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  1. I saw that reunion and I hollered! I did not know the tension between Mariah and Heavenly was so thick. DAMN. Their back and forth shade was the best. Both women were quick on their feet and made for a great segment
  2. This Darlita's role seems unnecessary as it could easily be fulfilled by Sasha who decides to leave FC to get away from Nicole and Zende
  3. So Ivy was the only Forrester on the show that wasnt at the wedding. Did anyone even notice she was missing, bc I sure didnt. YES! She finally did something noteworthy. The slap was weak and everything in that segment was predictable but Im glad Quinn at least lost one of her allies. It never even made sense why Ivy became her biggest supporter Brooke is dumb for choosig Ridge, just bc he's her "destiny". He's ignored her ever sicne they got engaged. She's sick and he's kissing on Quinn. Ridge always loses interest in her once he has her. Whereas Bill has always been devoted and committed to her once they got together. It really shouldnt be much of a choice. Cant really feel sorry for her since she keeps letting this happen
  4. Thanks. SMDH. I hate this show
  5. So everyone is back in Salem? Did they catch Stefsno?
  6. she was also referred to by Eve Donovan
  7. I remember him from Port Charles
  8. These little bitches stay pregnant. I dont get it "Oh god. There's always someone pregnant in this group." "Or pretending to be pregnant!" LMAO at that shade! When Minnie said her idea to make Monie feel better was to go camping, Id have been like girl, bye!
  9. yeah after fans had to correct them. SMH. How embarassing that you dont even know the names of the character you are writing. The worse was Eve on Days who's last name changed on any given day
  10. MUST SEE! LMAO My god, that Maury Povich therapist is on every reality show! Robin was invading Ashley's personal space and deserved to be slapped. I would have hit her bc that was beyond antagonistic I cant wait to see Monique snatch Giselle by her jealous wig
  11. Eric: "Nicole Forrester, wecome to the family." WTF would he call her that considering her husband's last name is Dominguez? The writers are sleeping at the wheel which I dont get considering Tony was right there as a reminder of what the last name should be so what was the purpose of Sally crashing the wedding?
  12. took them long enough
  13. she looks even worse next week going after Eden instead of taking responsibility for what she said. I have no problem with Eden defending herself and providing context to her actions, considering Rinna left her out to dry and arguably used her to do her dirty work. Rinna should just leave it alone bc attacking Eden wont do her any favors