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  1. As to your second point, in case everyone isn't aware, Noelle Beck did offer to step down when she found out ATWT was canceled. She was willing to leave the show so Martha could come back and finish the story for the fans. It was the [!@#$%^&*] Goutman who simply refused to let that happen. I had read all of this as a rumor but had it confirmed from Martha herself when I had drinks with her last year. I only say this because Noelle Beck had been on soaps for years and she understood how connected fans are to their shows. I think that's such a wonderful and classy move to offer to put yourself out of a job a few months early so that the fans could finish with the Lily they knew for decades. Goutman really didn't give a crap about the fans. I blame him and him alone for the destruction of the show. (And this is coming from someone who started watching just before Sheffer and LOVED LOVED LOVED Sheffer's work and those years on the show.) That's not true though, I blame Passante as well - what a crappy head writer. I think the only one worse is Leah Laiman!
  2. He was ridiculously hot. I just rewatched The Colbys with a friend who had never seen it. I had forgotten just how ridiculously good looking MC was back then. He's possibly the most gorgeous man on any soap EVER!
  3. Lots of drama happening in Feb 1980! I got through episode 1200 this week. That kid (Michael?) has been trying to blow up Tiso for weeks and just missed him (and Delia) at the start of the week. Joe convinced Siobhan to move back home for now. I think she and Jack are starting to figure out that Joe is involved in Tiso's business. I can't even imagine the drama that is going to ensue once the Ryan's discover what really happened to poor Mary. We discovered that the lock on Prince Albert's cage doesn't work properly. (Seriously? They can't just fix the lock? He's a frickin' gorilla!) Is the show about to do a Beauty and the Beast storyline? Or a King Kong one? I look forward to finding out. And I'm continuing to enjoy Kimberly and her storylines. Joan Fontaine playing a manager who was trying to sign her was genius and oh, how I wish they could've convinced her stay around longer. As my husband said "Good Lord, she could play a Disney villain!" in response to how she was manipulating Kim into signing a horrible contract. And Rae better look out because Kimberly is out to get proof that her mother is the person who framed Frank Ryan. I knew this would happen. The only thing I don't know is: Will Kim actually tell anyone once she finds out? Or will she just blackmail her mother for months on end? I'd prefer the latter. Rae really needs to be put through the ringer for all she's done and Kim is just the person to do it!
  4. Thanks so much for posting this! I'm currently on February of 1980 - the Joe/Siobhan wedding was just a month and a half ago so it's "current" for my viewing. Perfect timing!! It's so interesting/strange to see them as real people instead of the characters. I've been watching RH on YouTube for 4 1/2 years now and the characters are so real to me!
  5. Thank you very much! I go see if I can find it
  6. You're welcome!
  7. Awesome!! Thanks!
  8. Does anyone know if there any episodes which have Elizabeth Kemp online somewhere? I cannot remember her character name but her boyfriend was Christopher Reeve's character for a time. She is an acting teacher/friend of mine here in NYC and I would love to see her as a young woman on her first acting job! She was on in the 70s (early? Mid?) so it's doubtful, I know, but thought I'd ask.
  9. I am. Just do a search for "rh 762" and you'll get episode 762! I believe episodes 1-1240(ish) are up in full. I only started around 700 or so. I started watching it on Soapnet's final airing and then a year later found that it was on YouTube and started up again. I've found another account that has more episodes starting in the 1300s. I'm hoping by the time I get to 1240, someone will have the missing episodes posted. Happy viewing!
  10. Whoa Whoa Whoa!!! This week I watched eps 1171-1175 and Ryan's Hope went all Dynasty Moldavian Massacre!! That Friday ending cliffhanger was crazy. Can't wait to see where it's going to go from here. I wish Delia and Roger would just get back together. The drunken Rae/Roger reading his love letter to Delia and Delia overhears and thinks they're in love made me crazy. Roger and Dee belong together and splitting them up is going to (keep me watching) be incredibly frustrating. Kimberly is now living with Senaca because she and her mother are fighting. The fact that Senaca is in love with a 17 yr old is incredibly creepy. I suppose this is going to end up being cause for Jillian to get a divorce from him further on down the storytelling line. weakens Senaca's character for me. Although, I get the feeling we were always supposed to look down upon Senaca. For awhile there, when Frank was played by (Andrew Robinson?) I was much more into a Jill/Senaca pairing than Jill/Frank. Of course, now that Frank is DHK, I want him paired with everybody, myself included. Another sighting of Prince Albert this week! Can't wait for Monday and the resolution to the Ryan's Bar Massacre!!
  11. I'm not surprised at this description. I have not read the book; however, I was in one of his original plays here in NYC, and I can say with all authority, that Harding Lemay is an a$$.
  12. Well, I also get the sense that Hogan Sheffer is hated on this board. I watched ATWT about 7 months before he came on and, although I LOVED the actors, I thought the writing was atrocious. Then Hogan came on board and everything just worked. I remember everyone talking at the time how he was one of the greatest writers in soap opera history and how he had taken a floundering ATWT and made it work. The actors were all nominated left, right and center (one year there were basically only AMC and ATWT actors nominated) for the stellar work they were doing during his tenure. I'm so out of place here - LOL - I'm also posting about ATWT on the AW thread. I'm actually currently re-watching the '87-'88 years of AW on YouTube and loving it all over again. Jason Frame just showed up - can't wait to see Josie and Sharlene!! (And to return to the Anna Stuart Donna years - Sampler was okay - actually the first Donna I saw as a child - but she doesn't hold up once you've seen Stuart's Donna.)
  13. It was actually Eplin's request that Jake be killed. I watched both AW ('87-'95) and ATWT (2000-2010) and remember reading articles at the time that when Eplin decided to leave the show, he was finished with Jake and didn't want anyone else playing him and asked that the character be killed off. So don't blame Scheffer for Eplin's decision! She only bedded Mike because she was wasted. It was a classic soap trope - a character gets drunk and beds someone that they will regret. I thought it actually worked and I LOVED how it worked out. The Jack/Carly wedding in Montana was one of the greatest storyline wrap-ups in soap opera history!!
  14. I had clearly quit watching Another World at that point (around '95--'96 I think was when I let it go) and had never seen that video either. That is SUPER embarrassing. Very 90's too. Look at that ridiculous hair!
  15. Today's week of RH was Eps 1166-1170. I've now seen the first episode with the gorilla in it! I've heard rumblings of the gorilla story from various message boards over the years but don't really know what happens in the storyline. I just know that there's something with Delia and a gorilla and it is quite controversial. I can't WAIT to experience it. I love that Maeve is finally being more firm with Jack and verbally slapping him in the face. Ryan's fever seemed to help break him out of his spell, and I'm glad, cuz as I've mentioned, I can't stand when Jack pulls away. I love watching Jack and Johnny face off. Johnny can be a real pain in the ass sometimes and needs to be taken down a notch. Jack is just the man to do it. I know my opinion won't be popular, but (so far) I'm growing to enjoy Kimberly. RH needs a character like her on the show now that Delia isn't the scheming manipulator that she once was. I HATE Kimberly and want to punch her sometimes and I LOVE IT!! This week she tried to manipulate Adam Cohen into bed just because Senaca is trying to pull away from her. Adam spoke to Senaca who spoke to Rae who prepared to send Kim packing back to Omaha. All in all, it was an enjoyable week on RH - the first of 1980! (Or 2017) I'm enjoying where the storylines are going. I'm glad that the mourning of Mary didn't last too long. I'm interested to see how Delia does running a restaurant for Tiso. I can't wait to see what crazy things Kim will do this coming week. Bring it on!