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  1. The numbers just don't add up to me. They don't make sense. Y&R : Total Viewers. +153k 18-49. -52k 18-34. +6k 25-54. -2k Those numbers tell tell me that there must have been this HUGE increase in viewers over 54 -- somewhere around 200k. That's just not believable. Those numbers also indicate that while those 18-34 gained 6k, there was a big loss in those 35-49 of around 60k. Huh??? In addition, if there's a gain in the 18-34 demo and a minuscule loss in 25-54, where the hell did the 52k loss come from in the 18-49 demo???
  2. The Australian remote is a waste. They might as well greenscreen those opera house scenes for what they're worth. The wedding is garbage.
  3. Seriously. Those scenes are a trainwreck. With all 3 actors coming across as awful. Just horrendous stuff.
  4. Sorry, but I'll never understand someone who says Drake is "hot" but that Josh Morrow "does nothing for me." i know taste varies, but that's just other-worldly.
  5. The Nicole stuff is so bad I want her to get hit by a bus.
  6. You know what stinks to high heaven? Pratt's new show STAR. It's not fit to eat EMPIRE's dust. I bailed after 5 episodes because it sucks. That's Pratt. The biggest reason you dump on Sally is because you love GH and almost everyone hear thinks it's a disaster. Your revenge is to dump on YR with the same comments over and over about Pratt and JFP. It's like you're the worst plot ever on a cancelled soap opera.
  7. The RJ stuff is so bad. This show is just embarrassing.
  8. GH is rocking? LMFAO. It's a frickin nightmare. Y&R is Citizen Kane next to this sh_it.
  9. You watch 5 minutes here or there and have all these opinions? And all of them negative? Uh....ok.
  10. I agree with you, allmc2008. Scott has been mentioned the past couple weeks. As you said, posters are either skipping shows or ff through supposed "boring" scenes. I'd like to know how people would prefer Scott be introduced if they hate this no build up story. Would they prefer he just show up on Lauren's doorstep? No, that's another no build up. Bottom line, I think complaining about stuff like this is ridiculous. Complaints abound about EVERYTHING. Sally has become quite the whipping post, no matter what she does. Gloria hasn't been on for a few days so let's complain that she'll probably appear tomorrow. Lets complain about Sharon again chasing after a man even though we don't know that's going to happen. Let's complain about the Scotty storyline and say it's ending the Fenmore business story even though we don't know tears going to happen. LET'S COMPLAIN ABOUT THE FRICKIN LADDER AND BOOKS IN THE CHANCELLOR LIVING ROOM. MY. GOD. I'm enjoying the show and think Sally is doing just fine. I know I'm the minority here, but I feel the need to break up the funeral every once in a while.
  11. Every scene in Bill's office with Wyatt and Liam is the same. Awful writing.
  12. Too much screaming and crying from Adrienne, Nicole, Justin, you name it. It's ridiculous.
  13. JFP brought "glorious production values." LMFAO. It's like listening to Donald Trump: there's not a word of truth there. I think it's HILARIOUS to come here with criticism of Y&R and Mal Young when your own favorite soap looks like [!@#$%^&*] and is a dumpster fire.
  14. The font in the open is simple and elegant, and doesn't take away from the backgrounds or actors. The open doesn't look cheap or amateurish or homemade, and I have no idea where these kinds of shots are coming from. Most primetime shows barely have more than a bumper card for an opening, and posters take shots at this? The open AND the show are looking great, and Mal Young has done an excellent job in that regard.
  15. I disagree with all of this.