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  1. IA. She's earned it and IMO is more vital to the show than Frank on a side note, I havent been posting but Ive caught up with this season and its amazing. Best one in years
  2. Liam lied when he said Quinn is barely holding it together. She looked fine to me Ugh! I hate how they had Katie find out about her hoish sister being back with Ridge offscreen This is sooooo bad yeah I bet the show starts on Monday with Quinn still on the side staring at Katie
  3. Not Stefano . Anyone know if he has anymore upcoming appearances on Days?
  4. Eve and Brady think Jen is back to popping pills bc of her nitwit daughter. I wonder if they will rat her out to Chad which will make him cut off her visitation with Thomas
  5. whats doesnt work here is that its a retcon after the fact to try and get her off. IA that its classic soap but it only would have worked had we seen Stefano plot it Speaking of which it makes no sense. Why would Stefano do this? At time of death, he had no beef with Hope. I cant see Stefano choosing to go out without making peace with Chad bc they werent on good terms and I think he would have wanted to fix things before death
  6. Im seeing Wednesday's show now WTF, did they bring back Shawn Christian for fake flashbacks of Daniel? Why? Just when it seemed like we were over her crying over him...
  7. Its Rafe's fault she is even in this mess. She wanted to confess after she killed Stefano, but he convinced her to cover it up. Hope could have gotten off on temporary insanity bc her state of mind wasnt right back then but Rafe took advantage of the situation to play her and helped get her into an even bigger mess. Its her fault for continuing it but the whole lot of them are to blame, including Roman. So many crimes were broken and these are supposed to be the cops. I cant get over them let two innocent men go to jail for her crime. Yes she had no remorse. Days squandered the only legit get out of jail free card with the coverup so she doesnt deserve to be free now
  8. they should have completely skipped the wedding and gone striaght into the cancer storyline. I think that would have been a better way to build up this triangle with her illness drawing Justin closer to her and getting him nostalgic over the past.
  9. I can see how in an isolated bubble one can see Judi Evans scenes as good and I suppose they were. However the thing is they would have been much more impactful if we havent seen her be such a blithering mess for the past couple of weeks, crying and getting overly hysterical in every episode she's in. I would have cared more for her performance and Adrienne now but Im over it before its even started
  10. I hope Lisa shades her for that slick jab in her blog post. Kyle is feeding into this puppet master persona that the women used to try and bring Lisa down last season.
  11. Kyle says one of the words she never wants to hear again is manipulate, yet she said that Lisa would forgive Rinna first bc she's easier to manipulate Dorit....I thought she was Crystal Hunt at first. I was like how the hell did she snag a rich husband? I like her so far. There are times she even looked like Katherine from last season Lisa is so shady! She went for I dont blame her though bc Rinna tried it with her Overall good premiere. Glad YoLyma is gone
  12. Brooke went from being celibate for 2 years to sleeping with two men within a matter of weeks, one of which was her sister's husband. Good to see she's back to being a ho Eric gave Wyatt such awful advice! Why would Wyatt want Steffy after she dumped him and is now shacking up with his brother? Why did Eric give him false hope as if they honestly have a future and why is dumbass Wyatt still trying to fight for her? I thought that triangle was over Wyatt is the most pathetic character on this show Neither Eric nor Quinn had good justification for why Rick nor Thorne were considered for CEO over her. Im glad she didnt instantly want to take it and brought up that there were more qualified people in the family over her even if they dont go with Ridge. HAHA at Ridge assuming just bc he's back with Brooke that Eric would name him CEO. DEAD when Eric told him it wasnt him Liam needed to STFU today. I get what he was saying but it was insulting to Steffy
  13. give her more reason to cry as if she wasnt doing enough of that
  14. Oh thanks. Thats probably when I stopped watching
  15. Im sick of women crying on this show. Between Nicole, Maggie, Theresa, Jennifer, Eve, Abby, Ciara, Hope, and now Adrienne, the writers have made the women so weak this past year. This isnt entertaining and the tears have been excessive. Its especially bad with the actresses which are given emotional material and cant perform (Vivian, Im looking at you)