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  1. Ashley Bashioum (Ash Bash) was the only Mackenzie I liked. Clementine made her so damn boring and not deep as Ash Bash was. Kelly Kruger wasn't bad. Too bad with Colleen AL was not ever brought back to at least save the character. Good riddance to that petulant child Chloe....I don't like her.
  2. It truly is too bad. Wish they could undue all JFP did. I can't with Gloria being involved with Jack. I am having such a difficult time believing they would go there when he was always so disgusted by her. I LOVE Jordan much better than Cane...He seems to have a better chemistry with Lily. Cane is so blah, not sexy at all. I just can't understand what they see in Cane. He did much worse than most characters. He gaslit Lily so bad and he pretended to be Phillip but besides that I think he is sleazy. Neil needs a good woman. I had hopes for Leslie I always thought Nia Long as a part of the soap and a good character she would be an excellent match for Neil...Not to mention she can act and also is so beautiful. Lauren is over the top with that acting. She also dresses trashy and not sexy which is a huge difference. There is also age appropriate sexy as well. Her hair looks weird too.
  3. ^^ Your right background music is everything. The old shows did that very well.
  4. I completely agree with you...I hate to have that happen...Everytime I love a character they leave? This happened with me with Brad and Malcolm too. Just when I got to loving Adam a lot as Justin took over he leaves ( I wasn't a fan of Adam until Justin played him) I get so upset when that happens. He created more layers to Adam ( which were so lovable and sweet) and with Chelsea they were so "it"...
  5. Well I've been a fan of the show since the start...I haven't found anything remotely interesting about the Lauren and Scott s/l...I just don't feel TB in her acting at all ...I have to say the same for Sharon too. I also don't get why Gloria was brought back on and I don't even want to get started on Cane I am so not a fan of his as well. Other than that a lot of scenes and things I saw wrong for a while seems to be picking up. With the exception if things don't stay stable with certain characters they need to be recast and I won't say who at this moment. I love Chelsea I don't know how I feel about her and Nick, but not going to lie and say they don't have chemistry cause they do. I did like her with Adam, Justin's version though. I like Reed and Noah...I know Noah needs to get some spark back but let's not forget he was gone for a while. He is a sweet guy just needs a good story for him.