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  1. They should have kept JJ in college and built a college scene around him instead of aging him so quickly and bringing on these brats
  2. Pantygate? UGH, why are we still on this 15 episodes later? Rinna, STFU! Why was she jumping in on this fight that wasnt about her. Now she's taking on the LVP role, but much more messy. Her hypocritical ass had the nerve to try and call Dorit out about "not remembering". Im glad Kyle called her out with talking about Dorit's husband I felt bad for Dorit. She was being jumped on and that wasnt fair. I dont feel bad for Erika bc she gave this mess life by continuing to talk about it. She should have let this die "I would do that for my husband." OMG, Rinna STFU. She was so annoying. This season has ruined her I felt bad for Eileen bc I get what she was saying and her words were twisted in a way she didnt mean.
  3. How cute that Hope was able to pick her face up from sucking Rafe's in order to go meet her new nephew
  4. maybe they cant fire her but they can choose not to renew her contract. Dont those 13 week clauses still exist?
  5. She looked sickly when I saw her on screen last fall. Apparently according to comments here, she hasnt gotten better
  6. @Cat. I havent been in here much either bc I've gotten so turned off by all the bullsh-t that went don here. So far this year I enjoyed SHINee's Get The Treasure and entire Japanese "Five" album This was on heavy rotation for me earlier this year. BTOB's 10th EP was also good. Love the rap combo of Minyuk and Peniel in the second verse. Peniel really has improved quite a bit. I like BTOB so will continue to support them but man I friggin hate CUBE. Highlight/Beast @AllMyDaysatGH They lost their legal battle and cant keep the name Beast. They were forced to change and they went with Highlight. Kind of a generic name which makes searching for them hard. To make matters worse, Hyunseung resigned with Cube and is rejoining Beast along with two new members for a trio. Who does that? The fans are not that stupid. Anyways Highlight just released their first new music and I wish them all the success
  7. Ivy is helping her ex husband plan the wedding to his ex wife whom she came to town and tried to copy in order to win him back a few months ago. A mess....
  8. This show is so damn boring. That premiere was a chore to get through. This is season 2 so I have less patience for this than last year when they were setting things up
  9. nah, Brooke will be with Bill and Eric will have Katie
  10. RHOA this episode was boring. The only thing it did was validate why I as Kenya fan did not like her "being friends" with PHakedra
  11. the guy that plays Saul on B&B is on the show too. He just popped up in the first episode He looks almost as old as his onscreen father
  12. Tom Pelphrey and Jessica Stroup can be seen in Iron Fist