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  1. The demo numbers for DAYS are atrocious. I am happy NBC renewed the show again but with these numbers I'm not sure how/why they did. Maybe the L+7 day numbers paint a different picture. I know Ken Corday has publically stated DAYS needs this ridiculous production schedule to survive but they really should try to cut it down to at least 3 months between tape and air dates IMO. I stopped watching Y&R because it's slow and boring but I wish Sally Sussman well. If the show picks back up soon I would gladly go back. I still can't get myself to commit to watching GH everyday. I sporadically tune in but it doesn't keep me interested enough to stay. It's not terrible but just not compelling enough for me. As for B&B that's my 19 minutes of escape. I love the Ridge/Quinn story and the Spectra gang is a refreshing change of pace. Looking forward to seeing what happens when that story kicks into high gear. Sally & Thomas have major potential.
  2. OMG can it be July already?
  3. MR played Jade Perkins. She was an original cast member when the show debut in July 1984.
  4. The "twist" that Shane was impersonating Stefano was horrible. And am I the only one confused by the entire conversation Shane & Steve had about their plan? When they were watching the footage on his computer Shane said that one of the images wasn't him which implies Stefano is alive right? But right before his wedding Steve & Shane were discussing the twist as if they had never seen the footage. Did I miss something?
  5. I'm not really surprised by these numbers at all. Y&R is boring but I definitely would not call it dreadful. B&B is finally doing something different bringing back the new Spectra clan. GH is just not my cup of tea anymore. Unfortunately, DAYS is dreadful right now and painful to watch. How did any of this current story get approved by anyone? RC cannot come soon enough.
  6. It's totally ridiculous. RC has his work cut out for him to fix the damage that has been done to DAYS. MM & BB need to be on contract with the show.
  7. I am really happy that RC is coming to DAYS. This is the much needed "reboot" the show needed. I am only hoping for the best and wish them luck.
  8. After hearing the news that MK was getting her own daytime talk skow, it put a genuine fear in me that we could actually lose DAYS. The show is far from perfect but I decided to try and watch the show with different eyes. Yes, DAYS has been poorly managed for years but I would rather have what is on screen now rather than no DAYS at all. IMO there have been times in the past when the show was far worse creatively. I hope that the show improves under Randy Quan. Dena Higley sucks IMO but I have faith in Randy Quan being able to have a positive impact. I am keeping my fingers crossed. As for the episodes, I started watching the show regularly again this month and I am sticking with it. The episodes have not been terrible and I have enjoyed them for the most part. Sorry for the long post ☺
  9. The press release listed above is the week after the Nielsen snafu.
  10. During today's episode of DAYS, here in NY on WNBC, it was announced DAYS is moving to Noon beginning January 16th. Could be just a coincedence but I don't think so.
  11. I am guessing VI or JV since they both started taping in 2015. But I really like both of them and many others should be cut instead of one of them.
  12. Never say never ;-) Stranger things have definitely happened.
  13. I guess any upward movement is a cause for celebration nowadays. Good for DAYS ☺
  14. I'm really sad to hear about Joe Mascolo's passing. May he RIP :-(
  15. I can't say I'm surprised by these numbers because Y&R, B&B and DAYS have been SO BORING! The only saving grace for B&B right now is Quinn & Eric. The only positive I can give Y&R right now are it's production values. GH still has an incredible cast giving great performances and DAYS I've got nothing positive to say.