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  1. Anyone watch these shows? I absolutely love them. Ive watched NJ and Atlanta and now they are airing NY. Couldnt get into the Orange County. Too many blondes and fake boobs. Anyone else watching the current season of NY. Lots of drama. My favorites are Bethany and Kelly. I also like Jill although she bugs me. Alex does nothing for me and I cant stand Ramona and LuAnn
  2. I cant beleive they brought Caroline back so she could fight Sally for Thomas How long till Eric presents Sheila with her own Forrester matriarch portrait over the mantle? Quinn: "I never knew I could love till I met Eric." Again, she says this about every man she falls for. She did with Deacon and Liam before
  3. I forgot that was even a story and it was only in what, last week? Served absolutely no point with no ramifications. The Marcus texting PSA from a few years back was better and that's not saying much
  4. Kim says she wont be and I buy that. Kim isnt here for these women and thinks she's above them. I dont see her interacting and getting involved like a full housewife would be. Oh and I hate when women are added late in the season. I dont even like when they arent in the first episode
  5. Candace getting arrested for terrorism. Girl, you done messed with the WRONG one!David said he and Melissa's dad were good friends from back in the day. Yet last week he didnt know her last name to find her in the hospital. How does that work?
  6. Sex tape.....WHAT!? Was it with Theo and how did that leak? Are Hope and Rafe engaged?
  7. I hate how Ridge and Quinn keep downplaying what they did instead of owning it. Just a few meaningless kisses? Quinn was confessing her love to Ridge and he kept getting drawn back to her. Im glad Steffy read his ass
  8. I thought this would be a cool thread to ask about former soap stars as well as showcase where they are now as well as current pictures, etc.... Someone needs to get Josh Kelly a job. He's looking rought sicne OLTL ended and here he is with ex-Baz STOP. I know what you guys are thinking LOL
  9. yeah the old fool was shaming them for trusting Quinn about Sheila. It was ridiculous!
  10. This thread is inspired by B&B Sheila. Back in the 90s, if you found out Sheila was coming back, it would have been must see tv. She's the kind of character that sparks interest, excitement and shakes up the canvas. Now? Her return has fallen flat and has done nothing for the show. This seems to be endemic of all soaps though and has been for years. When was the actual last good return on any soap? For me it was Kristen on Days in 2012. She had been gone long enough and was utilized well when she came back, taken advantage of her past history while giving her an original storyline that wasnt a predictable retread from her last stint. Plus it gave us this B&B - maybe Macy in 2002? The show botched it up when they killed her off less than a year later
  11. Eric to Steffy/Liam: "You of all people bleieve anything Quinn says." He has he nerve to say this after he spent a year telling them to trust Quinn bc he did. Ugh! So Sheila covering for Steffy is now supposed to put her on the path to redemption?
  12. Technically PC handled it everytime they had someone screw a vampire
  13. Did he even do that? It seemed he had Katie go crazy out of nowhere just so he could have her as a red herring for Sheila's arrival, which fell flat as she is just picking up where Katie left off. Even though it sucked, all that build up with Katie vs Quinn over the last few months was for nothing. There really doesnt seem to be much substance here with Sheila
  14. FINALLY they acknowledged that Sheila "killed" Taylor and used that for motivation for why Steffy hates her. They should have brought Taylor back so we could get a confrontation What a dumbass cliffhanger
  15. The title is something that I should be excited about on paper but it looks so boring
  16. Bethenny: "Ramona, I dont want you on the trip. You are not invited."Ramona: "I dont care bitch. Im going anyway" Paraphrased of course but LOL
  17. I like Jordi but the character was DOA
  18. Sheila and Quinn fighting over Eric is absolutely ridiculous Quinn and Ridge cheated on Eric....why did he move? He should have thrown both their asses out of HIS home
  19. Not a fan of new girl Ashley from last episode? Lol
  20. Anyone watching this reality show on VH1? Its like Real Housewives but focuses exclusively on wives and former girlfriends of NBA players. The cast is based around Miami. Its currently in its 2nd season and a guilty pleasure. Just caught up with the first 2 episodes and this season looks to be even better than last. I cant stand Suzie. Im so glad Evelyn is done with her and realizes what a snake she is. For most of last season she would instigate drama but now she's at the center of it. I wish she would have been dropped but at least she's been kicked out of the circle I also hate Gloria. She talked so much sh-t last season and said she wouldn't be on this season and acted like she was too good for it, yet her she is appearing on the show. Next week's confrontation looks good and I hope the ladies call her out on her crap My favorite is Royce. She got a bad rap before but she's not that bad a person. I also love Shaunie and now she carries herself. I have no use for Jennifer. She comes across very insecure and pathetic at times. I dont get that she's in love with her husband and doesnt want to be married to him. I think its more about her not wanting to get divorced that keeps her there. But of course one of the best new additions this time around is Tami from the Real World. Based on the previews, girl is gonna get ghetto on the other women and it looks as if she hasnt changed much as she is still bringing the drama. Should be fun
  21. Well they did take it over. VH1 dropped the LA from the title and its been marketed as the 6th season of Basketball Wives (season 5 ended in 2013). Most of the women in the credits are the Miami girls and Jen starts appearing next week. Malaysia is barely there and Jackie is the only LA chick seen on a consistent basis
  22. Darbo is Shirley and she joined in Feb
  23. Ashley....f--k that little girl. I didnt like how she kept coming for Karen