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  1. I saw this on another thread so I was curious to see who some of you thought were the characters that helped shape the soaps. Which ones contributed to the overall show with their popularity and stories? Some of the answers I saw on other threads had me shaking my head, so I thought I would ask here because I usually find the answers to be the most insightful and history oriented. I will start with GH and DAYS and do some more later. GH: 1.Laura Webber 2.Luke Spencer 3.Steve Hardy 4.Robin Scorpio 5.Monica Quartermaine 6.Lesley Webber 7.Robert Scorpio 8.Bobbie Spencer 9.Alan Quartermaine 10.Brenda Barrett HM: Sonny Corinthos (even though he has destroyed the show), Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), Carly Benson (Sarah Brown), Lucy Coe and Anna Devane DAYS: 1.Marlena Evans 2.Bo Brady 3.Alice Horton 4.Julie Olsen 5.Hope Williams 6.Jack Deveraux 7.Tom Horton 8.Stefano Dimera 9.Doug Williams 10.Sami Brady HM: Mickey Horton, Maggie Horton, Kayla Brady, Jennifer Horton, Laura Horton
  2. Congratulations Kimberly! I'm happy to hear she and Otis are both doing well!
  3. RHONY: Ramona is pure entertainment. The things she said to Bethenny may have been way out of line but it was reality TV gold. Bethenny doesn't want to hang out with any of the ladies besides Carole, why is she even bothering to stay on the show? Carole is not her own person when Bethenny is around. "Oh you're leaving, I'll leave to." I understand they are best friends but Carole is more enjoyable when she interacts with the other women without Bethenny.
  4. Maura West is the saving grace of GH. She brings her A-game 100% of the time and has made Ava the best character on this show!
  5. I hope she gets better for her sake and for her daughter. She shouldn't rush coming back to work, she needs to put her health first.
  6. I love Nora, but she would not represent Valentin. I'm worried she will be wasted on GH. I wouldn't normally want more OLTL characters on GH but I would love for Bo to join Nora on the show. They are one of my all time favorite couple EVER!
  7. Yes--they used to be much better. I'll only discuss the four that are still currently on air. General Hospital- The 80's and 90's were wonderful. The show had a great mix of supercouples and great stories. I would argue GH had the two greatest soap storylines of all time: Luke and Laura's love story and Maxie gets Bj's heart. I would say GH started going down hill in 2000. Days of our Lives: This one is tricky. Days has had some amazing stories and even more amazing supercouples, especially in the 80's. They are on and off when it comes to writing. So depending on when you watch, you may love it or hate it. I would say they really started going down hill in the mid 90's. Bold and the Beautiful: This has never been my favorite soap, so I may not be the best one to judge. I would agree that it started going down hill in the mid 00's. The Brooke/Stefanie and Brooke/Ridge/Taylor storylines are what made this soap. I would check those out! Young and the Restless: I used to love this show, however by the end of the 90's it was a shell of its former self. There have still been moments I've loved over the years, but the 80's early to mid 90's were when it was at its best.
  8. Eileen is quite annoying. She always seems to have trouble with someone and drags it on way too long. She was quite enjoyable season five, but last season and so far this season she has been nothing but trouble. I wish someone would tell her to just shut up.
  9. GH: Franco, Nina, Nathan, Hayden, Finn, Andre, Valerie, Julian B&B: Wyatt, Pam, Caroline Y&R: Devon, Abby, Stitch, Kevin, Natalie DOOL: Rafe, Ciara, Claire, Dario, Nicole
  10. Looks interesting. I would definitely like to know which couples were included. I am assuming Steve and Kayla are in the book, they made the cover.
  11. There are too many unlikable characters on GH; Nina, Franco, Lulu, Sonny, Jason, Julian, Valentin... the list goes on and on.
  12. Jason, Aj and Nikolas were all cheated out of memorials, but Sabrina, a character that has been on for four years and was never that popular got a whole episode dedicated to her? That's is one of the reasons GH's ratings are falling.
  13. Jason and Monica had a nice moment today!
  14. Haven't been impressed with much this month. Sabrina is probably going to die soon, so there is some good coming.
  15. RHONY: Bethenny is almost as bad an actress as that poor girl who plays Ciara on DAYS. I wasn't buying anything she was selling. I still think Andy Cohen is the one who sent her the photos. The minute Bravo found out Tom was a player I'm sure they had people watching him... waiting for him to slip up. That's why Bethenny won't give up the name. I know many of you don't like her, but I do like Carole. I prefer her away from Bethenny though. I have really enjoyed Bethenny in past season, but she became so mean and nasty this season. It almost ruined Carole just hanging around her. Sonja is such a joy. Her response to the news about Tom cheating is all of us; "I don't get why they're surprised." Love her!