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  1. So the device has been around (and working) for six months in that Dino, but it took Nick to find it? Good thing that Connor who can't be separated from it, didn't pull it out or Chelsea noticing it. Terrible. Good thing Nikki ditched Reed to hang out in Crimson Lights and happens on the first singer to ever hang out on the patio Neil ridiculous overreaction to Devon saying he kissed Mariah, moments after Devon said he was dating her. So Neil is shocked that two people dating are kissing and that's what causes him to warn Devon about moving on? Weird.
  2. Quidge actually works and it's because we see Quinn in a more open and warm way, not just lust. Seeing HT's multiple placements in the new open leads me to believe we'll be seeing a lot more of her. However, I dread the idea of the Logan sisters fighting over Bad Santa. Just don't. Thursday/Friday episodes, which were first I've watched in a couple of weeks, were well done. I was pleasantly surprised that it was Brooke who saw them and not Katie.
  3. The fact that the new opening has generated more excitement and passion than any single S/L, couple, actor, etc., including even the remote shoot, speaks volumes about B&B.
  4. No real surprise. Y&R's POP numbers have cratered under Sally. I'm down to 2 or 3 episodes a month from DVR 5 days/week.
  5. Can't you tell? Its Chloe's turn for a 3-week arc.
  6. Yeah, the KKL flashback showed how really young she looked - even for 25-28. Thorne has always been a casting miss. CN was plastic; JT was OK and WH while having the Cali look - didn't have much acting depth at all.
  7. I had no idea they updated the title sequence - I tuned in at 12:34 today. Seeing it illuminates how the 'stage' opening was so weak. Love the throwbacks. I hope they keep it. And glad that Nicole/Zende haven't been shipped out, just yet. Maybe Brad is hedging when all but Granny/Sally2 remain from Spectra.
  8. Yeah and a story that would've been far better by substituting Rick for Thomas and not making it a potential assault. Ironically somehow Brooke's 'heart' never 'ruined the mood.'
  9. Like there's any doubt Jordan is heterosexual. It's yet another example of a tone-deaf writing team stuck in a bygone era.
  10. I did watch Wed (US) and it certainly was a more solid episode with Mariah/Devon and the out-of-the-blue "Clarissa" resolution. A couple of really odd things: Jordan's very homophobic comment to Hilary: "If you were a man, I'd have made other plans." Was that really necessary? It completely undercut Hilary's point that a determined man would not get commentary. I really don't get how Chelsea is struggling to be in public because people will feel sorry for her. Huh? First, it's been months (and that's light years for a soap) and second, when did Chelsea become a poor, fragile flower?
  11. Like others, I'm glad JW explained her absence. Good for her. On a better note, based on day-before reading, Wed (US) sounds like it may be worth catching - only because it will be heavy on MM/CG.
  12. To learn this is JW's exit makes the story completely perplexing. I like this idea or basically anything that made Colin a reformed good guy - someone who stood by Jill's side - not cheat her and then 'win' his way back. There was so much wrong here from both a storytelling and a character perspective. Sally really is terrible. So now Ester is going to be all alone in the mansion? What was the point of that?
  13. Disgusting. Like Jill couldn't get a man worthy of her. It's not only sexist but ageist. I stand by my contention that this regime has found a way to turn every woman into a victim/man dependent. Somebody should introduce Sally to 'Reign,' so she could learn how to write strong, sexy but still sensitive women. Every single arc they introduced could've been written in a far more positive way.
  14. So it's true that Jill 'takes' Colin back. Truly sad.
  15. I know it's so strange - I thought the exact same thing. They shouldn't write that type of dialogue. There's plenty of 30th Anniversary things embedded into the show. Knowing Brad, Brooke/Eric will reunite after the Quidge fallout