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  1. IN LOVING MEMORY CHRISTOPHER LEWIS 1971-2016 "Days of Our Lives" Assistant Editor Christopher Lewis, the Daytime Emmy-winning assistant editor of "Days of Our Lives" for the last 13 years, passed away on Friday, December 16, 2016 in Sherman Oaks, California. He was 44. Lewis had suffered a seizure in November. Shortly after graduating high school in 1990, Lewis joined his mother, Nancy, as an assistant to the producers at "Days of Our Lives." In 2004, he became the assistant editor of "Days", winning a Daytime Emmy for his work in 2015. In memory of his love for books and libraries, the Christopher Lewis Memorial Library has been founded at the Ovation School for the Performing Arts. He is survived by his wife, Stacey, and 8-year-old twin daughters, Lauren and Sadie.
  2. You would think most of the soaps would be 100. Maybe the column they used on the paper could only fit two #s in that column. If not, then I guess there was one rogue affiliate for each of ABC, CBS, NBC which did not carry the shows back then. I only have some random reports from that time frame in late 80s/early 90s. Would be fun to see how it continued on in the past 20+ years.
  3. I was posting this on another board and thought people here find might it an interesting read too. (Just realized I posted in the wrong thread...didn't mean to post in Spoiler Section...sorry!) A LOOK BACK AT CLEARANCE RATES... Someone mentioned "clearance rates" tonight (the percentage of clearance each daytime network show has per all of their affiliates), so I remembered I had a few charts that listed them from a long time ago. Here's a look back at each show's clearance rate for several years. I had never studied these stats before, so they are quite interesting! B&B slowly rises from 93 percent coverage in 1989 to 96 coverage in 1993, while Another World drops from 99 to 96 and Santa Barbara drops from 99 to 94. Also, this time frame is when NBC started to slowly give back its network time to local affiliates. They gave the 10-11AM time slot back to local affiliates between 1990 and 1992, and the 11-1130AM time slot in the fall of 1992. CLEARANCE RATES FOR NETWORK AFFILIATES...SEPTEMBER 1989 & FEBRUARY 1990... [LOCAL TIME, 10-11AM] Home I (ABC, 11AM)...88...82 Home II (ABC, 1130AM)...94...89 Perfect Strangers (ABC, 12PM)...68...65 Loving (ABC, 1230PM)...88...SAME All My Children (ABC, 1PM)...99...SAME One Life to Live (ABC, 2PM)...99...SAME General Hospital (ABC, 3PM)...99...SAME Family Feud (CBS, 10AM)...84.....80 Wheel of Fortune (CBS, 1030AM)...78...SAME Price Is Right I (CBS, 11AM)...98...SAME Price Is Right II (CBS, 1130AM)...98...SAME [LOCAL TIME, 12-1230PM] Young and Restless (CBS, 1230PM)...99...SAME Bold and Beautiful (CBS, 130PM)...93...95 As the World Turns (CBS, 2PM)...99...SAME Guiding Light (CBS, 3PM)...99...SAME Scrabble (NBC, 10AM)...81...75 Classic Concentration (NBC, 1030AM)...82...79 Golden Girls (NBC, 11AM)...97...95 Win, Lose or Draw (Sept)/227 (Feb.) (NBC, 1130AM)...92...90 [LOCAL TIME, 12-1230PM] Generations (NBC, 1230PM)...98...99 Days of Our Lives (NBC, 1PM)...99...SAME Another World (NBC, 2PM)...99...SAME Santa Barbara (NBC, 3PM)...99...SAME CLEARANCE RATES FOR NETWORK AFFILIATES...JULY 1992 & MARCH 1993 & SEPTEMBER 1993... [LOCAL TIME, 10-11AM] Home I (ABC, 11AM)...79...74 ...76 Home II (ABC, 