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  1. Thanks Ellen spoke of SFT very fondly on inside the Actors Studio
  2. A week or two tops
  3. Ellen Barkin claimed on Inside the actors studio that she did a soap I believe she said SFT but cant find proof of that
  4. No he shuld not. He ruins every daytime show he does. Ask Susan Lucci Also Jonny Celebrity Laundry is not allowed here as it is considered a tabloid
  5. She's on Friday
  6. i believe so
  7. Kassie almost became Amada on AW in 1993 but Christine Tucci was cast instead
  8. I dunno just an idea the Q's should have saved GH
  9. Personally I would have perfered if the Q's and maybe the Buchanans pooled their monies and saved GH. Caiuse I wanna see JVD and Jane Elliot act together again plus it would make other cross overs make sense I dont like that Finn saved GH. Should OLTLers move permantley to GH No However if they can get Vicent Irizaary on as AMC's David Hayward to act opposite Finola again id be all for that
  10. Nora about her Husbands family for a minute to Valentin Like i said before then use the BLOCK option. I am so sick and tired of seeing your negativity & bullying nature. So how about you stop doing that. Its a damn soap opera. A TV show. No reason to get this pissed. Stop saying what people can and cannot post. You are not Errol.
  11. Daytime soaps arent supposed to give instant pay off. If you want that watch Primetime. Y&R is moving the way it did when Bell & Alden were in charge and im liking it
  12. Robert S Woods lives in LA now so maybe that can be possible
  13. I liked Nora's scenes
  14. Preview
  15. Thanks Was Weil EP long most places Ive seen dont even give her any credit I wish OLTL had not killed off Beth Garvey in 1994. She was good with Jason plus MB was leaving anyway so they should have left town Plus Beth is River's bio Mom that could have been utilized for story over the year Also Beth didnt like Todd, she was scared of him There were rumors that Todd was River's Dad but I dont remember if OLTL ever fully addressed who was the bio dad