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  1. Cheap21 added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    That NJ preview looks good! I cant wait
    Dawn thinks Ampika is trying to come for her. WTF?!? She tried it. Ampika isnt even thinking about her. She was really irritating playing the victim when there is no war. Delusional
    Not here for the new wives fighting amongst themselves. Dont care. Misse is annoying as is the boring one who's name I cant remember. Not Seema.
    Ampika's relationship with Mark is disgusting and disrespectful to his gf. They both are f--ked up. How can he be in a relationship with somene when he's with Ampika everyday and goes on trips with her? She knows he has someone, yet she wants to have a baby with him? She constantly flirts and its obvious she wants him. He's leading her on and playing her heart but she is old enough to know better 
    LeAnn. She is looking beautiful this season. Liked the glasses
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  2. Cheap21 added a post in a topic The Real (New Talk Show starring Tamera Mowry and others)   

    so we not gonna talk about Tamar being fired from The Real and leaving a crpytic message about someone close backstabbing her?
    EXCLUSIVE: On-set tantrums, 'p***ing off' sponsors and 'aggressive eye-rolling and mouth-smacking indicative of behavior African-American women have worked years to overcome.' THE REAL reasons Tamar Braxton was fired from talk show
    Tamar Braxton was fired from hot talk show The Real last weekend because 'she was becoming unbearable to work with'During a final taping in early May, Braxton cursed out the show's executive producer in earshot of staffers on set'It was an ugly scene,' reveals show source. 'Pinterest sponsored the segment and Tamar was upset she was losing the guessing game'She really acted out during the taping in front of the studio audience and then exploded behind the scenes once the show was done. Producers had to heavily edit the segment to make it presentable to air, but the sponsor witnessed it allFocus group research showed educated and working women did not identify with Tamar's use of words known as popular among drag queens and some gay men'It was even said she seemed more suited to be a judge on RuPaul's Drag Race on Logo instead of a talk show host on The Real'

    Read more: 
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  3. Cheap21 added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Lying Lemon Lyme Loser
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  4. Cheap21 added a post in a topic Lifetime: Devious Maids   

    Another season, another murder mystery. Looks like several people will be killed off
    Eva Longoria and James Denton from Desperate Housewives will make appearances
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  5. Cheap21 added a post in a topic DAYS: May 2016 Discussion Thread   

    they should have killed off the entire Hernandez family. I'm pissed that at least one of them didn't die
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  6. Cheap21 added a post in a topic B&B - May 2016 Discussion Thread   

    This show has some MAJOR pacing issues. I appreciate that Bell is actually trying to juggle 4 storylines simultaneously but 

    like Honey Boo Boo, he's failing miserably.  He's having big secrets revealed with little to no buildup. Whats even worse is that said secrets have zero follow up. Why hasnt Thomas had a confrontation with Ridge after he took the baby? Why did we see no one find out about Julius' trifling ways? After all the crap he gave her, Maya should have been given a chance to read him. The Wyatt/Steffy/Liam/Quinn stuff is so repetitive as its clear he doesnt seem to know where to go next with this. Ditto on Katie's alcholism. I appreciate that it isnt over in a month like with Brooke, what is the point here? I dont feel as if theres been much movement since this started a couple of months ago.
    maybe Brad should stick with the telenovela style of soap writing. He seems to do better with featuring one storyline nonstop for a few months where he can get a climax and follow it through before moving on to the next
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  7. Cheap21 added a post in a topic Funny, Amazing and WTF Semi-Viral Videos   

    OMG, old lady evern came for the great-grandma. /DEAD
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  8. Cheap21 added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    The season is on fire this year! This the best season is a long time. Ramona vs Dorinda, Sonja vs much drama and it feels natural and organic. The only one that feels forced is Carole. She's irrelevant this season other than her desperate attempts at having a feud with LuAnn
    I felt bad for Sonja when Bethenny went in on her. She needed to be called out but I do think that she didnt beleive it would be as big of a deal as it ended up being.
    Ramona is such a hater and I dont like the way she talks down to and treats Sonja. She's truly condescending.

    There would be no scene if not for John. The guy was clearly wasted but he wasnt out of control and the woman had it handled. Im glad Dorinda called Ramona AND John out for their behavior
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  9. Cheap21 added a topic in DTS: Spoiler Island   

    Days Promo - An addict spirals out of control
    I wish this story was featured on more for me to actually care
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  10. Cheap21 added a post in a topic Y&R Promo - Spring Fever   

    with a name like that, I knew it would be stupid
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  11. Cheap21 added a topic in DTS: Spoiler Island   

    B&b Promo - Tough Choices
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  12. Cheap21 added a post in a topic DAYS: Daniel Cosgrove Interview   

    What?!? There are plenty of Days characters that are dead. Lexie, Nick, Benjy, Zach, Samantha, Renee, Faye, Arianna, Franco, Shawn Sr....
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  13. Cheap21 added a post in a topic B&B - May 2016 Discussion Thread   

    Its 2016. People arent so quick to jump into marriage or stay with someone they dont want bc of a baby. Zende's reaction just highlighted how antequated faking a pregnancy is and Im glad he didnt take the bait.
    Brooke was dumb as hell just letting herself into the house and into the bedroom. Why does she even still have a key? You would have thought Katie would have made her return it.
    And yes, katie needs to die. I dont even know why she is even still around
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  14. Cheap21 added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Im watching all the housewives series but havent been posting as frequently bc I honestly cant keep up anymore. I have to say its a shame the MLB reunion was only one episode but dang was it a good one! It gave me life and it was one of the best in RH history. Them hoes were on fire!  Janet was the MVP as she had no filter. Petty was also a star. It was funny watching her backpedal and have her sh-t thrown in her face. She still doesnt get it. i have to say she looked great and was best dressed. I know most dont like her and even I found her draining this season but she's delusional and I think she gives the other women plenty of material to work with

    Why isnt Marie a housewife? I think it took me 3 episodes before I realized she wasnt. She is there every episode and interacts with most of the ladies. Plus she's messy and right in the middle of the drama. The only thing she isnt giving us is a love life but we are seeing her kids. She should have been added to make an even 6
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  15. Cheap21 added a post in a topic Jensen Buchanan arrested for a DUI after causing a car crash   

    helicopter? WTF?
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