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  1. I agree about Caroline Fleming this season. Last season, I couldn't stand her; she rubbed me the wrong way. This season she's done a 180 and I'm really enjoying her! Where in Chelsea is her townhome? I'm going to be in London for a couple of weeks later this Spring and would love to stroll by it!
  2. That's unfortunate! I'd like to see more of Genise and Mariah's stories. Isn't Mariah an Executive Producer on this show though? Doesn't she have pull? Maybe I just don't know how it all works I'm sure Heavenly wishes she could feature more of her sassy daughter too - we haven't seen much of Heavenly's family this year. I about died with Darren came to Hawaii with his arm in a sling...and then is caught telling the guys one story and his wife another story. This guy really just buries himself in a hole - it's almost funny although I know it tears Lisa Nicole up.
  3. Sydney has some seriously wealthy and/or powerful people, it seems. I'm impressed.
  4. Oh you're right - they did, my bad. I guess the Below Deck Med and latest season of Below Deck didn't have reunions, but maybe it's too hard to get them together. Ladies of London haven't had reunions since the first season. Million Dollar Listing NY had 1 season of a reunion, but not this past year. Anyway, back to M2M - here is the seating chart for the reunion: Genise-Lisa Nicole-Mariah-Jackie-ANDY-Simone-Quad-Heavenly-Toya Surprising line-up. I'm also glad they're involved Genise... not sure why she wasn't a full-time cast member.
  5. Ahhh ok - thanks I thought Eden came way too hard at Kyle this week. For someone that wants to get to know Kyle, that seemed like an odd way of doing it. I'm also tired of Eileen. She's sweet and would make a good friend in real life, but she just drags stuff on too long. Let it go. I think she's just trying to stay relevant, but it's tedious. Kyle and Erika in Greece is so fun and a breath of fresh air. I'm loving these two this year.
  6. They're filming the reunion today and Mariah is there. I'm happy to hear this. I was getting worried that Andy was pulling the plug on non-housewives reunions since Southern Charm and Below Deck both didn't get reunions this year. Nor did Blood Sweat and Heels and M2M Houston although those two weren't surprises to me.
  7. I just went on the Star Trek: The Cruise (cruise)... Lolita Fatjo (part of the writing team for TNG, DS9, and VOY) said that she knows the creative team in charge of this new series and she 100% believes the new series is in good hands, with strong Trek fans (unlike the new movies). I'm hopeful...
  8. So wait, did Eden confirm she's a lesbian? That went over my head - i couldn't tell if she was joking or not. Has she been married?
  9. I really think it's something behind the scenes re: Mariah not being in the opening. Season 2 could have been because of her time off for her miscarriage - but i really think since she's an Executive Producer for the show, there's some sort of independence or legal issue for her not being considered as a full-time cast member. I think Mariah was just as extra as Quad in Season 1, but for me, it was cute/fun because they were friends and the show was new. It's just become a little too much and a little too nasty now since they're not friends and we're in Season 4. Of course there was the infamous throwdown fight between Mariah and Toya from Season 1 that should be viewed, if you can!
  10. Also - tonight's episode of WWHL with Erika and Kenya was HILARIOUS. Kenya shaded Sheree when Andy asked if anyone has tried to break into Chateau Sheree - she goes "No one lives there". Hahahaha, that sh!t is still going on. So funny.
  11. Well... today is the day I'm totally anti-Dorit. Girl, bye. She's the worst. PK is the worst too. I can't believe Lisa V. supports her... well, I guess we'll see what Lisa V. does with her at reunion time... I like Eden so far. It was good to see sweet Camille. Next week's looks so good with game night, Kim, etc. Should be fun.
  12. Luann is getting married tonight. I wonder how they'll fit this into the new season (or will she be getting a spinoff...)? I only ask because I don't think any of the current housewives are going. Bethenny is in Cancun, Ramona is in London, Sonja is in Thailand... I can't imagine Carole would go. Maybe Dorinda. I do know that Cynthia Bailey and Jill Zarin are going - they have all been besties on Instagram lately.
  13. Ohhhh could be Erika! I'm really loving her this season. She's a smart cookie. Kyle's expressions were hilarious when Erika would respond to Dorit last episode. I forgot about Eden... I wonder when she shows up... Btw, SURELY Lisa R. had a friend or someone monitor her girls in NYC. I would NEVER let my teenage daughters roam NYC freely with no supervision, especially if I weren't even in the city with them at the same time. I love Lisa R., but girl, c'mon.
  14. Anyone know who has the addiction this season on BH? My guess would be either Dorit or Lisa R.
  15. I do generally love this show - it has it's ups and downs. Caroline Stanbury is a miserable bitch this year, and unfortunately it's not cute like it may have been in the past. She needs to live in Dubai and come back in a few seasons with a new attitude. Poor Marissa - so happy to see her live it up this last episode. I have no idea why Adela isn't a main cast member - she basically is without the spot in the intro. I LOVE her. She's been a great addition. Juliet really is backburnered this season - she was the only one that didn't get a 'catch up' intro in the first episode, and since then, she's only been wallpaper. I wonder what's happening there, but also wondering why she took the spot Adela should have gotten!