1130AM)...82...85...84 Home III (July)/[LOCAL TIME, March] (ABC, 12PM)...51...N/A...N/A Loving (ABC, 1230PM)...83...81...82 All My Children (ABC, 1PM)...99...SAME...SAME One Life to Live (ABC, 2PM)...99...SAME...SAME General Hospital (ABC, 3PM)...99...SAME...SAME New Family Feud Challenge (CBS, 10AM)...66...57...51 New Family Feud Challenge (CBS, 1030AM)...79...68...61 Price Is Right I (CBS, 11AM)...99...97...99 Price Is Right II (CBS, 1130AM)...99...SAME...SAME [LOCAL TIME, 12-1230PM] Young and Restless (CBS, 1230PM)...99...SAME...SAME Bold and Beautiful (CBS, 130PM)...97...95...96 As the World Turns (CBS, 2PM)...99...SAME...SAME Guiding Light (CBS, 3PM)...99...SAME...SAME [10-11AM GIVEN BACK TO LOCAL AFFILIATES SINCE 1990] Dr. Dean (July)/[LOCAL TIME, March]/John & Leeza (Sept) (NBC, 11AM)...64...N/A...94 Classic Concentration (July-March)/John & Leeza (Sept..see above) (NBC, 1130AM)...55...74...N/A [LOCAL TIME, 12-1230PM] Closer Look (July)/Family Secrets (March)/Caesar's Challenge (Sept) (NBC, 1230PM)...83...78...84 Days of Our Lives (NBC, 1PM)...99...SAME...SAME Another World (NBC, 2PM)...96...99...SAME Santa Barbara (July, 3-4PM) (NBC, 3PM)...94...N/A...N/A Scrabble (March) (NBC, 3-330PM)/Classic Concentration (Sept)...N/A...91...74 Scattergories (March)/[LOCAL TIME, Sept] NBC, 330-4PM)...N/A...88...N/A
  4. I do all sorts of teasers in all sorts of ways. I did the Warning Alert to Salem last year for many months before Larry, Clyde, Xander and Orpheus were announced. I was happy to see that Xander and Orpheus' returns were not spoiled until the NBC promo aired that day. It was fun finally being able to talk about them after so many months not being able to! When Jade Harlow was coming on, I posted I think around 9 photos of former Passions actresses as possibilities. Christopher Sean's impending arrival I posted the theme for Hawaii Five 0. And I posted a video of singer Vanessa Williams as Valerie Grant's casting was about to be announced. So, I like to change things up each time to keep it interesting for myself. In this case, since we're so far out from May, I'm just doing a generic (more boring-type) statement that's announcing someone will be returning., which I modeled after the long-running "Stuff We Know But Can't Tell You" column that appears each week in Soap Opera Digest. Sorry if it's not everyone's cup of tea. I've been doing teasers about Days for almost 20 years now, so it's not like I'm a rookie. When I was a "rookie" back in 1999, I posted the entire farewell script of Carrie and Mike around 2-3 weeks ahead of it airing (this is back when the show was only taping 3-4 weeks ahead of time). But, I quickly learned you don't spill major details like that way far in advance. If I had kept that up, I'd probably no longer have any sources left!
  5. Of course. That's why I said "If that's the case." And Cassadine, you can always check out my FB page for all my latest posts. I only post a small fraction of stuff on the message boards. There's a lot of other posts I make on a daily basis on my FB page.
  6. Didn't know these weren't allowed. If that's the case, I guess I won't post these teasers to this site then.
  7. WELCOME BACK..."DAYS" FANS SET TO SEE ANOTHER FAMILIAR FACE LATER THIS YEAR...PART OF MAY SWEEPS STORYLINE Expect to see yet another familiar face making a return later this year. The storyline is part of May sweeps.
