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  1. Thanks! Some decent acting there by BD. Was she gone about a month later?
  2. Today's YR had a brief 1985 flashback with Dina and Ashley. Dina apologized to Ashley for all her mistakes, but said she won't apologize that her affair with Brent Davis is what brought Ashley into the world.
  3. That would be amazing! Sadly, Lilibet Stern has sworn off acting. I wonder what it'd be like for Andrea Evans to step back into Patty's shoes? Maybe more successful on the 2nd try
  4. Is this when Howard McGillin was playing Greg? Does anyone remember his time in the role and if he was good? Seems like things didn't click for Howard on YR, but he went on to a very successful acting career
  5. No, that is Judy Wilson, Derek's secretary at Chancellor Industries.
  6. Yes! It's painful knowing all these eps are in a vault gathering dust at Television City. Here's my fave promos, featuring my ladies Deborah Adair and Lilibet Stern:
  7. I remember them being posted last year, but I don't see them anymore...
  8. I've recently watched PB's first 6 months as Jack... it is painful to sit through his awkward imitation of Terry Lester's portrayal. The one bright spot is that John, Jack, Ashley, and Traci still felt like a cohesive family even with PB and BE newly in their roles. I was a fan of Jack and Phyllis in the early 2000s, but by then PB was playing a completely different character.
  9. Here’s a recap of my viewing the episode “Paul and Andy Rescue Lauren in San Francisco” at the Paley Center. I estimate this originally aired January 1986. I would call this a scattered episode, because there’s so many actors and stories crammed in. It doesn’t have the focus of the Edward/Nikki episode I posted about. But for my purposes, it was nice to see so many people. Brenda Dickson has lost any sense of subtlety or reality to her performance by this point- she yells all her lines and dresses like Norma Desmond. I was surprised how charming I found Colleen Casey as Faren – she has an easy, natural acting style. Nathan and Amy seemed awkward together – not surprised they fizzled. This episode had lots of mid-80s Miami Vice-ish synthesizer background music, which was abandoned by 1989. Interesting that both Nikki and Lauren had to contend with attempts on their lives by psychotic stalkers obsessed with their dead mothers. Ok, here’s the summary: = = = Paul and Andy drive to save Lauren. Shawn (before he died) had told them Lauren has one hour to live. Andy doesn’t know where Paul is driving. Paul says he has a hunch, about Shawn’s comment that Lauren will die like Shawn’s mother died. Lindsey visits Jack (looking sexy with a full beard), who’s staying at Gina’s. Jack isn’t doing well, being on the outs with John. Jack can’t believe John believed Jill, when Jill told John that Jack was who she slept with. Jack asks Lindsey “did you confirm to my dad that I slept with Jill?”. This upsets Lindsey, who almost leaves. Jack apologizes. Jill (in an awful neon pastel sparkly dress) and Michael Crawford waiting in her hotel for the press conference to start (where she will reveal to the public that she and Jack slept together). She believes John will give into her demands before the press conference starts. Credits: Nikki, Victor, Matt, Lindsey, Jazz, Amy, Tyrone Nathan and Amy at the detective agency. Nathan is bored working on his literacy. Amy finds a picture of Diane Richards in a fashion magazine, and explains to Nathan how Diane is Andy’s ex-wife. This leads to a discussion about how Nathan and Amy are drifting apart. Faren walks in (interrupting their romantic talk) to check on Paul and Andy. In her office, Ashley (wearing a horrible purple blazer and headband/turban thing) welcomes Diane back to Genoa City. Ashley is friendly, and Diane is surprised as she thought Ashley was happy to see Diane leave Jabot. They discuss that Diane’s successor as lead Jabot model is Nikki. Jack asks Lindsey to speak to John on Jack’s behalf. Lindsey is reluctant but Jack is desperate. Lindsey agrees but only after John’s divorce is final. Jack is grateful. They talk about possible good times together in the future. Michael Crawford counsels Jill that John might not stop the press conference, and that Jill could lose all her bargaining power if she goes through with it. Jill refuses to be made a fool of and be ignored – she will go through with the press conference. Dina enters (surprising me! I thought she was gone by 1986). Dina heard about the press conference from Kay – Dina doesn’t think John will call to stop Jill. Dina warns Jill she can’t hurt Jack any more than she’s already hurt him, but she could hurt herself. John in the Jabot conference room with his lawyer Grant. Grant concerned Jill will go through with it. John explains he asked Dina to intervene with Jill. John says he won’t go to Jill’s hotel, and he won’t give into Jill’s demands. Paul and Andy arrive at the cemetery where Shawn’s mother is buried (this is filmed on location). Nathan still can’t reach Paul and Andy. Faren is worried – Amy tries to comfort her. Faren says she especially worries about Andy since he was recently shot. Nathan leaves and tells Amy he’ll continue the conversation with her later. Faren apologizes to Amy for interrupting. Faren sees Diane’s picture in the magazine and asks why does she look familiar? Amy explains how Diane is Andy’s ex. Diane asked Ashley “do I still look good? Are you going to offer me a job?” Joanna and Mary at the police station. Joanna talking about Shawn dying, and Lauren having 15 minutes to live. Mary says she hopes