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  1. @Taoboi I like the concept of bad Cane, but the circumstances don't warrant it. If Billy was making moves on Lily again, that would explain the sabotage, the Philly elevator nonsense (to expose Billy to Lily), etc. So he's hurting B&S - his paycheck - AND his wife's high profile campaign, the question is why.
  2. @ajsp35801 DG is making zero attempt to hide his disgust on screen. And I wholeheartedly agree with him. The illogical sabotage/bribery was just poor writing and a weird and unnecessary attempt to prop Billy.
  3. Hopefully, feedback will be negative and this story will be dropped by July sweeps - kind of like the attempted bonding between Rick/Nicole and the bizarre 180 on the 2nd attempt. It was obvious that was cut short for some unknown reason because Nicole had nothing for 3 months and suddenly got engaged and married in four episodes and then gone for several more weeks.
  4. So Nicole was fine a few months ago and moments away for getting basted again but NOW they discovered scar tissue from previous pregnancy. Nicole is barely 21 and she's obsessed with babies. Of course, the option of implanting her with a fertilized egg will not be discussed.
  5. I don't get that at all. Who do these stans want Brooke with? Widge? Please. Has $B ever done anything to betray or treat Brooke badly? Maybe I'm missing something but Brooke caused the rifts - the wedding where Quidge interrupted, leaving town and pushing $Batie back together, not kicking Widge out during fall wedding, etc. For the next few years Brad need to let Brooke's 'heart' stand still. $Brill can be viable without this ridiculous bouncing.
  6. Chloe will be vindicated since we KNOW Adam isn't dead and that she helped him escape. The patnerity reveal was an unnecessary at this point. Bella would've been fine staying with Esther and off-screen. Should've been saved for return and made Billy's to tie Jill/Esther since they are living together - if Jill does return. I'm assuming Chelsea's hunt for Chloe will lead her to Adam. I can't even imagine what convoluted mess they will create to explain why he's stayed away unless I'm wrong that he was eventually exonerated from the charges.
  7. OC, if the VERY revealing promo pans out, Hilary is going to be blamed and solely responsible for 'breaking Lily's heart' and 'destroying Lily's innocent children.' The guilty parties will be victims of a cruel, ruthless and narcissistic Hilary. Neil, Devon, Cassiah (sadly) and, probably, Aunt Jackee will be lining up to spew their own bit of sanctimonious lecturing before we're done. If anyone believes it will play out differently, feel free to correct me. Oh, and the REAL Mariah, would defend Hilary by telling Lily: "Wake up, Twiggy, your husband and co-worker have been making a fool of you daily. You should thank Hilary.'
  8. Yes but GC is a hub of international businesses = it's not a rural farm town. If the stories were cohesive/logical (or at least interesting), they could use floppy discs and Walkmans.
  9. I only watched 2 episodes this week. I stand corrected. And, yes, to Hilary delivering the news. OC, Lily will lean on Jordan - so the triangle can begin.... I'd rather have Hilary/Lily sniping at each other than Hilary/Cassiah
  10. Yep. SSM is slowly working her ways through the 00 decade. The online dating thing (obsession) is still fresh for her and the flash drive thing is so incredibly dated. I haven't used a FD in 5 years (or more). I remember when DAYS had Kristen carrying around/losing, etc. that FD for months and that seemed tired. And how random that they would not only spoil this reveal, but also zero build-up. I mean if Hilary saw Cane/Juliet in LA and get vibes or previously, at least, it would be something.
  11. Right on! More like, RJ do you think so little of your mother, you want her to marry the man who dumped her in a matter of days after the last wedding? Or after the Katie 'heart pains' at the next wedding, proceeded to get involved/engaged to her? Not to mention the dozen of other times when Widge treated her like an after-thought, except when she wasn't available. If you weren't such a selfish brat, you'd want your mother with someone who accepts her as she is, respects her intelligence, treats her well, supports her, is loyal and basically will do anything to ensure her happiness.
  12. What makes even less sense with everything: the rushed sale to Devon. If retconDina cares so much about family, wouldn't she sell ME to Abby or Jack? I suppose they needed something to make the illogical HW business venture viable. I still would rather have seen Devon/Neil become executives at Newman/Jabot or even had them take over CI. On another note: I suppose SSM is doing everything she can to make the audience hate Cane - even more. The logic behind the hockey clip is just not there. The business motivation doesn't exist - it only hurts B&S! with this deal and future deals and the personal motivation is not strong enough on any level to support doing this. If Billy were sleeping with Lily, at least that would be something. And Cane handing that wad of $$$ - just terrible. I'm back to occasionally h8-watching because it's text-book in how to destroy a soap daily.
  13. Yeah that not-too-subtle pause when Ashley mentioned John's death gave away what was obvious. It's too bad. I'd love for MA to be the matriarch of the Abbott family since Aunt Jack has failed to replace John's role as head of the family. No regime has been able to accomplish that and it should've happened years ago. I guess Auntie's tantrums are easier to write for PB. And SSM making Ash a bitter woman is a seriously bad call, which is why Tracy is needed ASAP.
  14. I liked how Brooke 'open heart' wasn't closing shop when she found out what $B did. It's interesting how seemingly unimportant FC is to Brooke, when she not only was hugely responsible for its success during the 90s through Belief and, ugh, TBL, but also it allowed her and her children to become permanent fixtures in the Forrester family. If anyone had worked so hard and put up with all sort of family garbage, they'd care a lot about what happened. At a minimum, a huge discussion and not just a toss away.
  15. I'm visiting my mom so Y&R is on via POP. They really need to bring the outdoor scenes back. At least the shots on the rooftop look good and kudos to the sunset/evening shots. The Dina 'mystery' isn't even being hidden. The only thing I wholeheartedly thank SSM for: Sharon's return to sanity and warmth with no underlying agenda. I never understood why regime after regime tore Sharon apart.