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  1. Sam Page (Trey Keynon, AMC) is also on the Bold Type
  2. was Daren Little being groomed as HW of AMC at one point? I rememeber hearing of a story where Bianca and Krystal have sex It is an option that is given, Fi core but i believe if you chose Fi-core its ether very difficult to go back or impossible.
  3. I believe the strike if it happens is over health benefits Peiople go ficore so that they can keep their lights on & food on the table Ficore writers still get health benefits et all but cannot vote anymore
  5. They will just hire Fi-Core writers like last time
  6. JVD and Laura Wright asked to go do cameos at GL's end but ABC said no
  7. Brytni Sarpy (Valerie, GH) auditioned for the role of Felix's sister, Taylor in 2013 She was deemed too old to play the age of 16 Sarpy also auditioned for the role of Jordan Ashford but deemed too old to play the mom of a teen son. She also auditioned for various roles on Days of our lives
  8. Yes and then Finola got sick of playing twins so bye bye Alex
  9. Asher was a character on the last year AMC was on ABC. He was Caleb Cortlandt's son Daphne was annoying but I loved Rory trying to flirt with her
  10. I think its Anna but she is covering For Alex
  11. If GH eventually needs to recast, Id say Becca Tobin (Kitty, GLEE) would make a good Maxie
  12. I liked A on GH as Roy
  13. I say put Scotty with Kevin. With Chole out I say make Kevin at least sexually fluid
  14. Casey's original contract ended Jan 2017. If he left we wont see that til summer.