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  1. Did anyone notice the Potomac preview they aired during BH this week? They're playing Return of the Mack (Mac) and then saying "Once you go Mac, you never go back" hahahaha omg. So dumb!
  2. I just caught up on the show over the last month... I LOVE it. I agree with most, Season 2 (especially it's finale) was the best. I loved Season 3's finale though too... did y'all notice the gun at the very end??? Oh, and I love Jasper and Eleanor. They are so rootable, sexy and classic soap opera.
  3. Thank you!! I'll give this a try. I still can't get over how much Cheshire's Dawn looks like Elizabeth Hurley... I feel like I'm watching The Royals haha. I really hope Melbourne is filming again. I heard they took a break to make way for Sydney.... but hopefully with Sydney airing soon, this means Melbourne is filming. I love those ladies! Well, most of those ladies...
  4. Good to know about the Opera House! Thanks, y'all! Has anyone found a way to watch Aukland online for free? I missed that one. I also never got to see Vancouver, but sounds like that ended in a mess anyway? I'm not caught up on Cheshire either - Bravo dropped it after Season 1 it seems.
  5. I'm surprised Sydney isn't using the iconic Opera House. I get the bridge too, but why not both? Maybe they couldn't get permission or something. Athena X? Hahaha, oh lord.
  6. ^ I died at the '2 minutes ago' thing too! I also loved how they had everyone say "Who said that", one after the other... it was so funny. Marlo went real low with that mother comment to Kenya. I really can't wait to see Phaedra get her comeuppance. This preview has my gagging - we're in for so much more this season! It seems like Atlanta just lasts year-round nowadays.
  7. It's official - Lydia is returning:
  8. Ahh interesting... well that's positive if Andy likes it. I bet they do want to try to get it to stand strong without Atlanta. Makes sense to to have NYC/Potomac go together this Spring... then what, Dallas/OC with NJ maybe coming in halfway through this summer? Will Bravo please play Cheshire (they only aired Season 1!)... and then Aukland?
  9. I liked Lydia too. Her husband was hot if I remember correctly. Her mom had beef with Vicki's son-in-law. Could be interesting! Random, but do we know much about Potomac Season 2? I haven't heard a peep other than Katie isn't filming, which was announced early last year. They premiered in January last year and aired after Atlanta, which really helped with their ratings. At this rate, it doesn't look like they'll be ready before Atlanta finishes... can they hold their own without a strong lead-in? I guess they could always be paired with Shahs of Sunset, which I expect out this Spring or Summer.
  10. I liked Lydia too. Her husband was hot if I remember correctly. Her mom had beef with Vicki's son-in-law. Could be interesting!
  11. I'm really excited about the possibilities with the OC. I agree we need a former housewife back. Lizzie would be good. We didn't get enough of her IMO, so i never had strong feelings about her either way, but I wasn't bored with her... if that makes sense. I may be the only one, but I think Laurie would be a great choice. She stirred up so much sh!t when she returned a few seasons ago. I also love that she's an original and her family drama with Josh and her daughter was interesting. Anyone watching Celebrity Apprentice this season? I hate to say this, but I'm actually enjoying Porsha on this show. She's fun and bubbly. She's actually pretty creative and smart too, at least moreso than I originally thought. She puts in the work. Kyle is also good on the show - they didn't mention once her connection to the Hiltons though, which I thought was odd.
  12. I'm shocked that Heather is leaving, especially since it seems like it was her decision. I agree, she's never met a camera she doesn't like. I bet we see her back in the future.
  13. I'm so glad I'm not the only one! OC News: Tamra is returning: Meghan is not returning:
  14. I loved Erika and Kyle's trip to Greece - so fun and lighthearted. I'm starting to really notice similar tones and inflections in Eden's voice, along with certain facial mannerisms, that remind me deeply of Brandi Glanville. Anyone else noticing this?
  15. Ahh ok - I know of that area... I know exactly where to walk around - thank you!