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  1. Even now 14 years later it still suprises me to see people say Dena's material in 2003 was the worst. Yeah it was boring, but it was not close to being as destructive or insulting like some other time periods. Maybe because she was only head writing for five months and didn't have time to go there, but still.
  2. I think JKJ is the only one MM had any chemistry with, apparently she used to have a crush on him.
  3. Have you read his interview? He talks about how he is new to DAYS and has to learn things and how it's a team effort. Unlike OLTL and GH that he grew up watching and knew much about.
  4. Freddie Smith has always been a bad actor. It's just that in his first run he could hide behind all the preachy dialogue and Sonny's good guy persona.
  5. Agreed, I actually think GH looks worse than DAYS!
  6. And some resent Paul as John's son because it doesn't make any sense at all.
  7. Drake said in SOD last month that he went to get a haircut when his dog died and the dark hair got cut.
  8. Tripp is the only one played by a good actor, and he's the newest of them!
  9. I'm glad Ron tweeted that. Now hopefully people will stop saying his writing doesn't air until August or September.
  10. Happy?
  11. Yes, they are almost two years old.
  12. That seems to be why she left. She did the same thing the first time around. Her husband back then, Kyle Lowder, was let go from the show, six months later AZ left.
  13. You are right. Her first return, October 2012 - November 2013 was the two failed weddings with Brady. Her second return, July 2014 - November 2014 was when she kidnapped Daniel, got John out of his coma, had a run-in with Susan, almost slept with Daniel, and left Salem with Theresa's embryo. Her third return was in April 2015 when she held Theresa, Brady and Melanie captive in the castle in Italy, before she was pushed out of the window by Marlena. All of her returns were written by Tomlin and Whitesell. I think, and hope, that Ron will write Kristen better than they did.
  14. Kassie is not a bad actress, but she is a miscast.
  15. Why would this mean Paige is alive? Eve's been back several times after Paige's death.