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  1. I can't remember either, would love to know. Also if someone could say what Wolf wrote on GH? I just remember the awful ending, to an already awful story, when Diego Alcazar was revealed as the Text Message Killer.
  2. Frank Parker did not choose to retire. The show fired him for storyline reasons.
  3. They killed off Stefano when Joe was battling with alzheimer's IRL. Although it seems like Joe wanted to leave by that time. But they don't have to kill off every character. They could have had Caroline move to California but with an actual goodbye episode. A farewell party at the pub, or something, anything. I just want characters to exit on-screen and not fade away and one day hear from another character that they moved.
  4. That was actually when I loved Kate the most, around 1998-2001. I thought alot of the material for her then was fresh and something new compared to the earlier years with the Victor and Vivian drama. I still liked her for a few more years, but by 2006 I was tired of her.
  5. I would have preferred for Caroline to die than for her last scene to be some random conversation with Theresa last summer. I also prefer when the show deals with a real disease and not some made up disease which the character is miraculously cured from. That's just another reason (one of many) why soaps are a joke these days. Nothing is real, nothing has stakes, no real drama. It really is like a cartoon world. Peggy had some really good scenes back in 2012 when Caroline first started showing signs of Alzheimer's.
  6. I wish DAYS would give these vets real exits instead of having the actors on until they aren't able to work anymore, and in the end the characters just fizzle out. Tom, Alice, Stefano, now with Caroline. The same will probably happen with Victor and Doug. They did a good job with Shawn (Frank Parker).
  7. But Josh undid Caroline's alzheimer's and made it some other disease. They should have kept it as alzheimer's IMO.
  8. Kate is so played out. Whether it's a female rivalry, sleeping around with different men, scheming in her children's lives or scheming in those she wished were her children's lives (Chad). So tiresome. Add that Lauren Koslow looks awful most of the times. Kate needs a LONG rest or a permanent exit.
  9. I'm not hung up, I responded to a post in this thread. I agree with what you say about the writing, lack of direction, and lack of preparation. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that some of these actors didn't exactly make the material better, some of them made it worse. It's easy to always blame the show because fans have high expectations when a "big/known" soap name is hired. What they don't see is that DAYS already have enough of their own vets, so bringing on someone from another soap doesn't mean they will be the star who gets all the attention. I keep reading what an amazing actor Vincent Irizarry and how he was given a poorly written character. And I agree, Deimos is awful, but so has his acting been. Same with Eduardo. "DAYS are terrible" for giving A such a poorly written character. "A is a great actor because he was the star of SB 25-30 years ago and has worked in primetime." Yet all I see is an actor who whispers all his lines and has no chemistry with his co-stars. Despite that bad writing I could have enjoyed the characters of Deimos and Eduardo with different actors in the role.   Sarah Brown has had one successful role, as Carly over 15 years ago. She was a complete bore as Madison and Aggie. Claudia was a mess. I could go on with most of the actors on your lists. And seriously, JPL Most of them were just in the right place at the right time in their careers. Now most of them are out-of work actors, unless they are hired by their out-of work friends who create, produce, write, direct and star in a web soap. I'm pretty sure Mark Collier was always supposed to be short-term since Tomlin and Whitesell needed an obstacle#37 in the great love story of Daniel and Jennifer.   B&B has done a good job (love Rena and I surprisingly enjoy Thorsten even though he is so different from Ronn) but GH is terrible. Those actors are just lucky that GH doesn't have a revolving door of producers and writers like DAYS so their friend is still the EP. I can't comment on Y&R. Yes, I also have problems when posting most of the times.
  10. I wasn't thinking of A, but all the others that usually get mentioned. DAYS is always bashed for "wasting" soap vets. Where are all of them now and their great big roles?
  11. In Days defence, many of those actors have had ONE successful role in their careers. It's not like they are making it big elsewhere.
  12. Yeah, but these flashbacks were supposed to have taken place before that.
  13. Yeah they're fake. Chad and Gabi didn't even know each other. They first met in 2009 when Gabi came to town.
  14. I don't like Eli, the actor is stiff.
  15. Alice and Doug weren't supposed to be killed during the original story. By that time there were already rewrites. Celeste was supposed to be the next victim after Tony.