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  1. I don't watch Days but I decided to check out the new actress playing Abigail and I have to say I think she's beautiful and doing a great job. This storyline seems annoying but also typical Days? And this is superficial but she looks more like Melissa Reeves' daughter than Kate Mansi ever could.
  2. You do when they're tainted and as bland as that guy was.
  3. Why does that category even exist anymore? Anyway, it's probably the only show that bothered to submit.
  4. Do you know if this scene is online somewhere? Also I think John should stay dead, I never liked him and the aftermath of his death was pretty great.
  5. A secret biracial child! These soaps are written like it's 1962.
  6. I hate singing on soaps. It's a lazy crutch to fill time when they want a musical montage. And I never care about their career goals because at the end of the day they're still gonna live in Genoa fcuking City.
  7. Look you guys Days hired yet another light skin black guy! Can't wait to see him revealed as Abe's son/nephew/cousin/brother (you never know!) and disappear!
  8. When are you people going to stop interacting with that Johnny person? My God. I sure hope not. I'm waiting for him to GO.
  9. The aftermath of this baby switch is totally lackluster. Dylan, you did nothing wrong, and you're his uncle. You'll always be in his life, you don't need visitation. He's your brother. Go visit your nephew. Nick doesn't hate you. And these people are in court two days after Thanksgiving. This is beyond stupid. It feels like they're just spinning their wheels until the new creative team starts.
  10. This is what I loved about Y&R when I first started watching it. One story was reaching it's crescendo just as another one starting up and yet another was in the meat of the story. And every day felt important without every day feeling like some sort of action adventure plot gone wrong. Every episode climaxed without feeling complete, it was always leading to more. No more goddamn umbrella stories. ABC had some success with them in the early 2000s (Bianca's baby switch, GH's various fires/accidents/natural disasters) but ENOUGH. Y&R was never about that and it doesn't work on this show. Even in it's current sad state it has too many characters that can sustain their own A-plots for that.
  11. Ray Wise, Julie Berman, Kerry Butler and Carolyn Hennesy are all in the Netflix Gilmore Girls revival.
  12. They don't seem like a couple at all, you're right he's very paternalistic with her. I'm really sick of the good guy getting with the bad girl and then expecting the bad girl to totally change who she is. I wish they would lean into the idea that he likes that she doesn't follow the rules. Make that be what he finds most attractive about her.
  13. Black male sexuality? On a soap? Ha! Black males are essentially asexual on soap operas and black woman exist to be the best friend or put in their place by multiple people. I loved Dru but watching nearly every character treat her like a pest was exhausting (I see shades of this in how Hillary is treated). Especially in a world where a legit psychopath Phyllis existed and had two men fighting for her love. Devon is already related to two (allegedly) main families. All that needs to happen is to write something interesting for the character. I've only been watching for two weeks and literally all but he's gone is follow Hillary around and tell her to stop doing not nice things. I hate all this talk on the show that basically boils down to "those dastardly Newmans!", no its Victor being a sociopath, Nikki being a b!tch and their kids being vapid mouth breathing plot points. Them being painted as the sun in the Y&R universe makes no sense. Aside from Victor and Nikki the entire family is badly cast (good on Josh Morrow for keeping this job for 20 years, he's very cute but will never be a good enough actor to be the son of these two legendary characters) and an albatross on this show.
  14. It would be pretty typical soap to pair Devon with a white woman and suddenly give him something to do. So I hope they don't do it. He's already paired with a character that can drive story, no need to put him with Mariah.
  15. Oh god, are ALL of Nick and Chelsea's scenes going to be them complimenting each other? It's boring and exhausting. Devon needs to take those pubes off his face. I know Amelia Heinle looks like a hard living 14 year old but why is Victoria written like a teenager? She comes across as so immature and not an executive with multiple marriages in her past.