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  1. Law has always been something Y&R has done well so teaming Leslie and Michael in same firm could work. And yes they can be opposing counsel - it's GC so the characters will gladly sign a same-firm waiver. John Silvia's character lasted for years as resident lawyer with very little focus on his personal life. Why couldn't the Leslie character do the same? Pairing her with Neil again would be a bust. OC there's always Jack, Billy and Scott.... Even with its flaws (Hilary's in/out involvement), hope they continue to extend the Juliet/Cane s/l because they are actual stakes involved for the characters - emotional and financial Can't wait for Jill and, shockingly, Colin to get involved. The one thing missing is that Cane doesn't have a single friend (male or female) to lean-on, which exposes all the previous regimes and the lack of development beyond Lame. Meanwhile Lily has her whole family and a Jordan. It's too bad that the Abbotts have neglected Mamie and Olivia's family considering their so-called 'importance.' Ash/Lily would've been an interesting mentor type friendship.
  2. Terrible promo. Disjointed and not compelling at all.
  3. Exactly. Plus the whole reason Zombie exists had nothing to do with biology. As I said earlier this week, that should be a crucial part of Zombie/Wigole discussion - but that wouldn't further this DOA plot-driven/staged storyline. I almost think it was created as major filler because it took up so many episodes so they could have 'cover' for the ShEvil filming. Since B&B films 2 or 3 weeks in advance, KB should be filming in clear now or soon. I bet this story dies a quick death.
  4. To the writers for having Victor call out Nick's hypocrisy regarding Adam: "You got that right!"
  5. @GMac wait the actor who plays Graham is 42? I thought he was easily 50+. If he's roughly the same age as JM, DG and JT, that surprises me.
  6. Loved the last shot of ShEvil looking directly into camera from Gomer Pyle's POV. In typical B&B fashion, H8ie is back to normal. All washed away and off to help fulfill DB's contract. I guess we know what $B and Brooke's next 'challenge' will be. WyNot/Wigole had an interesting chemistry that should've been explored beyond Myrna's secret.
  7. MA is great. Did anyone notice how she was looking away from Ash at certain points during convo? The interaction between them is excellent now that they moved ED more into cautious than shrew. Nikki/The Worm was unexpected and actually worked. JM and SC really like working with each other. After Scott kissed her, Sharon's smirk and body moves back at Nick was great and seemed more like an ad lib between actors. (They both looked like they were going to laugh.) The Sharon reform is a success and having her calling out Nikki/Nick - in a caring, not b!tchy - because of her history with family was great. I dont mind Jack/Nikki leaning on each other. But turning into Jack v Victor - silly.
  8. Stalled is correct. That was my point. Ok so they revealed Dina's not dying, but we're not getting any reasons for why Dina trusts a man she met only a year ago (couldn't they have made it 5 or 10 yes)? She did call Graham 'family' in passing. Honestly I bet they were surprised how well Dina works on canvas and how it's improved Jack, Ashley and even Abby so they are extending story aka making it up. That would make sense since the sale to Devon was quick - that could've been a long story in itself with Newman/Jabot making a play for ME as well and tying all the family issues under the business story umbrella.
  9. The Dina story has taken a terrible turn this week - repetitive dialogue and no answers. At this point, we should know who Graham is - even if it's just the audience. The B&S story works for the most part - it's great to see a lot of characters in one room with revelations, etc. Plus AC and MLB did a great job holding up the text. MLB really is at his best when he's advising/advocating for clients. I even thought the little scene with Jack worked well. Phyllis - C'mon SSM. GT should not be playing lovesick, handwring victim, much less under the banner of Phyllis! Wake up. Phyllis is a great character with a ton of history and you've got a fantastic actress to boot! Nelsea - blech.
  10. @ChitHappens You're probably correct about RE. How on earth can B&B not find an appropriate wig for her? This is a show about FASHION and you're going to have an actor who truly fits 'beautiful' look like that? And given a horribly inappropriate story to boot after submitting her independence to Zombie after weeks of 'no man is going to treat me like.' All it took was a carriage and flowers from a bad 1980s DAYS episode. The PSA approach to Myrna has always been a bone for me. As much as I loathed what they did to her, it truly could have been a complex and compelling story by having characters have REAL reactions to the revelation. Everything from Rick/Carter struggling, Brooke/Eric being concerned, C2 being livid that she was branded a liar for a kiss, $B making it a huge tabloid story cause both positive and negative implications for FC, etc. Then you bring in the parents and their experience in keeping the secret would have fit into the fabric of story. Judas would have fit in naturally - instead he looks like a small minded midwestern bigot - even though the family is from CHICAGO! Oh and P-Rick doesn't work ever on this show - that's Widge role. Plus having P-Rick berate/threaten/pressure Wigole - gave me very bad vibes - think master/servant. The writers are completely clueless for being so PC.
  11. Exactly. I was watching Zombie's defending Myrna and what like: oh, this is because he still resents his white uncle procreating with his woman. It's interesting how it's barely mentioned that Lizzie IS Rick's bio child and zero consideration is given to his rightful claim. Brooke should get involved in this story. How sad that OB (aka the Rowan of B&B) is written with such pure hate. It's not even gray as Judas' real reason that he wants Lizzie with Wigcole. @Cheap21 - You're so right about the normally wonderful RE. It's like she's on Valium. I don't blame her for loathing this story. RE has been one of the best finds for B&B and she is being wasted. Wigole should be leading that generation in terms of partying, glamming up and enjoying all the decadence LA has to offer!
  12. @Cheap21 OMG someone else noticed - It's Baaack! I do like KM, but she does that 'thing' when scenes get heated and I can hear a word she says.
  13. And Brad's attn span. As I recalled, except for the biggest stars, most soap contracts have outs every 13 weeks. They were structured that way because if stories don't click, the actor could be cut easily - but not the other way around - the actor can't walk. It's always been one-sided for studios. Anyway, they'd be smart to take it slow - there is no rush to have ShEvil discover Quidge, plot to get Bad Santa, get her portrait up on the mantle - we know it's coming since she mentioned the picture and 'matriarch' during her visit - turn psycho, Quinn 'saves' Bad Santa, leaves Widge to reconcile and on and on....
  14. One-year contract. Everyone knows they have escapes at 13-week intervals. When Brad gets bored (see the same splash, show-eating Spectras), he moves on. The problem with Quinn v ShEvil is that they are the same character. Eh. At least seeing RS/KB mix it up will be good. A lot better than H8ie...
  15. @Soapsuds I couldn't help but stare at the WigSisters. C'mon RE and KM are beautiful women - their faces are stunning. Can't B&B shell out a few bucks to do these ladies justice? I'm OK with the conflict that Wigole is feeling and Myrna losing grip - it's a family based story - horribly contrived (the retcon Wigole infertility and throwing Mr. Fine under the bus weren't needed). Wigole could've suddenly rebonded with Lizzy leaving Zende perplexed and Raya conflicted (Myrna feeling empathy for the sister who gave them so much) - the legal, medical and Julius stunts weren't necessary to create this story. Gosh CocoPuffs, I'm gonna share my deepest most personal pain so you can run and share with my spouse less than an hour later... Replace CoCoPuffs with Sasha (after all, Wigole and Sasha were besties) and that would be believable, including the running to Zende.