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  1. Some terrible NJ news... prayers to families and for answers...
  2. Oh Lisa Rinna - you need to quit. Calling Dorit a pu$$y with a capital P? Girl, you were the biggest pu$$y 2-3 weeks ago. Stop it.
  3. I love how the Beverly Hills women always take lavish international trips... Paris, Amsterdam, Greece, Dubai, Hong Kong... yet the other US shows always go to Mexico, Hawaii, Caribbean, etc. I guess NYC did go to London and Morocco, but still.... it's so funny to me.
  4. Well, this threw me for a loop... Meghan is actually returning as an OC housewife now: It almost sounds like this current season isn't gelling, although I can't imagine Meghan returning would help anything. I hope we're in for a good OC season!!
  5. Did y'all notice they're doing a Real Housewives of Bangkok? It'll be the first Asian version of the show. Interesting...
  6. I loved seeing a little of Erika's background tonight. LVP is way more likable and tolerable on Vanderpump Rules. Either she's over BH housewives or her true colors just come out from time to time. I think she cares at least 1% about Rinna, but she clearly couldn't give an F about Eileen. That Hong Kong invite was just awkward and rude. Although I will say, Eileen may be sweet in real life, but she's boring me to pieces this season. I think it's time to cut her loose. Happy for Kim - she genuinely seems happy and sober right now. I know I'm in the minority here, but Camile just bores me to tears too. She's sweet, but brings nothing this season as a FOH. I want sinister Season 1 Camille back, or at least Season 3. Really, if I didn't love Erika so much, and without her, this season would be another flop. BH needs to let loose and be more like the OC and NYC. BH is too tightly guarded, and when a housewife or two are not (Brandi, the sex witch), it implodes.
  7. NYC Season 9 Trailer: Looks like Jill and Heather are making appearances and Sonja is back to boozing. I love the music in this trailer - looks like another wild season. Can't wait - returns early April!
  8. Oh yeah, I hate their new branding - it doesn't fit the Bravo shows AT ALL. Kelly Dodd is confirmed: Also, Erika is joining DWTS:
  9. Did anyone notice the Potomac preview they aired during BH this week? They're playing Return of the Mack (Mac) and then saying "Once you go Mac, you never go back" hahahaha omg. So dumb!
  10. I just caught up on the show over the last month... I LOVE it. I agree with most, Season 2 (especially it's finale) was the best. I loved Season 3's finale though too... did y'all notice the gun at the very end??? Oh, and I love Jasper and Eleanor. They are so rootable, sexy and classic soap opera.
  11. Thank you!! I'll give this a try. I still can't get over how much Cheshire's Dawn looks like Elizabeth Hurley... I feel like I'm watching The Royals haha. I really hope Melbourne is filming again. I heard they took a break to make way for Sydney.... but hopefully with Sydney airing soon, this means Melbourne is filming. I love those ladies! Well, most of those ladies...
  12. Good to know about the Opera House! Thanks, y'all! Has anyone found a way to watch Aukland online for free? I missed that one. I also never got to see Vancouver, but sounds like that ended in a mess anyway? I'm not caught up on Cheshire either - Bravo dropped it after Season 1 it seems.
  13. I'm surprised Sydney isn't using the iconic Opera House. I get the bridge too, but why not both? Maybe they couldn't get permission or something. Athena X? Hahaha, oh lord.
  14. ^ I died at the '2 minutes ago' thing too! I also loved how they had everyone say "Who said that", one after the other... it was so funny. Marlo went real low with that mother comment to Kenya. I really can't wait to see Phaedra get her comeuppance. This preview has my gagging - we're in for so much more this season! It seems like Atlanta just lasts year-round nowadays.
  15. It's official - Lydia is returning: