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  1. they already showed this in the previews a month ago! Bravo is on some bullsh-t dragging this out for 4 parts I hadnt. While she couild be grating at times, I also found her overly dramatic in a hilarious way. I thought she was overall harmless since no one took her seriously
  2. Shaunie O'neal is no one's friend. She just sits there cackling and laughing up all the bullsh-t but doesnt seem to have loyalty to anyone. Isnt she Evelyn's friend? Why is she not umcofrtable at all the sh-t Tami says about her in her presence?DEAD when Evelyn told Jackie to ask her daughter what was said. The look on Jackie's face, knowing she wasnt going to get an answer was priceless. I also think its quite distatesful for her to be on this show acting the way she is gushing over her daughter and birth of her grandchild, considering the type of relationship or lack thereof she has with her other grandchildren.Tami needs to calm down bc she does look messy and obsessed with Evelyn. She sure is entertaining though. She has a way with screaming with her handsKeona...girl bye. She has no right to be mad at the new chick. I can understand her being all up in her feelings but thats something she should have quickly gotten over. She ready to fight her is the dumbest thing ever. Speaking of the new girl, she's ugly. She reminds me of Ms. Nicky baby but completely busted in the face and looking quite oldWhite girl...why is she on the show? She totally does not fit the vibe at all
  3. Where the heck did they pull that cage out of? Jan Spear's old props?
  4. Coco being #1 is tragic So you'll finally stop complaining about the show revolving around him? I'm shocked he's not even in top 5 for the year
  5. Kelly's DUMB ass is still at work? Wasnt her son kidnapped 2 episodes ago? This bitch is screaming and causing a scene right in the middle of her cubicle. That final scene was a hot ass mess of bad acting
  6. Why are we getting flashbacks of RJ and Coco as if they are some great big love? Nicole and Zende on opposing sides when it comes to Coco is such contrived nonsense She does evil so good.
  7. On the other hand, Hunter Tylo is not....
  8. Her non reaction doesnt phase me bc she already made peace with Bill and Brooke but it does make no sense how hard she is going after Quinn considering she gave Brooke a free pass the last time her marriage ended. Like why didnt she torture and try to blackmail her? She is acting like Quinn has wronged her so bad. Its ridiculous
  9. Anyone else think this bunny fight is the dumbest thing ever? Why is Rinna mad that her gift was returned? That was teh cruelest, most humiliating thing ever done to her? Talk about overly dramatic. Regardless of whats happened, I like that Kyle defended Kim Didnt Bravo say no props? Why was she allowed to bring out that recorder that played "F--k Off"?. This episode was all about Rinna and not in a good way. She should have pulled an Adrienne and not even shown up bc this did more damage to her character than anything Eileen has been irrelevant this entire season and that exchange with Kim was her final attempt at being relevant since she barely said a peep all reunion Thats what I said! I would have been like, okay whatever. I dont get why this has been given so much power
  10. Why are Coco and RJ not in school? If they presented this internship as an after school endeavor, that would be one thing, but they treated it like a full time job Darlita looks like Teresa Lopez Fitzgerald Shirley aint here for defanged lovesick Sally. Good bc neither am I I do have to say I like the father/daughter relationship that these two have. They compliment each other better than Ronn Moss' Ridge
  11. Im a Rinna fan but she's completely turned me off in terms of this nonexistant feud. She's made me side with Kim, which I dont like to do. Rinna's problem is that she's written a script in her head which Kim isnt acting out but instead of readjusting and rewriting the plot, she continues with failed storyline just like all hack writers from cancelled soap operas in recent history. Kyle said it best in that she's done nothing but only make herself look stupid.
  12. I remember last time this was brought up, people said bring back Spectra. Look how that turned out...
  13. Brooke to Ridge: "We were both kids. We had no control but I've changed." Meanwhile she just got out of bed with her sister's ex husband whom she proposed to, 5 minutes after they reunited and 2 weeks after she was about to marry Ridge Eric hiring Katie to work on the jewelry line with no experience is so contrived as is Ivy coming back to LA and then going right back to Australia. She should have just stayed there. If they wanted t make this Katie/Quinn feud interesting, they'd have Quinn make her fall off the wagon. They missed an opportunity to have Quinn drug her tea the other day. She should slowly put things in her drinks to make Katie crave alcohol and set her up to go to rehab And since when did Spectra have a jewelry line. Sally has NEVER spoken about that before. Wyatt and Liam are redundant. The show could easily lose one of them as they served the same exact role today
  14. Charisse: "Gizelle does what she always does, pick on the new girl but she has met her match. Get her. Get her Monique. GET her." LOL