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  1. I really like Chelsea and I did like the last Adam but before JH I didn't like the character in the least he was way way too dark. I don't know why they insist on making the show about 2 people when it is suppose to be an ensemble of many.
  2. I agree with this and your post before this....I am one who doesn't like Mariah, is that not my right? I also see her as a child and that cannot change.
  3. The actor seems to be nice from hearing him speak. I am just hoping no more Adam. He has been recast several times on the short time he has been on the show. Also as many Veteran actors who were killed off and very important as well they didn't bring them back no matter how much people wanted them back. Adam doesn't make the show many thought the show wouldn't survive after Muhney left which was completely false. I hope if anything he is another character or even a new character.
  4. I don't understand why Mariah had to be thrown in the mix with Devon and Hillary. I guess I don't like the pairing maybe because I am not crazy about her character although I liked Cassie, I don't like Mariah.
  5. Colleen knew and she tried to get him away which is why he tried to kill her. I know all of Kevin's tricks. Still aggravates the heck out of me he got away with all of it.
  6. It still was against the law, he was an internet predator and he knew her age. Another thing he got away with which was against the law was attempted murder of Colleen Carlton who he locked in a freezer at Gina's Restaurant, poured gasoline all over the restaurant and didn't go for help. Kevin watched it burn and he didn't care Colleen was locked inside, he even had the nerve to go speaking to people who were her friends knowing fully well what he did.
  7. He is very handsome. I am wondering who he will be? I saw this a while ago but still couldn't come up with yet who he could be playing.
  8. I would love to see him written off that way. Him going back into his true self as in a silver chipmunk or try to hurt somebody else and he fails as somebody see's him and they kill him to save the person. Sadly it won't happen. I think they are setting him up to meet with Chloe and probably takes Bella with him so they have a happily ever after which is more then legacy characters were given. Not sad to see him go, I wasn't a fan of his character and he was hardly shown anyway and when he was it wasn't believable to be working at the police station with Paul Williams or that he always got away with what he did to Colleen and Lily. He had no jail time at all? The crimes were heinous and he skated.
  9. THIS...It's so true that she always does things when she is insecure. Probably because her men have always been otherwise always attached somehow.
  10. Yet when people who were legacy characters who fans loved, for example like Brad and Colleen who had a lot of story to tell they should not even be saying a word that he got to be on the show this long. I cannot see why either what stories were good after he did all those evil thing? The chipmunk? Another nutjob was Jana and we had to see him support the other loon too who also tried to kill Colleen? I cannot believe he even lasted this long and for what? His lame s/l's? Also bad writing is him working at a police station after statutory rape and attempted murder by arson. Let's not even mention what he also helped with Dr. Tim with that dirt cop Ronan. The Kevin character after all he did years back and I know it is a fictional show but people want to see justice even on a fictional show for what he did to Colleen and Lily and didn't get to have it at all. They should be happy he at least is getting some sort of happy ending and also not being killed of like characters who were very beloved. For me I could care less, I would love to have seen this character of Kevin killed off. I don't even think about him unless somebody brings him up or he is shown for very short stories.
  11. wow.............
  12. Ashley Bashioum (Ash Bash) was the only Mackenzie I liked. Clementine made her so damn boring and not deep as Ash Bash was. Kelly Kruger wasn't bad. Too bad with Colleen AL was not ever brought back to at least save the character. Good riddance to that petulant child Chloe....I don't like her.