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  1. Reminded me of her scream when Nick was shot.
  2. I read that Deimos was written out by Dena and Ryan.
  3. RIP. I liked what I saw of him on Y&R, GH and DAYS.
  4. VI is apparently already out.
  5. I did like seeing Anna and Carrie together again for the first time in 30 years, even if I find Anna annoying sometimes. And it will be nice to see Austin and Carrie in Salem this week away from the stupid Prague story. Maybe I was too hard on them before, I do like seeing familiar faces pop in for a visit. Then he should fit right in with the rest of DAYS head writers of the last 10 years, LOL. I just hope we can at least get a good show for 6-12 months before it eventually falls apart, which we all know will happen.
  6. Believe me, I'm not a fan of Rafe and agree with some of what you say (though I think the Daniel propping was much more extreme). Rafe has been on the show for over eight years now. Stefano tried to have Rafe killed to stop him from revealing the baby switch. He kidnapped Rafe, erased his memory and replaced him with a look alike. He sent detective Bernardi to cut off his penis after finding out about Rafe and Kate. I don't see anything wrong with calling that Rafe's history with Stefano, that's what it is. Rafe visting Stefano in jail didn't bother me. The problem was that he was the last one to share a scene with Stefano. His scene could have been in the beginning of the episode. Bo and John would have been great but that couldn't happen because of the actors. Marlena's scene and "Checkmate" line could have been a good final scene of Stefano (under the current circumstances). And the ending with the empty jail cell could have still been there as a way to keep Stefano's mystique. Of course none of this matters after seeing Friday's show with the terrible reveal that it was Shane pretending to be Stefano. I usually don't mind short visits for characters, when it makes sense for the story. Like Shane, Kim, Nancy and Laura these last couple of months. I haven't seen that with Austin and Carrie this time.
  7. Like it or not, Rafe also has history with Stefano. What has been to point to Austin, Carrie and Anna's return?
  8. I agree. I hate when they put current music in old flashbacks.
  9. Drew was silly in the 1988 storyline too.
  10. These young actors don't seem to understand the recurring status that they both had on the show.
  11. Dena Higley is the only Days writer obsessed with making DiMera and Kiriakis enemies. She has written this story every time she was head writer, now she's throwing in the Hernandez family trying to make them important. Irizarry is still terrible.
  12. I'm not a troll for having a different opinion.
  13. Like I said, no real arguments. Any white person who doesn't agree with the socialist and liberal agenda is a nazi, racist, bigot. So predictable. Of course, gotta love the censorship when someone doesn't agree with you. Keep living in that bubble. It's your way or no way.