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  1. He's been an ass on twitter for a year now. There's a reason his character got a quick send-off to Portland...
  2. Didn't he leave just a few months ago? To pursue other things? Now he already wants to come back?
  3. Sonny has always been a snooze.
  4. I think the casting call for Jade was one of those where they were looking for asians, blacks and hispanics. I don't think the new actress looks like the daughter of a black parent, maybe that's just me.
  5. Dena came up with the baby switch but Tomlin and Whitesell plotted it out and made it an actual storyline, something Dena is incapable of. Tomlin saved Days when he introduced the shooting schedule (that has now lead to them beeing six months ahead) but the show has never looked as bad as it did under him in 2009-2011. Everything was pink! I had never seen Josh Griffith's work before DAYS, I heard his writing on Y&R was very boring. So I was suprised last fall when it wasn't boring at all, it was exciting. But he and Dena rushed through everything. The material from August to November last year could have easily been stretched out to at least six months worth of story. So many things were left out, important beats were ignored. Then the show got typical Dena boring in December and January. Then she went on her leave and Josh went berserk. It was one rushed, shocking twist after another, with no fall out. Then when it seemed like he had run out of ideas, we got an extremely boring summer, we didn't even get a real cliffhanger for the Olympics break. I can't blame him for all the stuff that got cut, and there were alot, that also hurt the show. But the pacing was awul, many characters weren't seen, those we did see were isolated in story bubbles, there were many stand alone episodes that didn't affect anything long-term. In a lot of ways, Josh Griffith's DAYS reminded me of Hogan Sheffer's, only Josh was ten times worse.
  6. No, that was Dena Higley. B&C's memorable stuff. The return of Larry. The Gemini twins. Austin dumps Sami before their wedding in Vegas. Bo and Hope lose JT to Glen and Barb. Chloe's leukemia. Victor and Nicole's wedding on New Years Eve with Murder at Midnigt aka who killed Colin Murphy. The Reading of Stefano's will. John and Tony are half-brothers. Lexie's pregnant but who's the daddy, Abe or Brandon.
  7. I know which channel you're talking about. I think it's only a matter of time before they take that down too.
  8. Oh okay. Yesterday when I looked there was one DAYS clip still up and it said on the others that the user had removed them. When Sony or Entura take them down it usually say it's for copyright reasons. It's a shame, I was hoping they were done taking down Days channels, they've been doing it for almost one and a half year now.
  9. Looks like that channel removed all the DAYS clips.
  10. I'm pretty sure it's A. And no, it doesn't matter if VI was playing a different role. He is terrible and has no chemistry with anyone on the DAYS cast.
  11. Thanks Jason. Looking forward to more.
  12. Will Real Andrews still play Jade's father? LOL
  13. Beautiful video.
  14. This would have been the perfect time to backburn Hope.