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  1. Julius had scum dialogue. Why can't a parent convince a daughter that she'll be fine and life will go on even if she can't have children? That she's worthy no matter what? Instead we get gagworthy dialogue where Nicole is told she will have a baby because she's "good." That she'll have those kids she wants because she's worthy. I wanted to throw a brick at the tv screen.
  2. The girl playing Maddie is obviously a very pretty girl. I rolled my eyes when the dialogue claimed Charlie is the good looking one and she's not. Just ridiculous. Lily looks way too young to mother these twins, but oh, well. It's an absurdity I'm able to get past more than I can get past Nikki not seeing through Tessa. Tessa annoys the hell out of me. She snaps at others for no reason, apologizes, then snaps again. She won't answer questions about who she is and where she's been. Who would want to be around this girl? And I still say Tessa has ZERO chemistry with Noah. I think RA is a good actor, and I don't think his character is failing because of the writing for Nick and Sharon. Pairing him with slogs like Tessa is the problem. I'm ok with Ravi, but it's absurd that he's the guru with all the answers when he's with Ashley. The character who started off off very strongly and is now a disaster is Reed. His conversations with anyone his age are awkward beyond belief. Today he called Charlie a blockhead. I backed up the dvr because I thought I was hearing things. I wasn't. He called him a blockhead. Reed's dialogue is ridiculous, his look is ridiculous, and I'd recast the character. Dina has been good in scenes with every character, and that's a credit to Marla Adams. Eileen Davidson is always good, but she's been especially strong in her scenes with MA.
  3. While I agree that too much Judith Chapman is bad, all this complaining about her is a head scratcher. Her screen time has been cut back considerably. Speaking of cut air time, where the hell is Ravi? Have we seen the last of him? I'm not that nuts about his story, but I hate seeing ramped-up stories dropping off the ends of the earth.
  4. Freddie was never very good, but this stuff is awful -- as awful as he looks. The mafia hair and the aggressive, angry acting are bad beyond belief. The only thing saving him is that Vivian Jovanni is SO terrible as Ciara....I mean stultifyingly bad. Her scenes with Theo almost made me wretch.
  5. Why wouldn't Victor just blast Abby and force the truth out of her? It makes no sense to hire Scott to find out when he could just show Abby the frickin cashed check. Just stupid. The hockey debacle was so poorly executed. Why wouldn't Cane get some blame from the beginning? And then we had to pretend Juliet became incompetent all of a sudden because she said the league gave permission to use the footage and then said she wasn't sure and then said they didn't . Ugh. Also, the entire campaign is absurd since the hockey season ends in a couple weeks. Add me to the list of those who hate Tessa. i want her gone. There's no chemistry with Noah and the girl is not a good actress. Nikki shouldn't be written like an idiot to make a story work. And are we almost done looking at Lily's billboard? My God.
  6. Gina Tognoni is 43 and Mishael Morgan is 30. i hardly think Phyllis is too old to hang out with Hilary.
  7. Sorry, but these ratings are flawed beyond belief. Y&R went up in EVERY DEMO, yet LOST 107k viewers??? Huh??? That makes NO sense unless you're telling me that in the 55+ demo, YR lost a couple hundred thousand eyeballs.
  8. I think the GC Buzz scenes make Mariah look as bad as Hilary -- or even worse. WTF is up with Mariah constantly digging at Hilary about her relationship with Jordan being a rebound? Why would she do that? Why tell Hilary that Hilary really wants Devon back? It makes no sense. Mariah's constant complaints about the show are annoying, too. Hilary OWNS the damn show and shouldn't put up with Mariah's mouth. Yeah, I know Devon exacted some stupid promise from Hilary to keep Mariah on the show, but that's ridiculous, too. We've all seen women sniping at each other in real life and on Real Housewives. We know Mariah vs. Hilary fails on every level, and so does GC Buzz. No one would watch that crapfest of a show.
  9. So Gray Bunny praises KSJ and gets a dismissive diss in return? Uh...ok. Seriously. Both were so embarrassing. Maurice can't remember his lines on a good day, and I don't know WTF voters saw in Clifton's reel.
  10. Then you must REALLY feel bad for the actors on the other soaps, since their demos are even worse.
  11. I like Devon with Hilary, but my God, those divorce scenes on the courthouse steps were awful. Clunky to the extreme. Would Devon really go into detail about his new enterprise, giving Hilary all that information? Just so bad. Mariah is on my last nerve with her work complaints. She complains about EVERYTHING, and in real life, she'd be told to shut up and/or fired immediately. It's Hilary's show, and that means she has NO say. It's not as if Mariah is some in-demand tv star. Hilary's turnaround with her "It's a new me" was also ridiculous. The entire GC Buzz thing is a mess. If they can't at least approximate reality, then dump the entire thing. No show is run like this, with people making crap up as they go along.
  12. How about if YOU spare ME the lecture? The FACT is that Americans see things differently than those in other countries. The FACT is that their laws are different from ours. What is "ok" depends on where you live. Laws and customs and culture MATTER. Sorry, but you don't get to throw out "it's gross" and not get some blowback. I'm guessing that, like me, you're perfectly fine with gay couples adopting children. How would you react if someone called gay adoption "gross"? Certainly you realize some people in this country still think interracial marriage is "gross." i am not some "anything goes" person. Would I have serious questions about my 15 year old son's involvement with an adult? Yeah. But it WAS NOT illegal. We also have 25 years of evidence that their relationship worked and was real. For me, that's enough to remove it from the "it's gross" category. No law was broken when they started dating. Their parents and families had a right to their feelings, but obviously couldn't tell them what to do. In this case, at least, love wins. The rest of us need to mind our own business.
  13. The age of consent in France is 15. It's even lower in other European countries. I really don't think there's anything gross about their relationship. You can't apply American sensibilities and culture to the rest of the world.
  14. Natalie was not like Ravi. She was tic-filled and annoying and obnoxious. Dr. Neville's personality was quirky, but MEK never made a good physical match for Ashley. Is this Ravi/Ashley dance a forever thing? Probably not, but I'm willing to go with it. They work well together and have chemistry. Regardless of ED's interview, she is not tanking her role. Maybe she's changed her mind and is fine with it now. if all these older men on soaps can have younger girls, then Ashley can have herself a young one.
  15. LOL at another doom & gloom post. Everyone's a terrible actor, every storyline sucks, blah blah blah. I can't take any of it seriously when DENA is mentioned as giving her vets better scenes than ED is getting from Sally. I mean seriously.