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  1. Scott Clifton is the first Lead Actor winner born in the 1980s. Surprisingly, he isn't the youngest Lead Actor winner at the time of his win. Darnell Williams was 30 when he won Lead Actor in 1985. Only three Lead Actor winners were under age 35 at the time of their wins: Darnell Williams, Billy Miller (he turned 35 in 2014, after his Lead Actor win that year), Scott Clifton.
  2. I once read an interview with Bill Bell where he mentioned CBS approached him as early as 1977 about creating a second show for the network's daytime lineup. Do you think CBS was planning to replace Search for Tomorrow with a second Bill Bell show back then? As we all know, Bill Bell didn't have a second show ready until 10 years later. Even if CBS kept Search for Tomorrow, I still think CBS would've ended it once Bill Bell had a second show ready to go.
  3. If Heather Tom wins, she'll tie Erika Slezak with the most Emmy wins by an actress. Erika also holds the record for most Lead Actress wins (6), followed by Susan Flannery (4), Kim Zimmer (4), Helen Gallagher (3), and Maura West (3). Peter Bergman scored his 20th nomination. He's one nomination away from tying Susan Lucci's record for most nominations overall. Peter and Susan are tied for most consecutive nominations (13).
  4. 30 years ago today (March 20)
  5. The new spelling is like the champagne, so I wonder if the pronunciation will be too.
  6. Where would you factor in Linda Gray (76) and Linda Evans (74) based on how they look now?
  7. Linda Evans was 38 when Dynasty began, but I don't believe Krystle's age was ever established on the show. Joan Collins was 48 at the beginning of season two. If we go by the age differences between the original core (JF, JC, LE), and the casting of Grant Show, I figure the Cristal actress would be early 30s and Alexis would be cast with an actress in their early 40s.
  8. Grant Show is 54 or 55 now. John Forsythe was 62 when Dynasty began. So not that much of an age difference.
  9. 20 years ago today (January 6)
  10. Daytime to primetime then back to daytime. Surprised some of these haven't been mentioned yet. Deborah Adair: Y&R, Dynasty, Melrose Place, Days of our Lives Kristian Alfonso: Days of our Lives, Falcon Crest, Days of our Lives, Melrose Place, Days of our Lives Linden Ashby: Loving, Melrose Place, Y&R, Days of our Lives Daniel Cosgrove: All My Children, Beverly Hills 90210, Guiding Light, As the World Turns, All My Children, Days of our Lives Susan Flannery: Days of our Lives, Dallas, B&B John James: Search for Tomorrow, Dynasty, As the World Turns, All My Children Patrick Muldoon: Days of our Lives, Melrose Place, Days of our Lives Michael Nader: As the World Turns, Dynasty, All My Children Peter Reckell: As the World Turns, Days of our Lives, Knots Landing, Days of our Lives Emma Samms: General Hospital, Dynasty, General Hospital, Models Inc., General Hospital Ted Shackelford: Another World, Dallas, Knots Landing, Y&R Rena Sofer: Another World, Loving, General Hospital, Melrose Place, B&B Gordon Thomson: Ryan's Hope, Dynasty, Santa Barbara, Sunset Beach Joan Van Ark: Days of our Lives, Dallas, Knots Landing, Y&R Jack Wagner: General Hospital, Santa Barbara, Melrose Place, B&B
  11. As the World Turns acting Daytime Emmys by category Lead Actor: Larry Bryggman (1984, 1987), Michael Park (2010, 2011) Lead Actress: Martha Byrne (2001), Maura West (2007, 2010) Supporting Actor: Justin Deas (1984), John Wesley Shipp (1986), Gregg Marx (1987), Benjamin Hendrickson (2003) Supporting Actress: Lesli Kay (2001), Cady McClain (2004), Julie Pinson (2010) Younger Actor: Brian Bloom (1985), Andrew Kavovit (1990) Younger Actress: Martha Byrne (1987), Julianne Moore (1988), Jennifer Landon (2006-2008) Eileen Fulton's only Daytime Emmy nomination was for supporting actress in 1988.
  12. ABC and NBC dominated the first decade of the Daytime Emmys. It wasn't until about the mid-1980s that CBS started getting nominations and wins regularly. Looking back at the nominees/wins of the lead actress category over the years, it seems as on the whole CBS's female talent was overlooked. Prior to Kim Zimmer in 1985, the only other CBS actress nominated in the lead category was Mary Stuart for Search for Tomorrow in 1974, 1976, and 1977. It took 15 years for Y&R to get a lead actress nomination (Jeanne Cooper in 1989; she also has the longest losing streak before winning the lead actress category of anyone not named Susan Lucci) and 13 years for B&B to get a lead actress nomination (Susan Flannery in 2000).
  13. As the World Turns' veteran female talent was overlooked in the lead actress category at the Daytime Emmys. Elizabeth Hubbard, 8 nominations without a win. It took 24 years for Colleen Zenk to even get a nomination for lead actress. Helen Wagner, Eileen Fulton, Marie Masters, Kathryn Hays, Tamara Tunie were never nominated in the lead actress category.
  14. As long as Elizabeth Hubbard portrayed Lucinda with those weird acting choices (like, for instance, the stuttering) she was never going to win. And I say that as someone who places her second after Beverlee McKinsey on the list of all-time best soap actresses. Her work on THE DOCTORS, IMO, is a much better, more cleaner representation of her skills without the idiosyncrasies, for lack of a better word. I know Elizabeth Hubbard won the Lead Actress Daytime Emmy the only time she was nominated for The Doctors (1974). She had 7 consecutive nominations (1986-1992) in the Lead Actress category for As the World Turns; that's more consecutive nominations in the lead actress category than anyone not named Susan Lucci. After the 7 consecutive nominations, Elizabeth Hubbard was nominated a final time in 1999, oddly enough losing to Susan Lucci. A look back at the 1986-1992 Lead Actress races: 1986 - Elizabeth Hubbard, Susan Lucci, Peggy McCay, Erika Slezak (winner), Kim Zimmer 1987 - Elizabeth Hubbard, Susan Lucci, Frances Reid, Marcy Walker, Kim Zimmer (winner) 1988 - Helen Gallagher (winner), Elizabeth Hubbard, Susan Lucci, Erika Slezak, Marcy Walker 1989 - Jeanne Cooper, Elizabeth Hubbard, Susan Lucci, Marcy Walker (winner) 1990 - Jeanne Cooper, Elizabeth Hubbard, Finola Hughes, Susan Lucci, Kim Zimmer (winner) 1991 - Julia Barr, Jeanne Cooper, Elizabeth Hubbard, Finola Hughes (winner), Susan Lucci 1992 - Jeanne Cooper, Elizabeth Hubbard, Susan Lucci, Erika Slezak (winner), Jessica Tuck Do you think Elizabeth Hubbard should've gotten the win in either 1988,1989, or 1991?