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  1. Here is another article with updated info: Seems like it happened the night of Audriana's first communion, which is why Dina was in town. So scary!
  2. Scary news about Dina - she is lucky to be alive!
  3. I did find it interesting that Kenya and Todd called Porsha out for acting because she's not really crying... and she really didn't, until after she got backstage. But in the moment, she was "crying" but her crying brought no tears, which is interesting... Phaedra literally had zero emotions tonight. I love Cynthia... go on girl. Also - Potomac is just boring, I wish I loved it more than I do. :/ Gizelle's make up is literally the worst.
  4. Exactly!!! Everything Kandi just cried about to her beforehand went through one ear and out the other... she clearly doesn't give a $h!t... she's just protecting her image as much as she can.
  5. ^Phaedra!!! Yes, you are the 'daggone villain'... she's straight up delusional.
  6. Eden is out: Totally cool with this.
  7. Well it looks like Teresa, Melissa and Danielle are all still getting along. Teresa just posted a pic on Instagram of the three of them (plus a friend) smiling, drinking wine and having dinner. I just have a feeling this season will be boring again. :/
  8. Is it just me, or is the lighting TERRIBLE for this Atlanta reunion? There are literally no lights on Cynthia or Shamea and they're both wearing dark blue... it's been distracting for me. Anyway - next Sunday can't come soon enough! Potomac is getting a bit better... I'm actually enjoying Cherisse this year... overall though, this series is duller than Dallas and Miami. I need it to pop and it's not popping. Karen's sister was funny though... has the same exact mannerisms and sounds just like her.
  9. I'm glad they're finally prepping for Season 4 - it's way overdue. It'll look a lot different. Chyka already announced long ago that she's not returning. Pettifluer decided to 'resign' although I swear she wasn't asked back and they're giving her the option to say she's leaving. I mean, she's on the Hell's Kitchen series, so she loves to be on camera. Now Susie is the next to go... looks like we'll have new blood for Season 4 now that 3 housewives are leaving.
  10. OMG WHAT DID PHAEDRA DO?? I can't believe this secret has been kept for so long...kudos to everyone involved. But like, it better not disappoint haha.
  11. ^Kandi vs. Phaedra... and all of Kandi's side stories... Block/Riley (which btw was so uncomfortable to watch and completely unfair to Riley - not a good look, Kandi)...Johnnie and the lawsuit... bringing Apollo's girlfriend to the OLG opening... speaking of OLG, what happened with Mama Joyce - she was strong in the first part of this season and then completely dropped out? And then Phaedra's bomb "scare". Just seems like so many weird, crazy events that production just said 'keep going'... This season was good though - completely proves that you don't need Nene to survive.
  12. NYC was so fun last night - I'm glad we have these ladies back! They don't allow this show to go back to toxic (like S4)... and they still know how to make it lighthearted, even though we're dealing with serious sh!t like infidelity, drugs, etc.
  13. I totally agree - NJ doesn't excite me at all. Last season was terrible. Danielle returning doesn't even excite me since I know she's friendly with Teresa and Siggy/Dolores are never going to be dramatic - they're dull peacemakers. Just sounds boring. The Teresa/Melissa/Joe saga bores me to tears.
  14. Jac confirms she's not returning to NJ:
  15. Y'all see the news about Peter and Matt brawling?