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  1. ED has been a challenge for pairing BUT she had good vibes with both SC and MEK and those was cut short. Moreover, now I know why I feel like I'm watching a rerun with Ravi - he's not just Natalie but also has the relationship awkwardness of Dr. Neville - same deal. I wish they'd get DG with her again.
  2. +1 ??? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  3. I'm glad I'm not alone!,Was about to edit I watched when it was revealed that Scott Sr/Christine were related AFTER they were engaged! During today's scene, I was trying to figure out how Chris was related to Scott through Paul! Then it hit me.
  4. 'Scott I know you're the only living connection to my dead bro, but I've been so darned busy I couldn't spare 5 minutes to check in on you after Kevin/TGVN rescued you. Now let's pretend we're on Scandal and talk secret govt agencies, Ok?' Until Christine mentioned it, I had completely forgotten that connection.
  5. The men - Ben and Dr. Tad Martin - were her intellectual, emotional and experience peers. Ravi is very young and emotionally immature - Ashley wouldn't even consider being involved with someone that young and green because the scales are too unbalanced. As has been suggested, if they can pivot Ravi to the Devon, Noah, Mariah, Abby group, I think the character could add his nonjaded view to that group.
  6. Sally only brings out Cricket for these espionage stories - first Dylan, now Scott. I had no idea GC was the epicenter of the fighting organized crime/terror. How about bringing Cristine and teasing a Paul/Lauren/Michael quad? Or Christine going through an IVF or a surrogate baby storyline (using Tessa). Sally doesn't get that viewers want stories that matter to character we love (or love to hate). Y&R is chock full of history and plenty of stuff to pull from where we get these characters' movtivation. That's what makes RAsh so blah. Ashley would never consider a relationship with a younger subordinate (like the sperm thief S/L) - it goes against everything we know about Ashley's character. She would be better with Ben2 - a strong smart business guy who could help her takeover Jabot when she discovers Jorm - something she would view as unforgivable after what happened to John and Abby. Instead, B2 was used as propping bate for Ravi, who Sally called Ashley's 'soulmate,' but would lead her next love. If someone can explain how a soulmate is a stepping stone to love and not the other way around, I'd love to know Speaking of sperm thief. Nikki should be outraged that Victor put Abby in charge of NE. There really needs to be more conflict and resentment from Nikki towards the daughter of the only living woman who ever seriously challenged Nikki's reign. Heck, have Nikki drop by NE and start second guessing Abby with 'Not only am I on the board, but I've learned enough from being around Victor to know you're doing this all wrong! After all, I RUN the Newman family (at least until EB returns and I forgive Victor)! Now get out of MY chair and back into the tabloids.'
  7. @Soapsuds Katie being inserted into Queric has never worked. Widge summed it up: 'Why are you doing this?' There is zero logic or goal for Katie to hold this over them. She gains nothing - it's not like she wants Bridge to keep $B free. The job angle doesn't make sense because if she wanted to work at FC, certainly Brooke or Eric could make that happen easily, especially with her work history there. Again, having HT being assertive and tough works well, but it's misplaced.
  8. I needed a good laugh today and sadly it came through Brill. Why bother with corny language and cringeworthy props - KKL/DD have chemistry that's always off the charts - just like TK/RS. Compare that to forced TK/KKL to see difference with these four. The gimmicks really undermine the good thing about $B - he accepts and values Brooke as she is, which is unlike any of her other relationships. I suppose Brad wants us to remember that Brooke is nothing unless she's 'following (filling) her heart' with... love. ❤️
  9. @Soapsuds agreed. Even if they wanted to write out Chloe for a spell so that Nelsea could find a spark and Philly/Bacteria get in deep, I could go for that and then have Chloe come back, go to trial and on verge of conviction, a very much alive Adam appears and four bombs get dropped over period of time -Chloe 'guilty/innocent,' Adam alive, Bella and Christian (so that Nikki can do her annual unforgiving Victor for a couple weeks). Maybe it's me, but I see so much material here and impacting multiple families: Newmans, Abbotts, Baldwins, and House of Chancellor (Jill/Esther).
  10. Worse. I just read preview for Monday (US), Chloe sends Billy a letter telling him Bella may be his. WTH? They can keep these lackluster new characters but they can't keep EH around to drop this bomb? They do it via letter and when Jill is off rediscovering Colin? This is an easy story to play on canvas and bring a lot of characters into fold with a lot of emotional punch. Just terrible.
  11. Can you imagine how much better Spectra would be with those 2 + FC defections? Sasha instead of Dumlita; Rick/Maya (Zende/Nicole) or one each from those couple so you have SD v FC as tension with established couples.
  12. Weak episode today - basically nothing worked: 1) RJ incessant - like 3 segments - that CoCo should return. Please 2) Brooke charting her own path and in same breath calls $B her 'stallion' and that she 'loves' him - a mere two weeks after she was ready to 'follow her destiny' 3) Having Sally 2 say on the same day as the betrayal she hopes she'll be able to have drinks with Steffy. Even tossing in namesakes. C'mon. Who wrote this? Story question: Is CJ the only one outside of Spencer that knows $B wants property?
  13. There is nothing wrong with AS at all. Ravi is EXACTLY like Natalie - awkward tech geek/whiz turned into swan with a crush. There has been nothing original about Ravi that wasn't covered terribly, I might add, with Natalie. And if you're going to bring in a character like Ravi, I completely agree with you that he should become acquainted with like of Tessa, Noah, Mariah, etc. And I hate to say, even Kevin would be a logical friend here because of the tech stuff. The RAsh pairing is all wrong and trying to make Phyllis his fairy godmother doing the 80s dress-up/sunglasses cliche and that Ravi would tell her that someday she'll find a man was just awful.
  14. DAYS - great shape B&B - very good shape -all they need is someone who can rehash what's already been said in same episode. I'm sure Brad is stocking up on scripts since it's short and redundant Y&R - even - anything will be an improvement over the disappointing Sally An easy soap to cover during strike because of so many vets who have ability to flesh out weak dialogue through improv and familiarity. GH - probably hurt most
  15. Since PD put on the red wig, she has totally rocked it. She is by far the best addition of the 5. I can't wait until she has scenes with the Forresters. CH is a distant second, but that's because it's ludicrous she is being written as a lovesick victim less than 3 months from being bold and brassy, which is what the show needed. And good grief all the scenes with RJ/Coco - what an utter waste.