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  1. Cool find, thanks! Interesting comment from Lilibet that she's not into "women's lib"
  2. Nice job! I bet Victoria Rowell would love it! That is one powerhouse scene. The one line about abortion is just painful. Love how you segued from the scene to Mary J!
  3. I'm guessing that footage is from 1980? We have Lance with a beard. At 0:27, I think that's April Stevens. And right after that, is that Eve Howard with Derek? Very rare!
  4. DA might be my favorite Jill...I'm torn, bc I wish she stayed in the role longer. Isn't Jess Waltons 30 year anniversary this summer?? I guess she owns Jill by now
  5. He definitely seemed uncomfortable, but he didn't say anything. In the 1989 episodes I've seen, it doesn't come up, so I guess he got over it. Thanks for that french link, YRfan23, very cool!
  6. I guess since AIDS still had such a stigma, BB felt like Jessica had to be portrayed as a saint to be accepted by the viewers. By Mid-89 - Cricket, her insta-family, and her 4 suitors had taken over the show! I really liked Chase in this episode... more morally ambiguous. Up through the end of '89, he had both romantic and business story. After PB took over as Jack, Chase had some Jabot scenes with him, but then that faded out, and Chase was mainly support for Nina.
  7. Here's the last of my Paley recaps - "Jessica tells the family she has AIDS" - estimated air date September 1988 My main comment is that, though I am typically a sucker for these types of stories, I was not moved by Jessica disclosing her illness. I'm not sure if it's the actress, or maybe because I hadn't seen the whole story of John and Jessica's romance. Anyone remember this story and have an opinion? Anyway, here's the recap! = = = John and Jessica exchange vows at the Colonnade Room – also present: Cricket, Jack, Ashley, Traci, Steven Lassiter, Mamie, Brad, Skip and Danny. Skip takes a pic of all the ladies, and then all the gents. David walks into Jill’s office. Jill is depressed about John’s marriage… it’s so final now that Jill will never be with John again. Jill can’t help remembering her wonderful past with John. They talk about how Chase is targeting Nina. Chase walks in. Victor shows up at Leanna’s hotel room. He wonders how she’ll serve lunch with no kitchen. Nikki plunks at the piano (her love song with Victor – Through the Eyes of Love). Miguel comes in. He comments that Victor seems calmer since learning of Nikki’s pregnancy (weird comment for Miguel to make). Douglas enters. Cricket tells Danny that she’s worried about Jessica telling the family about her illness. Jack toasts John and Jessica – he calls them soulmates. Chase tells Jill he couldn’t make it to his “poolboy” assignment at the Chancellor estate because of his work at Jabot. Jill says the “poolboy” assignment should be top priority. She says it’s time for him to get Nina alone, off the estate. Rex and Nina at the estate. He reminds her to keep working on her good attitude. She recounts how she asks Phillip about how work is going. Rex thinks this is good progress. Douglas says he doesn’t know what’s going on with Victor these days – he tells Nikki to check with “Victor’s new writer” (Leanna). Douglas doesn’t like this new writer, but Nikki isn’t worried about the writer, and is glad Victor is opening up to the writer. Victor toasts to Leanna – tells her she’s very attractive and sexy. Traci asks where John and Jessica are going for their honeymoon, but John is keeping it secret. John whispers to Jessica if she wants to go through with telling the family about her illness – she says yes. Ashley wonders who is getting married next, and looks at Cricket. John tells Skip thanks and tells him he can leave. Nina is discouraged and impatient. Rex tells her it will take some time. Nina says she can’t wait around for something that might never happen. She looks out the window and sees Chase the pool boy. She excuses herself. Rex looks out the window and sees Chase also. Nikki calls Connie and gets Leanna’s contact info. Nina shows up at the pool in her bathing suit. Chase appreciates the suit. Nina says she’s thinking of skinny dipping. They flirt and talk a lot about skinny dipping. Jessica tells everyone she has AIDS. Jack looks thrown. Ashley looks empathetic. Traci sheds a tear. John recounts their courtship and how he came to terms with her diagnosis. Leanna recounts to Victor her airplane ride yesterday with Victor – he had told her they were jetting to a tropical destination, but really they were just circling Genoa City. She says she’s learning a lot more about him. She really wants to set the record straight to the world what a remarkable man Victor is. Victor asks if Leanna is falling in love with him. Nikki interrupts with a phone call and asks Leanna if she can come over. At the pool, Nina dances to “Do you love me” from “Dirty Dancing”. Chase wants to take Nina to the Danny Romalotti concert but it’s sold out. Nina says she is friends with Danny and can get them tix. They make a date. Using binoculars, Rex (from the living room window) spies on them dancing. Ashley tells J&J that everyone is silent just because everyone is surprised. J&J want everyone to make their own decision about how much contact they want with Jessica – meaning do the Abbotts want to live in the same house as J&J? Do they feel comfortable that they are not exposing themselves to HIV, living in close proximity to Jessica? J&J says they have done their own research and feel comfortable sharing the house with the family, but they want each person to make their own decision, and they will not be offended by anyone's decision. Ashley and Traci hug J&J. Jack hugs John but skips hugging Jessica. John hugs Cricket and calls her his "third daughter". J&J leave. Everyone is very somber.
