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  1. Haaa Spyder Games! I swear to you so much of the show feels like fulfilling contracts. They're paying Burton so they're gonna use Burton no matter how little sense it makes. And this story is beyond dumb. Kevin actually called "Luther Fisk (seriously?)" and his cronies the bad guys yesterday! The bad guys!
  2. It's mostly Sharon Case and Amelia Heinle. They look absolutely awful most days and I don't think that's the show's fault. Gina Tognoni, MTS and Mishael Morgan look fantastic. Even Toucan Sam looks good sometimes.
  3. But he also hated his story with Luan and Keemo hasn't been mentioned in nearly 20 years. I like Jack and I like PB but if he's lowkey racist at least you all (and me) would have a solid reason to hate him.
  4. Half naked men is a Days touchstone. Come on. This should've happened ages ago,
  5. Corday needs to take the L and scrap the next 6 months of material and let Carlivati's work air ASAP.
  6. This is fantastic news. He is the exact type of writer this show needs. Honestly Days has been so so bad over the last however many years that I can't imagine anyone could be upset by this. Im guessing his work airs in 2018. I'm being realistic with that number btw, it'll take that long, right?
  7. Ugh the Winters are on too much. Neil and Lily are the wooooooorst. The characters are awful but I think I dislike the actors even more. The desolution of Devon and Hillary's marriage is because she tripped some girl on TV. Really. Think about that. Tell me that's not stupid. And if she's pregnant it's even stupider. The character does not need a child. I'm sick of characters with so much potential being saddled with children. Or bad girls getting "tamed" with a baby. Gloria is now on for absolutely no reason. Did Judith Chapman need to log some hours for her health insurance? Why is her hair so dry? Does she not believe in conditioner? Phyllis and Lauren's outfit games have been on point. They both look great.
  8. Some people like screaming at walls. Hillary does not need a goddamn baby. I have no idea why they did this amnesia plot with Devon if they were gonna be in the same place two weeks later. What is this, Passions?
  9. She filmed her Days role in 1988, you can't fault Sony for this.
  10. Wait, was he law school friends with Michael? Michael's been an attorney for 20 years. This guy is maybe 30. Seriously, Craig is hot and from his short scene a good actor. I always find it interesting when these bit parts have better actors than the parts where there's this huge audition and the actor turns out to be crap and unattractive. He's ambiguously brown so he could be related to anyone! Yay diversity!
  11. I find it hard to say I'm enjoying it but I'm not actively hating it which is how I felt the last few months that I watched the show. I've been watching for two months straight now which is pretty unbelievable considering I took a decade (?) long hiatus. Well my idea of giving him something away from her also involved a semi-schism in his relationship with Devon. I'm talking years. But that'll never happen because of the black bubble. Unfortunately Neil and KSJ aren't going anywhere because...quota, of which he is the longest lasting member because...coon.
  12. Yikes. They really need to give Neil his own story and get him away from her.
  13. Ew, wait. Neil did that? I missed that story completely but how gross.
  14. Nick and Chelsea look like fraternal twins.
  15. They don't have to work this hard. Joshua Morrow has a natural charm and Nick just got his son back after thinking he was dead for a year, he's inherently sympathetic. The way they're portraying him he just looks dumb. Your mother has to tell you to get a nanny? You've RAISED CHILDREN BEFORE.