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  1. Is that Frannie and Darryl dancing on a beach?? lol
  2. This and when Joss is grown she needs to hold this stuff against Carly big time. Or be pretty damn messed up from growing up with this in her life. Another crappy thing about soaps nowadays is how nothing from when they were children really matters. Or it matters long enough for one storyline about it, and then it's mostly forgotten. I'm just thinking of Blake on GL, grew up with crappy parents, had ongoing parent issues throughout her adulthood (until bad writing made them disappear). Of course, on a show where no one really thinks murder and being a mobster is a big deal I doubt crap parenting will be dealt with.
  3. I don't know really. I am practically the perfect prospective soap viewer, I grew up watching them, I am now a stay at home mom who is home doing housework and taking care of my kids during the day. I still can't imagine sitting down at 2pm and watching a show every single day. I could do it a couple times a week, or it would have to be at night. Oh and I don't have cable tv and the reception on our HD antenna is spotty, so I'd have to be able to stream it either on my laptop of the XBox. If soaps don't adjust to things like that, I don't think they can get newer viewers. My 5 year olds have literally never watched tv with commercials or tv you had to sit down for at a particular time. All streaming/Netflix/Xbox/PBS. I honestly don't even know where web soaps air. I assume they aren't on You Tube as I've never come across one and I watch a ton of old soaps there. I've never seen one on Hulu, Amazon, or Netflix. If they are on their own website, no one will ever happen across that without looking for it. Wait, I think I did see The Bay on Amazon. Put it on my watch list but that's like a million long and every other item on it is probably a heck of a lot higher quality.
  4. Even this would be forgivable (writing wise, not forgiving Carly) if anyone ever acknowledged it on the show! I haven't watched in a long time now because it's like crazy world where bad guys are good guys. That's no fun to watch.
  5. Vanessa just drives me nuts. Her breathy "daddy!" ugh. Sue Ellen Ewing = super entertaining, Vanessa = super annoying. This Hart seems hopelessly naive about pretty much everyone so far.
  6. I don't have the airdate, it just says November 1988, but this is the clip
  7. Yup, I think the next time Dixie was on it was the voiceover saying "the role of Dixie Cooney..." Or at least the next episode that was up on You Tube in the 1988 playlist.
  8. You bet, at about 9:14...
  9. I've been watching 1988/89 AMC on You Tube and OMG it is so good. I watched from 96 or so to the end, so this stuff is mostly new to me. The Adam/Brooke/Dixie/Tad story is just so fun. Gotta say, I never realized how close to Laura's death Dixie slept with Brooke's husband!!! Poor Brooke had a lot to deal with. It actually surprises me how lots of people (myself included) ended up liking Dixie, because she's pretty dumb, naive, sleeping with a married man, thinking she loves him and he is so clearly not interested in her at all. And Adam may be my truest love to hate character. I always just hated Erica, but Adam is so gloriously evil I love it. Oh and the most hilarious thing was an episode with Kari Gibson's Dixie!!! Let's just say I can see why she was replaced.
  10. It's funny that they couldn't do it with them, when they had just done it with Blake and adjusting her character to Liz Kiefer.
  11. I always thought of Liza as the homely girl who has to scheme and lie to get the man and Jamie Luner was like drop dead gorgeous and too young to be Liza. She was great, but in no way was she Liza Colby. That said, she didn't bother me too much because at least she could act.
  12. Mem-wahs! Clone
  13. I think I recognize everyone but the guy in the striped shirt in the front and the guy in orange with is hand on JVD's shoulder. And Grant does not appear to age.
  14. I agree so much. I always thought he was like a body with no personality. And weirdly, I've never been a fan of Vanessa. Way too much "Daddy!" from her, which is funny because Blake is one of my favorites and she had a major case of daddy issues. What was the general dislike about Holly and Fletcher? The baby storyline I get the hate for, especially because it went nowhere and ended up making Holly look like the worst mother out there/insane. But I thought Fletcher was a pretty good match for her. However, they were already together when I started watching GL in college so perhaps it was the lead up to it that wasn't good?
  15. Oh god though, Justus was great and then he became a MOB lawyer and they recast him and it was just sad and awful. I totally agree about Amelia Marshall, her AMC character was a shadow of what Gilly was, but I loved her on AMC regardless. I think the lack of diversity on soaps nowadays is just ridiculous. The audience you could gain by having a diverse cast with diverse storytelling has to be so much greater than the racist backwards hicks you'll lose.