  8. They had a nice chemistry, but more like a fling. I remember when little Victoria left, I was mad because I liked Ashley Nicole, haha! And was resentful at first for the SORASing when Heather Tom debuted. If I only knew what an amazing contribution she would be to both YR and BB!
  9. Ah, thanks for the airdate! The confusing thing is... if on July 16, Cricket and Danny are still mistrustful of David... why are they totally trusting of him on August 16 (when David plants the drugs)? David must have pulled some massively successful scam on Cricket and Danny in that one month time period, to pull the wool over their eyes. Yes, Victor/Cassandra was very romantic and exotic! I could feel Victor's lust burning through the screen! In fact, I felt that not just Victor was feeling lusty, but Eric Braeden too
  10. My pleasure! One more coming soon, from 1988
  11. Hi everyone, here’s another of my Paley recaps. “Drucilla reveals her illiteracy to Nathan”. I estimate this airdate as early July 1990. This recap is especially for yrfan23, who wants to know what happened between June and August 1990! = = = David answers the phone: “Kimble Investments”. A woman calls… it’s Vivian (we only hear her voice). Vivian says, “have you told your new wife about Rebecca”? She hangs up. Knock on the door – it’s John Silva. John has the will ready for David’s signature. The will leaves all of David’s assets to Nina and Phillip. David wants to sign asap. 2 witnesses are needed. David calls Diane Westin (offscreen)"from the printing office on the 2nd floor” and asks for 2 witnesses. David then secretly pushes a button in the floor which makes the phone ring. David fakes a phone call (with John listening) to “Fred”, and tells Fred to sell some stocks. Diane walks in with her coworker Mike to witness the will signing. Diane compliments David on being so concerned about her wife’s interests. Nina puts a pie on the table, and then opens the door to let Cricket in. She asks Cricket for her opinion on the pie – Nina baked it and is nervous how it tastes. Nina says marriage gets better every day – she’s so happy. Dru is in lockup with a bunch of rough ladies. A cop lets Nathan in. Nathan talks the cop into letting Dru and Nathan talk in an interrogation room. Ashley smells some fragrance samples in her office. Brad walks in. He enjoys smelling the samples on Ashley’s wrists. Brad tells Ashley he saw Dru in jail. He says Dru was mad that Brad didn’t bail her out. Cassandra visits Victor at the office. He says he hasn’t had time to review the materials sent to him about Ray-tech, since he is now chairman of the board of directors of Ray-tech. She says no worries – she is here to help him relax. She asks him what would his fantasy be – to completely get his mind off work? David alone in his office – talking out loud about how his will should make Nina feel guilty. His will is actually worthless since he has no money. He hopes Nina will feel bad and rip up the pre-nup. Brad recounts to Ashley his meeting with Dru. Dru was mad that Mamie won’t bail her out, and Brad has to respect Mamie’s wishes, so he can’t bail Dru out either. Ashley says she spoke to Mamie, and there’s no way Mamie will reconsider about the bail. Brad says he wants to appeal to Mamie again. Dru and Nathan in the interrogation room – he tells her he won’t lecture her, and to be quiet and listen. Victor tells Cassandra that one of his happiest nights was in Bora Bora, a long time ago. There was a woman with him (he doesn’t say who). Cassandra says she has to go and leaves abruptly. Victor wonders if he said something wrong. Cricket is happy that Nina is happy. (Cricket’s face still looks concerned) Nina is impressed with David’s efforts to start his business. Cricket is distracted about a call that John Silva received at the office. Phillip starts crying (offscreen) - Nina goes upstairs. Cricket talks to herself “What are you up to David – why are you making out this will”? She opens up the door to leave and runs into David. Brad with Mamie in the kitchen. She’s surprised that Brad saw Dru in jail. Brad says he wants to help her. Nathan says if Dru had an ounce of pride, she wouldn’t behave like she does. Dru doesn’t want to hear it. Cricket asks David how business is going? He says great. Cricket says she knows it’s difficult starting a new business. David asks her to shut the door on her way out. She leaves, and David fingers the will. Mamie doesn’t want to discuss Dru anymore. Brad says – if we can just get past that wall, we can help. Mamie thinks it’s time for Dru to face the music. Mamie says if Dru is bailed out of jail – Dru will run, and no one will ever see her again. Mamie says this situation is tearing her apart. Brad hugs Mamie. Nina welcomes David home. He thanks her for the pie. Cricket returns to Danny’s – she tells him about Nina, and her run-in with David. They make out, and agree that their relationship is going well. Cricket says she’s not ready to share a bedroom yet… but she does think about possibly marrying Danny. Cricket laments that Nina’s relationship is not healthy like theirs. Nina tells David she’s so proud of him running his business. He says Nina and Phillip are his priority, and once his business is off and running, he’ll have more time to spend with them. David shows Nina the will. Victor comes home to his apartment, and finds that it’s been decorated like a tropical paradise. Cassandra walks out in a bathing suit and a lei. She “leis” him. She wants him to feel like he is in a fantasy. They kiss and dance. She feeds him tropical fruit. This really turns him on. She reminds him that he used to talk about marrying her. They kiss and dance more. He says he doesn’t want to be alone tonight. He lifts her up and carries her upstairs. Nina doesn’t understand why David did the will. He says his business is going so great, that he wants to provide for Nina and Phillip, just in case something were to happen to David. Nina is very moved. Nathan tells Dru she’s not so tough. He names tough role models like MLK Jr, Shirley Chisholm, and Nelson Mandela. He tells Dru to take the opportunities afforded to her. He hands her a magazine and tells her to read an inspiring article from it. She said she isn’t interested. They argue back and forth. She finally yells at him that she can’t read. END
  12. I thought the same thing about Stuart and Jill! Clearly, Liz has long ago forgiven Jill. Stuart probably just decided to be cordial with Jill to keep his wife Liz happy. I don't think DA's Jill had too much interaction with Stuart.
  13. Hi everyone, I made it back to the Paley Center in NYC and watched a few more vintage YRs. Since I can’t tape it for you, I’ll do recaps. The first one is titled “Victor and Nikki’s New Year Eve”. I estimate air date as Thursday 12/31/1981. This was a fascinating episode to watch, as this is still during the long transition period after YR expanded to an hour, and Bill Bell was still tweaking things to make the show great again. I would have to say that while I loved watching this ep… the stories were not very good. Jill is in the midst of her romance with Andy Richards. All of her strong, vixenish qualities that I saw in an earlier Jabot-focused episode from earlier in 1981 are gone. She is now a typical fretting lovelorn heroine. Deborah Adair does fine, but it does not play to DA’s strengths. I can definitely understand why BB ditched this story a few months later to refocus on Jill scheming to marry John Abbott. Two other characters I saw for the first time were duds: Karen Richards (Andy’s ex-wife) and Barbara, who Paul called Bobbi (April Stevens’ twin). Both actresses did not impress and I can see why they were soon let go. On the plus side – both Victor/Nikki and Jack/Patty had sizzling chemistry – really enjoyed their scenes…. Including the famous scene where Nikki calls Victor a “dirty stinker” Here’s the recap! = = = Jack and Patty on a plane back from Aspen. Patty’s upset. She wanted to surprise Jack but she’s sorry she messed up his trip. Jack says he’s not angry at Patty – but he is mad at Paul for being a jerk. Jack and Patty were able to leave Aspen without Paul finding out if Patty was in Aspen. Back in Aspen – Paul is with Bobbi. And is wondering where Patty is, if she’s not in Aspen. He doesn’t trust Jack. Bobbi tells him not to worry too much. Paul wants to return to Genoa City. Bobbi gets on a pay phone to make a plane reservation. But she lies and pretends that the flight is booked. Nikki and Victor at the ranch. She is wearing a luxurious white fur coat Victor gave her. She is writing Xmas thank-you cards. Nikki reveals she is wearing nothing under her fur. Lucas at the Jonas’s Bar – asks Andy Richards the bartender for another beer. Lucas wishes him a Happy New Year. Andy is depressed that he has no chick on New Year’s Eve. Lucas says a good-looking guy like Andy ought to find a lady. Andy