that her presence is helping Joanna. Mary says Lauren holds a special place in her heart. Mary can’t understand why Shawn would want to kill Lauren. Joanna says no one knew how sick Shawn was. They talk about how hard this has been for Paul. Dina recounts how many conquests Jill has had in the past, and how Jill’s future depends on getting another conquest in the future. Jill figures out that John sent Dina, and that John is panicking. Jill tells Dina to give the message that Jill won’t back down. Ashley asks Diane if she is interesting in working at Jabot? Ashley says she has to check with John first. Diane agrees to stay in town for a few days. Diane asked if Ashley has seen Andy lately? Ashley says no. Diane says it’s good to be back in town. Paul and Andy split up, searching the cemetery. Andy finds Shawn’s mom’s grave (Vivian P Garrett) and calls Paul over to show him. Then they find fresh dirt and a shovel. They start digging. Mary encourages Joanna to stay strong. Joanna wonders if Paul will feel the same passion for Lauren, after everything that’s happened. Joanna despairs that Lauren will live. Paul and Andy open the casket to find Lauren, looking dead with her hands clasped. Paul does CPR while Nadia’s Theme plays. Andy find a pulse and sees she’s breathing. END Credits lists the actors: Contract: Victor, Lauren, Faren, Michael Crawford, Katherine, Danny, Paul, Ashley, Brad, Jill, John, Andy, Joanna, Lindsey, Jack, Traci, Tyrone, Matt, Nathan, Mamie, Jazz, Carol, Nikki, Amy Recurring: Dina, Diane, Casey
  10. Yea, it's confusing, because by just watching this one episode, Jack seems very romantically focused on Patty. He keeps trying to call her before he leaves, and he is totally pissed at Jill for lying to Patty. But then... why is he inviting Jill to New York for business and pleasure? He invites Jill in a very casual manner, not like he is trying to woo her. So yes, it's a bit fuzzy. One more recap, from 1986, coming soon!
  11. Here’s a recap of my viewing the episode “Crazy Edward Threatens Nikki’s Life, #2821, at the Paley Center. I estimate this aired November 1981. I would have loved to tape this for you all, but recording is strictly prohibited and monitored This is a really fantastic episode. But it’s almost like 2 different shows, because the tone and filming style for the two storylines (Edward/Nikki, and Jill/Jack/Patty) are night and day. The Edward/Nikki scenes are filmed very Hitchcock-like. The camera angles come from behind doors, around corners, through gauzy curtains… so that the viewer feels like a voyeur, like they’re in the room. The music is like from a horror movie. MTS and the Edward actor are excellent and totally committed to the scenes. I felt so bad for Nikki to be traumatized like this. It is shocking to know she will be back very soon stripping at the Bayou. Isn’t November ’81 also when Vanessa jumped off the balcony? What a macabre month for YR! The Jill/Jack/Patty scenes, meanwhile, are more straightforward romantic/corporate story. But I was riveted! You will see I basically transcribed the scenes bc some of the lines are so juicy. Deborah Adair is such a great vixen. And I find Jack and Patty fascinating, because they are clearly wrong for each other, and everyone else knows this, but they are nonetheless drawn together. I want so much to see the entirety of Jill and Patty’s parallel journeys to Abbott wives… maybe someday. The related Danny/Mary scenes aren’t that noteworthy, except to say that li’l Michael Damian is adorable! I think MD is 19 at the time but Danny seems around 16. Totally charming. Overall grade is A-. My only complaint is that a lot of time is spent on Paul and gang trying to find Nikki, but it’s basically pointless, as she saves herself by throwing the ashes at Edward. It was interesting to see Cash, who I know was Katherine’s gigolo. He sure looks like a gigolo, with his unbuttoned shirt, gold chain, and deep tan! Jonas didn’t seem interesting – all I know of him is that he dated Leslie and ran the club that later became Gina’s. Ok, here’s the summary: = = = Jill and Jack at Jabot. It’s just a small one-room set – not the expansive Jabot offices we are used to seeing. Jack appreciates Jill's help, in prepping to leave for his trip to the New York Jabot office (who knew Jabot has a New York division!). Jill will cover for Jack while he's gone. Jill apologizes for coming down hard on Jack about Patty Williams. Jill knows now that it's none of her business. Jack accepts her apology. Jack gets an idea – how about Jill comes to New York with him… for business and pleasure? But Jack then remembers about Jill's son Phillip. Jill is very excited and says – “don't worry about Phillip, I'll find someone to watch him”. Jack kisses her on the cheek and says he'll meet her at the airport. I guess Jack is considering being romantic with Jill again, but Terry Lester is playing it more like Jill is just a friend. Jill calls Liz to babysit but there's no answer. Jill is frazzled. Nikki demands to meet Edward's mother. Edward starts to strangle Nikki until she agrees that she will tell Edward's mother that Nikki and Edward will marry. Edward says after Nikki does that – then Nikki and Edward will die. Edward says his mother is in the next room. Nikki hesitantly walks through the door and is shocked. Credits: Lorie, Leslie, Lance, Lucas, Stuart, Liz, Snapper, Chris, Nikki, Victor, Paul, Patty "The Young and the Restless – sponsored by" - Vanessa, Casey, April, Nikki Nikki opens the door to a creepy bedroom with a poster bed, cobwebs, giant melted candles, and a portrait of Edward's mother on