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  1. Happy Birthday Clint!!

  2. Even though it only went up 1000 viewers for ATWT still a increase which is the fourth week in a row, hopefully it continues, it should be up for the last week seeing as it was a 3 day week.
  3. From Big ATWT Casting News! Soap Opera Digest can confirm that Mark Collier (ex-Mike), Paul Leyden (ex-Simon) and Peter Parros (ex-Ben) will join Lesli Kay (ex-Molly; B&B's Felicia) in returning to the show in November.
  4. No Molly is not dead, that would be Jake her husband that is dead.
  5. Looks like Lloyd Gold and David Kreizman are heading to ATWT as breakdown writers in August.
  6. I think it was beautiful
  7. Just caught up on bits and pieces of the new Lucinda/Brain/Luke/Noah/Lily/Holden story, I must say staying away from the show for months almost makes this story pretty good, LOL.
  8. Though I hope Nuke is the endgame, I do agree with you....... Kevin better be gay....
  9. Thanks Ryan You mean you don't like LuLu LOL! I am giving it a shot, I doubt it will last long, but atleast I only had to deal with Jason and Sonny one at a time, instead of them both being on the same show, that was a plus, LOL! Plus I am really hoping that Kyle from Nightshift makes his way to GH.
  10. Hopefully ATWT and Y&R goes up. And someone help me I just starting watching GH somewhat this week Johnny Z. is very HOT and cute.
  11. You be quite. We will need to start a campaign, of just say no to Cabot, LOL
  12. I pretty much gave up a month ago for the most part, though I did watch for most of the week of the Carly/Holden/Lily reveal. That was the most interesting part of that whole story, and interesting how it was Carly/Holden in part that made me tune out, that and Liberty/Parker/Janet/Katie. Thanks for the info WorldTurner
  13. Pretty good show today, amazing what the show looks like when certain characters are not on, LOL! I think this poisonous storyline is a bit out there for ATWT, but none the less more interesting then anything JP has tossed out there in ages so I will take it, LOL! God Chris is HOT. And Casey and Emily are love...... Totally loved all the Tom/Margo/Casey/Emily stuff today, and the one liners that most of them had. And just LOL at Susan.
  14. I am going to try to get back to the show this week, though I guess I should have started last week seeing as that is when that story began I think. *Loves the hotness that is Ryan's banner*