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  1. Yes sorry, i will never post again
  2. Dutch actor Ferry Doedens (1990) will join the cast of the B&B for five episodes when the cast of the soap is coming over to Amsterdam to film episodes in October. Ferry Doedens is well knows in the Netherlands. He started on the Dutch Idols, but didn't make it to the live shows. in 2009 he started on the Dutch soap 'Goede tijden slecht tijden', where he still plays Lucas Sanders a Gay men that still hasn't found the love of his life. He also starred on the Dutch version of the musical 'Wicked' and currently is one of the stars in the reality show 'Expedition Robinson'. Ferry also released some solo singles.
  3. On October 2th and 3rd there will be a Live Event in Amsterdam , where fans of B&B can meet the actors of the soap. Probably the actors who are coming over for the storyline that will be filmed for the new location shoot. In a commercial for the event we heared Hope, Liam and Katie talking about coming to Amsterdam and why they are looking forward to it.
  4. in September or October some actors will come over to Amsterdam in The Netherlands for a new locationshoot. It's not yet knows who will come over, but next week they will be talking about where to film the scenes with the Dutch broadcaster and the city of Amsterdam. It looks like they will move over to more European countries this year and more locations will be announced soon.
  5. Both Nicole and Brady are the 20th most appearing character?
  6. I wanted Scott Reeves
  7. Scott Reeves could play Peter DiMera .... how about that?
  8. Scott Reeves!! why?? 1. This person has ties to a CBS soap. "The young and the restless" 2. "Dont know??" 3. The person is more Miss than Hit. "Because of Missy Reeves?" And now, clue # 4... 4. The person does not only act, but is known for singing too. "He was in a band" 5 is Nashville helped make this person a star. "Melissa en Scott moved to Nashville for his music carreer"
  9. Scott Reeves
  10. RTL, à tv station in THe Netherlands, is going to say goodbye to As THE World Turns. Atwt ends It run on February 21st. And because the show aired successfully since 1989 there will be an event for fans to say goodbye. On Saturday February 18th, fans can see the final 2 shows together with Martha Byrne, Terri Conn, Austin Peck, Jon Hensley and Trent Dawson. There may be more actors flying over but those have been confirmed. Atwt airs here at 10:30 PM and has 2 repeats the next day at 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Its the most watched USA soap here and was more popular then a dutch soap called ONM (cancelled 2 years ago). With ATWT ending, the Netherlands only has its own soap opera called 'Goede tijden slechte tijden' (won back 500.000 viewers in 1 year and has new record highs) and The Bold and The beautiful (lost 80% of its audience in 4 years). It looks like with ATWT ending on RTL, they also decided stop airing Y&R, that just started last year at 11:30 PM, after ATWT.
  11. To be honest: Im really really curious to where Marlena & John are going to live? Just like Austin & Carrie? Is Marlena's penthouse coming back? I guess Austin & Carrie will live in the apartement Stephanie lived in? That was Carrie's old apartement from the 90's right?
  12. Rafe (forgot the actor's name while typing this) posted a picture on twitter with Alison, and he said something like Prom night! dont know if that's what it is, maybe he just felt that way because how he was dressed. Alison didnt wear a weddingdress. Maybe it's a big businessevent? Or something that no one really knows about until the happening with a big reveal? On a Dutch soap, when it ended. Every character got a inventation to a night that was revealing his or her future. When they arrived that nnight, they saw everybody was there, all there friends and family and then everybody got to know something about the future. They did that because the soap had to wrap up, and not all taped episodes could air, so they used those scenes for the last episodes for what the future could have been. It would be fun is just everybody shows up with not knowing what's going to happen....
  13. Im sorry to say, but I made a mistake not 31 but 41 actors will be airing on that show! Also: Doug and Julie will be back in Salem on September 23, 26, 27 and 28! Something to look forward to!
  14. Lauren Koslow did a radio interview and she revealed Kate is going to work again and there will be more romance ! Also she said that tomorrow she has to arrive on set at 6 AM to film the big event on september 26th. 31 actors will be on that show, it's going to be big and glamerous.
  15. It's IVAN He's helping Vivian Alaim out of Salem.