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  1. Any OC gossip?
  2. TamaraTattles is reporting that Phaedra has been fired
  3. More than any other franchise, BH tends to focus on a sole issue, blows it up and swallows the whole season. This is what has made the show redundant and completely ridiculous. Kim needs to stay off the show completely. It's not healthy for her, her family or the audience. Looking onto next season, we need a housewife with LVP's lifestyle but without the manipulation. I really miss Adrienne Maloof. Sidenote: For some crazy reason I think Katherine Kelly Lang would be a perfect fit for the show.
  4. Currently re-watching the boathouse bombing and Craig's trial. That SL was the perfect combination of drama, intrigue and camp.
  5. BH: I've yet to watch the final 3 episodes, but this hasn't been a particularly interesting season: Kim needs to never return. Whenever she shows up, things come to a screeching halt and we're thrown back to 2-4 seasons ago. She will never bring a different SL besides her addiction. LVP's mask has been slipping re: her hate for Lisa Rinna. She hasn't brought anything interesting this season (other than house porn). It'll never happen...but she should be demoted to a FOH. Erika is my favorite. Great attitude, great music, the fashions! Also, she seems to have genuine friendships with Kyle and Eileen. I read somewhere that LVP is jealous of Erika "taking the gays away from her".
  6. They'll be back soon. The cast took a trip to Mexico. Brandie, Stephanie, Cary and LeeAnne are back. New HW's: D'Andra Simmons, Kameron Westcott (she looks rich on IG).
  7. Whatever happened to Jessica Dunphy? I LOVED her Allison.
  8. Keep: Lisa, Camille, Yolanda. These three are the only one that have the extreme wealth I associate with BH. Truth be told, I hold this show to a higher standard than the other franchises. IMO, it's above the crazy drama that`s been playing out this season. This show needs to be about fabulous parties, $15,000 handbags and jet-setting. Kyle is too much of a [!@#$%^&*] stirrer and on her own, doesn`t add much to the show. Brandi is too trashy and cheap for this show For her health and sanity, Kim needs to leave. I don`t see Adrienne staying on the show, especially after she threatened legal action on Bravo. Taylor has been irrelevant the entire season.
  9. I agree. Camille drove much of the story in S2, let us recap: 1) Outing Russell's abuse, 2) Her BFF DeeDee, confronting Taylor at Brandi's belly dancing party, 3) Colorado drama happened at HER house 4) Just cuz...the HOUSE PORN!!!! Re: S3 premiere... Brandi & Lisa's friendship seems fake. Brandi makes sex jokes, Lisa laughs. Rinse. Repeat. I LOVE Yolanda. She's a cold bitch, and she owns it. I'm looking forward to seeing her interact. Taylor, Kim and Kyle are irrelevant at this point. I still like Adrienne. Although she's coming off bitter in the previews, with Lisa and her separation from Paul. The women have CLEARLY had some work done. Lisa looks much younger than she did at the S2 reunion, especially in her neck. Adrienne looks like a half melted wax figurine.
  10. I LOVED the original lines on NYC. Those lasted three seasons. Favorite lines: OC: I want the power and the money. And I want them both. (S4 Vicki) Housewives come younger, but they don`t come hotter. (S5 Tamra) I'm smart, I'm sexy and I'm confident. Of course people are going to talk about me! (S5 Gretchen) I may be married to a plastic surgeon, but I'm 98% real. (S7 Heather) ATL: People are intimidated by my success (Sheree, please!) I don't keep up with the Joneses, I AM the Joneses. (S1-2 Nene) NYC: If people can't handle the truth, it`s really, not my problem. (S4 Ramona) I may be a princess, but I'm definetely not a drama queen. (S5 Carole) BH: In BH, it's who you know...and I know everyone. (S1 Lisa) Money is what I have, not who I am. (S1 Adrienne) Diamonds aren't a girls best friend, freedom is... (S2 Camille)
  11. NYC: Overall, a great season. The show has a fresh vibe and seemed more authentic than last season, which has been the worst season in RH history, IMO. I liked all the new girls. While Aviva lost it in the last episodes, I think she`s a bit naive when it comes to reality TV. If she`s asked back, I expect her to be a little more thick skinned and not as confrontative. The one girl I`d get rid of is Sonja. IMO, her sense of entitlement is disgusting. Skank, you are no longer a billionaire socialite. You`re broke and a has-been. I COULD NOT STAND her diva attitude and complete lack of gratitude with Heather and the toaster oven set-ups. Re: Jill's return: HELL NO! She is absolutely vile, petty and her narcissism is what killed the show last season. Her type of drama is full of hate and hellbent on destroying everyone. She lacks the fun and wacky factor that makes Ramona somewhat redeemable. She`s just....ugh!
  12. A lost footage episode of NJ tonight. END THIS SEASON ALREADY!
  13. NJ: 1. All of these broads are famewhores, 2. The family drama is heart-breaking, 3. Teresa and JoeGo have a disturbing fixation with each other, 4. Nobody came out on top. They all look ridiculous. Only Teresa and Melissa should return next year. Would y'all like Kim D. to join the show?
  14. Part 2 of this story needs to start RIGHT NOW!