the wall. Edward introduces Nikki to "mother", which is an urn. Nikki is in shock, crying, realizing the mother is dead. Edward has a one-way conversation with the urn about Edward and Nikki getting married. Nikki tries to run but Edward stops her. Paul, Cash, and Jonas are at Nikki’s apartment. They know she’s missing because her suitcase is packed but she left it behind. Jonas left a message for Paul's dad Carl at the police station. Jill alone in the Jabot office. She calls Mrs. Johnson (offscreen) - and asks her to babysit Philip while Jill is gone on her unexpected urgent business trip. Mrs. Johnson says yes, and Jill is elated. Patty enters and asks if Jill is Mr. Abbott's secretary? Jill introduces herself. She says, “hasn't Jack told you about me”? Patty asks when will Jack be back. Jill says, “he and I are flying to New York together to work and see some shows”. Patty says, “he didn't leave a message for me?“ Jill says, "frankly, honey, I don't think he gave you a second thought. Can I be honest with you? I know all about your relationship with Jack. But Jack and I are very close in every way. Jack may be intrigued by someone as young as you, but it doesn't mean anything". Patty doesn't understand. Jill explains that Jack only comes on strong until a girl responds, and then Jack bails. Jill says, “Jack always comes back to me after he strays. We work together, play together, everything…” Patty says "oh my god". Jill says "Patty, you didn't believe it was real, right? You didn't take him seriously". Patty can't believe Jack would be so low. Jill says Jack is about to dump her. Jill advised her to date someone her own age – Jack is too old – and Patty can't compete with Jill. Patty runs out and wishes Jill an awful time in New York. Jill smiles and says to herself… “what in the world got into me? Why did I say all that? Well, it was for her own good. Jack is bad news for her.” Danny arrives at the Williams home to visit Patty but she's not there. Mary is happy to see Danny. He brings a copy of his new demo, which was inspired by Patty. Paul and Jonas want to talk to Nikki’s odd neighbor Edward to see if he knows where Nikki is. Cash thinks there is no point to talk to Edward. Jonas thinks they should wait for the police. Paul thinks they shouldn't wait. Edward forces Nikki to ask his mother (the urn) permission for them to marry. Edward starts to have an argument with the urn – his "mother" thinks Edward is lying. "Mother" gives Edward instructions (only in his mind)… he picks up a knife. Paul and Jonas walk up to the house, unseen. Danny tells Mary how his recording session was a dud, until Patty showed up to inspire him. Danny admits that he's in love with Patty, but it's hopeless because Patty is involved with Jack. Mary tells him (incorrectly) the relationship is over. Right then, Jack calls from a pay phone at the airport, hoping to check in with Patty before his flight leaves. But when Mary picks up, Jack hangs up. Danny is excited to have a chance with Patty. Jonas and Paul ring Edward's door. Inside, Edward has chloroformed Nikki. He then opens the door and tells them he hasn't seen Nikki, and they leave. Edward goes back to unconscious Nikki – he tells her "we are in so much trouble – we lied to Mother and now we have to die". He grabs dynamite. Paul, Cash, and Jonas back at Nikki's apartment. Carl arrives. Carl has suspicions about Edward but couldn’t' prove anything. Carl says Edward's mom died years ago. Paul says Edward just told them that Mother is still alive. This alerts them that something is seriously wrong with Edward. Jack tries calling Patty again from the airport but no luck. Jill arrives and greets him. Right after, Patty arrives and watches them. (this is back in the days when you didn’t need an airplane ticket to walk straight to the gate!) Jack chides Jill for waiting so long to tell him that she has a son. Jill promises to Jack "no more secrets" and kisses him on the cheek. Jill hopes for a new beginning, and a clean slate. Jill apologizes for the big mistakes she made with him. Then Patty walks up and tells Jack she's sick of Jack's lies. She says she's sure that Jill has told Jack all about Jill and Patty's conversation. And Patty is sure that Jill and Jack had quite a laugh about it. Jack is totally confused. Patty says Jill told her all about Jill’s relationship with Jack. Jack can't believe Jill's lies. Jill is squirming. Patty starts to leave but Jack stops her. Jack explains that Jill lied. Jill stammers. Jack tells Jill she is fired. Jack boards the plane and gives his "princess" Patty a kiss goodbye while Jill watches. Jill runs off while Patty smiles triumphantly. While Edward sets up the dynamite, Nikki wakes up. He refuses to turn off the ticking clock. Edward tells Nikki she is disgusting trash. Edward says the other men in Nikki’s past have had their turn, but now its his turn. Nikki throws the ashes on Edward, and he freaks out that Nikki "killed his mother". Nikki runs out right as Paul and the guys arrive. Edward makes everyone comes inside. Edward runs outside and the bomb goes off. Nikki hugs Carl and says "it wasn't his fault – his mother killed him a long time ago – God, let him rest in peace" END
  12. Yes! I actually went back yesterday and watched the Crazy Edward/Nikki one again, because I loved it so much. Recap coming soon... I only got to watch part of the 1990 presentation - it took 15 minutes for the whole cast to be introduced. I'll have to go back and watch the whole thing. One funny thing is that Morey Amsterdam cracked a joke when he entered, just like he would on the show!