  8. DAILY CAST CHART: Review each day's cast list from December 2016 at http://www.jason47.com/days/castcharts2016.html 2016 Episode Rankings. Here's how many episodes each actor has appeared in this year (1/1/16-12/31/16), out of a total of 244 episodes. http://www.jason47.com. Rank. Actor (Character) # of Episodes 1. Galen Gering (Rafe Hernandez) 122 2. Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady) 120 3. Billy Flynn (Chad DiMera) 115 4. Arianne Zucker (Nicole Walker-107/Helena Tasso-5) 108 5. Vincent Irizarry (Deimos Kiriakis) 102 6. Eric Martsolf (Brady Black) 101 7. Mary Beth Evans (Kayla Brady) 96 8. Vivian Jovanni (Ciara Brady) 91 *. Stephen Nichols (Steve Johnson) 91 10. John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis) 87 11. Jen Lilley (Theresa Donovan) 86 12. Casey Moss (J.J. Deveraux) 84 13. Thaao Penghlis (Andre DiMera) 81 14. Melissa Reeves (Jennifer Horton) 79 15. Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans-74/Hattie Adams-4) 78 *. Josh Taylor (Roman Brady) 78 17. Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts) 77 18. Drake Hogestyn (John Black) 76 19. Camila Banus (Gabi Hernandez) 72 20. James Lastovic (Joey Johnson) 70 21. John-Paul Lavoisier (Philip Kiriakis) 68 22. Olivia Rose Keegan (Claire Brady) 64 *. Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Kiriakis) 64 *. Jordi Vilasuso (Dario Hernandez) 64 25. Martha Madison (Belle Brady) 62 26. Kyler Pettis (Theo Carver) 61 27. Brandon Beemer (Shawn Brady) 59 28. Wally Kurth (Justin Kiriakis) 52 29. Daniel Cosgrove (Aiden Jennings) 51 30. Kate Mansi (Abigail Deveraux) 47 *. A Martinez (Eduardo Hernandez) 47 32. Christopher Sean (Paul Narita) 46 33. Marie Wilson (Summer Townsend) 44 34. Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe Lane) 41 *. Elowen & Willow S. (Thomas Deveraux) 41 36. Alexander Bruszt (Fynn Thompson) 40 37. Paige Searcy (Jade Michaels) 39 38. Judi Evans (Adrienne Kiriakis) 37 *. Freddie Smith (Sonny Kiriakis) 37 40. Jonathon McClendon (Chase Jennings) 36 41. James Reynolds (Abe Carver) 33 42. Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Horton) 32 *. Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams) 32 44. Sal Stowers (Lani Price) 30 45. George Del Hoyo (Orpheus) 27 46. Alma Delfina (Adriana Hernandez) 23 *. Marci Miller (Abigail DiMera) 23 48. Harper & Sydnee Udell (Arianna Horton) 22 49. Tamara Braun (Ava Vitali) 20 50. Greg Vaughan (Eric Brady) 19 51. Peggy McCay (Caroline Brady) 16 *. Robert Scott Wilson (Ben Weston) 16 53. Bill Hayes (Doug Williams) 18 *. James Read (Clyde Weston) 18 55. Ximena Duque (Blanca) 17 56. Paul Telfer (Xander Kiriakis) 16 57. Kassie DePaiva (Eve Larson) 12 58. Zak Henri (Henry) 11 59. Christian Ganiere (Parker Jonas) 10 *. Vanessa Williams (Valerie Grant) 10 61. Matthew & Nathan Goss (Tate Black) 9 *. Anne-Marie Johnson (Dr. Robinson) 9 *. Charles Shaughnessy (Shane Donovan) 9 64. Siena Goines (Simone Michaels) 8 *. Meredith Scott Lynn (Anne Milbauer) 8 *. Joseph Mascolo (Stefano DiMera) 8 67. Julian Barnes (Harold) 7 *. Shawn Christian (Daniel Jonas) 7 *. Patsy Pease (Kimberly Donovan) 7 *. Graham Shiels (Lazlo) 7 71. Reiley McClendon (Dirk Dillard) 6 *. Jacob & Wyatt W. (Tate Black) 6 73. Tobin Bell (Yo Ling) 5 *. Andoni Gracia (Mateo) 5 *. Spencer Neville (Derrick) 5 *. Larry Poindexter (Father Louis) 5 *. Kevin Riggin (Rory) 5 *. Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins (Sheila) 5 79. Matthew Ashford (Jack Deveraux) 4 *. Jaime Lyn Bauer (Laura Horton) 4 *. Laura Kai Chen (Melinda Trask) 4 *. Patrika Darbo (Nancy Wesley) 4 *. Cara & Sienna G. (Holly) 4 *. Lauren Letherer (Coco) 4 85. Peter & Thomas Machala (Tate Black) 3 86. Molly Burnett (Melanie Jonas) 2 *. Marsha Clark (Judge Karen Fitzpatrick) 2 *. Ken Colquitt (Seth Burns) 2 *. Ron Leath (Henderson) 2 *. Peter Reckell (Bo Brady) 2 91, Mark Laursen (Ilya Petrov) 1 *. Adam Leadbeater (Dr. Seth Malcolm) 1 *. Antonio Leon (Manservant) 1 *. Andrew Masset (Larry Welch) 1 *. Aaron D. Spears (Lt. Raines) 1 December Episode Rankings. Here's how many episodes each actor has appeared in this month (12/1/16-12/31/16), out of a total of 22 episodes. http://www.jason47.com Rank. Actor (Character) # of Episodes 1. Billy Flynn (Chad DiMera) 15 2. Camila Banus (Gabi Hernandez) 14 *. Marci Miller (Abigail DiMera) 14 4. Vincent Irizarry (Deimos Kiriakis) 12 5. Casey Moss (J.J. Deveraux) 11 *. Arianne Zucker (Nicole Walker) 11 7. Mary Beth Evans (Kayla Brady) 10 *. Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts) 10 *. Eric Martsolf (Brady Black) 10 *. Thaao Penghlis (Andre DiMera) 10 *. Melissa Reeves (Jennifer Horton) 10 12. Galen Gering (Rafe Hernandez) 9 *. Stephen Nichols (Steve Johnson) 9 14. Judi Evans (Adrienne Kiriakis) 8 *. Wally Kurth (Justin Kiriakis) 8 *. Freddie Smith (Sonny Kiriakis) 8 17. Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady) 7 18. Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe Lane) 6 *. Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Horton) 6 *. Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans-3/Hattie Adams-3) 6 *. James Lastovic (Joey Johnson) 6 *. Paige Searcy (Jade Michaels) 6 *. Jordi Vilasuso (Dario Hernandez) 6 24. Brandon Beemer (Shawn Brady) 5 *. John-Paul Lavoisier (Philip Kiriakis) 5 *. Christopher Sean (Paul Narita) 5 27. Cara & Sienna G. (Holly) 4 *. Vivian Jovanni (Ciara Brady) 4 *. Olivia Rose Keegan (Claire Brady) 4 *. A Martinez (Eduardo Hernandez) 4 *. Kyler Pettis (Theo Carver) 4 *. James Reynolds (Abe Carver) 4 *. Elowen & Willow S. (Thomas Deveraux) 4 *. Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins (Sheila) 4 *. Vanessa Williams (Valerie Grant) 4 36. John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis) 3 *. Patrika Darbo (Nancy Wesley) 3 *. Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams) 3 *. Lauren Letherer (Coco) 3 *. Sal Stowers (Lani Price) 3 *. Josh Taylor (Roman Brady) 3 *. Harper & Sydnee Udell (Arianna Horton) 3 43. Kassie DePaiva (Eve Larson) 2 *. Bill Hayes (Doug Williams) 2 *. Spencer Neville (Derrick) 2 *. Larry Poindexter (Father Louis) 2 *. Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Kiriakis) 2 *. Charles Shaughnessy (Shane Donovan) 2 49. Julian Barnes (Harold) 1 *. Jaime Lyn Bauer (Laura Horton) 1 *. Shawn Christian (Daniel Jonas) 1 *. Meredith Scott Lynn (Anne Milbauer) 1 *. Kevin Riggin (Rory) 1 *. Jacob & Wyatt W. (Tate Black) 1 Contract actors not appearing this month: Drake Hogestyn (John Black) Joseph Mascolo (Stefano DiMera) Peggy McCay (Caroline Brady) Credited guest stars appearing in less than 5 episodes: Alisa Allapach (Annabelle) Real Andrews (Hal Michaels) Marilyn Camacho (Prison Officer Ortiz) Rachel DeGenaro (Nurse Margo) Dot-Marie Jones (Chille) Ken Meseroll (Dr. George Klein) Kalpana Pot (Mystery Woman) Donovan Scott (Santa) Stewart Skelton (Jeweler) Scott Takeda (Dr. Lee) Abigail Titmuss (Nurse) Phil Tyler (Guard) Craig Welzbacher (Myron) SET TOTALS: December 2016 Horton Town Square Private Area...17 Horton Town Square...16 Brady Pub...13 DiMera Study...12 Horton Living Room...12 Nurses' Station...12 Kiriakis Mansion...11 Interrogation Room...8 Prison Common Room...6 Alley...5 Club TBD...5 Deimos' Bedroom (Kiriakis)...5 Horton Attic...5 Detective Area...4 Adrienne's Hospital Room...3 Kayla's House...3 Motel Room/Chicago...3 Salem Inn Hotel Room...3 Adrienne's Hotel Room...2 Chad's Bedroom (DiMera)...2 Chloe's Hospital Room...2 DiMera Nursery...2 Hospital Room...2 Hospital Treatment Room...2 Hospital Waiting Area...2 Kayla's Office...2 Nice Alley/Chicago...2 Brady's Bedroom (Kiriakis)...1 Dr. Lee's Clinic Office...1 Jade's Hospital Room...1 JJ's Hotel Room...1 JJ's Hotel Bed/Miami...1 Martin House Foyer...1 Prison Cafeteria...1 St. Luke's Church...1 DIRECTORS & SCRIPT WRITERS: 12/1/16: Grant A. Johnson & David Cherrill 12/2/16: Albert Alarr & David Kreizman 12/5/16: Albert Alarr & Carolyn Culliton 12/6/16: Steven Williford & Richard Culliton 12/7/16: Herb Stein & Lisa Connor 12/8/16: Herb Stein & Edwin Klein 12/9/16: Grant A. Johnson & David