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  1. Definitely put me in the camp of intrigued. I didn't think a lot of the trailer but by the end of it, I was intrigued to see more. I like the Cristal and Fallon both are heavily involved in the business. I love that Steven is going to be allowed to actually BE gay this time around. I LOVE making Sammy Jo, Sammie Joe. After all Steven and Sammy Jo were a couple in the original - I enjoy the twist on the old model. This is going to be Dynasty for the Gossip Girl generation. They're going for a new audience - not the old one. However, it seems that (having the original creators involved with it) they are going to be doing interesting nods to the original series but it's really going to be something new. I also love the diversity - it could actually do really well on the CW. I will certainly be watching it at the start. I'm hopeful. I also don't think the acting was as bad as others seem to think. Time will tell!
  2. I had never seen Phelice in any other role - thanks for sharing. That role definitely seemed a better fit for her. Drew isn't dead, huh? Well, no wonder I don't remember it! I remember the Nora storyline ending but that's the only one I can recall.
  3. Thanks! I hope you're right.
  4. Just watched August 31, 1988 (all that seems to exist for Aug '88) - I have no memory of Drew Marsten being killed. NONE I remember him (those eyes!) but not that he had been killed. I can't imagine it's a decent storyline if I can't remember who the killer turns out to be. Can someone please remind me when the writer's strike is over and these stupid storylines get wrapped up? Is it as late as November? (I remember primetime didn't really come back until then.) Did the soaps get back on their feet sooner?
  5. I swear I will never forget seeing Anna Stuart's first scene back on AW. I had started watching as a 15 yr old in late February 1987. I LOVED Philece's Donna, probably because I was so young (and in an extremely unhappy home) and, like Donna, I could just whine and wish someone like Michael would come and save me from my crazy father. I mean I LOVED Philece as Donna and I was so incredibly disappointed when I read in SOD that she had left the role and the original actress who played Donna was returning in a few months. I just dreaded it. The day came. I saw Anna's first scene. It finished and I remember thinking to myself: "Well....I can see why everybody loved the old Donna so much!" and I was a fan from that point on.
  6. Thanks for the info! I'm glad to hear that Reginald died falling off a roof. Such a jack ass. As a child, I was terrified of Reginald (more than likely cuz I was reacting to Phelice whimpering and yelling like a scared baby every time he was in a scene with her) but my re-watch as a adult just has me laughing at him whenever he's on screen - and not in a good way!
  7. I have a quick question: I'm re-watching Another World on YouTube and am in the writers strike of '88 (Lord, were these some silly storylines about people whom I really don't care about - Kevin and his dad, Christine, Nora the Ghost) Anyway, I cannot for the life of me remember what happened to Reginald. The last he was seen on YouTube videos, he was trying to keep Jason Frame from discovering he owned a watch that used to belong to Reginald. Didn't it turn out that Reginald had killed his first wife or something? And the watch proved that? I was only 16 when I watched this and I just can't pull it out of my brain!
  8. Thanks! I'm trying to fill in all the gaps as I can. Not much left for 1986 - just a handful of episodes in Nov and Dec but then 1987 has more episodes together, I believe. It's nice to have ATWT back in a way - there are still 18 years that I've never seen!
  9. Hi All - I have a question. My ATWT watching has got me up to October 1986 and there is a different woman playing Lyla. Did Anne Sward leave? The announcer said "For today, the role of Lyla will be played by...." the first day but then never again. It made me think it was just going to be temporary but I've now seen all that exists for October and the new Lyla is still around and macking on Casey. (Which, of course, I saw coming as soon as I heard his last name was Peretti.)
  10. I *do* remember not enjoying Sheffer's last year - I quit watching in the summer of '04, mainly because I was on tour and couldn't record it and watch it later because I was on the move all the time. I came back in time for the Julia murder story of '05 and then missed ATWT again until the time of the summer slasher story in '06. As for Mr. Block....what can I say, I'm in the camp of thinking he is one of the sexiest men alive (ever since seeing him in that speedo as a child). And, you know, when you find someone super attractive you tend to look past any faults they may have. HA!
  11. It's true - they do seem to have giant gaps in their story. It's gotta be a big portion of the non-connection from me. And as I said, I don't hate them, I'm not in a rush to fast forward through them at all, I'm just into other stories and characters more, I guess. The Snyders and The Hughes family of course, Barbara, I'm surprised how much I've grown to enjoy Shannon as she really annoyed me when I first started watching her. And as much as I LOVE Lucinda, and always have, she does seem to get much more time than other characters.
  12. I understand that Hunt Block is not loved by many on here, not to mention how people feel about the last decade of the show! I didn't enjoy the last 4 years but enjoyed it pretty much up to then. It sounds as if ATWT went through a major shift in 2000 and, since I hadn't seen anything before it, I was in love with that new version. It'll be interesting to see how I feel when I get to a rewatch of it after I've seen the 80's and 90's.
  13. Thanks for the explanation of that. I wondered what had happened. Once the jump occurred, Craig and Sierra were back together. (Although now Iva appears to be paralyzed from (someone) FINALLY falling through the floor boards in the Snyder barn.) I'm not a huge Craig and Sierra fan. I don't hate them, don't love them. Mary Beth Evans will always be my Sierra (which will bother a lot of people, I'm sure) so, although I enjoy the current Sierra, she can get on my nerves at time - especially when the actress is called upon to do anything that involves crying. I love Hunt Block as Craig - he was the first Craig I experience and I experienced him from the beginning - but I'm really enjoying Scott Bryce as well, of course.
  14. I'm watching ATWT through As The World Still Turns on YouTube and am so thankful for it! I watched the show from 2000-2010 and had always heard about the grand Marland era - finally I get to see a good chunk of it!! I am enjoying his storytelling so far - incredibly detailed with many twists and turns that I don't see coming (Iva being the one blackmailing Lucinda, as was just pointed out above, for example) However, I have to say that the Tad Channing killer storyline was so disappointing. Perhaps I had it built up too much in my head. And I did LOVE the week long stormy night that led to Channing finally being killed. It was just so obvious from the start that it was going to be the model/photographer that Tad was using - she was a minor character, she was running around the night of the killing, and she found out that Barbara only fired her because Channing told her to do so. I was glad that most of the murder storyline is missing and that the YouTube videos jumped to the killer reveal quickly. When it jumped, it came back to the model suddenly being threatened and she was involved with Hal (and this was only 1 1/2 months later) and all of that cemented that she would turn out to be the killer. After LOVING the Douglas Cummings murder mystery, I just thought the Channing one was too soon and disappointing. Now we're on to the mystery at Duncan's castle with the hooded man walking around and the drug ring in Oakdale. (And, unfortunately, not many episodes remaining for 1986)
  15. I'm still so thrilled that these soaps exist on YouTube so I can enjoy different soaps that I didn't see on first viewing. Last Friday (I think episode 1245) was the "wedding" of Senaca and Kim. CLASSIC SOAP OPERA FRIDAY!!!!! Priest: " If anyone can show just cause why Senaca and Kimberly should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace." Long pause while we see a shot of everyone at the wedding and finally......Jillian says "I have to speak" LOVE IT!!!! Does anyone remember watching this on first viewing? What were the reactions? I can't imagine anyone would want to see Seneca destroy his life no matter how controlling he is. I was screaming at the TV the entire time for someone to speak. Thank God for Jill. I love her even more now.