says he has his mind on a special lady (Jill) but she’s not available. Andy’s ex Karen calls to wish a HNY. Andy says he has no plans. Karen asks him for dinner at her place. Andy doesn’t think it’d be a good idea. Karen wants to be friends and wants to make him dinner. Andy relents and says yes. Knock on Karen’s door – it’s her beau Dennis coming to hang out. Karen says “something has come up” and she has to cancel. Dennis thinks there’s a guy in her bed – she says no. Dennis is mad. She asks Dennis to understand, and tells him goodbye. Liz stops by the Foster house to visit Jill. Phillip is staying at a friend’s. Jill is depressed that she’s staying home alone. Jill says she had plans with Andy but they fell through. Jill says “please don’t say I told you so”. Jill can’t get him out of her head. Andy made her feel like a person, not an object. Liz says Jill will need to forget about him. Jill says Andy’s wife Karen warned him how unstable Andy is, how he has tried to commit suicide. Liz implies that Karen has lied about Andy. Jill realizes that Liz might be right. Andy arrives at Karen’s and tells her she looks great. Bobbi says she’ll get a hotel room her and Paul. Paul looked concerned. Paul calls Mary and Carl. He tells Mary that he had found Jack but not Patty. He tells Mary that he can’t get ahold of April, so April doesn’t know that Paul is in Aspen. Suddenly, Patty walks in – Mary hugs her. Carl asks for an explanation. Patty says she just needed to “get away”. Mary is happy that Patty is safe. She’s surprised that Patty doesn’t have plans for NYE. Patty goes upstairs. Carl tells Mary he thinks Patty was in Aspen. Mary just thinks that Patty is missing Jack. Liz offers Jill to spend NYE with Stuart and Liz. Jill says don’t worry, I’m going after Andy. Nikki finishes her thank-you cards. She’s not that excited to be with the drunkards at the Colonnade Room but agrees to go with Victor. Victor calls the Colonnade Room to say they will be late. Andy compliments Karen on her cooking. They both agree that they are feeling lonely. Andy says I’m sorry, but there’s someone special… but it didn’t work and now it’s over. Karen tells him sorry – she wants him to be happy, even if it’s with another lady. Andy compliments Karen for demonstrating that she cares for him. They slow-dance. Paul arrives with Bobbi to the hotel room. Bobbi is chilling champagne and tells Paul they can relax for NYE. Paul thinks Bobbi is spending too much. Bobbi says don’t worry about it. Bobbi makes Paul chug the champagne quickly. Bobbi remembers her past NYEs and how miserable they were. Paul says she’s not alone this NYE – he is her friend. Bobbi kisses him. Carl and Mary toast to HNY. They’re glad Patty is home. Jack arrives. He said he came back early from his trip because he missed Patty. Patty comes down in her robe and is thrilled to see him. Jack invites her out for NYE and she is thrilled. Carl asks Jack to leave Patty alone. Mary tries to smooth things over. Jill knocks on Karen’s door. Karen comes out in her negligee. Jill accuses her of lying about Andy. Jill realizes that someone is there. Andy calls out from offscreen “Karen? Is someone there?” Jill runs off. Victor and Nikki walk downstairs. They are dressed to the nines. They are supposed to go dinner at the Colonnade Room. Nikki wants to stay in - Victor agrees. He says that “Charlie the butler” has the night off. They drink champagne. Nikki identifies it as “vintage 68”, which shows her lessons are paying off. They toast to the New Year. Nikki says the past year has been great since she met Victor (what about getting kidnapped by Edward??) Nikki is happy Victor gave her a fur coat. Victor gives her a diamond bracelet and she is thrilled. Nikki wants one more thing – a kiss. Nikki says she likes the things he gave her, but she wants him to demonstrate his feelings through a kiss. Nikki kisses him and calls him “you dirty stinker!!” “you can kiss like that and you’ve been holding out on me!” They kiss again and the bells tolls Midnight.
  14. I can see why Beth Maitland won the '85 Emmy... she killed that scene. Traci was so vulnerable and hesitant, yet you can see why she is so enthralled by Tim. I like scenes with Liz and Brenda Dickson's Jill... the way Jill says "Hi Mom"... it's the only time I still see glimpses of Jill from the 70s. Wish Meg Bennett had stuck around longer... Julia is always a welcome presence.
  15. Nice surprise - thank you so much!