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  1. Anyone watch these shows? I absolutely love them. Ive watched NJ and Atlanta and now they are airing NY. Couldnt get into the Orange County. Too many blondes and fake boobs. Anyone else watching the current season of NY. Lots of drama. My favorites are Bethany and Kelly. I also like Jill although she bugs me. Alex does nothing for me and I cant stand Ramona and LuAnn
  2. I thought this would be a cool thread to ask about former soap stars as well as showcase where they are now as well as current pictures, etc.... Someone needs to get Josh Kelly a job. He's looking rought sicne OLTL ended and here he is with ex-Baz STOP. I know what you guys are thinking LOL
  3. Star Jones revealed on Wendy today, that her summer book, Satan Sister's is being adapted into a television show. She said its a done deal but she cant talk more about it. Im actually excited about this. Its about the juicy backstage drama of a daytime talk show. I wonder if ABC will pick it up....LOL
  4. Why the hell were all these people on a plane together and how did it crash? Good lord this show has alot of plane crashes
  5. Oh wow did not know that. Thanks!
  6. Can a mod change the title! Its been renamed Daytime Divas and comes out June 5th!
  7. Yeah. She plays Caroline Spencer not Sheila Carter. Its not like her return is some big spoiler twist they'd need her to keep under wraps
  8. NYC These women need to stop talking about Luann's relationship. Thats why they werent invited to the engagement party. Dorinda is the only one that is truly her friend Tinsley has failed to make an impression with me. She should have been a friend, not a housewife. Sonya was overreacting
  9. J.Ho still pregnant? How soon after the season did they film this reunion?Why they keep inviting Big Bertha to the reunions?How Minnie gonna call Juicy a blueberry dressed like that?Nico is such a bitch. He and Von are definitely f--kingAbirra looks nice. Definitely more feminine than she did on the show
  10. This stupid bitch. What was her purpose? She saw Travis attacking the dummy yet he convinced her he wasnt?After all that nonsense, she STILL not trying to report this to the cops?So Esperanza went to the playground with the kids with her titties out like that?Brad getting sucked back into Alex's web of mess is some bulls--tLOL Randall is such a bitchReally Tyler? Is every episode going to end with Travis sneaking up on Kelly?
  11. Nicole just found out she may not be able to have a baby and within this episode she told Vivienne, Julius AND Zende. They sure are progressing with this story rather fast. I thought she'd have held this in a little longer but I guess they need to have this over by July
  12. Karlie's crying in that first scene was so terrible. A messEstelita. Its episode 12. Its too late to be giving new bitches storylines. Why is Mimi giving her her number, saying she can call her in case things go down. Look at her inserting herself in Stevie and Jos' drama again. LOL at her calling Karlie a "dusty water roach"After seeing how pretty Dime can be when she has a natural look, I cant take her look like a bargain bin BarbieRasheeda saying she's been trying to deal with the issues of her marriage as quietly and privately as possible but now its been blown up on tv bc of Joseline. Girl, STFU! You are on a damn reality show filimg for the cameras on tv. Like girl are you serious?
  13. Ive never seen the original but watching the Atlanta version and hooked! Any other viewers? My fave is Mimi but girl needs to leave Stevie J bc he is no good and NOT worth the drama and heartache he is causing her embarassing and disrespecting her on TV I cant stand that slut monkey! She really infuriates me with her homewrecking shameless self Dang is this triangle GOOOOD though. Im hooked! Mimi needs to whip that ass! Momma Dee is a trip! Breakout star of the series. She kinda reminds me of a sober Frankie but with some sense LOL...this bitch I love Scrappy's swagger. Erica is such a good woman and he needs to do what he can to keep her. I like them together I cant stand this trick. She act too stupid and hard headed for me. Her husband has alot of patience bc I dont like how she talks to him
  14. To create a new major family in the Marones
  15. Bridget wasn't his daughter in that story but she was his sister which was its own brand of nasty They don't give a f-ck about Sasha nor have a sisterly relationship with her
  16. I was travelling last week and forget about and missed the show. Ive since seen it and here are my thoughtsJ. Ho likes that Von is around to go shopping with herOf course Andrea's ass is going back to Dallas to be with Crith and not her son. And her ass just picked up and left like tht? You are trying it Lifetime. I've moved 3 times and that doesnt happen overnight. Since this is the narrative they are trying to sell, it was f--ked up of her to leave without saying goodbyeMonie hair watch
  17. So Nicole likely cant get pregnant bc of scar tissue found from her first pregnancy. WTF?!? That SAME doctor was ready to impregnate her last fall and there was no mention of any scarringBrooke is a horny ho. She knows her son is about to join them on the plane ride so she decides to f--k Bill right there. Thank god Rick was running late with Maya or else they'd be in for quite a show
  18. Definitely not AMC. I know its been a long time since we've seen her but has this show even attempted to give a plausible expalanation for the 180?
  19. The second hand embarrassment for Robin is realI was on the Green-eyed sisters when it came to messy Ashley but it shouldnt have been at some ambush at the girl's job. With that said, someone needs to put her in her placeWow, Karen was raped. Im glad she shared her story bc that was powerful material. She came across very real and not the caricature she has been for alot of the seasonI liked Charisse's scene with her daughter as well. Another real moment.Since when was trick a 4 letter word? Does Gizelle spell it "tric" or "trik"?
  20. GH remembered that Anna has a twin from AMC, named Alex and she's now a villian.....WTF?!?
  21. Thanks. It literally came out of nowhere and the flashback did nothing to support the intense hate that Karen had which from what was shown, was bc of some sour deal in week 1
  22. IA. I wanted Ika or Demitri but Kevin was deserving of his win. The final two was pathetic though. Kevin vs Karen? They had the dumbest feud in BB history. I didnt even know there was so much drama between them till they played that flashback last week and reaffirmed just how stupid it was