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  1. Rinna is being messy as hell. Why is she still talking about Kim's sobriety? Let it go. she's obsessed Dorit is pretty but she is so annoying. I really can't stand her husband
  2. LMAO at Katherine flipping on Veronica and blaming the murder on her. Veronica telling David she didnt try to kill anyone and he knows it bc he knows her. Yeah right! You tried to barbecue him alive a couple of seasons ago Jim finally gets released from prison 10 seasons later. Good he was killing me with his phone call. STFU, hang up the phone and get over there Hannah comes towards the end....I could have done without her ass. This damn bitch stay shading Candace. STFU with your judgemental ass. Oooohhh I cant stand Hannah LOL at Veronica talking about boss man Jim Cryer
  3. Kristen: "Lala is a ho. She's a bitch. She literally terrorizes Katie." Really? terrorize Katie? These bitches bully Lala every episode. Stassi needs to get a life. I dont get why she is so obssessed with exposing Lala Arianna to Stassi: "Because I care about Katie. I dont give a f--k about you! I dont give a f--k. Sorry." DEAD!
  4. "If I were a gold digger, dont you think I would have went after Bill Spencer and his millions?" Well you did go after Bill. Still that line makes little sense. Bill isnt as stupid as Eric, whom is an easy mark if someone wanted to golddig on him and again Quinn says Eric is the only man that has seen her for who she truly was. Yet she said the same line about Deacon and then Liam.
  5. Steffy to Liam: "why would you pick tonight to rehash this?" I feel like thats a line that could be said to him every episode Katie really found a 30 year old soccer ball that Ridge kicked onto her property today? They couldnt come up with a better reason to have her show up at Eric's house? I thought they were gonna say that was RJ's ball at least Ridge to Quinn: "You grew up without a father right? Well you cant have mine." The dialogue is so bad
  6. IA with @Chris B. It does look like kenya chose Nene over Marlo and quite frankly she did. Id be feeling a certain type of way as well. Kenya should have invited both and if the other had a problem with the other showing up, then they could have chosen not to attend. Marlo filming with Sheree to shade Kenya though? Not a good look for her. Sticking with Sheree is far from a power move
  7. it makes no sense. If Lisa wants to be delusional about her marriage, then so what? Her fronting isnt hurting any of these women. She acting like her marriage is perfect is a harmless lie to them and frankly none of their business. There is embarassment and shame when it comes to discussing faults about your marriage and the way these women act, they'd take it as ammunition to further shame Lisa. They already do with the way they keep throwing the cheating and gay rumors in her face I hated Mariah in season 1. She was very extra and off putting. She's toned it down considerably since getting kicked out the group. She's a breath of fresh air now and I live for her appearances. IA, she should be in the opening considering she's a bigger part of the series now than last (which I thought was partly her choice bc of the miscarriage)
  8. I did find it creepy that Steve went and found himself a DJ clone
  9. I dont like Kenya filming alone with Phaedra. I dont trust that hoe and dont think Kenya should open up to her either. I will say that Phaedra looks beautiful in her new talking head. Kenya does as well Phakedra switching things up and says she wants 50% of the proceeds...see how much of a fraud she is? Trying to scam the women out of their money in the guise of "charity" LOVED that the women got together and realized that Sheree talks alot of s--t and spreads their info. That scene needed to happen bc she does do that and never gets called out I thought Kenya was crazy in previews to try and move in with Kandi given her situation but it was Kandi that extended the invitation. Its wrong of Kandi to have done that when she had no intentions of wanting her in her home. This Matt storyline is draining and Im ready for it to be wrapped up LMAO at Kenya shading Sheree's booth. "Who Gonna Check Me?" t-shirts...really Sheree? That was a phrase from 5 seasons ago when was barely relevant. She had some nerve trying to make fun of Kenya when Kenya has an actual product and brand
  10. I'd start watching GH again
  11. Juicy is a better person than me bc I wouldnt have been hugging anything out with Liar. at the very least, Id tell her to get away from me before I said something i couldnt take back. I also hated how the show didnt show the twins finding out about the lie. I wanted to see juicy tell them. Speaking of which, they both looked dumb. They really couldnt beleive Liar could lie, after her entire season 1 plotline was a lie? Girls, bye! If I were them, I wouldnt have helped Liar move either. Id have stood her up without a phonecall Im with Morlin in getting tired of Monie's family randomly popping up to question him when he is paying all the bills and is by accounts a good man. Its not like he's some broke dude using Monie. And this father also has no right to presume the spot he did when he hasnt been in Monie's life like that. Im sure her being on TV has changed his tune Mini J.Lo is really pretty Did anyone notice how Juicy brought the Starbucks and she got herself the largest size and Monie the medium? Those puppies were adorable. Sam went all the way in on Minnie! I kinda liked it bc Minnie is the one that tried to call her out but Sam wasnt having it. She looked like she wouldnt have said anything had Minnie not pressed the issue
  12. She's a teenager now? iA with #1. Brad shouldn't have been killed
  13. The problem they went too extreme with her. Kimmy and Stephanie are both recognizable as adult versions of their younger self. Kimmy is the same but Stephanie is different while still maintaining the essence of who she was. I don't get that with DJ. I felt Gia was written better in her 1 episode appearance
  14. What is swill? Katie doesn't know how to mind her own business bc it wasn't that long ago that she was going to Ridge, pushing him to Brooke
  15. Katie is so messy. What was the purpose of her telling Bill that Brooke was leaving town?