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  1. After partial pre-emptions (15 min +) on Thursday and Friday and now full preemption on Monday for eclipse (really?), I realized I didn't even 'miss' the missing sections. Just like CBS broke me of B&B habit in July with two full preemptions back-to-back (OJ and Jared 2-min statement turned into full half hour CBS 'reporter' blabbing), this looks like a good time to step away from Y&R too. If I wanted the so-called news CBS is pushing forth, I can find it on plenty of cable stations and online. If Y&R was good, I'd ride it out, but like B&B, it has declined significantly. CBS clearly doesn't care, so why should I? So back to daily recaps.
  2. There is so much wrong with the show, it's only worth pointing repeatedly to Marla Adams. She just does it. It's still a shame that SSM's hatred of strong women that even a savvy business executive like Dina relies on a man - especially an unqualified one - to 'help' her. I was truly surprised at how naturally she worked with JT. I enjoyed the Billy/Dina conversation- two flawed outsiders who actually have a huge impact on the 'insiders.' Jill should be back for this and Cane. JW would be killing it as usual. On a side note, I'm glad they 'tested' Neil with both Ashley and Victoria. It won't go anywhere, but, like Sharon, Neil was a character who was destroyed by multiple regimes and this reset feels right.
  3. @KMan101 You're right about not caring about a newbie - who started 4+ months ago)l - already having a sister. It just hard to care about 12 'new' characters dumped on show in a few months - most of whom are barely fleshed out and could be day players in many respects. The 12: Reed Tessa Benjamin Ravi Juliet Maddie Charlie Scott Jordan Zach Crystal Graham
  4. Under Pratt - totally. Used as public service announcement on 'dangers' of Alzheimer's. Haha. I suppose Mal could go there to 'shock the GC landscape FOREVRRRRR!'
  5. @slick jones Ravi is another SSM underdeveloped character that was placed with 3 old ladies v incorporating him with a better set. I've actually grown to like the actor a lot more than I thought - and it's a benefit to have another diverse actor on canvas - so I'd like to see them reset Ravi. Rhetorical Q: If Jill is OK with Cane living in her most prized possession - the Chancellor Mansion - why wouldn't Jill hire Cane back at CI? Oops another SSM giant plot hole.
  6. @DeeeDee Traci is there - she's just in Ravi's body! Every line Ravi has spoken about Dina, could've been said by Traci, except it would've been more meaningful. I wish BM was back even for 2-3 episodes every 4-6 weeks.
  7. @JamesF I was surprised in recaps that Brooke hasn't been drawn in. She would be outraged that $B would manufacture the dying card. Brooke historically has had a good relationship with DumbAs and he is RJ's brother. Brooke may 'follow her very big and open heart,' but she doesn't play these type of evil games. Having Brooke, who does serve as a balance for $B, involved would certainly flesh out what is such a one-dimensional s/l.
  8. If (WHEN) Adam returns, the writers really should create The AA Team (Abby/Adam) - they are the NE future and both have been treated like second class citizens. The Abby thing has been bizarre - despite being tied by blood to several frontburner characters, her family interactions have been mostly limited to Victor/Ashley. For example, how many scenes has Abby had with her nephew Reed (related through both Victoria and Billy)? There's so much more that can be done with the only Abbott/Newman hybrid.
  9. At least Lily was written far better today than yesterday's blech. I liked the convo with Maddie referencing her own past without the gories. Unfortunately, we've seen so little of Reed/Maddie, it's hard to have type of passionate feelings for them. Seeing Nick Victoria and Abby together really highlights how many missed opps to have had these siblings together more frequently.
  10. OMG - the visual!!! I'm sorry to say that I do not miss the show one bit. Even the reading the dailies sound awful - particularly everything they've done with $B. Good grief - from the disgusting C2 lie to the illogical David/Goliath mustache twirling with the property. Um, CJ could easily take a huge profit and rent any one of a number of warehouses in LA. Sally1 would be proud of CJ for making bank off of the Spencers and helping keep/fund Spectra2 alive. I get the nostalgia aspect, but S1 was shrewd, practical and would do anything to make a big payout - especially if it was legit and could keep the business thriving! Makes NO SENSE at all.
  11. That she picked up from Widge.
  12. My goodness, could SSM have more deep-seated h8 for Hilary? Knowing Hilary's history, I'd believe her reaching out to Mattie was genuine and not to get dirt. And this was the first really bad (forced) writing for Lily in a few weeks. The nonsense that if Hilary didn't get Juliet to file the suit, her world wouldn't be crashing down. C'mon! After Lily being strong, no way she'd feel this way - the suit exposed Cane as a liar and cheat. Better approach: Lily thanking her - even in a backhanded way - that would felt genuine. But this was all done for purpose of trashing Hilary, probably to set-up inevitable Bordon, someone not worthy of Queen H.
  13. Yes, but how many of them work for International fashion houses/publishers, flush with $$$, live in Beverly Hills/Malibu and are frequently tabloid fodder? (That was rhetorical because you're absolutely right- viewers want to see this type of glamorous life. And B&B with it's amazing production/remotes, could be filming in clubs and other social scenes all over LA - even the time that Stuffy/Lame played volleyball on the beach years ago was something that I'd expect these character to do for fun.
  14. Ash could be friend mentor, the same way Jack has been to Hilary. This pairing is just simply not necessary unless it's to exit Ravi - Ash rejects and Ravi leaves town. They've completely isolated Ravi, except for old women like Dina, Ash and Phyllis. He should been a part of Devon/Mariah/Tessa/Noah group, which would've been better for the actor and character.
  15. Then again you have 20 - 30 yo single, rich and beautiful characters who don't go to clubs, hook-up, no drug/alcohol experimentation, but are ALL only focused on getting married and having babies. Just like the real LA!