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  1. I think you need to be consistent about whether or not the writers are successfully propping Mariah and having Tessa and Mariah gang up on Hilary. You cannot not tell me that Hilary is being ganged up on and pictured as a loser and then say the scenes written for Tessa and Mariah to confront Hilary are juvenile. If those confrontation scenes are juvenile, then those two look stupid in ganging up on Hilary....those two make fools of themselves when they do that, and Hilary's NOT really a loser or ganged up on after all. And here I go again with my weekly Josh Morrow defense. No, he's not a future Oscar winner -- but he's definitely not the awful actor some of you paint him to be. Your criticism of the guy is so out-of-bounds it's ridiculous. You SCREAM about a Nick/Hilary pairing, so why don't I hear the same screaming about Devon/Hilary? Bryton is no better an actor than Morrow, and stylistically they're similar: laid back, real, genuine. Their line readings never tell "I'm acting!" I'll take that any day of the week over some forced and fake reading. If you don't want Hilary with Devon or Nick, at least I'll give you credit for consistency. If you love Hevon but hate the idea of Nick/Hilary, you lost me. i know Morrow has said in a couple interviews that he'd rather Nick not be with Sharon right now. That does not mean he's trashing his scenes with Sharon Case. He's always stated that he fears a happy marriage with Sharon would hurt their characters on the show. But what do social media posters do? They take those interviews and create something out of nothing. I saw those scenes on today's show, and I see Nick as comfortable and easy with Sharon. I see him as liking her and feeling open with her -- without the need to perform. Like Sharon Case, Morrow is ALWAYS prepared. I never get the sense that he's struggling for lines or not properly emoting. i like JM's realness in scenes with MTS, EB, and AH, too. They come across as family, and he's as believable as any of them. Morrow comes over as the MOST believable on the show when it comes to parenting young children, too. OK, I'm done. For now. I offer that defense only because this board seems to have concluded that JM is bad. Period. End of discussion. I don't expect to have changed any minds, but I do want you to know that everyone doesn't think as you do.
  2. Today's show sucked, too. Brooke asked Katie "So are you seeing anyone special lately?" She asked her with this sweet, cloying, giddy smile -- believable only if you knew NOTHING about the relationship between these two. It was ridiculous. So was Katie's sweet smile in return. $Bill AGAIN ranting in his office about Thomas....AGAIN a parent on this show oversteps to the nth degree. What a crapfest this entire show has become.
  3. Whether or not Mariah has been propped in her story with Hilary can be debated, but for me, Mariah has seemed like a loser for a long time. She is continually defensive with Hilary when discussing Devon, and she can't shut down Hilary with one line the way Hilary can with her. It's embarrassing to watch Mariah confront Hilary to tell her that "Devon wants me, not you." I mean, UGH. It makes Mariah seem DESPERATE. THIS is propping??? And then on Friday's show, Tessa confronts Hilary and makes a COMPLETE fool of herself. What does Mariah do? Tells Tessa she really [!@#$%^&*] Hilary down. WTF? Either the actress playing Tessa screwed up that confrontation with Hilary or the writers are intentionally making Mariah and Tessa come across as stupidly star-crossed. Btw, I'm fine with Mariah in a relationship with a female. I just can't stand Tessa or her constantly blinking eyes.
  4. Isn't it time to stop saying CK doesn't want a show relationship or sex scene with a black guy without some proof??? Anyone have a link? A source for some interview? This is an AWFUL charge to level against someone without some evidence.
  5. +1 I agree with all of this. Traci is needed as a regular, period. I don't think the writers EVER had a "Traci or Ravi?" discussion, and that sounds ridiculous on its surface. The makeover hurt Ravi, as did the writers not knowing their path for him. It feels like they tried figuring him out as they went along, but does that ever work? Regardless, I don't get the Ravi bashing on here (character or actor) and I'll take him in a heartbeat over a bland nothing like Zach.
  6. KMan101, I've made plenty of posts about what I think is good about the show and what's working. I think some things could be better, and I don't think Y&R is above criticism. i don't expect all of us to agree on everything, which is why I hope others understand that I just don't agree on all these negatives. If this is a place to vent frustration, I don't see why I can't vent frustration with posters who complain constantly. I'm passionate, too, KMan10. I'm a super fan, too. I say what I say because I care, too. Seriously, I'm not trying to be an ass. I understand what you're saying. Some days, though, EVERY storyline is ripped apart and almost EVERY actor is trashed either for acting ability or looks. I think Marla Adams might be the only actor who's gone unscathed. When the criticism gets to the point that Josh Morrow is called unattractive and that he shouldn't take off his shirt, we're into the realm of absurdity. Yes, to each his own. I know many here don't like Morrow. I like his looks AND his performance, but I'm not angry with others who don't. I just think it should be ok for me to disagree. I dont understand a poster's defensiveness about my posts when that poster is trashing the writers and actors like mad. I'm not pointing at you, either -- I enjoy your posts for their content and variety, and they are balanced.
  7. So great to know you have soap standards. So rare in this day and age. LOL
  8. In no way does Lani belong in the rotten actors category with Ciara, Joey, and Jade.
  9. Still LOL at all the complaints on here. i continue to think the show is pretty good.
  10. Soaps have had issues with age and ages and aging FOREVER. I understand mentioning this the first week the older twins appeared. But now? It's time to move on. I agree with just about everything you've said here. And I don't get why Nick gets so much flack for his screw you attitude towards Victor. We've all complained INCESSANTLY about Victor -- but Nick is the punk??? Why couldn't Victor -- and Nikki -- realized that Nick did what he did out of love and concern for his mother?
  11. Pretty much nails it.
  12. I thought the Lee Baldwin/Peter Hansen tribute stuff was weak. It seemed to come out of nowhere -- because it did. Hansen died on April 9, over 3 months ago. Couldn't these writers have built up to this tribute instead of dumping it in? I say "dumping" because that's what it felt like. We get a day or two of yelling and crying from Scott and Lucy....and that'll be it. The End. You won't hear another word about Lee or Gail, just as you haven't heard a word about them for OVER A DECADE. GH never kept alive the legacy of Lee Baldwin or any other legacy GH character, and that's why this all feels so forced and flawed to me. I'd rather see an in memoriam bumper at the end of the show, or perhaps with an end-of-show clip of Lee as Peter, introduced by Kin Shriner. Color me unimpressed. Completely.
  13. In all fairness, if that's the reason, it's a bad one -- and ultimately a failure -- unless the writing is there. So far, it's not.
  14. I don't know whether to lmao or scream at the people already bashing RC's writing on DAYS. I mean, it's just pitiful. DAYS is SO bad that ANY direction is better than what we have now. Yeah, I know RC wore out his welcome at GH. Still, I'll take a couple good years from him. This is all so reminiscent of Sally's return to Y&R. We got raves about her hiring...until we didn't. I'd ask if viewers remember Genoa City before Sally, but they're too busy screaming "OH GOD, FIRE SALLY ALREADY!!!"
  15. Why did I know you'd be back? Seriously, you need to proofread before you hit SEND. When you wrote "you did tty to telk people" I thought you were losing it. Then I realized you meant I "did try to tell people what their opinion should be." Uh....no, I didn't. I gave my opinion. That's it. If you were offended, that's your problem. You really need to get a clue about message boards and how they work. It's pretty lame to accuse me of "believing anything" the writers put out there.