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  1. Maybe its a 6 month deal with an option for more I always figured it Chandler would start off as 6 months to a year In my opinion, Days knows it needs Will Horton back. They know Guy returning will be have mixed audience so they needed Chandler. So If I were Chandler I would test the waters with a 6 month to one year deal. Yes Chandler may have told the media he was ready to leave in 2013 at the emmys before Days would have liked but I dont believe they didnt know he was planning to exit. So Days just found someone and tossed Chandler I like Guy but that way of casting him didnt help If I were Days in that situation I would have kept Chandler until they filmed the wilson wedding in oct 2013 and then brought in the recast.
  2. Valerie Perrine played Mother Kasnoff
  3. Did Valentin Kill Alex???
  4. According to the latest DC Podcast, Y&R is recasting Adam and wants someone who is not a name So the detective just asked a new widow if she was open todating & her husband has been dead a week
  5. the cast is good except for the actor playing jillan Clare's boyfriend. I just cant with him. FF material
  6. I wonder if Alexander will be coming on On GH afterbuzz Wally Kurth did say he had been working a lot at Both Days and GH lately
  7. Will she be Marian or someone new???
  8. Morgan also appeared on The City & Bold & The Beautiful
  9. He was on GH in 2007 Cooper Barrett He was killed by Diego Alcazar He's 43 maybe he will be the new Adam Newman they are casting
  10. Besides wondering if they will retape scenes of the Will/Paul affair with Chandler and Christopher, I wonder if Robert Scott Wilson will reprise Ben to show how Will survived
  11. I could see them re-shooting the Paul & Will sex scene defintley
  12. Its already been said that Kevin leaves town alive
  13. What I saw of Tracy's goodbyes at the mansion I liked. The ending with Luke, why? Just let her go. Tracy does not need Luke.
  14. I think Luke may be on April 28th but thats all I heard the scenes airing April 28th were Jane's last to film Yes and that reminds me of something Guza said in 1998 when Genie came back from a year long maternity, I believe it was an interview with Michael Logan and he asked something about since Luke heads on Vacation soon, what will Laura do??? Guza said If Laura were the only person on GH there would be lots for her to do so Laura and Tracy dont need Luke, to exist as valued characters on GH