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  1. Also the length of a rehab stint. If she had never left DAYS, they tape so far in advance nobody would have knowd for 6 months and she could have been back.
  2. They need to recast. I agree it's a business, they can't keep putting it on hold for her.
  3. I think this is DAYS last chance for ratings & turn it around. RC does have a good track record for getting the ratings up. I hope this doesn't mean though yet another casting cut blood bath.
  4. They're getting rid of people for the same Brooke/Ridge & Liam/Steffy never ending cycle? Pierson I think will choose to leave soon. He's filming a movie & probably will try to spread out.
  5. I was hoping this was about Ciara. I liked Paige, she should have been Ciara.
  6. Hope should be staying jail. She showed no remorse for killing Stefano, for dumping his body, for framing Andre, then letting some other guy be in jail for however long paying for her crime. She showed no remorse for any of it or even wanted to go confess. She belongs in jail for what she's done. Just because Stefano was dying doesn't exonerate her. This is ridiculous thinking of Rafe and the others that this makes her innocent. It doesn't.
  7. With that logic, neither did Sharon. It's not ok to Sharon to lie, when the kid isn't even Nick's and she doesn't know that. But it's ok for Chelsea to not only lie to Nick but let Faith, Noah and her own child be lied to about having/not having a sibling?
  8. So they'll have Sharon the devil but Chelsea lying to Nick until they recast Adam?
  9. DAYS did good job hiding SC was filming again for guest episodes. This back track is bad, but I'll take it because Nicole will finally get a child she's wanted.
  10. They had a test that Sharon's not the mother, not that Nick is the dad.
  11. I don't think he does just yet. Christian is dead legally. Sully must have a birth certificate, legally. In order for Sully to be Nick's legally he first must prove he is Christian, which they need a blood test for and will prove he's not Nick's. Sharon and Dylan don't need to do anything really until Nick petitions the court for a DNA test and proves he's the father, which he can't prove. He just doesn't know that.
  12. Chad's writing was good, calling Hope out on her hypocrisy and that she's pathetic. Rafe's acting like he's the victim and it's on Chad for not see things through the cold blooded murder's POV. With Rafe's rationale he should not be on the police force. Ben broke into Abby's house, gaslit, broke out of institution to hurt her, to kidnap Thomas when she captured him and lit him on fire. Hope walked into an old mans in a wheel chair's house, shot him, dumped his body, framed someone for his murder, then let another person continue to take the fall all while acting like she's a Queen. Rafe acting like Hope and Abby are the same was ridiculously stupid righting. Rafe, Hope and Roman all need to be locked up. They all need to be fired and never on the police force again.
  13. So it's ok for them to lie to Nick about Christian but Sharon is wrong? Nick is his uncle, he's not his father. They're going to let Nick pretend a kid is his, when they know he's not, is no different than Dr.Anderson doing it to Sharon. Or when Adam did it to Ashely.