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  1. It was fitting just really badly done. I mean, horrible.
  2. Tika Sumpter has been cast as Casey Affleck's wife in some movie I can't bother to look up. Great for her career, sucks it's with him.
  3. It's really timeless (seriously, you can't eff up glamour shots). They never should have changed it, I love this. And it's going to make updating the credits so much easier than that CGI nightmare they had. Eric and Brooke did it, they talked about 30 years when their son is 37 year old Jacob Young. Ridiculous but whatever, it was a nice moment. I didn't like that they showed no scenes of characters that have been recast. Say what you will about Ronn Moss but he was on the show for nearly 30 years and one of the reasons Ridge and Brooke are a thing even after a terrible recast.
  4. I never would have guessed she'd still be on daytime at all. She was so cute as a child actress. I hope she gets better soon.
  5. They're not. You know they're not. This show is one scene away being set in the 1950s. Jordan actually reminds me quite a bit of the way Shemar used to double down on his "blaccent" when Malcolm was supposed to be super cool and suave. This dude goes for the deep black dude baritone. It feels like a put on to me.
  6. Just cracking on the VR/Sony conspiracy theories.
  7. This is why Jill went away. THANKS SONY!!!!
  8. What an outright useless story. Unbelievable.
  9. I hope Brooke and Eric aren't going to reminisce about meeting 30 years ago when their son is 40.
  10. I'm actually over bad character decisions being blamed on tumors. Just have the character own up to it and move on. Write a better story. These shows spend so much time trying to "fix" things that there's zero forward momentum. Just give Sharon something to do that has nothing to do with her mental health. There. Problem solved.
  11. Tonya Pinkins was on last night's Scandal in a story with her fellow AMC alum, Joe Morton. Lauren Boles (ex-Ciara, Days) was on last night's Grey's Anatomy as well. She had one line.
  12. Wow Martha Stewart? She'll bring in literally tens of people!
  13. You may be right. All I remember is that the set had brick walls, big windows in the back and those dark green pillars.
  14. Steve was hot. Why is she thinking about Brad when she's got that at home? And it's crazy how old some of these sets are. Victor's penthouse is now the home of Chelsea 2.0