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  1. If I do find something, I'll let you know. The short 4th season will be its last?
  2. Nothing on GreekTube or YouTube?
  3. She's the new Jessica Rabbit:
  4. I don't really care about the title, actually, I hate it, I just want this show to be – good.
  5. I'm going to sit and laugh my ass off when this is announced. What a hilarious joke of a show.
  6. I want Star to reach the very end – and then get fired.
  7. I think that's fabulous. I can see you in a few years writing plays. Not really films or TV, just plays.
  8. Yeah. Like Constance Towers. Only, Nan would have played herself. Are you pursuing a playwriting degree or something?
  9. Too bad no one ever asked her to guest star, I bet she would've accepted it in a microsecond.
  10. Did you see the exhibition?