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  1. Yeah, I think Atlanta has always shown their family and kids pretty consistently. Phaedra and her boys. Cynthia's daughter. Nene's boys. Every single storyline Kandi has had is about her family. Speaking of Atlanta... WHY IS BOB ALWAYS SWEATING PROFUSELY?? Hahaha, even tonight when he was at home, he's sweating. Kairo looks just like him. I don't love her, but I have to say... Portia looked flawless during the DNC trip.
  2. Wasn't BH the first series to debut an intro without family in the background? I think they were first and have never had family. Then NYC and Atlanta followed suite when they updated their intros to be more 'glam'. This now reminds me of when Sonja's only family in the background was her damn dog
  3. YOU GUYS - the BH opening and taglines have been released. I can't believe y'all have posted about this already This opening is one of my FAVORITES. The taglines are amazing. The delivery is perfect for everyone - slow and not rushed - I especially like the Lisa/Erika/Lisa sequence. So so so good.
  4. I was surprised that Juliet didn't get a proper 'intro' for the season. What has she been up to - what's her home life like right now? She just popped up at a party at the end of the episode. That Adela had more screen time! haha My heart was breaking for Marissa and her husband. Had no idea that was happening.
  5. I'm surprised they haven't released the BH taglines or intro yet. It's a week away!
  6. ^^Hahaha, I have to agree with the Dallas girls. I lived in Houston for a year and HATED it. I live in Austin now (halfway between Dallas and Houston) - and I wouldn't have it any other way. Austin is by far the best city in Texas
  7. They aired the first two episodes last night. That Cindy Rose and her daughter are something else... they remind me of a Kim G.
  8. I actually really enjoyed the Houston version! I'm not sure why it's DOA?? It's fresh. It's diverse AF - a white girl, a black girl, a Persian girl, an Indian girl, and an Asian. Ashandra and her hubby are so cute. I also went to college with Erika's husband... had NO idea he was in this show.
  9. There has been ZERO promo for Houston... and they're burning off 2 episodes this Friday already. They must really not like how this show turned out hahaha.
  10. ^I thought it was even more hilarious when production used that far away shot from Jac in her car for her finale closing picture with the update. So funny.
  11. OC: That finale was sad. Where were the other OC ladies that normally show up for the final party? This season just wasn't that great other than the Ireland trip. They need to shake up the cast next year. You know Shannon, Tamra and Heather aren't going anywhere, but Andy better make them calm down and just go along with dealing with Vicki. I really don't want another season of S/T/H vs. Vicki/Kelly. It's too vile and off putting. BH: That trailer looks great!!! So many parties and trips. Does this mean we have 2 new housewives - Eden and Dorit?? That picture they're revealing only makes it seem like 1 new housewife, but the trailer featured both pretty heavily. Looks like a season full of Erika, which I'm ok with - I love her.
  12. I'm happy for Sheree --- but I just can't stand all those power lines blocking every picture of the house. Big pet peeve of mine. I love that so many people were there - surprised about Peter - it seems like Cynthia is totally separated from him, but maybe he's still friends with some of the guys.
  13. I'm guessing Luann won't get a wedding special since they're already filming Season 9, so I guess they'll feature the wedding festivities on Season 9. This weekend she's having her bachelorette party in Miami. She posted a pic on IG of her, Jill and Marysol (RHOM)! I hope this means Jill may be back for Luann's wedding stuff??? Bethenny is in the Hamptons, so she's not there filming. Not sure on the other girls.
  14. NJ - not sure how much of this is real or for the cameras, but apparently Amber cheated on Jim with a woman. This doesn't even look like Amber in the picture: More IG pics of Teresa and Danielle doing yoga together this week...
  15. Here's the trailer for the NJ reunion - 2 parts - I can't believe some of the places these ladies are going!!!