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  1. I see about 20 bitches and none of them is Magali
  2. Brooke to Quinn: "If you had to cheat on Eric, did it have to be with his own son?
  3. RHOA DEAD when Aunt Nora said Bravo doesnt invite the OLG to the trips bc they'd "eat these hoes alive" Kenya: "Porsha, I aint got no edges. Thats Kenya's fault too" LOL Baby-nup? You mean custody agreement/child support? She cant think of proper terms so she's just making up words now? I cant beleive she had it written in there that she can put the baby on instagram Phaedra is shady as f--k helping Johnny go after Kandi. F--k her reasons. She should have turned him away and left it at that. She may not be on the case but she's helped. B-tch LOL...I hollered at the dogs barking at Matt going off on Kenya. That boy is emotionally broken. And I say boy bc he doesnt act like a grown man.
  4. Thats why I side eye them as "friends" now. Both women would think nothing of stabbing the other in the back for a storyline and/or get ahead. Marlo should not trust Sheree and vice versa. The lesbian accusations came out bc Marlo pulled a Sheree by throwing her under the bus and spilling the tea she was given
  5. Its no Marlo vs Sheree chicken clucking but its up there
  6. Im shocked she's even in the opening. I thought they were going to leave her in Australia without a ticket back to LA
  7. what makes this worse is that she torpedoed through Katie's marriage for no reason bc she ended up dumping Bill a few weeks later to get back with Ridge
  8. Now they are up to the reunion? This season was so hard to keep up with. It went on for WAY too long. I dont even know what episode it went up to but I recall seeing an episode 15 last month and I was like WTF? This dont need to be longer than 12
  9. Guess what? Phaedra lied. She and Apollo are still marred
  10. Nothing about B&B's last opening was generic. It was actually quite creative and one that only suited this soap. A fashion show would not make sense or work for Y&R, GH or Days
  11. She truly gives zero f--ks this season Messy ass bitch. She's at least entertaining
  12. Who you siding with when it comes to Kandi vs Phakedra and the Thot? i love for once that Kenya has no roll in the bulls--t that's gone down!