Kreizman 12/12/16: Steven Williford & David Cherrill 12/13/16: Angela Tessinari & Lisa Connor 12/14/16: Angela Tessinari & Carolyn Culliton 12/15/16: Angela Tessinari & Richard Culliton 12/16/16: Noel Maxam & Richard Culliton 12/19/16: Albert Alarr & David Cherrill 12/20/16: Albert Alarr & Edwin Klein 12/21/16: Sonia Blangiardo & Carolyn Culliton 12/22/16: Steven Williford & Lisa Connor 12/23/16: Steven Williford & Richard Culliton 12/26/16: Grant A. Johnson & David Kreizman 12/27/16: Albert Alarr & Lisa Connor 12/28/16: Herb Stein & Cydney Kelley 12/29/16: Herb Stein & Richard Culliton 12/30/16: Scott McKinsey & David Kreizman http://www.jason47.com
  9. CHAD & ABIGAIL SONG TO DEBUT ON THURSDAY 12/29..."BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE" A song to be used for the Chad & Abigail storyline on a continuing basis will premiere on Thursday, December 29. "Because You're Mine", performed by Dasha Chadwick, is scheduled to air in three scenes during the episode, and will also be featured on the 13,000th episode on January 10, as well as in additional episodes. You can listen to a preview of the song here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/sthollywood7 The song is also available on Amazon and will soon be posted to iTunes and other streaming services.
  10. GrayBunny...The 1990's Christmas cues didn't seem to be available to send, so I got the more recent stuff. CHRISTMAS MUSIC FROM SALEM..."WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS"...CHECK BACK TOMORROW FOR LOTS OF "DAYS" CHRISTMAS POSTS! "Days" fans, here's a version of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" composed for "Days of Our Lives." Check back tomorrow for lots of "Days" Christmas posts, including an instrumental version of a classic "Days" Christmas song. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4iiooNFM7I
  11. Ha ha. She'll be on until late May/early June-ish.
  12. CORDAY PRODUCTIONS RESPONDS TO VICTORIA ROWELL'S LAWSUIT...FILES SUMMARY JUDGMENT MOTION THAT SAYS SHE WAS "NOT THE RIGHT ACTRESS" FOR ROLE OF MELINDA TRASK "Corday Productions has filed a summary judgment motion that asserts the decision not to cast [Victoria] Rowell had nothing to do with her advocacy. "Rather, Plaintiff – who has years of daytime drama experience and her own fan base – was not the right actress to play Melinda Trask, a minor, one-note character who appeared in only 20 episodes of DOOL," Corday's lawyers write. The motion relies on testimony from the casting director, Marnie Saitta, who felt the Melinda Trask character didn't have a lot of depth and so wouldn't be appropriate for Rowell. As for the soap star's advocacy work, Saitta apparently viewed it as a positive." "Sony Pictures has also filed a motion for summary judgment on the basis that it is not a producer of Days of Our Lives and wasn't involved with the casting of the Melinda Trask role." Read more in Hollywood Reporter's story... http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/days-lives-producer-looks-beat-soap-stars-retaliation-lawsuit-957880
  13. CHRISTMAS MUSIC FROM SALEM..."HARK THE HERALD ANGELS SING" "Days" fans, here's a version of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" composed for "Days of Our Lives." Look for more "Days" Christmas songs to be posted over the next week. Posting tomorrow: The song that is scheduled to be played during this year's Horton ornament ceremony. Happy Holidays! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pM9Io55LI0Y
  14. CHRISTMAS MUSIC FROM SALEM..."DECK THE HALLS" "Days" fans, here's a version of "Deck the Halls" composed for "Days of Our Lives", originally used for Bonnie's Christmas tree lot scenes in 2004, and used as Christmas background music since then. Look for more "Days" Christmas songs to be posted over the next week. Happy holidays! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaBbkvRVMV8
  15. Thanks! I post stuff so far ahead sometimes that it's forgotten about by the time other places finally report it.