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  1. Maybe JFP's plan was to bring on Marcy Walker to pair her with Josh, then have Kim Zimmer return shortly after, creating a Tangie/Josh/Reva triangle. To think if the Josh/Tangie pairing took off, we might not have gotten Annie the following year.
  2. Rick Hearst left in 1996. JFP was already gone by then.
  3. JFP brought in a good number of Santa Barbara alums to GL during her run: Vincent Irizarry, Justin Deas, Marj Dusay, Marcy Walker. Am I missing anyone? I know JFP was around when Alan was recast but surprisingly that role went to a virtual unknown instead of a known soap actor. I believe JFP was already gone when Amanda was recast and that role also went to a virtual unknown. I've read some big soap names were considered when Amanda was recast in 1995; among them were Kimberlin Brown, Crystal Chappell, Nancy Lee Grahn, Lauren Koslow, Lisa Peluso.
  4. 20 years ago this week I know one of the episodes from this week was used for Eileen Davidson's 1998 Emmy reel as the clip was shown on the broadcast. I don't know what the other episode was though.
  5. That was 20 years ago this week. I can't find the ratings for June 23-27, 1997 online anywhere so I don't know what the exact difference between Y&R and Days was. The ratings for the previous week (June 16-20, 1997) are on this board and there was a 1 point gap between Y&R and Days that week.
  6. 20 years ago this month: From recaps I found online, the exact airdate was either June 19 or June 20.
  7. And also half of the 1987 acting Emmy awards: Larry Bryggman (Lead Actor), Gregg Marx (Supporting Actor), Martha Byrne (Younger Actress). I think 1987 was the biggest Emmy haul for ATWT.
  8. Scott Clifton is the first Lead Actor winner born in the 1980s. Surprisingly, he isn't the youngest Lead Actor winner at the time of his win. Darnell Williams was 30 when he won Lead Actor in 1985. Only three Lead Actor winners were under age 35 at the time of their wins: Darnell Williams, Billy Miller (he turned 35 in 2014, after his Lead Actor win that year), Scott Clifton.
  9. I once read an interview with Bill Bell where he mentioned CBS approached him as early as 1977 about creating a second show for the network's daytime lineup. Do you think CBS was planning to replace Search for Tomorrow with a second Bill Bell show back then? As we all know, Bill Bell didn't have a second show ready until 10 years later. Even if CBS kept Search for Tomorrow, I still think CBS would've ended it once Bill Bell had a second show ready to go.
  10. If Heather Tom wins, she'll tie Erika Slezak with the most Emmy wins by an actress. Erika also holds the record for most Lead Actress wins (6), followed by Susan Flannery (4), Kim Zimmer (4), Helen Gallagher (3), and Maura West (3). Peter Bergman scored his 20th nomination. He's one nomination away from tying Susan Lucci's record for most nominations overall. Peter and Susan are tied for most consecutive nominations (13).
  11. 30 years ago today (March 20)
  12. The new spelling is like the champagne, so I wonder if the pronunciation will be too.
  13. Where would you factor in Linda Gray (76) and Linda Evans (74) based on how they look now?
  14. Linda Evans was 38 when Dynasty began, but I don't believe Krystle's age was ever established on the show. Joan Collins was 48 at the beginning of season two. If we go by the age differences between the original core (JF, JC, LE), and the casting of Grant Show, I figure the Cristal actress would be early 30s and Alexis would be cast with an actress in their early 40s.
  15. Grant Show is 54 or 55 now. John Forsythe was 62 when Dynasty began. So not that much of an age difference.