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  1. The guy on the video feed looks like Matt Ashford
  2. wasnt this right after sherilyn left GH as Cecilia? Maybe she did not want another long term contract?
  3. Since the Recasts thread was archived Here is Saundra Quartermain as Angie Baxter Hubbard in NOV 1990 Starting around 9:35
  4. He does exit but is also back in sept for Rafe's Bachelor party/wedding im guessing
  5. Before casting Coltin Scott /Stephen Martinez as Tony Santos in 2003, Guiding light was also considering OLTL's David Fumero for the role.
  6. Jordi Vilasuso 9 mins · Instagram · Yes, it’s true- my Days are numbered. I’ve been wanting to speak on this for awhile but out of respect and love for the show I’ve stayed quiet. @nbcdays has brought me so much joy! NBC, Sony, Ken Corday @gregmeng , Albert Alarr, and the entire crew who make this show possible have all been such pleasure to work for and with. Although I wish Dario would have gone in a different direction, being a part of the Hernandez family was one of the best parts of the gig thanks to @abonemartinez , @ggering, and @camilabanus. Mi familia always took me on a rollercoaster of belly hurting laughter and tears that I would look forward to whenever I got the opportunity to mix it up with them. I’m grateful to the women that escaped Dario’s grasp as well.. @ari8675, @ximenaduque, and @_marcimiller_ are such beautiful actors both inside and out and always inspired me to work at a higher level. Lastly, the fans! You are the ones who keep this show going. I’ve gotten to know some of you personally and your passion for the stories and characters is infectious. Your opinions of Dario were hilarious and often mutually shared! Ha! So here’s to @nbcdays ! May you have many more years to come! It's been a hell of a ride! #dool #nextchapter #lookingforward
  7. Maybe they have the same Dad but not the same mom but were born the same year. kinda like the Scott brothers on One Tree Hill I think Bonnie may have been in the same Prison as Hattie. Angelica found her when she found Hattie and uses Bonnie to pose as Adrienne to break up with Justin so Angelica can have Justin back
  8. Thats what I thought. Bet she is working with Bonnie Lockhart. Wanna bet Bonnie and Adrienne are twin sisters or something
  9. So is Marlena working with Angelica??? Is that Hattie as Marlena
  10. It saves SONY Money to shoot like this so they wont be changing that. The show is dark 22 weeks. Nearly half a year that saves some cash
  11. I dont think so and CM is still taping this week as Will according to scripts
  12. Maybe Bonnie and Anjelica working together Maybe bonnie & Adrienne are related
  13. Marlena left before Jane Elliot Debut as Anjelica in 1987???
  14. Yep Dena and ryan should know the history Marlena is not on team Angelica is she???