  13. Hi everyone! I feel bad that I am enjoying all your videos and I don’t have any to share in return. But here is my small contribution… I traveled to NYC for work and visited the Paley Center for Media (formerly Museum of TV and Radio). They have an extensive library of just about every show ever broadcast. They have a nice collection of YR episodes, which I have summarized here. If you’re ever in NYC or the other location in LA, I highly recommend a visit, to get your YR fix! The key thing to know is that some episodes have been digitized, and are instantly available for viewing at one of the museum’s viewing stations in NYC or LA. Some other episodes are not digitized… they are only available in an analog tape format. The museum staff have to retrieve the analog tape and then you watch it on a special analog VCR. I’ve noted which episodes are analog below, and this is specific to the NYC museum (I don’t know what analog tapes the LA museum has). Listed chronologically (museum doesn’t always list airdate so in some cases I’m guessing): First episode - 1973 Snapper and Chris Discuss Premarital Sex – 1973 Chris and Snapper’s Wedding – 1974 Chris and Snapper’s Honeymoon – 1974 Jed Plans to Divorce Betty – 1974 Katherine Chancellor’s Alcoholism/the AA Meeting – 1975 Liz considers pulling the plug on her husband’s life support – 1976 Liz Foster pulls the plug on Bill’s life support – 1976 Aftermath of Lance and Lori making love on an airplane – 1977 Jennifer Brooks discovers she has breast cancer – 1977 Nikki, Rose, and Vince dump dead client – 1979 Crazy Edward threatens Nikki’s life – 1981 - analog (I watched this and will post a summary) Victor & Nikki’s New Year’s Eve – 198? - analog Victor, Paul and Andy save Nikki from Rick Daros – 1984 - analog Victor overcomes his impotence – 1984 Katherine Chancellor removes bandages after face lift surgery – 1984 - analog Victor and Nikki’s Wedding 4/13/84 Paul and Andy rescue Lauren in San Francisco – 1986 - analog (I watched this and will post a summary) Jessica Granger tells the family she has AIDS – 1988 - analog Cricket and Danny take Nan to see crack babies – 199? - - analog Danny and Cricket’s Wedding on Maui – 1990 Drucilla acknowledges her illiteracy to Nathan – 1990 - analog David Kimble pursued and crushed in trash compactor – 1991 - analog Victor collapses/Cricket press charges against Michael/Victoria hopes to marry Ryan – 1992 Cole tells Victoria that they might be siblings – 1994 - analog Jack and Luan Reunification/Keemo accepts Jack – 1994 - analog Chris and Paul honeymoon in Nevis – 1996 - analog Keesha talks about living with AIDS – 1996 Victor rescues Cassie - ??? - analog 30th Anniversary – 3/26/03 Museum of TV Radio – a night with the Young and the Restless 3/15/90 (this is really cool because I just watched the winter 1990 episodes, and the whole 1990 cast is present at this event!) Museum of TV Radio – The Making of… a William J. Bell soap opera: The Young and the Restless 10/11/97 Museum of TV Radio Salute to the Young and the Restless 3/25/03 Paley Center: Young and the Restless 35th Anniversary 4/10/08 Paley Center: Young and the Restless: Celebrating 10,000 Episodes 8/23/12
  14. I just learned that Terry Lester quit the show for a time in 1985. Anyone know exactly how long he was gone for, and what brought him back to YR?
  15. Thanks all! YRfan23 and I have been having great conversations in the comments area of posted episodes on YouTube.