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  1. Are you...in the cast?
  2. I didn't say you did and I think it's fishy af that those are two of the stories he objected to yet he's okay playing his own South American doppelgänger.
  3. They're filming the same number of episodes, aren't they? I think the number of dark weeks saves on paying for studio space? I actually have no idea.
  4. In. San. Ity. You'd think all that lead time would result in a better produced, written and just generally more cohesive show. But nope! The cast and crew must enjoy all the off time though. ETA: Actually I thought they were even further ahead. I think that feeling is more pronounced when they're taping Christmas in July.
  5. Bergman does remember a storyline that still makes him cringe. They decided Jack had served in Viet Nam, sired a child he did not know about, and his now-grown son, Keemo, came to town. "Whenever I am displeased with a storyline, all I have to do is think 'Keemo,' and I realize how bad things could get," Bergman explains. http://soapcentral.com/yr/news/2013/0403-bergman.php He hated the story. Doesn't say why. Everything else coupled with the Angie/Cliff story is conjecture.
  6. I'd watch that.
  7. All these damn valley girls. Dru is dry heaving under that waterfall. CK would be justifiably pissed to be playing mother to teenagers at the ripe old age of 29. It's strange, other characters they insist on keeping young (Sharon is having the same time of scenes she had with Cassie 20 years later) but others they age up. I wonder who sat down and decided SHE should now be the mother of two teenagers, she's not only young but she reads so young, she sounds like a teenager and carries herself like she's barely 20. As for boy twin being dark than girl twint, that happens but the colorism implications are unfortunate and very real. I maintain Davetta was fired for being too dark and too "black". Lily is basically a white girl with a tan as playing by Khalil.
  8. United Airlines is the official airline of the Daytime Emmy Award Tragic.
  9. Adam was a horrible person. He killed a child and covered it up, why does anyone anywhere care this much about him? Why are we still mired in a story about someone that is dead and has been off the canvas for a year? Why are soaps these days incapable of moving on from failed stories (Adam's entire existence as an adult character was a failed story IMO)?
  10. I bet we're meant to buy that Phyllis is a contemporary of Michael, Lauren AND Scotty even though that makes zero sense. Phyllis going after the son of her best friends is far more damaging to the character than sleeping with her husband's brother in my opinion.
  11. The guy playing Daniel looks older than Tracey Bregman.
  12. It's sad that that is a 6 month story projection. This whole show is actually quite sad. It's all very assembly line in execution. B&B is absolute trash but it's well produced trash. This show looks like it was slapped together by interns.
  13. I saw a preview that made it look like Chloe might shove Chelsea out of a window. Or maybe Chelsea was pushing Chloe. I don't know! They could both die for all I care right now.
  14. He's been on the show for 23 freaking years and I still feel like he could be easily replaced with a better actor.
  15. I couldn't make it through yesterday's episode. That first Devon/Mariah scene with the weird camera angel to hide the fact that they filmed in the CBS parking lot was something else. So strange. The show just feels so lifeless. There's no tension to anything at all. It's maddening.