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  1. Just saw the OC episode. Peggy is beautiful - the hair is everything. Lydia is kind of annoying me by trying so hard to insert herself into the mix and force these ladies to get along - it doesn't work that quickly and you weren't there for 4 years. Brianna left that party so quickly that it was almost pointless to show it since nothing happened. NYC - Ramona is my girl, but she annoyed the F out of me tonight until she got with drunk Lu at the end. Their room situation is out of control and i can't believe that took up 3/4 of the episode. Carol looked the best she's ever looked in this episode - her hair was gorgeous throughout.
  2. I wonder if this will change anything with RHOC and RHOBH? Also, Kim officially announced she'll be returning to RHOA - "More than a friend, less than a full-time housewife".... sounds like she'll be around much more during the last half of the season, now that Don't Be Tardy finished filming.
  3. More about Luann/Tom's marriage falling apart...
  4. OMG Luann So funny. Also, Bethenny needs to seriously lighten up. I'm about finished with her. I'm Team Ramona when it comes to this sh!t. Bethenny can dish it all day long, but can't take it.
  5. Was Season 6 the year they went to Montana? That may have been the most boring trip ever. That season, however, did have some amazing and/or significant moments: Bookgate with Aviva and Carole, Sonja's dog memorial where the ashes flew back over all the ladies, the first housewives crossover with BH's Yolanda and Brandi, and Ramona throwing a glass at Kristin and busting her lip.
  6. Holy sh!t... I just watched Monday's WWHL with Tamra. Girl looks AMAZING. Wow. I can't even.
  7. Some NYC reunion scoop: Bethenny vs. Ramona. Bethenny vs. Luann. Sonja vs. Tinsley.
  8. Bravo is airing Auckland beginning Saturday, July 22nd - very excited about this!
  9. I agree after reading your thoughts - should have been: Carole - Dorinda - Bethenny - ANDY - Ramona - Luann - Sonja - Tinsley Still think Luann brings more than Sonja or Tinsley, and they belong together considering they lived together this season.
  10. NYC is filming their reunion today. Seating chart is: Tinsley - Carole - Bethenny - ANDY - Ramona - Sonja - Dorinda - Luann They should have swapped out Sonja and Luann and it would make perfect sense. I don't get why Sonja is so close - she isn't driving story at all - she's actually a nuisance this year.
  11. I actually thought the Dallas trailer looks exciting! I'm looking forward to it. I love the new housewife's mom. I think Dallas is more like this cast than any other Texas city. It totally fits the stereotype of Dallas that you'd hear from the rest of the state. I think they got Married to Medicine Houston 100% correct in terms of diversity and how the city is represented.
  12. I wasn't able to watch OC last night, but I will later this week. That Dallas promo looks good - I'm excited for them to return and to see crazy Leanne again!
  13. I will DIE if Ramses wins the POV. That would be EPIC.
  14. OK, Potomac - I see you! I can't believe Robyn said those things off camera at the end... I actually think scrappy Ashley might be able to handle her own against a lazy AF Robyn. I wasn't sure about this show coming into Season 2... but I can happily say I want a Season 3 for sure! All the ladies need to come back. I know Robyn can be boring, but we need to see the end of Robyn and Juan, which surely is coming any day. Cherrisse doesn't have much going for her, but she's all over the Atlanta girls' instagrams right now, so she may have some pull right now with the brand. We'll see...
  15. Hahaha... this Potomac reunion wasted NO time getting into it. Karen is on 100 tonight. I love it.