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  1. Why haven't people taken this with a grain of salt, considering the source?
  2. roflthat's... just wow.
  3. Happy Birthday to both. I echo Ryan's missing of Ms. Walsh's posts!
  4. This is what I get for not visiting boards anymore. Happy birthday! Since I missed the big celebration, perhaps we can have a private party
  5. I flove this show right now. There, I said it. My favorite part? John's reaction to marrying a shrink. That entire hospital scene was exactly what the Alex North story should have been. Determined, but understanding.
  6. Awesome!
  7. Lol, it was so obvious to me from the very moment they said a DiMera who isn't Stefano owned the property that it was gonna be C.B. (abbreviating in case others miss what I find obvious). But, I love it. Gives new meaning a DiMera operative, that's for sure. Aside from that, I loved this entire episode. Everything. EJ's discovery, his revulsion for what Stefano has done, and how shaken he was and still unable to tell Sami what he saw. Marlena, Marlena, Marlena! I loved everything from her fire at the SPD to her ice cream binge with Belle. And oh man, Shawn and Chloe... some say that because Chloe is a diva they can't work. Now, I don't want to go comparing or anything, but there have been successful couples who have crossed class lines...and I'd like to see that tradition continue with them if the story stays fresh.
  8. Though wikipedia ain't dependable, this is true and confirmed. Lexie is back.
  9. My immune system has great timing.
  10. Hey, at least you said happy birthday to me on AIM!
  11. Thanks, Rhi!
  12. The means to improving my life.
  13. I don't know why this bugs me so much, but... Everybody else gets a birthday thread... and I never see one for me. Thanks to the very few who wished me birthday greetings off the board. You rock!
  14. Thanks all for the birthday love. And Stace for the PM! The rest of of SOn seemed to have missed that my birthday was Friday, no thread for me
  15. My sentiments precisely. Could care less how many times it's been done before. With the way John's death was handled, he should NOT be brought back.