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  1. Its 2017. I dont think that many people care
  2. They actually arent working on an album. They are focused on their old music and getting their tour together. They said they may release some new songs, but an actual album isnt on the cards at this moment They tried to get Tiny as a wife and she passed. She actually recommended Kandi in her place. I dont want to see Tiny on this show. Her accent is too thick and country for me. Even having her as a friend would be hard for me to handle
  3. Liam and Steffy did not need to be in this promo, nor did the Avant sisters. Made it seem so disjointed as it would have been more effective to focus on Sheila
  4. Charlie's metric for if Sheila is an old friend of the Foresters is whether she knew who Pam was? She only came to town a few years ago and Stephanie was estranged from her prior to that. Heck most of the Forresters didnt even know Pam until she moved to LA Why was he orange? He has brought that up and so did the doctor. Its Nicole that is fixated on bring pregnant again but the options have been presented to her. The only explanation for why she is ignoring that is that she is mentally messed up and caught up on her emotions
  5. Miami isnt a fair comparison as the first season never took off. It was for all intents a purposes a rebooted different show for season 2. It was many viewers first introduction to the women so most of the women were new and wouldnt have had the same stigmatism that NYC did
  6. Dropping 3 women wasnt the problem; it was adding three new ones. Three women at once is too many to get to know. The transition wasnt even gradual with proper introductions. The season just picked up as if we were already supposed to know them. It was quite jarring. On the contrary, OC only added 2, which is a norm for the franchise.
  7. I can't see Kenya hanging out with those women on NYC. It would be too jarring. She'd only work if they did a a reboot across the board and make it a multicultural show keeping only maybe Dorinda and LuAnn
  8. Im sick of hearing about Tinsley's mugshot. Its the only thing remotely interesting about her and quite frankly, its not that interesting Ramona was messy to invite Tom's ex to her party with LuAnn there
  9. I just saw the scene where BJ brought it up to the Miami girls and there was no flashback. Cristen has a beef with Jackie so she was jumping on the bandwagon. Go back and watch episode 7. Jackie's exact words when Saniyah got up was "That one is out of control." and BJ said "IA with you. I'm right there with you." Jackie then went "Yeah it's too much. It's just too much." BJ flat out lied on her She doesnt have to but she did bc she is messy Agreed. BJ and Ev have said it so many times that people think it happened (myself included until I went back and rewatched the footage)
  10. Every time I see the women together, I think, who is this man in the scene?Then they do a closeup and Im like, oh thats just Melissa Im absolutely mesmerized by Jessica's beauty
  11. She is so bad. Oh and Reign Edwards isnt much better. Im sick of Nicole walking around like a zombie. I dont like how RE is portraying Nicole's emotions in this story. Its so dry and doesnt work. The stiff wigs only make her worse
  12. Mariah is at it again! @AllMyDaysatGH



    #Roommates, peep homegirl in the back tho 😩😂What do think she was thinking? 🤔

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      I've never seen such misery on a child's face before. And her mom next to her looks grim-faced too.

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      The gift that keeps on giving...

  13. Dallas Season 2 clip
  14. Did she? I didnt even notice till I watched a Vlogger recapping on it and I looked back adn cant seem to find this footage of Jackie calling Saniyah a liability. BJ did lie on her. VH1 didnt even pull up reciepts with a flashback to prove Jackie was wrong. If you can find the clip of that word coming out of Jackie's mouth, please point me to it bc as of now, it doesnt look like it exists And she did backstab Jackie. Lets say she was telling the truth. If Im building a friendship with someone, hanging out with them and gaining their trust, it's f--ked up of said person to throw me under the bus, talk sh-t and cackle about me to women that dont like me. BJ and Evelyn wanted to stir up a fight between Jackie and Saniyah. Come on, you got to admit that was the motive behind blowing this thing up. It was shady and messy and BJ came for Jackie with that move. She set out to give Ev ammo bc it made her look good and loyal to the Miami girls to side with them. Look at how Saniyah carried her bone in the last episode. She told Jackie about what Ev said bc she felt uncomfortable and disingenuous to be around while the Miami girls were badmouthing her. She wasnt trying to cause drama which is what BJ was doing
  15. Tyler could have kept that episode. If fell asleep it was so boring