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  1. You know she will and they'll do some stupid wink wink joke about it.
  2. They both write like every older person on Facebook, especially Melody lol
  3. I loved the Nick, Sharon and Cassie flashback. That's all I got.
  4. Wait, they were suspended for speaking out? I didn't know that. Good lord. Dru is the only character who I can think of whose return would both impact the ratings and revitalize the canvas. I can just imagine her and Gina Tognoni's Phyllis sparing. Watching Dru get caught up on the FUCKERY that's happened (in her family, let alone the rest of Genoa City) in the last 10 years would be everything.
  5. I hated that they recast Jessica two weeks later. And brought her back as that nincompoop.
  6. No problem. I hope that didn't come across rude, wasn't meant to be at all. Thanks lol, I've only seen the former Michelle in clips and this doesn't seem like the same person but what do I know? I just know this one doesn't seem to fit what they're selling.
  7. It sounds like a British person doing an American accent but at least he's trying. This Michelle person looks like she keeps bodies in her cellar or cannibalizes children, why would young men find her irresistible? Is Lee gone? That story wrapped up quickly.
  8. I'm sick of soap scenes where all the characters do is tell each other how great they are. Nick and Chelsea do that daily. Chelsea: Nick, you are an amazing father. Nick: You know, Chelsea, I'm glad you're in my life. Rinse, repeat. Also Chelsea was showing off her bartending skills like that sh!t was cute but wasn't she a barkeep while rampantly accusing dudes of rape? Get out of here with that nonsense. Or scenes where the characters just talk about each other qualities. ALL of Billy's scenes lately are this. "Billy, you're incorrigible! Grow up, Billy! You're so childish Billy! You slept with Phyllis/cheated on Victoria/are just too much, Billy!". It is boring. That was me and I thought it was pretty obvious that I was trying to shade Judith Chapman for being a blight on this show right now. In a way it's fascinating that this show has given all the big plot moves to a 60+ year old character with barely there ties to the canvas. It almost feels like a story they wanted to tell 10 years ago. The show isn't unwatchable, it's just not good. It's not actively ruining characters but that's far removed from compelling.
  9. And not Robin Christopher.
  10. These shows that have a hard enough time writing for black characters without the status or calibre of talent of VR didn't hire her?! Gasp! You don't say. Jeanne Cooper has sadly passed and sorely missed and she stole every scene she was in. I don't know who else you could possibly be talking about.
  11. You...shut up. I miss Heather Tom! Let me live!
  12. Because she's a black woman in hollywood who actually acknowledged the rampant racism and she didn't go about it in the right way. How dare she. She "crazy" but she ain't wrong. The only people in the cast that I think would not welcome her back are Peter Bergman and Christel Khalil and neither is worth one Victoria Rowell. Sorry.
  13. He's a creep. Very rapey. I thought they were rehabbing this character.
  15. You just reminded me, Jack Smith's boner for Lauren Woodland was bizarre. I think it's been a name on the show for 20 years now.