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  1. I'm tired of the new RHOA and it hasn't even aired yet. Kim's MO is: Be snarky Act confused Yell "bitch, whore, my man" We're leaving Grabs cigs, solo cup and her Ramon Pinot Grigio wine bottle Exits The HWs I'm interested in are Kandi, Cynthia, Kenya and maaaaaybe Shereé. The rest have absolutely nothing going on.
  2. Holy crap...Chad looks like hell. Everyone else looks great!
  3. Perhaps TPTB want a pop diva battle SL between Erika Jayne and Willa Ford? I'd prefer Adrienne return over Camille. Maloof brought on the BH excess like no other HW.
  4. Bring on Nancy Lee Grahn!
  5. Shannon, I love you, but what happened? Tamra, Kelly and Meghan look great! Vicki is perfection: Queen of the OC. NY's Kelly line was I'm living the American dream one mistake at a time.
  6. I met Susan Lucci a few weeks ago! She's amazing!! A lady...so nice, so warm, so elegant!
  7. Can we do a Susan Lucci vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar season?
  8. Eva the Diva?! From ANTM C3...my ALL TIME favorite Cycle/Season?! YES! First of all, I didn't even know you were a bitch.
  9. I'm currently on E4 of the show, and I'm loving Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis. Jessica Lange is also great but when she's on screen all I think is There's Jessica Lange playing Joan Crawford. The costumes, sets and production values are excellent.
  10. Alcohol plays a bigger role in some franchises than others. It's big in OC and NYC, not so much in NJ and ATL. On the fence for BH (the whole Kim Richards factor).
  11. OMG Cheap! ETA: I had forgotten Marlo was introduced as a foe. She was supposedly dating Charles Grant. Phaedra Voice: The alleged ex lover...of Nene.
  12. Dorit posted this today: Holy filters, Batman!
  13. What?! No Gregg Leakes?!
  14. RHOA: Ughhhhh! Why is she getting involved in this?