazines and none of them have it. PC has had a huge career, and he would have garnered publicity I am sure. I wonder if somehow there was a communication problem. I am not saying anyone is lying, far from it. Just a miscommunication
  2. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and his own screen family. Two legends in a week. I really hoped it wasn't true
  3. I have been searching for secondary confirmation of his passing and cannot find it. Marlena, I see you in this thread, have you heard anything or Toups? Regardless, I am sending prayers to his family and friends
  4. Maybe he is taking notes from the auto industry CEOs.
  5. My mother constantly tells the story about when JFK was killed. Her father called her at her office and told her. She didn't even put the phone down and stood up at her desk at raised her voice to tell all the other secretaries that Kennedy was shot. Everyone looked at my Mom like she was nuts but then everyone else's phone started to ring. They all crowded around a TV to watch the news. They closed her office and she said everyone was crying and upset. No one had to come into the office until after the funeral unless they wanted too and a lot did what my Mom did and went to Church
  6. Steps my toe in the water.... CNN is reporting that HRC will be officially named Secretary of State after Thanksgiving. I am not bothering to check if this has been posted because well, I really don't want too. I lvoe you guys, but I am tired of seeing youre a racist, she's a racist. I'm a racist. I hate to admit it, but come on now, all of us are a little. It's really hard to admit though and it sucks and it pains me. Anyway. I also herd on the news that the current Attorney General, Mikulsky I think is the spelling of his name, passed out while at a dinner in D.C. He did not regain consciousness and was brought to a hospital. No more info yet, but please, lets say a prayer for him that he will be ok. I also want to note that I really do not want a filibuster free Senate. I fully believe that we need checks and balances. I keep remembering Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale. It should be required reading for all females
  7. Kenny, again I agree with you 100%. Equal rights for every person. Period. It should not matter if you are Chinese, Jewish, fat, rich, bisexual, a Nazi, Latino, a woman, a transgender, A Haitian, a Evangelical, a man, poor, American Indian, a lesbian, or whatever the hell you want to be expect a felon. Equal rights. The election of Obama was a giant step forward in the correct direction. The passing of Prop 8 was a step back. No one group is responsible, every person has free will to make their own decisions. The most important thing is to keep taking steps forward so that everyone has the same rights. It's not about laying blame. Focus the energy on civil rights
  8. JR Martinez is amazing. His real life injuries have been written into the Brot character. All of what Brot has been through, JR went through. But yeah, bad name choice. I think that in my head, I will call him Bret. Wasn't it revealed that Taylor is in her late twenties? I hated Gus and Harley and I hate Gus and Harley, Pine Valley version. I love, love, love Jake and Amanda. I hope that if JR is good, that they keep him around because this does have the makings of a potentially great storyline
  9. Susan, I want my letter back. ">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">
  10. That was the most disgusting piece of crap I have ever watched. I am so disappointed. And pissed and dirty. Thank you OLTL and ABC, for ruining the best story your show ever produced.
  11. Kenny, I completely and 100% agree with you. Very, very well said
  12. The only thing missing tonight was Tim Russert. How I miss him. I too am so wound up. I should go to sleep but I just don'tthink that I can
  13. Exactly. He was inclusive and not exclusive. When he says Yes We Can, it is everyone.
  14. What a fantastic speech. One of the best speeches I have ever heard. I noticed Oprah, Jesse Jackson and I think I saw Dianne Wiest in the crowd. I wish I was there. I loved seeing Joe Biden's mother there and Obama's mother there. Our new President. Wow. Just Wow.