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  1. Brooke vs Sheila? YES! They actually have history and Brooke going after her to protect Eric feels more right than Quinn (despite being his wife). It actually gives Brooke something to do and we see the fire in her that has been extinguished for quite some time
  2. Port Charles literally named their storylines after licensed songs
  3. Taeyang dropped his album and continuing with the trend in KPop, the best song wasnt picked as the single LOVE Naked. Thats my jam along with the intro (which should have been a full song). This fan edit will have to do
  4. They share a daughter, Mary, and she told her mother about it. I had hoped that Eric had invited Sheila as revenge against Quinn. Use Sheila to get a rise out of her bc he hasnt completely forgiven her for her cheating. Unfortunately nah he is just being written as being stupid IA on the use of Taylor.
  5. Franco left the show?
  6. Eric is a damn fool falling for Sheila's amateur scheming. Seriously, this is stuff I'd expect out of someone of Coco's experience. Sheila sure didnt seem pleased to see James. Did she have bad history with him last time they interacted? Again why is Liam as Vice President interviewing Sally? Didnt he JUST interview her? Why is he doing another?
  7. Haha, Bethanny went all the way in on Andy adn good for her. He is shady and messy and probably didnt expect that from him. Ramona responding to the issue about her being rude with "When you're abused..." Girl, bye! Ramona looks amazing for 60. She is the best looking one on the show Dang they went IN on LuAnn and her marriage and its hard to feel bad for her knowing what we now know
  8. Candace finally finds out about her son and it fell flat. I felt nothing from her Wyatt....Zzzzz...... You can remove him from the show bc he adds nothing So Katherine just burns her house down. Okay. I guess arson charges are better than murder Melissa's mother did not seem that bad. She exaggerating saying she's on the level of Demonica
  9. Just turned the show on. First line of the episode Eric: "Sheila, my god....Quinn you killed her!" NOPE! ETA: So I did end up keeping the show on and watched. This show is insane. The doctor tells them that Sheila has a concussion and needs to be waken every 2 hours so Eric invites her to stay at the mansion. WTF? Why cant he hire a private nurse for her? There is blood and glass on the floor, the living room is a mess and furniture is wrecked. His wife, Quinn, doesnt feel safe around Sheila and on the flipside, Quinn knocked her out. Clearly these women should not be living under the same room, you f--king, stupid old fool. Makes ZERO damn sense Which is the theme of the show. The building should not be that important. My god, she let Thomas completely redesin the logo, which should have been a bigger deal bc that was symbolic of Spectras' identity, not the building, which means nothing to the media and fanbase. She's not even the lead designer anymore, Thomas is, so fashions are no longer her creative vision. That a major drive for her when she came to town soif she can give that up, why cant she do it all from a different space?
  10. She's trying it on before they pass it over to Nicole
  11. how many times I gotta tell you, these hoes are not housewives! LOL. As for Jennifer, the difference is before she was friends with Evelyn. They had a falling out so I was hoping she'd come back differently but she fell right back into old ways. Id have preferred if her role on the show was to be allies with Tami and Malaysia instead of firmly planted in Ev and Shaunie's ass The reunion could have been better. I hate that they didnt address BJ lying about Jackie saying the word liability. They talked about them fighting without bringing up what prompted that fight. Likely bc VH1 couldnt pull up reciepts for the reunion. I also didnt like how they didnt bring up the clip of Shaunie saying Malaysia had no substance when we all know she did. I do appreciate that they kept this to one hour instead of trying to drag it out Everything was all about Jackie. Without her, we'd have nothing to talk about this season I noticed that they didnt invite a good chunk of the extras to the reunion and the ones that were, didnt even get couch time I watched Baller Wives and they definitely tried too hard. I'll watch the next episode but not sure how I feel about it Yes! Hazel didnt really add anything to this show.
  12. Eric has to go to Charlie to give Sheila security clearance into FC yet she can just walk up to the mansion and walk in bc nobody locks the doors? How contrived in order to have her in there to fight Quinn I cant beleive Quinn took Sheila out with an iPad to the head
  13. Why? So she can eat up all the food?
  14. I actually think I'd have been more invested had they kept to the original plan which was having Katie in this story. At least they spent months building that up instead of Sheila literally coming out of nowhere and giving us no reason to care about a rivalry with Quinn