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  1. Yeah, but these flashbacks were supposed to have taken place before that.
  2. Yeah they're fake. Chad and Gabi didn't even know each other. They first met in 2009 when Gabi came to town.
  3. I don't like Eli, the actor is stiff.
  4. Alice and Doug weren't supposed to be killed during the original story. By that time there were already rewrites. Celeste was supposed to be the next victim after Tony.
  5. It's been 25 years, to change John back to Roman now would be both stupid and pointless.
  6. I don't really want to post in this thead since we're five days into March already. But I just wanted to say that the Hattie/Andre scenes were supposed to air last week but they were cut.
  7. Here are two more
  8. This!
  9. And bad acting.
  10. I hate how Corday in these interviews always blame the "darkness", and how they are getting away from that. Some of DAYS best stories had dark elements. That's not the problem. It's all in the quality of writing. And I really wish someone would question him on WHY he always bring back Dena when she is hated by everyone else (fans, NBC, Sony). Bad writing on-screen aside, she is not a team player. There is always backstage drama when she is there.
  11. Reminded me of her scream when Nick was shot.
  12. I read that Deimos was written out by Dena and Ryan.
  13. RIP. I liked what I saw of him on Y&R, GH and DAYS.
  14. VI is apparently already out.
  15. I did like seeing Anna and Carrie together again for the first time in 30 years, even if I find Anna annoying sometimes. And it will be nice to see Austin and Carrie in Salem this week away from the stupid Prague story. Maybe I was too hard on them before, I do like seeing familiar faces pop in for a visit. Then he should fit right in with the rest of DAYS head writers of the last 10 years, LOL. I just hope we can at least get a good show for 6-12 months before it eventually falls apart, which we all know will happen.