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  1. +1
  2. Same here. After reading what y'all have said about him and seeing his stuff, I want him to succeed for sure. He's somewhat restored the feeling of the DAYS I grew up watching with the campiness and overall WTF. I've kept up with DAYS more since he came on than I have Y&R (which I badly need to catch up on) I just hope Corday and/or NBC don't panic and also take into account OJ wiping out the daytime schedule for that day.
  3. Missed Wed-Friday cause of work and moving to a new place. I'm about to catch up at work (I work on campus and boss doesn't care as long as we have headphones haha)
  4. Same here. I went to go get food and by the time I got back, I opened my laptop back and went elsewhere on the internet. I just wasn't feeling it haha.
  5. Wow. Did he really say that?
  6. You guys are awesome. It's up now and I'm about to watch it
  7. I'm gonna have to go to the website. When does NBC usually upload new episodes?
  8. My NBC affiliate is not saying if they will. Guess we'll see today during the local evening news what they say
  9. That's a very good question. I wanna say when ABC went back to GH before the recess they had a message that the episode would be on the app. My DVR wouldn't rewind it as I just turned to ABC when the message came up so I could be wrong. So at least ABC has GH fans covered NBC basically said nothing when the hearing ended before going back to local programming
  10. Wow! I hope NBC puts the episode up online tonight so the affiliates who covered OJ don't have to run an episode behind
  11. "Break and deliberate and will come back with a decision sometime within the next 30 mins" yeah GH and The Talk is off for today in EST with the recess and NBC/CBS/ABC News coverage Edit-GH and The Talk is back on and CBS/ABC are gonna cut in when there's a decision made Edit 3: 2:46PM-CBS and ABC has cut back in
  12. The Talk and GH are cut into in OH
  13. Those in areas where their NBC affiliate airs DAYS prior to 1pm EST, how was today? Most of us are watching NBC News coverage of OJ
  14. Was Y&R/B&B aired on your local CBS?