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  1. She probably had work. And I KNEW her name only had one E...goddammit.
  2. Debbie Morgan is in Marvel's The Defenders.
  3. This is what I'm saying! The poor girl looks miserable! She's beautiful and somewhat talented but damn, perk up!
  4. He's...under 30? ?
  5. Seeing his goodbye message and all the praise for Reign Edwards was interesting because I lowkey (highkey) thought they hated each other. They have anti-chemistry so hearing they put in all this work astounds me. I hope this means they put a pause on this Maya/Zende story because it is not a good look.
  6. I've said it several times before on this board but the reality is that this show now hires headwriters who can get a product out 5 days a week, not people who have a vision or clear ideas. These is an assembly line soap. No one from top to bottom actually gives a sh!t about the overall picture. So I'm not sure why we're all surprised Sony hired her without any story ideas. Are the sets standing? Is everyone wearing clothes? Are they speaking somewhat grammatically correct English? Okay great! Send to print! I never imagined a day when Days or B&B was produced and written than Y&R but here we are.
  7. I agree, what it is they have...it. Especially her, she's very good. I don't know if it's because she's new but it's rare to find a young soap actor that elevates pretty basic material. Apropos of nothing but Billy Flynn reminds me of Shia Lebouf. I don't care for this doppelgänger story mostly because I feel Marlena has had some variation of this plot for the past 30 years.
  8. What is wrong with you?
  9. The cast of Passions is reuniting this weekend for a fan event. Don Swaby is alive, y'all. Annie Parisse is on Netflix's new series Friebds from College.
  10. He looks younger than her because he's dressed like it's 1998 and he's still 19.
  11. Yes, this show is utterly beautiful to look at with fantastic music cues. It's the only show left with any genuine production values. I think it greatly, GREATLY, benefits from coming in at 18-20 minutes, which is only 90 to 100 minutes a week, much easier to shoot and edit and sound mix. The other soaps can't compare on any level.
  12. Sheila is the most interesting thing on this gorgeous trash. Seethe. Did that Brooklyn accent mask Rena Sofer's inability to act? Because she's been bad all week. I get why everyone hates Coco and RJ but they are exactly the type of teens soaps refuse to do anymore, actual young people played by reasonably talented actors.
  13. These actors always say these stories will be FUN and full of SURPRISES! BUT THEY NEVER ARE.
  14. Up until the Miami Vice escapade that escorted him off the show I liked what they were doing with Dylan, he was a man on a soap allowed to grieve the loss of his child. There was some nice character work there. And his last two days or so was some of the strongest writing I've seen on a soap in years. That said I was excited to see him leave only because his exit wasn't a death or a fake death. He simply...left town. And it was handled with appropriate gravitas.