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  1. How about if YOU spare ME the lecture? The FACT is that Americans see things differently than those in other countries. The FACT is that their laws are different from ours. What is "ok" depends on where you live. Laws and customs and culture MATTER. Sorry, but you don't get to throw out "it's gross" and not get some blowback. I'm guessing that, like me, you're perfectly fine with gay couples adopting children. How would you react if someone called gay adoption "gross"? Certainly you realize some people in this country still think interracial marriage is "gross." i am not some "anything goes" person. Would I have serious questions about my 15 year old son's involvement with an adult? Yeah. But it WAS NOT illegal. We also have 25 years of evidence that their relationship worked and was real. For me, that's enough to remove it from the "it's gross" category. No law was broken when they started dating. Their parents and families had a right to their feelings, but obviously couldn't tell them what to do. In this case, at least, love wins. The rest of us need to mind our own business.
  2. The age of consent in France is 15. It's even lower in other European countries. I really don't think there's anything gross about their relationship. You can't apply American sensibilities and culture to the rest of the world.
  3. Natalie was not like Ravi. She was tic-filled and annoying and obnoxious. Dr. Neville's personality was quirky, but MEK never made a good physical match for Ashley. Is this Ravi/Ashley dance a forever thing? Probably not, but I'm willing to go with it. They work well together and have chemistry. Regardless of ED's interview, she is not tanking her role. Maybe she's changed her mind and is fine with it now. if all these older men on soaps can have younger girls, then Ashley can have herself a young one.
  4. LOL at another doom & gloom post. Everyone's a terrible actor, every storyline sucks, blah blah blah. I can't take any of it seriously when DENA is mentioned as giving her vets better scenes than ED is getting from Sally. I mean seriously.
  5. Am I the only one who wants to punch RJ?
  6. Pierson Fode did a great job today selling the ridiculous "we were so in love" story. The story itself is bad, but Fode is giving it his all, and I can't see faulting that. Thorston Kaye is a great actor? Huh? Can't prove it by the crap acting he does in this roll. He's the very definition of phoning it in, and blaming the writing for his performance is lame. The "RJ is an executive" stuff is so bad it actually makes me angry when he's on the screen. Just awful in every way.
  7. My God, why not save your breath and just yell "EVERYONE"?
  8. People laughed when ATWT, AW, GL, AMC, and OLTL were cancelled??? Uh....no, they didn't. That's an over-the-top statement. It does fit in with all the exaggeration about the state of YR, though.
  9. Defensive? Just because I disagree with you? Uh....no. Yes, finding a guy attractive is a matter of opinion. That's why I gave mine. No one is taking away your right to have your own standards as to what's hot and what's not. I just find it laughable to read a running commentary on Josh Morrow not being much to look at. And flame me all you want, but I'll stick up for JM as an actor, too. He's doing just fine with these scenes in uncovering what Chloe did. It's not his fault that the writers have forgotten how he felt about Adam and have made him the soul brother. I've seen plenty of bad soap actors, and Josh Morrow isn't one. I think he plays Nick as well as anyone could play that character. I write a post like this and defend him (which you then call defensive), only when the piling on starts and I think it's unfair, and yes, bitchy. Reasonable people can disagree about actors and their craft, and even on an actor's looks. I don't expect you to change your mind. I just disagree completely, and I'm saying so.
  10. Hehe I agree I have to lmao at anyone saying Josh Morrow isn't a prize catch.'the guy is great-looking, period. Denying that sounds bitchy and shallow af.
  11. Nicole's reaction to Scooter is ridiculous. The real Nicole would scratch his eyes out and tell him to go f_ck himself.
  12. Why did Father Todd give a solemn look to Paul and ask "Are we good?" Am I forgetting something that happened with Patty?
  13. I don't think Devon and Jordan are being played as friends at all. Could there be more animosity? Yes, but these guys were not friendly when they spoke in the park. And why why should Hillary start dragging Mariah for dating Devon? The barbs are there, so we get it. Face it, Hillary just DIVORCED Devon. She has no right to drag Mariah anywhere, just as Devon has no right to question Jordan about dating Hillary. You guys can drag CK all you want. I like the actress and think she plays Lily well -- certainly better than DG plays Cane. Once again, I'm smh at posters calling for a complete revamp/refresh of the show. Not only will that never happen, but nobody wants to see that. You cannot dump most of a soap opera cast and expect success with what you put on the screen. You cannot throw away all that history and the time viewers have invested in not only the characters, but the actors playing them.
  14. Thanks for some sanity.
  15. The ratings make no sense. if you total the 3 demo gains/losses (+24k, -12k, -10k), you get a total of +2k. HOW, then, does YR lose 134k viewers for the week??? Sorry, but all the over 54 viewers didn't stop watching whole other demos were stable. And yes, I know the 3 demos I totaled overlap. I just expect these numbers to make SOME KIND OF SENSE.